The First 3D Color X-Rays

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • At the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand, the team at Mars Bioimaging are using detector equipment originally developed for the Large Hadron Collider, and putting it to a very different use: medical imaging that allows 3D, false-color images inside the human body.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  6 days ago +1884

    There's a line in here that goes by very quickly, but to be clear: that little X-ray sensor measures the frequency of each individual photon that hits each pixel. It's an offshoot of tech from the Large Hadron Collider.

    • Tony Hall
      Tony Hall 4 days ago

      The value of poor science.

    • Louis Stubbolo
      Louis Stubbolo 5 days ago

      +Rocketplumber That's cool! It seems like Moore's law applies to photodiodes too!

    • Rocketplumber
      Rocketplumber 5 days ago

      That's a bit like the Foveon CCD optical sensor that has three stacked layers to detect red, green and blue at increasing depths, with no Bayer filters. The trend across electro-optical systems, in general, is to make every photon give up every bit of information it carries.

    • Max Pain
      Max Pain 5 days ago

      +RockThe Red870 dogs can still smell explosives...and even a ceramic shaped gun still would look like a black and white ceramic shaped gun in an Xray. Only idiots believe the invisible gun nonsense.

    • blackmanfu
      blackmanfu 5 days ago +1

      Ok that's nice an all but CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE 3D DISPLAY THINGY?

  • Valueless Dollar
    Valueless Dollar 2 days ago

    4:34 Props for using Ubuntu Linux and not Winblows.

  • Valueless Dollar
    Valueless Dollar 2 days ago

    1:03 I bet that guy had cancer of the eyes.

  • Landon Jennings
    Landon Jennings 2 days ago

    I would like more details on the comparison of this process to current MRIs and CT scans.

  • Grymyrk
    Grymyrk 3 days ago

    Go New Zealand!

  • donnieh dea
    donnieh dea 3 days ago

    dude thats Christchurch in new Zealand?, it really hard to believe the x-ray research is in that place

  • Story sorry
    Story sorry 3 days ago

    so this is the start of star trek body scanners...

  • Q Turn
    Q Turn 3 days ago

    Ultimate discovery

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 4 days ago

    So like What they do at the Airport X-ray? With different colors, but in 3d.

  • Zubair Khan
    Zubair Khan 4 days ago

    Congrats. A step further in helping humanity.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri 4 days ago


  • c182SkylaneRG
    c182SkylaneRG 4 days ago

    This is amazing! :) I'm looking forward to this technology becoming commonplace in every hospital and doctor's office. It'd be so cool as an untrained patient to be able to see a 3D x-ray and see everything that's going on. :)

    M. KARTHIKEYAN 4 days ago

    Isn't this combination of x-ray and computer called CT scan a.k.a CAT scan?

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World 4 days ago

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  • Zara M
    Zara M 4 days ago

    This is so freaking amazing! TT
    I always watch your videos with my dad and we're both huge fans!

  • lol lol
    lol lol 4 days ago

    3:56 who in the world put the googly eyes?!?!

  • Steve
    Steve 4 days ago

    Great vid!

  • Seamus Doherty
    Seamus Doherty 4 days ago

    In mice

  • Sky Bound
    Sky Bound 4 days ago

    And I thought NZ was full of Hobbits and Elves

  • Sage Maneja
    Sage Maneja 4 days ago

    Ubuntu ♥

  • Dan Allnatt
    Dan Allnatt 4 days ago

    Amazing. As someone with nerve damage in my spine, I have to regularly get scans done and how on earth the docs work out what is what with a black and white image is impressive by itself!

  • mohammed Ahmed
    mohammed Ahmed 4 days ago

    Christchurch New Zealand eh? I think something happened there, can put my finger on it tho

  • Angus Brown
    Angus Brown 4 days ago

    Hey that’s my university!

  • Rusty Fork
    Rusty Fork 4 days ago +1

    Who else is a Kiwi?

  • KronicSplash
    KronicSplash 4 days ago

    Thanks Tom

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 4 days ago

    And people ask why spend money on NASA or space exploration and observation in general. These sorts of uses for fringe/avant garde science cannot be predicted. We won't know the practical use until the practical use is invented. This is very exciting stuff!

  • Hunter Jensen
    Hunter Jensen 4 days ago

    Please don’t stop making amazing videos.

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy 4 days ago

    i'm amazed this is not already a thing?...before I clicked the title I thought to myself "ahh 3d xrays? probably using different frequencies to map out the subject.." few minutes in my suspicions were confirmed... now If I could only work out how to live life.

