Rachel Riley & Kim Woodburn Disagree About Dating | Celebrity Call Centre

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
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    A team of all-star agony aunts come together for SUTC, advising the public on a variety of dilemmas... Toff gives advice on how to help a friend deal with their cancer diagnosis, and Rachel Riley disagrees with Kim Woodburn's relationship advice.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  8 months ago +7

    Donate to Stand Up To Cancer here: bit.ly/2PWRVuA

  • Skygazer
    Skygazer Month ago

    I really like Kim

  • David Reid
    David Reid Month ago

    Kim is adorable u r a legend ! 😘

  • Precious DeVere
    Precious DeVere 3 months ago +3

    Kim is a marvellous woman I'd love to make a friend of her.

  • Terence Howarth
    Terence Howarth 4 months ago

    Aww toff is just to cute if I was not gay I would marry her she so adorable 😍

  • Rob Ashton
    Rob Ashton 6 months ago +1

    Rachel Riley is a goddess.

  • Benjamin Kelly
    Benjamin Kelly 6 months ago

    Toff is a cutie

  • numberstation
    numberstation 7 months ago

    Dog shit.

  • Sense TV
    Sense TV 7 months ago

    Kim brings colour and excitement to any show

    • Ktc
      Ktc Month ago


  • Jane McGrath
    Jane McGrath 7 months ago


  • Paul F
    Paul F 7 months ago +2

    Why does the media keep hiring this woman? She's nasty to nearly anyone.

  • Ev3 X
    Ev3 X 7 months ago +7

    Toff is gorgeous...

  • Lord Teletubby Dipsy :*
    Lord Teletubby Dipsy :* 7 months ago +6

    Dating is man goes on 5 dates and pays for all the women on first dates. He loses hundreds of pounds and gets rejected by all of them, because modern women value themselves more than what they offer. He then finds the love of his life and she divorces him and takes half his money.

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 7 months ago

    *********I WOULD EAT RACHEL'S FANNY BATTER 24/7 TBH********

  • Millie Toomey
    Millie Toomey 7 months ago

    Don’t ask for more KIM😂😂

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma 7 months ago +1

    Why does the woman on the phone sound like one of the loose women 😂😂

  • Kfhbjk Fdnvhk
    Kfhbjk Fdnvhk 7 months ago

    I'm all for standing up for cancer obviously but this show is absolute dog shit

  • L J.C
    L J.C 7 months ago +2

    Who is Rachel Riley ? Actress ,?

    • Ktc
      Ktc Month ago

      I think any intelligent person WONT know who she is. Probably works in the porn industry. I cant believe anyone could take her seriously.

    • John H
      John H 7 months ago +1

      She’s a Mathematician and works in countdown which is a game where you need to make certain words / numbers with letters / smaller numbers. She was also on strictly come dancing which is a dancing show in the Uk

  • RainbowCake
    RainbowCake 7 months ago +6

    Can't stand Rachel!

  • Woody Rooper
    Woody Rooper 7 months ago +3

    All cancer is curable. Look up Dr Leonard Coldwell. He's been curing cancer for decades. Cancer charities are a scam.

  • 1 UP
    1 UP 7 months ago +20

    ‘I’m having an affair with a married man am I doing the right thing?’
    ‘No...no that would be wrong’

  • M A R I T Z A
    M A R I T Z A 7 months ago +5

    ''why should she put her life on hold and be with a man that's not fully with her?'' HOW ABOUT DON'T BE A DOG AND CHOOSE SOMEONE SINGLE.

    • Alice Mc
      Alice Mc 7 months ago +1

      Exactly no one's even addressing the fact that she's also scum for dating a married man. Shame in her.

  • Sam Roberts
    Sam Roberts 7 months ago +3

    She is literally Bridget Jones

  • James Shore
    James Shore 7 months ago +25

    Kim’s caller sounded like Janet street porter

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago +1

      JSP is vermin. Stamp her out!

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 7 months ago +5

    A 10 out of 10 and Rachel Riley

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster 7 months ago +19

    The contrast between Toff & Kim 😂😂

  • John Douglas
    John Douglas 7 months ago

    "just look for something better" just stop doing it while you're still in a fucking relationship.

  • jake kayll
    jake kayll 7 months ago +11

    fyi Rachel didn't cheat on her ex husband. She broke up with him then got together with Pasha so chill

  • angela knowles
    angela knowles 8 months ago +4


    • Ktc
      Ktc Month ago

      She is bloody annoying. Get her off the television, we dont want to see her.

    • Scott R
      Scott R 7 months ago +1

      angela knowles Idiot

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago

      @M In case you didn't find it:Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven & Julia Fordham - 'Safe' . Enjoy.

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago

      It is weird. What would Jan Austen have said? Probably..Here Mr Darcy try this:thexvid.com/video/QsOsKiMVvcE/video.html

    • M
      M 7 months ago

      And yeah the internet is a strange place.

  • millerhxc
    millerhxc 8 months ago

    I don't know what it is but Rachel looks so different here.
    Toff is adorable but I've never watched Made In Chelsea and haven't bothered with I'm A Celeb in years so don't know much about her.

