TV Guide Commercials (1967 to 1987)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
  • FredFlix: Where you were 50 years ago.
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  • 612Tiberius
    612Tiberius 23 days ago

    Back when TV Guide was a publication worth buying and subscribing to.

  • Konga 5000
    Konga 5000 Month ago

    "Look for the REAL PEOPLE people on the cover". WHat a LAME time period for TV 1980/81 . Yuk.

  • Konga 5000
    Konga 5000 Month ago

    More Flubs: Only 1 (lame) Lost in Space cover that only featured June Lockhart & Guy Williams (early on before the show got rolling) . Only 1 (lame) Brady Bunch cover (early on before the show got rolling).

  • Konga 5000
    Konga 5000 Month ago

    TV GUIDE COVER FLUBS: Never put Kolchak The Night Stalker on the cover (Yet, Get Christie Love made the cover that same year! What ?).

  • Konga 5000
    Konga 5000 Month ago

    Creepy "robot" music reminds me of the creepy Screen Gems logo sign-off !

  • I'm On Your Roof
    I'm On Your Roof Month ago

    I HATED TV Guide. Our local paper had all the listings. We didn't need any fancy schmancy mini mag to tell us what was on and when.
    I used to draw Hitler mustaches on the actors on our neighbors' TV Guides out of sheer spite.

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony Month ago

    Intro music sound hypnotizing, which is appropriate, I suppose, because that is the tell-lie-vision's objective.

  • Mike Shaver
    Mike Shaver 2 months ago

    The last commercial, the store interviewer, is one of my favorites.. Anyone know the name of the interviewer?

  • donnamariedemaio
    donnamariedemaio 2 months ago

    When TV Guide was worth reading! I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail!

  • Molina Long
    Molina Long 3 months ago +1

    Celebrities still alive in (1967-1987)
    Jack Nicholson
    Faye Dunaway
    Robert Redford
    Paul Newman
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Sidney Poitier
    Walter Matthau
    Jack Lemmon
    Farrah Fawcett
    Kate Jackson
    Halle berry
    Warren Beatty
    Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Eva Gabor
    Eddie Albert
    Bob Newhart
    Mary Tyler Moore
    And 900s celebrities still alive in 1967-1987

  • CBS KTVH 12
    CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago +1

    We all know that the ring Alex Karras is wearing is not a Super Bowl ring. 😂😂

    • Armory Brunot,Jr.
      Armory Brunot,Jr. 3 months ago +1

      Alex Karras was playing his college football at Iowa as a senior, so he arrived too late to see the Detroit Lions last World Championship in 1957. The Lions have not seen the Super Bowl in their history.

  • Frank
    Frank 5 months ago

    We used to fold the pages to make little Christmas trees out of them.

  • AllRequired
    AllRequired 6 months ago +2

    The iconic TV Guide jingle and Scanimation.

  • Bubb1964
    Bubb1964 7 months ago

    My favorite mag! I used to go to the local news seller each Tuesday to be there when he put them out. I would consume EVERYTHING in each issue. The was the Baltimore/DC edition. Because of my location, I was then able to go one town over and get the Pittsbugh, PA edition! Fred I love your vids and thank you for posting them!

  • vividwatch47
    vividwatch47 7 months ago +1

    I remember when they had that low brass over bass music for "T.V. Guide's commercials in '68.

  • Blood Legion
    Blood Legion 7 months ago

    Aliens have taken over. 👽🛸

  • Erik Pridemore
    Erik Pridemore 7 months ago +2

    We sure miss TV Guide, as it was a digest sized magazine for over 50 years in its "log" format which had TV listings.

  • Molina Long
    Molina Long 7 months ago +1

    Brand new tv show (1982-1987)
    1982( knight rider )
    1983( No brand tv Shows )
    1984( Miami Vice )
    1985( the golden girls )
    1986( Matlock with Andy Griffith )
    1987( married with the children from Fox)

  • Molina Long
    Molina Long 7 months ago +3

    Brand New tv Shows (1967 to 1981)
    1967 ( Ironside )
    1968( Hawaii Five O and The Mod Sqaud )
    1969( the Brady bunch )
    1970( The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
    1971( All In The Family )
    1972( The Bob Newhart Show )
    1973( Kojak )
    1974( Happy Days )
    1975( the Jeffersons and Barney Miller )
    1976( Charlie's Angels )
    1977( Threes Company )
    1978( Dallas )
    1979( the fact of life )
    1980( Magnum P. I. )
    1981( Dynasty )

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      1970 and 1972 were your winners there.

