Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
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Comments • 14 201

  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  Year ago +923

    Hey all, a few people have had some questions about the break-down of costs for a ATP License at the beginning of this video so I thought I’d try to clear things up and show a few sources for the different components.
    College Cost: I misplaced the original source that lines up exactly with $133k but this statistic is about the same accounting for yearly growth.
    Private Pilots License: I said $8,000 in the video based off a source’s estimate. Looking at a random selection of flight schools’ estimates it could be even a little higher. Many have also pointed out that the vast majority of individuals can only apply with 40 hours flight time (a small minority of US pilots are trained under Title 14 of federal code part 141 which allow them to apply with 35 hours.) While I was choosing to use the lowest numbers for training as to not sensationalize the cost numbers (it’s sensational enough as it is) I probably should have done the math for 40 hours (maybe even more as many need more hours to gain the skills needed) to get a more average estimate.
    $9,950: www.illinoisaviation.com/flight-training/private-pilot-141/
    $8,123: www.stcharlesflyingservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/CostEstimateToAdvance.pdf
    $7944: www.flyhafc.com
    $9500: www.executiveflighttraining.com/Private_Pilot_License.html
    Instrument Rating: The way I presented this bit was definitely confusing. The $900 I mentioned was accounting for the ground training and then I wrapped the hours needed for an instrument rating into the additional hours needed for a commercial pilots license (215/210.)
    Commercial Pilots License: From the comments I’ve read nobody really disagrees with the estimate I put for the overall CPL cost but here’s the source I used anyways.
    $80,000: www.l3airlineacademy.com/us-career-programs/pilot-training-cost

    • emil hansson
      emil hansson 18 days ago

      You are wrong tho, ryanair pay minimum 7000k per month for first officer

    • Skeptical Simmy
      Skeptical Simmy Month ago

      Some but not all airlines require a degree. I don’t know if a single airline in Canada that requires a degree. I used to work in aviation and as a general rule, most pilots don’t have university degrees but the vast majority of flight attendants do. I did work with one pilot who had (wait for it) a nuclear engineering degree. LOL!

    • X-Plane-Ation
      X-Plane-Ation Month ago

      Wendover Productions I got a scholarship that paid half of my flight schooling

    • Jeff Random
      Jeff Random Month ago

      I heard that UC Berkeley will provide the plane and flight instructor if you take it as a course.
      Edit: You have to pay for fuel.

    • ty gamer
      ty gamer Month ago

      @Donny Yario you should have taken the airforce route and you get an automatic commercial pilot license

  • Twelvie_Playz
    Twelvie_Playz 4 hours ago

    7:58 where did the gear go?

  • Norwegian Guy
    Norwegian Guy 8 hours ago

    1:08 so 108cm, 300kg and yellow eyes?!

  • Hans Fritz
    Hans Fritz Day ago

    The increase in climate-impacting emissions into the atmosphere will force massive restrictions on air operations globally within the next 20 years. The development of new engine technology is so slow due to. of the conservative attitude in the aviation industry. It will take at least 50 years before there are aircraft that are environmentally friendly. 40 years slower than the car industry.

  • Hans Fritz
    Hans Fritz Day ago

    Total aircraft production all time Airbus 5500 Boeing 20000 , 25% of them is of duty or obsolete. 1,5 Milion ATPL active pilots on planet. 50% of all aircrafts on planet is based in US. Thats fact

  • Hans Fritz
    Hans Fritz Day ago

    There are >100 pilots for every aircraft on earth. Good luck getting a job.

  • Spiritual_Tjay
    Spiritual_Tjay Day ago +1

    Me: I wAnT tO BeCoMe A piLoT
    Cost: No nigga
    Reality: becoming a pilot in gta 5 😂

  • Benjamin Dhar
    Benjamin Dhar 2 days ago

    When I realized I wasn’t subscribed but I have been watching every vid since he had 500k

  • Syeda Shobnam
    Syeda Shobnam 2 days ago

    Wow why should women work with low wages

  • defaultytuser
    defaultytuser 3 days ago

    Great video; but you seemed to miss one of the biggest issues (allong with the expensive training): the minimum flight ours required to join an airline; which have increased dramatically since the 2009 Colgan crash.
    Go to any serius job searching site and check the required minimums to join as a First Officer....
    "Xxx Airlines looking for B737 first officers.
    Requirements: B737 type rating.
    Frozen ATP
    2.000 hs as PIC on B737"

  • Monk Petite
    Monk Petite 4 days ago

    Interesting information, I’m curious how public will respond on airline travel and the green thought.
    Is the young new born passenger willing to use the airlines or do they think it is bad thing to do.
    Its for sure that the upcoming financial crises and other desastreus events will schink the airline industry and so their users motivation.
    New planes will be developed, but that must be done very quickly to convince our children to make use of it.