  • A. Fox
    A. Fox 8 months ago +7

    What a lovely girl and Rachel Riley is a wonderful person. Kim Woodburn is a C*nt FOAD!

    • Stealth ArtEx
      Stealth ArtEx 7 months ago

      Get the impression you aren't keen on Kim

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago +1

      @05danmea I think you will find her marriage had ended and then she went on Celebrity Cross Country Dancing and met Pasha. He is a lovely man and they seem very happy so who are we to criticize? Bless them.

    • 05danmea
      05danmea 7 months ago +8

      Oh yes Rachel Riley the ADULTERER is such a wonderful person isn’t she? 😒

  • Scott Hodgkinson
    Scott Hodgkinson 8 months ago +2

    Don't like kim

  • Dadoftheyear2015
    Dadoftheyear2015 8 months ago +4

    3:26 looks like the camera man knows his stuff

  • Sher Lock
    Sher Lock 8 months ago +1

    Rachel Riley 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Citizen Dildo
    Citizen Dildo 8 months ago

    Rachel's eyes look stareierier.

  • Tony M
    Tony M 8 months ago +18

    The first two minutes of this clip has absolutely nothing to do with the heading. The clip should have been split into two and the first two minutes promoted by itself instead of lost within this mistitled clip. Incidentally, the young woman - Toff - gave very good advice to the caller based on personal experience however no one would know from this clip's name.

  • doom
    doom 8 months ago +37

    'why should she have to be with a man who is not fully with her' bit rich coming from you rachel

  • Sonaldo is King
    Sonaldo is King 8 months ago +1

    What is Kim Woodburn

  • Bevan Rafferty
    Bevan Rafferty 8 months ago +2

    Woodburn should stop chasing parked cars .

  • Somebody Dosummit
    Somebody Dosummit 8 months ago +194

    The girl at the start, not sure who she is but she’s so beautifully spoken and adorable, such an empathetic sweet person.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 7 months ago +1

      @Oisín O'Sullivan funny how with that statement you're the bigot, and you're in denial

    • Marko Milan
      Marko Milan 7 months ago

      @Laura O C ya yeet

    • Oisín O'Sullivan
      Oisín O'Sullivan 7 months ago

      @Laura O C conservatives are bigots, not liberals

    • Robbie Sinclair
      Robbie Sinclair 7 months ago +5

      @Laura O C If you believe in dismantling the welfare state and happily accept the most vulnerable in society dying, then you are not a good person, thanks for your time. I guess we know which way you vote.

    • Laura O C
      Laura O C 7 months ago +25

      @lisbeth salander Ever occurred to you that someone can disagree with you politically and still be a nice, compassionate person? Maybe she's read a lot and came to the conclusion that less government is both more moral and beneficial to us all? Or are you a complete bigot?

  • lisa merc
    lisa merc 8 months ago +7

    Stop talking about yourselves if it’s a helpline?!!!!!!!

    • Stealth ArtEx
      Stealth ArtEx 7 months ago

      That's celebs for ya 🙄

    • Dillon Wales
      Dillon Wales 8 months ago +3

      Sometime people who seek help just want someone who can relate. She did well. It's called making a connection

  • K Digiacomo
    K Digiacomo 8 months ago +7

    Rachel is a Diamond!

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago

      @K Digiacomo:Mentally dyslexic lesbian according to Instagram. Make up your own mind.

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago

      Actually lesbo I don't sleep at night. But you are welcome to come and lick my windows. Educating you would take too long but compliant means going along with and doesn't fit a compliant sentence. As for "wanna be to feel special" that is just gibberish. As for the opposite of home town...well you have me there. I have no idea. You really need to join your mongs and get some therapy.

    • K Digiacomo
      K Digiacomo 7 months ago

      @A. Fox - Just licking your Windows at night when you sleep.

    • A. Fox
      A. Fox 7 months ago

      K Digiacomo: Whoa...mental person alert!

    • K Digiacomo
      K Digiacomo 8 months ago

      @A. Fox - Wait, do you know the difference between neighbor, and the opposite of home town? Not the same creep wanna be to feel special. You can't even form a proper compliant sentence.

  • Dave Barlow
    Dave Barlow 8 months ago +84

    Is Rachel really the best person to be giving advice? After cheating and a marriage breakdown?

    • Sketchy Magpie
      Sketchy Magpie 7 months ago

      That's like saying is she the best person to solve math equations if she's ever gotten one wrong.

    • Alexander Mayes
      Alexander Mayes 7 months ago +4

      A. Fox You don't know that.
      She was married.
      She started seeing the bloke from Strictly.
      She cheated.
      Easy really.

    • Kyle A
      Kyle A 7 months ago

      Oh so THAT'S why she's being so non chalant here

    • Willow Madhuri Dixit
      Willow Madhuri Dixit 7 months ago


    • Leah Synge
      Leah Synge 7 months ago +2

      ISNT she with the guy in strictly?

