Metallica: The Unforgiven (London, England - June 20, 2019)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Filmed at Twickenham Stadium in London, England on June 20, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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  • Maribel Imperial
    Maribel Imperial 8 hours ago

    Wow!!! im watching this now Nov.2019 ,,oh my you are amazing though your older now but your voice was fantastic !!!Nothing change ...😱😱😱

  • Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford Day ago

    Great vocals on this. Extended range from the original. Really good.

  • Gabriel Nappi Carvalhaes

    one should be grateful everyday for have lived in the same years than metallica

  • Yuliana Agustina Erubun

    i love Mettalica very much...yyeeaahhhh

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 3 days ago

    Noooo….. I lost this concert...….

  • gene simmons
    gene simmons 5 days ago

    that not james singing...its someone backstage

  • Candra X
    Candra X 6 days ago


  • Ryan Vasudewa Damardjati

    Luwih joss Pak Dhe DIDI KEMPOT...!!!

  • Airlangga Janari
    Airlangga Janari 6 days ago

    well,, has along time not make masterpice again
    comon brother make a new song
    peace prom indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Дмитрий Smolkoff

    мне одному кажется что на всех концертах песня звучит как то быстро! ?

  • TechZ295
    TechZ295 11 days ago

    Kirk...... your guitar...... what is wrong with it???

  • Junior De marchi
    Junior De marchi 11 days ago

    Metallica já era morreu no Black álbum

  • Rodrigi Bravo Martinez


  • Fajar Nugraha
    Fajar Nugraha 13 days ago

    November 2019 who's watching? \m/

  • Nidia Arancibia
    Nidia Arancibia 14 days ago +1

    Grande Metallica darco GB

  • AndyCHANEL live
    AndyCHANEL live 14 days ago

    Old but gold

  • Jejak Langkah Official


  • Balázs Kertész
    Balázs Kertész 17 days ago


  • zvonstakanov
    zvonstakanov 19 days ago

    PLease, can We have the overload volume for this?

  • Luigi De Lucia
    Luigi De Lucia 19 days ago


  • hosein borghei
    hosein borghei 20 days ago

    What heavy word.thats a real man word.please forgive yourselves

  • Kelly S.
    Kelly S. 20 days ago

    I just plain love this song.

  • ALEK
    ALEK 20 days ago

    Come to Istanbul

    REFUSED 20 days ago

    Metallica you deserve everything... And you got it

  • ariel miñan
    ariel miñan 20 days ago


  • Riley Crosskey Music
    Riley Crosskey Music 20 days ago +2

    I missed Metallica in London


    • Rafael Fuentes
      Rafael Fuentes 19 days ago

      Riley Crosskey Music that’s sad my family is divorced and Metallica keeps me happy 😊

  • Natalie Zaripova
    Natalie Zaripova 21 day ago

    Металлика навсегда! Джеймс, вы лучший! FOREVA!

  • Md Nazim
    Md Nazim 21 day ago

    Bangladesh wants metalica concert

  • Leonan Fischer
    Leonan Fischer 21 day ago +2


  • sedang senyum
    sedang senyum 21 day ago

    Love from INDONESIA

  • Karl Gaunt
    Karl Gaunt 22 days ago +1

    I've loved these guys since 1984 what can I say?

  • sirvan mohamadnezhad
    sirvan mohamadnezhad 23 days ago

    Hands up

  • lavender fields
    lavender fields 25 days ago

    You label me, I label you

  • Elena Malysheva
    Elena Malysheva 25 days ago

    Fantastic show!!!!!

  • Radical HippieTech
    Radical HippieTech 26 days ago

    Like a fine wine........

  • Rambling Ramul
    Rambling Ramul 27 days ago

    Lol did not realise first time I saw this when it was first uploaded..
    but this time my eyes were on point. 7:04 that's Bryce Ulrich giving daddy Ulrich his new drumsticks.

  • Hippo Post's
    Hippo Post's 27 days ago

    6:12 1991 hetfield is still in there

  • mang dek TV
    mang dek TV 28 days ago

    Tua tua keladi.....

  • Jean Henrique
    Jean Henrique 28 days ago


  • Adelia Novianty
    Adelia Novianty 28 days ago


  • Adelia Novianty
    Adelia Novianty 28 days ago

    Mantaf music nya

  • superbeavo
    superbeavo 29 days ago +2

    Kirk playing Peter Green's Les Paul he payed around 2 million for.

  • Dødsvelder
    Dødsvelder 29 days ago

    That was Kirk's 59 Les Paul right? The solo was amazing

  • andre luis de araujo
    andre luis de araujo 29 days ago +1

    Diga não ao funk, Brasil aqui

  • Mahmut Esat AKARPINAR
    Mahmut Esat AKARPINAR Month ago +1


  • Edo Purwanto Purba
    Edo Purwanto Purba Month ago

    Best Solo Guitar i ever heard!
    Amazing Kirk Hammet!

  • Longsnapper 53
    Longsnapper 53 Month ago

    "you label me, I label you" , .........makes me moist

  • Scotts
    Scotts Month ago

    Proving it

  • Jacy Laranjeira
    Jacy Laranjeira Month ago

    Amo vcs: Lars, Kirk. Bob, James

  • drrrako
    drrrako Month ago

    Боже, храни этих парней!

  • Bert Domanais
    Bert Domanais Month ago

    Please have a concert in philippines.. more fans there... metallica fan ever

  • AzmeeL OthmaN
    AzmeeL OthmaN Month ago

    Whether u can accept, like it or not.. A bunch of Metallica's songs are most catching melody since metal genre was created. Some are pretending not liking because this band is the most popular and influential. 🎶🎸

  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks Month ago

    Im a huge tallica fan and huge lars fan (the 80's and 90's lars) but i swear he plays EXTREMELY TOO MUCH these days with way too much fill....FOR GODS SAKE PLAY IT LIKE IT'S RECORDED, there's nothin wrong with how it was recorded, he sounds like keith moon anymore. ...SHEEEEEEWWWW!!!!!!

  • Alisson Silva
    Alisson Silva Month ago +1

    Someone could tell my how/who they toggle the guitar distortion?

    • Tristan Tarrant
      Tristan Tarrant Month ago

      Their guitar techs backstage. There are some videos here on TheXvid about their live rigs that explain a lot of the details

    • Rocknium1
      Rocknium1 Month ago

      Turn the button clock wise.

  • blue saraceno
    blue saraceno Month ago

    Memories James 🌹

  • Michael Bay
    Michael Bay Month ago

    Kirk is just a master of his craft

  • Jerz Jurkiewicz
    Jerz Jurkiewicz Month ago

    Nicely done.

  • Didi Sukardi
    Didi Sukardi Month ago

    This is good song
    And,I like song

  • praveer k
    praveer k Month ago

    James getting old😥

  • eliana atehortua leon

    Los amooo