OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro - FULL REVIEW | The Tech Chap

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • The OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro have been unveiled - but what's new, are they a big upgrade, and which should you buy? I compare the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T & OnePlus 7T Pro in terms of design, specs, camera and battery!
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Comments • 606

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap  Month ago +90

    Hey Chaps - Hope you enjoy the video! Watch to the end and then let me know if you would go for the 7T or 7T Pro (or neither!)

    • thehawkstv
      thehawkstv 5 days ago

      I don't care for the camera set up on the 7T. I'd rather see the cameras off to the left or right side rather than in the middle. If they can get the camera to be much better or just as good as the Pixel, then OnePlus will be in to something and possibly increase sales in the United States. There's not much to get one to upgrade the OP 7 Pro to the OP 7T.

    • Suhas Dilwale
      Suhas Dilwale 9 days ago


      PHILIP TYNAN 14 days ago

      You forgot to mention the 7t Pro has a gorilla glass 6 display.

    • Rax TheMemeGod
      Rax TheMemeGod 17 days ago

      The Tech Chap 7T Pro because it doesn’t have a notch

    • Kweku Adu
      Kweku Adu 25 days ago

      Great video! I'm expecting my 7T in about a week, upgrading from the 5. Super excited!

  • Nisal Ekanayake
    Nisal Ekanayake 2 days ago

    Can someone tell me what's the best between 7T and 7T pro ???

  • flippindocks
    flippindocks 3 days ago

    Questions: I want the best flat screen android T-Mobile phone. Please advise.
    Did I hear him say 7T is flat, Pro is rounded, and McLauren is rounded? :(
    So my only choice is 7T? I hate that notch in the screen.

  • Sivateja K
    Sivateja K 3 days ago

    Op 7t - My Choice

  • Isaac's Random Thoughts

    Would you recommend the 7T or the Note 10 plus?

  • Omer Mohammed
    Omer Mohammed 4 days ago

    I'd like to see the curved edges gone
    Much larger battery
    3.5 Jack
    Official waterproof rating
    And a camera that can compete with the other flagships without saying okay but
    We don't see it increase in the price

  • Mus Taqqim
    Mus Taqqim 5 days ago

    I'm currently using OP5t and considering to upgrade to 7T or 7T Pro. Idk which one should I go. Pls help ;-;

    • Mus Taqqim
      Mus Taqqim 5 days ago

      @xayhi yeah it's so hard to decide right 😆😂 is the motorized camera would be fine in long term tho cus I'm gonna be using face unlocking a lot. I'm really digging the display from 7t pro but I think the phone is massive.
      What do you think about the daily user experience ?

    • xayhi
      xayhi 5 days ago +2

      7T pro
      Curved edges
      No notch (motorized camera)
      Flat Edges
      Teardrop notch
      im also still trying to decide which one to get haha

  • Nicholas Wee
    Nicholas Wee 5 days ago

    Flat is justice

  • Gal
    Gal 6 days ago +4

    Curved screen is a deal breaker for me on the Pro.. going for the flat screen 7T.
    TheXvidrs forget that people that pay for the phone apply a screen protector..we all know that curved screen + screen protector = frustration/ugliness.

  • Hullgatt
    Hullgatt 6 days ago +1

    It seems more and more people are starting to dislike curved displays, huh? Personally, it's one of the most important physical properties in a phone to me - they are gorgeous!

  • EhrgeizTV
    EhrgeizTV 7 days ago

    I want the McLaren version so badly.

  • mian dayyan
    mian dayyan 7 days ago

    really hate the round camera setup on oneplus 7t
    otherwise 7t is really good

  • Pasan Manawadu
    Pasan Manawadu 8 days ago

    Am I missing something here? There is a lot of talk about 4k recording but there aren't any phones with 4k screens floating around, and not many more monitors at that resolution. If you pretty much only view photos on your phone the 4k is a waste of space isn't it?

  • Roshan Raj
    Roshan Raj 8 days ago +2

    One plus 7t
    Value champ of the year🏆🏆

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 8 days ago

    If only the camera on the 7T didn't look like that smh...