  • Ryan Bailey
    Ryan Bailey 8 months ago +11

    Rachel’s on point, but this show is a load of shit.

    • Ryan Bailey
      Ryan Bailey 7 months ago

      I didn’t know it was to support cancer. The cause is great. The content is poor 🤷‍♂️
      Sorry if you disagree but that’s my opinion.

    • Leah Synge
      Leah Synge 7 months ago +3

      Ryan Bailey This show is for cancer.... it’s not a televised show for peoples entertainment on a Thursday night?! It’s to spread awareness on cancer and to donate as much moe ha s we can go the cause... you uncultured swine

  • Trevor Miranda
    Trevor Miranda 8 months ago

    It is odd how the old are expected to be wiser when it comes to these things, despite the young being more technologically (and arguably socially) advanced. Nearly 1/5 marriages now result from online dating.

    SRMC HOLLIDAY 8 months ago

    I literally just clicked this video for Riley I have no fucking clue what is going on.

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 8 months ago

    Bullshit are we supposed to believe noone called and tried to get rachel to talk dirty. Gtfo

  • Mohamed Orayith
    Mohamed Orayith 8 months ago +3

    At 2:58 what's her accent??!?

    • Tom Ingram
      Tom Ingram 7 months ago

      It's called 'posh'.

    • j
      j 7 months ago

      She's from Chelsea

  • Kieran Carr
    Kieran Carr 8 months ago

    She a gold digger and he knows just wants the quick fuck cos he's a dick fuck

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull 8 months ago

    I love that this is a video that has genuinely touching .moments in it, and all the fucking boneheads in the comments want to talk about is that Rachel Riley "looks a bit different"

  • Dismissing
    Dismissing 8 months ago +116

    I find the fact that Kim is slagging of adulterers in front of Rachel really hilarious.

    • Dustoe McDust
      Dustoe McDust 6 months ago +4

      If they'll cheat with you, then they'll cheat on you@Dismissing

    • Toast
      Toast 7 months ago +2

      @James Shore She's just coving up her dirty weekends

    • James Shore
      James Shore 7 months ago +2

      What is it with Kim and adulterers?...

    • Emil Rostad
      Emil Rostad 8 months ago +28

      @Old timer Yeah, i am with you on this. When a man cheats, he is a disgusting pig. when a woman cheats, its because she didn't love him enough, and it was for the best. really

    • Old timer
      Old timer 8 months ago +35

      Dismissing well it didn't turn out the best for her husband of less than a year did it but of course she's a woman , is pretty and on the telly so cheating is ok.

  • Reece Warmano
    Reece Warmano 8 months ago +16

    Wouldn't really call that disagreeing

    • Tarik
      Tarik 7 months ago

      Reece Warmano right they only disagree with online dating and Kim hates computers 😂😂

  • A R
    A R 8 months ago +39

    Who would want to date Kim Woodburn? Even a blind man would still have his other senses.

    • angela knowles
      angela knowles 8 months ago +1


    • sleepingbeauty0000
      sleepingbeauty0000 8 months ago

      A R
      Agreed. Not because of her look tho. It’s her personality. She’s a horrible person. Not sure why she’s still be part of any tv shows.

    • Ollie Clark
      Ollie Clark 8 months ago +6

      She managed to stay married for 40 years, Rachel's divorced and cheated in a flash..

    • A R
      A R 8 months ago +4

      khawla go fuck yourself loser.

    • Ashley S. MacKenzie
      Ashley S. MacKenzie 8 months ago +2

      Have you seen that woman keep house? I bet she's got even if she don't look it.

  • Jay Dunna
    Jay Dunna 8 months ago +4

    what.....happened to Rachel Riley's face? o_O Plastic surgery gone wrong? :S

    • jo
      jo 7 months ago

      She just got old

    • Stealth ArtEx
      Stealth ArtEx 7 months ago

      @Dismissing 🤣

    • 86Wutang86
      86Wutang86 8 months ago

      She's british lol

    • Ashley
      Ashley 8 months ago

      Makeup + a little botox. It's HD TV.

    • riddlers91
      riddlers91 8 months ago +2

      Shes at the end of the video lol

  • Shush !
    Shush ! 8 months ago +8

    This is so lovely

  • Shush !
    Shush ! 8 months ago +239

    Toff is adorable.

    • Ktc
      Ktc Month ago +1

      Am I the only one who thinks she is NUTS. That silly baby voice and playing with her hair. She perpetuates the Dumb blonde image. Go on love island love, that's about your level.

    • James Jones
      James Jones 8 months ago +4

      GO TRUCK YOURSELF ! She’s no Rachel!

  • steppa money
    steppa money 8 months ago +2


  • Humakt
    Humakt 8 months ago +101

    Rachel Riley is bae

    • nemesisslr
      nemesisslr 3 months ago

      She is a hoe, a very pretty one albeit.

  • Beka Rex
    Beka Rex 8 months ago


  • DamBreeeze13
    DamBreeeze13 8 months ago

    Kim Woodburn is fucking awesome. What a legend.