  • Hans Fritz
    Hans Fritz 4 days ago

    Womens ultimate liberation from the patriarchy is to be a pilot. They belive 😎

  • Hans Fritz
    Hans Fritz 4 days ago

    Here in Sweden is all higher academical education totally free if you are a citizen. You can be a doctor or a civil engineer wihout pay a cent to the school. Except for pilot license here you have to pay yourself for everything. I belive the issue is, from the goverment point of view pilot is a nerd hobby, if live and work in your dream pay for it your self. The issue is that fewer is interested to pay 150 000 $ today. An ATPL was possible to get for less than half that monye for 10-15 years ago. The steak is to high and the kids are not stupied today.

  • Jericho
    Jericho 5 days ago

    Becoming a pilot is just so damn expensive

  • AecetusASP
    AecetusASP 5 days ago +1

    basically in dollars to reais (brazil money) if i wanted to be a pilot i'd have to pay 915k

    can we get an F ?

  • Marc Abelha
    Marc Abelha 5 days ago

    Education for free is always a good idea.
    Long absence hours from home/partner/family might contribute for reduced interest in the job.

    PICKLE GAMER 6 days ago +1

    7:58 where are the back wheels of the plane??

    • Qufiy
      Qufiy 4 days ago

      PICKLE GAMER under the Engine

  • Cantankerous65
    Cantankerous65 6 days ago

    The problem is share holders they demand more and more at the expanse of pilot pay costumers confort and so on and so on

  • Ridz
    Ridz 6 days ago +1

    I think government should pay for pilot’s training

  • dr. Rusly
    dr. Rusly 6 days ago

    Almost the same thing happends to Indonesia doctors. Btw in contrast to Indonesia has too much fresh graduated pilot.

    LORDBEN 7 days ago

    I wanted to be a pilot so right out of high school i went to aeronautical college, worst mistake of my life, I was 18 at the time and now im 24 still in debt AND i had to drop out bc i couldn't pay tuition and guess what, i never even get my private license.

  • d74morris
    d74morris 7 days ago

    $30.000 yr 4 a pilot Dam I can make that @ a day laborer place

  • Hafðu hljóð
    Hafðu hljóð 7 days ago

    meanwhile the local aeronautics and aviation school in my town has experienced an influx in aspiring pilot students, i wish the best for them

  • אני תומך בישראל Ani’ mi Elohim, ve

    The Air Force predicts a 25% pilot deficit by 2020 we already according to the US Air Force have a 20% deficit, civil air patrol, new cadet guide, 2019

  • m ptc
    m ptc 8 days ago

    @4:00... wrong! U.S. pilots are allowed to fly 1000 hours per year and 100 hours per month (actually a rolling 28 day period). Someone should have actually looked at the U.S. regulations before posting this video.

  • WeekzGod
    WeekzGod 8 days ago

    Military service would help. Military trained pilots would be cert'd up in exchange for 4-5 years of their life.

  • Jose Espino
    Jose Espino 8 days ago

    trade school people

  • Flower Bloom
    Flower Bloom 9 days ago

    I believe it’s 45 hours

  • Justin Rein Borromeo Catabay

    Im gonna be one

    PETER ZARI 9 days ago +1

    I've wanted to be a pilot since I was 7 years old (15 now.) Chances aren't seeming that great. I'll see what happens but hope for the best.

  • dicetaro
    dicetaro 9 days ago +1

    I was a flight attendant for a few years (just quit). The pilots I worked with were the most depressed, defeated people I’ve ever seen. Their biggest motivation for getting to the hotel was closing their room door and downing a 2L bottle of cheap corner store wine while watching porn.

  • Jorden Belanic
    Jorden Belanic 10 days ago

    Don't worry I'll be a pilot... for fun on a gyrocopter someday.
    Why would anyone ever put them selves though so much misery? Professional pilots are equal to doctors in my eyes & they should be paid accordingly.

  • RCDude
    RCDude 10 days ago

    I want to become a pilot, but I am horrible in school and have very bad grades especially math and I've tried everything my whole life but nothing works. Does this mean I cannot become a commercial pilot?

  • TheCOmpany
    TheCOmpany 10 days ago +2

    I’m 16 and I dream about being able to become a pilot, my dad has a PPL so I fly with him sometimes and i love every second of it

  • GoProJoe
    GoProJoe 10 days ago +1

    If this were true, then we would see every airline educating their pilots for free to fix barrier of entry problem. Since we don't see this, there is no problem.

  • Scripted
    Scripted 10 days ago

    rip dream career

  • Elke Summer
    Elke Summer 10 days ago +1

    I definitely want my pilot to know more than high school math...and be psychologically tested.