  • Sheri Heffner
    Sheri Heffner 8 months ago +3

    That music used to creep me out. Along with the Screen Gems S from Hell and the Screen Gems dancing sticks music when I was watching The Flintstones as a small child. Plus the Universal logo with the sweaty hand that was holding a metal chisel in one hand and a mallet with the other. He hit the stone and the Universal logo music loudly played. Another one that scared me was the old PBS music, both the 1960s and the 1970s after my favorite show Zoom went off.

    • Konga 5000
      Konga 5000 Month ago +1

      @Armory Brunot,Jr. The Screen Gems creepy robot music was used in the Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ! It was in the background as a character was watching TV.

    • Armory Brunot,Jr.
      Armory Brunot,Jr. 3 months ago +1

      The sweaty hand with the striking mallet is Jack Webb's production company, Mark VII.

    • brmnyc
      brmnyc 7 months ago

      I remember all of those! The mallet one was particularly ominous. But the TV Guide "music" had some weird, hypnotic quality.

  • Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records

    I faithfully bought and collected the original TVGuide from 1976-2005. Before this dad bought and collected TV Guide in the 50's thru 70's. I haveall our original collection. After school every Monday afternoon I couldn't wait for these TV Guide commercials to see the cover a day before they sold the new issue at my local newsstand in Queens NY. I miss the TV Guide of the 80's and before. It brought warmth and familiarity.

    • Konga 5000
      Konga 5000 Month ago

      @Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records Ironically , in the early 1980s, they made them with a square glued spine - NO STAPLE, and NOW TV guides from that period FALL APART because the glue deteriorates and, no staple. I collect them too but I stopped after high school (1980) Happy mine will never fall apart! . I kind feel bad for anyone that collected them from the 1980s (and kinda feel bad for people that GREW UP in the 1980s , as they were a mere shadow compared to the 1960s and 1970s ). Sorry - I had to add that . I always get attacked when I shit on the 1980s and 1990s. I work with younger people at my job and they think the 1990s was a REALLY REALLY long time ago and of course they LOVE IT. Eeek !! The great thing about collecting TV guides is that they are easy to find and not expensive unless it's the Superman cover (George Reeves) , the first issue with Lucy's baby, Batman (Adam West) and sometimes the Munsters and Lost in Space covers are expensive. Oh, and the Green Hornet .

    • Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records
      Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records 8 months ago

      FredFlix By the late 90's collecting TV Guide became like a chore. Especially when they had like 20, 30 covers in one week or different covers for one issue I don't own every sports cover that had like 30 covers for football for example. When TV Guide went magazine size I collected here and there but got rid of the new magazine size copies with a few exceptions..

    • FredFlix
      FredFlix  8 months ago +1

      I'm impressed by your collection. I have just a few dozen, but the warmth and familiarity are there when I look through them.

  • Jennie Hakim
    Jennie Hakim 8 months ago +4

    When TV Guide had journalism in it...

    • Konga 5000
      Konga 5000 Month ago

      @CBS KTVH 12 It was a robot rumpus !

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      It was far out, man!✌😎 Blows your mind, man!🤯

    • Jennie Hakim
      Jennie Hakim 8 months ago +3

      P.S. That 70s theme was hypnotic 🙃

  • David Brandel
    David Brandel 9 months ago +2

    I miss hearing that voice.

  • M.O'Riley
    M.O'Riley 9 months ago +2

    Loved that trippy music. More like a siren, I guess.

  • evans haller
    evans haller 10 months ago

    Utter idiocy at 2:06.

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      I was a tv fanatic. I didn't know that it was responsible for telling me what to do with my life. Maybe my family had the wrong brand of television. 😂

  • Brian O'Neill
    Brian O'Neill Year ago

    I remember all of these ads, but especially that electronic 'sounder' used throughout the '70s('WA-wa-WAwawaaa..). When they replaced it with 'Nothing gets you into it...', it felt like they'd lost something 'unique' and traded it in for just another commercial jingle. I'd almost forgotten about that Richie Havens hack job of 'That's Entertainment, from '84, and the Alex Karras '85 sales pitch. Mal Sharpe's 'interviews' were pretty old by '87.

  • Armory Brunot,Jr.
    Armory Brunot,Jr. Year ago +5

    At 10:45 former "Webster" star and Detroit Lions great Alex Karras (1958-62,1964-70) explains how you can subscribe to TV Guide.
    Sadly, after Rupert Murdoch bought the once popular magazine
    from Triangle Publications (its original publisher) in 1988 and dropped local listings and hired writers who knew little about
    television and its history, it became just an elongated celebrity
    news rag thereafter.

  • stendec 5762
    stendec 5762 Year ago

    Always looked forward to the Fall Preview Issue to see what shows geared for our demographic age group; even kept some favorites all these years. Even wrote the organization about back issues from decades past; received a very nice reply letter, saying they were sorry but all the back issues were put on microfilm to be stored. I don't know about the validity of that, but the reply was nice of them, instead of just ignoring it. Different time and different people, better time. A nice skate backwards, Fred. Thanks pal.