  • grovermatic
    grovermatic 4 days ago

    Imagine the benefit that would provide to Alzheimer's research.

  • Ana Reza
    Ana Reza 4 days ago

    why I have no idea you're at my university???!!!

  • toxaq
    toxaq 4 days ago

    Could it do a better job on the Antikythera movement?

  • DayOld Donuts
    DayOld Donuts 4 days ago

    That's great !

  • LadyAnuB
    LadyAnuB 4 days ago

    Impressive, very cool, and expensive tech. To think that in my birth year, we landed on the moon with damn small discrete component computers and now with can we make 3D images from X-ray information. What an amazing leap in sensors and computing power.

  • Lord LunaEquie is me

    X-ray tech here. I don't understand how they're *generating* a useful stream of X-rays to be able to measure those various frequencies. It was my understanding -- at least, how I was taught and how the machines at my workplace operate -- that we still don't have a good way of generating a specific or narrow band of X-ray frequencies because the technology we use to produce them is about 100 years old at this point.

  • guzmaekstroem
    guzmaekstroem 4 days ago

    Just clicked this, so I do not have to see the thumbnail again, arrhh

  • Kippers
    Kippers 4 days ago

    Congrats on trending!!

  • TRiG (Ireland)
    TRiG (Ireland) 5 days ago

    Ah, that Ubuntu screen!

  • Chriseurosong
    Chriseurosong 5 days ago

    Tom, why did you spell “colour” wrong? You’re English.

  • Tholgar
    Tholgar 5 days ago

    What? Am i high? Am i drunk? Am I both? How did I get here?

  • Bullshit Detector
    Bullshit Detector 5 days ago

    How can you dislike this ffs 🙄

  • the guy
    the guy 5 days ago

    When are the x ray glasses coming out though?

  • the1gip
    the1gip 5 days ago

    You had me at "ix-ray".

  • Andivovna
    Andivovna 5 days ago

    Great video, as always, thank you for all this work!
    If I may, the French city mentionned on the flouroscopy photo is called Neuilly, not Neully.

  • michael wittmann
    michael wittmann 5 days ago

    Christchurch new zealand? The place western civilization woke up... - atheist from turkey

  • Collin S
    Collin S 5 days ago


  • AD
    AD 5 days ago

    Isnt this the same as a 3 dimensional CT scan? What is the difference here?

  • Vicary Archangel
    Vicary Archangel 5 days ago

    NZ accent is pleasing as always.

  • Harry Lawrence
    Harry Lawrence 5 days ago

    You know whats also on a spectrum, me.

  • whiterottenrabbit
    whiterottenrabbit 5 days ago

    I didn't understand even the half of this, but by God, I am loving it! Hail Science! \m/

  • Tranquilized Horsefly

    My X-Ray is very hard right now for watching this video.

  • Jonathan Dirks
    Jonathan Dirks 5 days ago

    5:07 what kind of screen is this? It looks like a hologram.

  • Katherine L. Vogel
    Katherine L. Vogel 5 days ago

    You know it's a place that knows it's stuff and knows how to present it's stuff when Tom intros and concludes but otherwise says almost nothing... (plush good editing and shooting!)

  • Chanter Ex
    Chanter Ex 5 days ago

    Technicallity, but photography film isn't all that good at interacting with x-rays. You can't take an x-ray directly on a photography film. You need a layer of crystals that x-ray photons interract better with, get absorbed by, and fluoresced back, not in the visible band

  • Nickolias
    Nickolias 5 days ago

    Can you make a video on that hologram at the end!?

  • Agis 13th
    Agis 13th 5 days ago

    I wonder how old r u..u looked 22 and 50 in the same time

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood 5 days ago

    I can’t tell if your 18 or 34

  • BvsMAcosh
    BvsMAcosh 5 days ago

    instead of LED-s we should invest into developing candles. Am I right?

  • Mahmoud Othman Adas
    Mahmoud Othman Adas 5 days ago

    1:38 is that George W. Bosh?

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 5 days ago


  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone

    That looks like Tomography not a xray

  • StaticR
    StaticR 5 days ago

    This 3d screen is really trippy, but REALLY cool!

  • Shani Botha
    Shani Botha 5 days ago

    Wow this is such exciting technology. What a brilliant idea.