  • The Pancakeman
    The Pancakeman 10 days ago

    All airlines should do is increase early pay

  • Jess White
    Jess White 11 days ago +1

    Some corrections here: You can be all in for all training Private, Instrument and Commercial for 45-50k. You don’t need a degree, and pay starts at minimum 60k.

    • Enigma McC
      Enigma McC 8 days ago

      Jess White I was always told your not even accepted for an application if you don’t have a college degree

  • John Bernardini
    John Bernardini 11 days ago

    That’s fucken ridiculous with all these goddamn fees. Jesus Christ Almighty. Fucken intellectual pricks. What a ripoff!!!!!

  • michoel panzok
    michoel panzok 11 days ago +3

    Seems like a good job until you get into the details

      PETER ZARI 8 days ago +1

      yea, I've always wanted to do it since I was 7 years old (15 now) and this totally shows the bad side (cost) of becoming a pilot

      I barley know how the money works but that's just research. Paying off a lot of money sounds like a really hard thing to do

  • Cameraman
    Cameraman 12 days ago

    Or just maybe air force

  • Dave Cue
    Dave Cue 12 days ago

    Most airlines are a victim of their own human nature. They want want want pilots but do little to nothing to support pilots and their training. It’s like deforestation. They cut down all the trees, planted none or not enough and now trees are in high demand. Bastards.

  • callum boardman
    callum boardman 12 days ago

    I want to be a pilot I don’t care about pay but can’t afford training I’m great at math and love physics

  • Tobs Aviation
    Tobs Aviation 13 days ago

    I’m just hoping Air New Zealand’s fine :/

  • Celta801
    Celta801 13 days ago

    A first officer at Southwest meakes nearly 90k a year after their 2nd year. If thats a pay shortage than count me in.

  • Hagane Yoshi
    Hagane Yoshi 14 days ago

    if companies want more pilots, then THEY have to make it worth it buy offering more training programs and obviously pay them better.

  • MintyAviation
    MintyAviation 14 days ago

    Tbh I could get paid minimum wage as a pilot and I wouldn't care because that's what I would enjoy doing.

  • Bonanza Driver
    Bonanza Driver 14 days ago

    900$ for an instrument rating......lol. more like 5k at least. It's also more like 35 hours.

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 15 days ago

    The world is running out of pilots because Airlines don’t accept enough qualified applications. Some get lucky and some don’t. I’ve seen horror stories and nobody should be waiting 3 years to find out if they will be accepted for an interview.

  • Flamemaster
    Flamemaster 15 days ago

    I’m about to go to CAP and if I do well they will let me go to school and get a pilot license free (aside from the work it takes to get to that point)

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 16 days ago

    They should make a simulator for training to get cheaper costs

  • simply_s8
    simply_s8 16 days ago +1

    8:01 excuse me where is the main gear

  • Tony Lam
    Tony Lam 16 days ago

    It will take a severe shortage to force the issue down their collective throats. The aviation community are very stubborn.If they have not figure out over the decades that they are paying the same as a guy flipping burgers after he spent the equivalent to get through medical school, then it will take nothing less than a severe shortage.But then fast treking pilots means pilots with significantly less basic skills than those that came through the old routes, and they are more accident prone. I hate flying in an airplane the size of a 737 knowing one of the pilots have only around 1000 hours. Even for many trades the hours are at least 4,5000++ before you get a license.

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza 16 days ago

    as expensive as becoming a doctor but less jobs available for airlines only hire airforce retirees or leftovers

  • TheMasterOfCubes
    TheMasterOfCubes 16 days ago +3

    Me:im about to sign up to fly yay
    Me:never mind

  • Ripple Gaming
    Ripple Gaming 17 days ago

    Duh if you pay more, more people will do it and if you pay less, less people will do it. It's not a problem for society.

  • Xavi Alonso
    Xavi Alonso 17 days ago

    the us sucks its better to work for a overseas airline to get more than €100k + a year

  • Olive Grove
    Olive Grove 17 days ago

    This is an American Labor issue. This is the case with a lot of professions in the USA.

  • Gordon Kalamasz
    Gordon Kalamasz 18 days ago

    Gotta say I am currently in school to be a pilot and when discussing the cost of training at the beginning that was relatively accurate but you picked the lower end of plane/instructor fee and also assumed people get their License in the minimum flight time I’m on the higher end of the spectrum but I still don’t have my private license with about 60hours it also should be mentioned that while the classes you can get fasfa to help out with fasfa will not pay for flying so you are left to pay out of pocket by working multiple jobs(like me) or be lucky and be born into a wealthy family or you can try to find a place to get a loan from but with no significant income and nothing to put up it’s hard to find a place willing to give you all that money