  • joychris154
    joychris154 Year ago

    thank you so much fred....loved tv guide.

  • Jon H
    Jon H Year ago +1

    Issues depicted in order:
    Anne Murray TV Guide not found (probably Canadian issue)
    1971 generic ad w/ covers going from 1967 to 1971
    5/16/81 (I liked the tune that TV Guide used for its 1981 ads.)
    1981 generic ad w/ TV Guide tune
    12/8/79 on scale
    1984 ad w/ last issue 9/22/84 (Stacy Keach had also been on the cover just 4 weeks earlier on 8/25/84.)
    5/11/85 issue held by Alex Karras; other issues from 1984 & 1985 shown

    • Konga 5000
      Konga 5000 Month ago

      Ann Murray was not on the AMERICAN cover. LOL that was pretty funny. She was the Celine Dion of the 1970s .

  • S. Adam Bernstein
    S. Adam Bernstein Year ago +2

    50 years ago today, March 4th, 1967: Star Trek on TV Guide cover!

  • Mike theBike
    Mike theBike Year ago

    I am totally mesmerized by these.Quite sure none of these escaped me when I was young,but rewatching after so many decades stuns me into a young care-free consciousness.IN THE NEWS also has that affect.

  • Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    Another fantastic post! Question regarding the iconic music that backs these commercials. Does anyone remember that there was one time (that I can recall) where they played a different theme? It was an upbeat pop sort of tune with a jazzy horn arrangement. I remember as a kid thinking it was nice, but it wasn't what you expected to hear with a TV Guide commercial...

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt Year ago +1

    Thank you for the great post! I loved watching these commercials. I was a little kid when these commercials were on TV, but I vividly remember them. This makes me very nostalgic. Although I always found the little background jingle in the '70s TV Guide commercials a little bizarre! ;)

    • FredFlix
      FredFlix  Year ago +1

      But it got your attention.

  • Blacques Jacques
    Blacques Jacques Year ago +2

    Donna Pescow was supposed to be the next Mary Tyler Moore . Didn't work out .

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 Month ago

      @Konga 5000 Kind of difficult to follow a successful show (MTM) with another successful show.

    • Konga 5000
      Konga 5000 Month ago

      @CBS KTVH 12 At one point Stockard Channing had HER own show and she was to be the next Mary Tyler Moore ! They also tried it with Lee Grant in Fay (1976).

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago +1

      Things like that usually fall flat. We're not ready when a beloved actor or actress calls it quits, so a similar looking star is groomed to take over the following fall season. Try as they might, they just don't cut it.

    • Armory Brunot,Jr.
      Armory Brunot,Jr. 6 months ago +1

      The "Angie" theme was sung by Maureen McGovern, the same singer who sang "The Morning After" from "The Posideon Adventure".

    • Wayfarer
      Wayfarer 9 months ago +1

      Blacques Jacques the best thing about Pescow’s short lived series ‘Angie’ was the catchy theme song.

  • rrrrr
    rrrrr Year ago +1

    Good one! Thx!

  • Armory Brunot,Jr.
    Armory Brunot,Jr. 2 years ago +8

    In most of these spots for TV Guide, you'll hear its most memorable voice in longtime Philadelphia newscaster Taylor Grant.

  • Cameron Lopez
    Cameron Lopez 2 years ago

    I love your video. Im 20 and It shows a great timeline of TV guide as I've collected them as a kid since 2004 and had a big collection. I don't have those exact issues anymore... But I've started collecting them all over again by purchasing older TV guide magazines beginning at 1990-1997 and I got those today. I love them. Hopefully I'll get every issue from every decade by my elder years

  • ariel films inc
    ariel films inc 2 years ago +13

    LORD It has been YEARS since I heard that music intro

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired 6 months ago

      @Michael Palmieri Mongo like TV Guide. (Mongo open magazine. No explosion, only pages.)

  • Blacques Jacques
    Blacques Jacques 2 years ago +2

    Tee Vee Gaaaaad

  • Cambria399
    Cambria399 2 years ago +3

    I liked to read Cleveland Amory's reviews

  • SuperPatriot777
    SuperPatriot777 2 years ago +11

    I used to read those...until they put Roseanne on the cover and made her out to be the next Lucy.
    Lucy had something Roseanne will never have....CLASS !!!!

    • vividwatch47
      vividwatch47 7 months ago +1

      Not to mention three long series that ran for six seasons each, something that Roseanne will NEVER approach!

    • FredFlix
      FredFlix  2 years ago +3

      Well said.

