Metallica: The Unforgiven (London, England - June 20, 2019)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Filmed at Twickenham Stadium in London, England on June 20, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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    Thanks for filming these Videos 🤙🏽

  • Alper Günel
    Alper Günel 2 days ago


  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 2 days ago

    Metallica Por Siempre!!!

  • Victor_K
    Victor_K 3 days ago

    How is Kirk Hammett not ageing

  • Metal Head Gamer.
    Metal Head Gamer. 3 days ago

    Love Kirks skeleton Vans

  • Cookie Sailor
    Cookie Sailor 3 days ago

    never free lemonade so i dug the unfogibaaaa...

  • Yanto Dwi
    Yanto Dwi 4 days ago


  • Евгений Евгениц

    Hello from red Moscow

  • Павел Родионов

    эх старички уже..., всю сознательную жизнь Вас слушаюи всегда до мурашей, ....ЛЕГЕНДА!!!

  • ulad alid
    ulad alid 7 days ago


  • Elbert Melo
    Elbert Melo 8 days ago

    on april 27th in belo horizonte brazil God willing i wanna be there to see you guys

  • Slave New World
    Slave New World 8 days ago

    Australia is watching

  • Cpt. Hook
    Cpt. Hook 8 days ago

    Look at the crowd... It must be so ezpenziff gig.

  • Dawn Cook
    Dawn Cook 9 days ago

    is it me or is james looking really old at the moment

  • alstomars 252
    alstomars 252 9 days ago +3

    One thing that surprised me is that metallica play better in live than in the studio. THAT'S REAL MUSIC😍😍/m\

  • Jeane Fransisca
    Jeane Fransisca 9 days ago

    Love you guys, from indonesian

  • Володимир Кисленко

    Старі Чортяки!

  • stereocandy
    stereocandy 9 days ago

    wtf use a les paul for this song

  • hakan yavuzyılmaz
    hakan yavuzyılmaz 10 days ago

    flawless victory, thanks god for metallica , by the way i dont believeive in god or anything

  • skunkproductionsMLA
    skunkproductionsMLA 10 days ago

    Kirk's Greenie Les Paul sounds awesome for this song.

  • giorgio bianco
    giorgio bianco 10 days ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the outro?

  • Mirmillos
    Mirmillos 10 days ago

    One of the best songs of all time, both musicwise and lyricwise, those who feel is mainstream because of the popularity can simply never listen to it again.
    Myself i have spend a few thousand dollars to travel overseas to experiense this live

  • nukiepie
    nukiepie 11 days ago

    i went through some dark times last year and this song got me through ti

  • Yurii Syvko
    Yurii Syvko 11 days ago

    Nice song!

  • Tirah5
    Tirah5 12 days ago

    Worst videographer team ever on this Metallica's tour. Switching cameras is shit. Most of the time you'd see individual band members for very long. When its something memorable for the fans a certain instrument part, camera is showing the other. A total fuckup

  • Mr. King
    Mr. King 13 days ago

    Lars never gets this feels right live...always misses the backbeat. Don't get it.

  • Jérôme P
    Jérôme P 13 days ago

    Kirks guitar sounds awfull. Out of tune?

  • Fernando Oliveira
    Fernando Oliveira 13 days ago

    Is kirk a little sharp in 1:22?

  • UTF Drumming
    UTF Drumming 13 days ago


  • mazscsu
    mazscsu 14 days ago

    LOVE that swagger when James goes "So I dub thee Unforgyyyvaan"! 🙂

  • Renn
    Renn 14 days ago +1

    I see this 50000time best forever

  • Grande Plinio
    Grande Plinio 14 days ago

    Pronto! Meu sonho materializou... São 4:11pm no Brasil e eu vivi pra ver isso... \,,/
    Que lindo! \,,/

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus5 14 days ago +1

    Such a beautiful song.

    OTIS MORAN 15 days ago

    I’m digging Papa Het’s new battle vest

  • Pat Westbrook
    Pat Westbrook 15 days ago

    I will never understand why people record the show on their phone....enjoy the moment dudes.

  • Marion Kelly
    Marion Kelly 15 days ago +1

    Adriano Chelentano goes metal, fuck yeah!!)

  • Solly1984
    Solly1984 16 days ago

    I feel so old seeing these guys age. But damn do they still got it!

  • Gary L
    Gary L 16 days ago


  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen 16 days ago

    Let's us fly, Wingman! Legends!

  • yasin parlak
    yasin parlak 17 days ago

    please forgive yourself

  • Ksenija Jemensek
    Ksenija Jemensek 17 days ago +1

    Legends 😍

  • Denis M.
    Denis M. 17 days ago

    хуйма голоса, все

  • sa ra
    sa ra 17 days ago +1

    I just wanna cry .... you're my heart metallica

  • Dino 666
    Dino 666 18 days ago

    Kendra tires

  • Anty Vlog
    Anty Vlog 18 days ago


  • Agustin G
    Agustin G 18 days ago +1

    I want to see more with san francisco symphony this time!!
    Give tumbs up for those who miss that concert again 🙂

  • Isak Larsson
    Isak Larsson 19 days ago +3

    56 years of age and he sounds better than ever. Unreal.

  • Robin Ewertsson
    Robin Ewertsson 19 days ago +1

    the Thirst thing that comes to mind is the best ballad metallica ever done:D, then the greatest western movie ever made Unforgiven \m/

  • orangequarter
    orangequarter 19 days ago +1

    Fuckin' knew that wasn't Lars playing the intro.

  • William Dunn
    William Dunn 19 days ago +1

    I really hope they release this whole gig as a DVD.

  • Leoni 510
    Leoni 510 19 days ago

    Yaşlandıkça güzelleşen 4 insan...Lars'ın bira göbeği hariç :)

  • Flam Hoven
    Flam Hoven 20 days ago

    Михаил Боярский поёт

  • Eddie Lacayo
    Eddie Lacayo 20 days ago +2

    I can see Kirk having so much fun playing now than ever...

  • Muhammad Irsyazman
    Muhammad Irsyazman 21 day ago +1

    James and kirk. How y’all still can be that handsome on your 50’s??!!

  • Zalimin Düşmanı
    Zalimin Düşmanı 22 days ago

    Perfect, I LOVE YOU

  • Tyler Kerrick
    Tyler Kerrick 23 days ago

    Good day

  • Cagkeg
    Cagkeg 23 days ago

    When Dave Mustaine hated Metallica 90s, he even admitted The Unforgiven was his favorite song off the Black Album.

  • Ali Zarar
    Ali Zarar 23 days ago

    Are We UnForgiVeN Too ???

  • Muh Dor
    Muh Dor 23 days ago

    Yah metalica grup legen faforit ku 👍