  • Kenny Hayward
    Kenny Hayward 8 days ago

    I have a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, So of course being already spoiled by this phone the phone if the 7T Pro was even coming to the states, which it's not my choice would be the 7T Pro, but I'm already extraordinarily in love with my OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and won't be upgrading for awhile, but if I ever had to deal with some form of screen cutout again I just wouldn't be able to handle it. I just got my 7 Pro 5G 3 weeks ago being my first OnePlus phone, I'm never going to be able to buy another brand of phone again, I think the 7 Pro should get phone of the year.

  • Suhas Dilwale
    Suhas Dilwale 9 days ago

    What i would like in 1+8 : (1) SD865,(2) 120Hz display,(3) better image possessing,(3) fast wireless charging,(4) 50W charger,(5) headphone jack,(6) 5g.

  • Haari N M
    Haari N M 10 days ago

    If they would have switched the design (especially the back camera design), I would have bought 7t ...

  • Maybax
    Maybax 10 days ago

    Hi, which has better speakers and vibrations?

  • Yon Nor
    Yon Nor 11 days ago

    7t is better.. Curve edge on 7pro very annoying.. Better curve on s10 series..

  • shaikh ibrahim
    shaikh ibrahim 11 days ago

    No one will gonna upgrade for at least 2 years after just buying new phone!!

  • Sathish Velu
    Sathish Velu 12 days ago

    7T pro is for people who didn't buy 7 pro or 7 and using older phones .
    Price is almost same . So why complain ?

  • Suwarna gaming
    Suwarna gaming 12 days ago

    Out of my budget

    ΞЯOIЯ-X 12 days ago

    What U.S carriers does this phone work with and can I use with Sprint

  • KWJJ
    KWJJ 12 days ago

    Not sure I'd upgrade from the 7 to the 7T pro. But I have upgraded to the 7T Pro from a 2 year old Huawei.

  • Arnab
    Arnab 13 days ago

    Hello, could you please send a oneplus 7t device to me!!

  • Bal Siva
    Bal Siva 13 days ago

    7t would be better value for money while comparing with both the pro versions...

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff 13 days ago +1

    Love op7t but hate the look it's back cameras!

  • Sd Naik
    Sd Naik 13 days ago

    Op7t s 10 times better than Op7t-pro
    1) no accidental touches (curve display)
    2) less pron to damage (curve display)
    3) camera quality is slightly better than 7t-pro
    4) Quiker face recognition unlock (than Op7t-pro
    5) costs less tha 7t-pro & 7-pro bt way better than 7-pro & slightly better than 7t-pro

  • siam chowdhury
    siam chowdhury 13 days ago

    If you are a gamer go for 7t because of flat screen (which helps you to not touch the screen accidentally) and latest chipset (which means 15%cpu and GPU boost)

  • Prithvi Pujari
    Prithvi Pujari 13 days ago +7

    I bought the 7T last week and comparing it with my friend's 7t pro, I find the 7T to be a much better deal..

    • LiangGaming
      LiangGaming Day ago

      @Vishwesh panchal why dont u just wait for black friday?~ its literally this month~

    • Vishwesh panchal
      Vishwesh panchal 4 days ago

      Thank you I will buy one plus 7t today itself

    • Earl Ouano
      Earl Ouano 4 days ago

      @Vishwesh panchal go for the 7t

  • Stef Tormans
    Stef Tormans 13 days ago

    I’m an iPhone user and I would like to buy a new Oneplus phone, because the Oneplus 7 pro and 7T pro costs are the same in my country, I’m thinking of the 7T pro, but I’m also wondering if I should buy the normal Oneplus 7T... it’s a difference of 150 euro’s in my country and I’m not used with a curved screen... anyone who can give me some advice? Thanks! :)

  • Chhoeurng Sophea
    Chhoeurng Sophea 15 days ago +1

    I hope oneplus mix front screen like 7t pro back like 7T camera. Stock android with new icon design.