  • Louis Tenore
    Louis Tenore 2 years ago

    love the early 80s ads

  • staytunedfor
    staytunedfor 2 years ago +5

    I was thrilled when I randomly found a box of 1960's TV Guides from my hometown at shop called The Magazine in San Francisco. It was always a fixture in our house but once they went tabloid and eliminated local listings, that was the end for me. I vividly remember the announcer and music from the 70's commercials.

  • Laura Daly
    Laura Daly 2 years ago +10

    I always looked forward to the Fall Preview issue.

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      Fall Preview issues were the best ones!

  • Laura Daly
    Laura Daly 2 years ago +4

    I liked TV Guide in those days.

  • Josiel de Assis
    Josiel de Assis 2 years ago

    This turn I am not the first to like, but. ..You have my like anyhow!

  • Tim Warneking
    Tim Warneking 2 years ago

    And you can use TV Guide to help you decide, with a capsulized review-Weird Al Yankovic, The Brady Bunch 1984

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      The best Weird Al song EVER!

    • Harvey Abel
      Harvey Abel 2 years ago

      You Were And Are Mistaken! ;)

    • Thrashpondo Pons
      Thrashpondo Pons 2 years ago

      & all these years I thought he said 'capitalized review'! ;)

  • Barry I. Grauman
    Barry I. Grauman 2 years ago +4

    Former newscaster Taylor Grant was the announcer in their advertisements through 1981.

    • Armory Brunot,Jr.
      Armory Brunot,Jr. 6 months ago +1

      "Interesting reading this week in TV Gahhhhd!" RIP, Taylor Grant. He was the voice from 1962-81.

    • Katheryne Koelker
      Katheryne Koelker Year ago

      wmbrown6 What about when cabel/satellite TV started?

    • wmbrown6
      wmbrown6 2 years ago +2

      What you noted about the sale of TV Guide in 1988 was the actual start of the decline, as you said. But the ads weren't the same after Grant's long run as TVG announcer ended, for sure.

    • Barry I. Grauman
      Barry I. Grauman 2 years ago +1

      Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation bought TV GUIDE from Triangle Publications in 1988........THAT was the beginning of the end for the magazine, as he eventually staffed it with people who had little sense of TV history or cared about anything else other than promoting Murdoch's Fox network.

  • suralos
    suralos 2 years ago +5

    Does anyone know anything about that unique music riff TV Guide used in these commercials?

    • pegbars
      pegbars Year ago +3

      It wasn't music, it was a synth loop. Probably made by Identitones.

  • petemclinc
    petemclinc 2 years ago +19

    The cover of our TV Guides always had water rings because we used them as a coaster for glasses of Coca-Cola.

    • Douglas Ghiz
      Douglas Ghiz 17 days ago

      Do they still have them now a days?

    • Douglas Ghiz
      Douglas Ghiz Month ago

      When does TV go thristy?

    • iVenge
      iVenge Year ago +1

      petemclinc my god yes!

  • TimelordR
    TimelordR 2 years ago +12

    How I miss the old TV Guide magazine. I always looked forward to their Fall Preview issues. Nowadays, it's just another celebrity rag. Thanks for the memories.

    • Peter Darker
      Peter Darker 3 months ago

      @FredFlix That rules

    • Harvey Abel
      Harvey Abel 2 years ago +1

      It's interesting to note what lasted and what didn't!

    • ariel films inc
      ariel films inc 2 years ago

      I HAD the Lindsey Wagner issue sold it to a Bionic Woman Fan

    • FredFlix
      FredFlix  2 years ago +10

      You'e welcome. This is very geeky but I went on Ebay and bought every Fall Preview issue from 1958 to 1973. They're still great.

  • Gary Borrero
    Gary Borrero 2 years ago +16

    Great stuff Fred! TV Guide was always in my house as a kid. When they switched to a larger magazine format, I lost interest, as it was never the same ...

    • CBS KTVH 12
      CBS KTVH 12 3 months ago

      I lost interest when they changed format, too. I became fascinated with TV Guide when I was a young boy. My Aunt and Uncle subscribed and kept every single issue in a back room on a shelf. They would let me and my brother read them as long as we were careful not to rip a page or cover. They would also send us home with duplicate copies. I miss those days.

    • vividwatch47
      vividwatch47 7 months ago +1

      Also they don't have those behind the scenes stories.

    • Jon H
      Jon H Year ago +1

      I wish my family had bought it too. I had to subscribe myself when I was 15 then subscribed for 25+ years until it went to the full magazine non-local format.

    • FredFlix
      FredFlix  2 years ago +8

      Thanks, Gary. It was THE magazine in our house as well.

  • ThisGuyFrritz
    ThisGuyFrritz 2 years ago +7

    I can sure remember that strange sci-fi sound from the 1970s. As far back as I can recall, there was a commercial of some cleaning product for women that used that familiar sound effect.