  • Justin Koenig
    Justin Koenig 5 days ago

    3:33 the little googly eyes on the machine hahaha

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 5 days ago +1

    Hopefully this can be used to see cancer tumors more detailed as well

    • -RandomUserName-
      -RandomUserName- 5 days ago

      using that Thing to make Diagnostics on living Human Beings will give you Radiation Sickness
      I'm sure that they had to expose someone to a few Sievert to get these results

  • Eastyy
    Eastyy 5 days ago

    Can they do something like that with MRI scans ?

  • Dwarf Of Programming

    Ubuntu in the wild -nice

  • ElectroSalvo
    ElectroSalvo 5 days ago

    Someone had some fun 2:42 4:00

  • Mozzie
    Mozzie 5 days ago

    4:05 the machine has goggly eyes

  • tank butt
    tank butt 5 days ago

    Artists - "boner"

  • Evercreeper
    Evercreeper 5 days ago

    thank you once again for this cool video, tom

  • Chris Tone
    Chris Tone 5 days ago

    I like the googly eyes they taped to the machine :)

  • Zuhair Mehdee
    Zuhair Mehdee 5 days ago

    Did I see Ubuntu?

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis 5 days ago

    Great to see a video highlighting the real world tech that gets it's start at CERN. Too many people think that pure research is a waste of money but developing the technology to explore the unknown pays off many time over.

  • Ranstone
    Ranstone 5 days ago

    I'm more interested in the teams magic parallax screen that tracks the cameraman and makes depth move accordingly...

    • thedarkfreak
      thedarkfreak 4 days ago

      Tech that was done over ten years ago using a Wiimote, two infrared LEDs, a spare pair of glasses, and a laptop.

  • WisMicYal11
    WisMicYal11 5 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was meat wearing a wristwatch.

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 5 days ago

    Tom Scott fix your blood spelling, you aren't a American. So don't spell like one.

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 5 days ago

    Tom Scott fix your blood spelling, you aren't a American. So don't spell like one.

  • Michael Edlin
    Michael Edlin 5 days ago

    I swear every single video you upload is just insanely interesting! I'm honestly never disappointed after watching one!

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    Zdragov 5 days ago

    |NEW ZEALAND| 100

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    China fanatic 5 days ago

    4:35 Ubuntu ftw

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  • La'Fol The Mage
    La'Fol The Mage 5 days ago

    weird seeing tom scott in a place ive been

  • Symbioticism
    Symbioticism 5 days ago

    I really dig this. What a great help to medicine this will be!

  • THT Brickfilms
    THT Brickfilms 5 days ago

    I'm an alaepanteaolentoaelaogistoastymologoist and I can confirm

  • The PineApple
    The PineApple 5 days ago

    He's still in NZ and I haven't gotten to say hi >:(

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    Admiral Pegasus 5 days ago

    That's my sister's uni!

  • JT L
    JT L 5 days ago

    Are you still in NZ?!

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 5 days ago

    like superman sees

  • Scriptminer
    Scriptminer 5 days ago

    That is very cool technology!

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    Wait what? One of my favourite TheXvidrs is just suddenly in the same city as me and I didnt know about it?! 😱😱

  • a1l2e3x4s5o6
    a1l2e3x4s5o6 5 days ago

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  • Dj Lazzlow
    Dj Lazzlow 5 days ago +1

    Woah, Tom Holland actually give a warning before giving out spoilers..

    This is new

  • royksk
    royksk 5 days ago

    Excellent explanation Tom.
    There used to be “shoe fitting fluoroscopes” in shoe shops from 1920s to ‘70s. You could see a live x ray of how your foot fitted in the shoe - until the dangers of x ray exposure were revealed.

  • Aaron Rucinski
    Aaron Rucinski 5 days ago

    I don’t understand, what’s the new technology here? Can’t they already use software to generate 3D representations of CT scans?

  • Sergiusz Olszewski
    Sergiusz Olszewski 5 days ago

    Anyone who has ever used Slicer 3D knows that this could be done in seconds with traditional CT. Sorry, but this research is useless given that very similar results can be obtained for no cost.

  • Sam Jarman
    Sam Jarman 5 days ago

    That's where I went to university! :D So happy you got to see the place, Tom.

  • josiah O'Neill
    josiah O'Neill 5 days ago

    hay that's my University! also went to TEDx Chch last year and they talked about this. Cool to see it in a video.

  • Julia Connell
    Julia Connell 5 days ago

    awesome work team - kiwi ingenuity at its finest - well done!!!

  • Sethrain
    Sethrain 5 days ago

    And what do the googly eyes do?