  • Zeebra
    Zeebra 15 days ago

    after the iphone pro camera every other mobile phone camera looks like crap

  • Junaedi Edi
    Junaedi Edi 16 days ago

    Suport 5g

  • Alex JPH
    Alex JPH 17 days ago

    I'm gonna buy a OnePlus 7 Pro on aliexpress for less than a 480€ on the 11th of November

  • Desmond Paul
    Desmond Paul 17 days ago

    What is better 7T or 7 Pro for those that can't get the 7T Pro?

  • Alex T
    Alex T 17 days ago

    So what u trying to say there is no difference between the 855 and 855+ chipset ? 🤔
    I mean u forgot to mention this part !!!
    Everyone here just bragging about curved screen, dumb camera in the back .... ughhh ok smh

  • Jiseph Fogel
    Jiseph Fogel 17 days ago +1

    So does the 7t pro go up to 1000 nits of brightness like the 7t or does the 7t just go that high? That's definitely a big thing for me..

  • Luigi R
    Luigi R 17 days ago

    I hate that circular triple cameras...very ugly in my opinion

  • Gulgul
    Gulgul 18 days ago

    Honestly I'm about as excited as the dog for another flagship

  • vicky chaubey
    vicky chaubey 18 days ago

    I can afford it oneplus should target mid range like 10000 to 15000 rupe the phone is good and review give by you is good Bro good job bro love to see more videos

  • Levis. H
    Levis. H 18 days ago

    if the 7T Pro had water&dust resistance and 65W charger, this would have been a great upgrade from the regular 7 Pro.
    OnePlus could actually do it. Oppo just relased the Reno Ace with a 65W charger. you get a full battery in 35 minutes. that's crazy.
    OnePlus and Oppo are owned by the same company afterall.

  • TorQue WreNcH
    TorQue WreNcH 18 days ago

    Oneplus 7T is already enough for me,I prefer and already adapt notches phone especially is just small as 7T,Don't like Popup camera makes feel fragile,flat screen on 7T,Downside on 7T just that nokia lumia look alike camera bump..

  • Rahul Yadav Ludhiana
    Rahul Yadav Ludhiana 18 days ago

    I'm from India i love your videos

  • Khalid Alzyara
    Khalid Alzyara 18 days ago

    Price please? 💵

  • Garrett1974
    Garrett1974 19 days ago

    Curved edges do NOT make a phone premium!!!!!!

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans 20 days ago

    The notch is gone, its a win.

  • Sage Red Gaming
    Sage Red Gaming 21 day ago

    I took my 7 pro to the beach (2-3 months ago) and got a little saltwater on it, but it still works flawlessly and there's no issues

  • moe green
    moe green 22 days ago +2

    I have never used 4K recording on my front camera.

  • moe green
    moe green 22 days ago

    The OnePlus 7t pro McLaren edition coming to T-Mobile. In the USA

  • Carl Fernandes
    Carl Fernandes 22 days ago +1

    Mate love your videos but can you stop saying "hey guys" at the start. It's really starting to grind my gears. Shake it up with something like "greetings", or throw some other languages in. Just don't want to hear that phrase anymore. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • sub karpaty
    sub karpaty 23 days ago

    op7t pro beat all

  • Trindade CR7
    Trindade CR7 23 days ago +1

    7T Pro The Best ☝️

  • Tibo Leurentop
    Tibo Leurentop 23 days ago

    I got the 7t pro don't wanna wait for a mclaren edition with 4 gb ram more that i am never gonna use 😒

  • Dreath
    Dreath 24 days ago

    buying the 7t next month!

  • Tony Yan
    Tony Yan 24 days ago


  • Richard Fisher
    Richard Fisher 24 days ago

    I don't see a oneplus 7T Pro on oneplus site. Only 7T and a 7Pro

  • alphasportstv
    alphasportstv 24 days ago +1

    I've been a happy 5T user for a couple of years now but I gotta say I'm amazed OnePlus continues with this 6-month refresh cycle on each'd think people would be onto the nonsense and just wait for each year's T release especially with the big diffs between this year's 7 & 7T.

  • Go Raid
    Go Raid 24 days ago

    Guys, should i buy a OnePlus 7T Pro with 3 months warranty or OnePlus 7T with 1 year warranty?