wii theme but it's played on the nintendo labo piano

  • Published on Jul 23, 2018
  • hello i played this thing on the cardboard, enjoy! (it's actually the "mii channel" music but honestly i don't care it's a theme on the nintendo wii so i'm calling it the "wii theme" and you cannot legally change that)
    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira 5 hours ago

    News: " Spliced! Passed Again in Qubo in Around October 2019"
    Also News :"Upcoming Forecast Premiere December 2029"
    Me: *misses show*
    Mind: 0:38

  • DaLegendary2
    DaLegendary2 7 hours ago



    *w i b b l y w o b b l y*
    *b i g m a d*
    *s l i m m y j i m m y*

  • BlueAuto [GD]
    BlueAuto [GD] 21 hour ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I didn’t search for this video
    And neither did you

  • Ally Son
    Ally Son 21 hour ago +1


  • Wojtaz Olczu
    Wojtaz Olczu Day ago

    Chce to zobaczyć w wersji 10h

  • Gabriella Beharry

    quality content right here ladies and gents

  • Jared Bader
    Jared Bader Day ago

    Thank you Reggie

  • hank j. wimbleton
    hank j. wimbleton Day ago +1

    What are You looking at?

  • RadicalGaming
    RadicalGaming Day ago


  • Edrel
    Edrel Day ago

    A genius.

  • Error Error
    Error Error Day ago

    His stare scares me

  • Maddux Teh Pers YT

    His dad: you're no longer a disappointment

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 2 days ago

    In the criminal justice system...

  • Naz Welch
    Naz Welch 2 days ago

    Omg I was drinking tea watching this and the final part of the L&O sound effects makes me spit lol

  • ItzYouBoiLuisGaming
    ItzYouBoiLuisGaming 2 days ago +1

    Actual Miime

  • Mohit Mehra
    Mohit Mehra 2 days ago

    Are davie504 and seth are the same person??

  • Bosko517
    Bosko517 2 days ago

    That Law and Order at the end was perfect, you magnificent bastard.

  • Kantozik Gaming
    Kantozik Gaming 3 days ago

    Dad: what are you watching
    Me: just look the subtitles

  • zesty-gamer XD
    zesty-gamer XD 3 days ago

    English- *yeets stuff*

  • Omar Bin Shiraj
    Omar Bin Shiraj 3 days ago

    Eyebrows didnt match

  • Aldrøm
    Aldrøm 3 days ago

    Starts like how to basic xddd

  • Ilham Widura
    Ilham Widura 3 days ago +1


  • Global Silver
    Global Silver 3 days ago

    Umm... What the f**k?

  • Bonnibriel -San
    Bonnibriel -San 3 days ago

    When he is besides his mii he looks like he is part from a terrorist organization for some reason

  • Mr KadabraAX & Watch

    *Buy me the New Nintendo Labo 3DS XL for my birthday !!!*

  • AlNexus
    AlNexus 3 days ago +2

    why does this guy look like a green screen

  • gabriel232
    gabriel232 3 days ago

    haha funny bald man

  • Derek Henly
    Derek Henly 4 days ago

    I’m the wiiiiiiii guy

  • Jose Sales
    Jose Sales 4 days ago

    Why does he look like Adam Neely's evil twin?

  • ojjao
    ojjao 4 days ago

    not sure if i should feel threatened or aroused

  • Your friendly uncle Ted

    I’m oddly attracted to this man.

  • • lemøn •
    • lemøn • 4 days ago

    **when my mom asks me to take piano lessons**

  • FoxBlue
    FoxBlue 4 days ago

    Are you slav

  • Alisa Mem
    Alisa Mem 4 days ago

    Omg I love u

  • Dangen Animations
    Dangen Animations 4 days ago

    Subtitles are the best

  • Fernando Rocha
    Fernando Rocha 4 days ago

    Porque ele sempre tá com essa cara de pistola?

  • Ninjen
    Ninjen 4 days ago


  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike 4 days ago

    How come when you no smile everybody loves you but when i no smile everybody hate me

  • Coisas que gosto de fazer

    I love you Saitama-san

  • PandaRoseT.V.
    PandaRoseT.V. 4 days ago

    I love the ending part

  • Aurum Burrell
    Aurum Burrell 4 days ago

    why does you always look so sad? are you alright?

  • Brandon_neneix
    Brandon_neneix 5 days ago +1

    nuestro calvo favorito

  • CrisisASP
    CrisisASP 5 days ago

    y'all cant tell me that seth doesnt look like a bald swedish rami malek

  • FS Chris
    FS Chris 5 days ago

    Lowkey look like NickEh30

  • Zuuydak
    Zuuydak 5 days ago

    his face just screams disgust

  • Noatry
    Noatry 5 days ago

    Guys this us how in found Seth like 10 months ago.

    Great first impression

  • ღ Henri Salvato ὣ
    ღ Henri Salvato ὣ 5 days ago +2

    0:30 Insert joke here.

  • deadfox
    deadfox 5 days ago

    0:41 bruce wii?

  • Izzy Anderson
    Izzy Anderson 5 days ago +1

    this guy is such a mood

  • Seung Kirishima
    Seung Kirishima 5 days ago

    I wonder why but Whenever he raises his eyebrow
    my brain cells would slowly die

  • TrashySoda
    TrashySoda 5 days ago +1

    So sexy

  • Weiland Loveland
    Weiland Loveland 5 days ago

    Why is he staring at me... with such a displeased, yet so uninterested look?

  • AgentP1ayZ
    AgentP1ayZ 5 days ago +48

    The people who disliked are people who probably can’t do this

    • AgentP1ayZ
      AgentP1ayZ Day ago

      Yeah that also

    • Shifty 14
      Shifty 14 2 days ago

      Or people who can’t afford a Nintendo console or Nintendo labo

  • Annoying Seagull
    Annoying Seagull 6 days ago

    God bless captions

  • Rose Galaxy
    Rose Galaxy 6 days ago

    The subtitles tho

  • David Vidales
    David Vidales 6 days ago

    0:23 LMAO

  • Tifcrystals
    Tifcrystals 6 days ago +2

    I feel like you are judging me with that look ;-;

  • Senya
    Senya 6 days ago

    what is that jacket in the back tho

  • Marqan
    Marqan 6 days ago

    I'm entertained and traumatized at the same time...
    thank you?

  • obich ypon
    obich ypon 6 days ago

    23 july? my bd)