Top 10 Doctor Who Facts You Always Get Wrong

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • It's just timey wimey, wibbly, wobbly WRONG! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down those snippets of "Doctor Who" trivia that even ardent fans often get slightly (or spectacularly) incorrect. So, how old is the Doctor really? What actually is the Doctor's real name? And, wait... you're telling us that the TARDIS - that icon of British pop culture - actually ISN'T a time machine?
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Comments • 400

  • Fish Custard
    Fish Custard 20 hours ago +1

    400th comment yeeeeessssss

  • Cyber Dalek Industies

    Havent got most of these wrong 😂

  • Telegram Post
    Telegram Post 2 days ago

    Funny how YOU get this wrong. Doctor Who is Science FANTASY. Not Science Fiction. The latter includes technically possible scientific scenarios set to fictional stories. Who uses fantasy because the 'science' is entirely made up most of the time, and has no basis in what we know of the universe. Even if it's possible, it's unlikely to be as Who describes it.

  • IL
    IL 2 days ago

    "River was able to become a timelord because she was conceived on the TARDIS"

  • Will Hill
    Will Hill 2 days ago

    Actually Dr. Who in the credits was given to every doctor up to Tennant.
    David changed it to The Doctor because he thought it got too confusing, it has remained that way until today

  • Angela Saunders
    Angela Saunders 2 days ago

    😁😄😂 silly you...I knew you would say all this.

  • Sam Hodgkinson
    Sam Hodgkinson 3 days ago

    The Doctor forgot his age and started it again somewhere in the 8th Doctor's era, in an audio I think.
    Also at 3:43 you labelled Alien as Doctor Who and at 3:57 you labelled Doctor Who as Alien lol

  • google / you tube
    google / you tube 3 days ago

    DOC. TOR. WHO!!!

  • smokeynewton
    smokeynewton 3 days ago

    The Doctor is dead.

  • Ciel Laird
    Ciel Laird 3 days ago

    I think even complete strangers of the show know that Doctor Who is a sci-fi show...

  • Random Dalek
    Random Dalek 3 days ago +1

    About doc's age, rule one: the doctor lies.

  • Kuivia
    Kuivia 4 days ago

    so the 300 years the doctor spent without amy and rory he must've he tons of other companions right? because it's so often the case that either he or others say that he simply cannot be alone, he's not himself when he is alone

  • Scott Jewett
    Scott Jewett 4 days ago

    I don't think you can count the billions of years in the confession dial towards the Doctor's age, since every time he died, he reactivated the transmat and brought in a version of himself that was the same age as when he was originally transported.

  • Sarah Clapp
    Sarah Clapp 4 days ago +1

    1 we will never know how old the doctor is so get over it
    2 his name we will find out when we need to know. I have gone over them so many times, so get over it until we need to know then we will

  • Shaen ONeal
    Shaen ONeal 4 days ago

    The Doctor is not four billion years old because he kept dying and coming back. It took four billion years for him to break out. You missed a great opportunity to use a clip of Missy saying “Hello. I’m Doctor Who.”

  • Liam Mellor
    Liam Mellor 4 days ago

    Wrong wrong wrong. Jenny didn’t regenerate. The terraforming substance did that. C’mon guys, if you’re gonna mock fans, get your facts right first.

  • Gracie Gaston
    Gracie Gaston 4 days ago

    Since the 12th techencally kept cloning himself in the Confession Dial, he himself, didn't age, right? I mean, the area around him grew older, but he only realy aged about a day.

  • Thomas Moir
    Thomas Moir 4 days ago

    Well yes he won’t know how old he is as one of his regenerations (12th) memory was wiped so he would not remember all of those years like the*four and a half billion years* he spent in the confession dial

  • Thomas Moir
    Thomas Moir 4 days ago

    I think your the last one to tell us what’s wrong your not very accurate in your videos tbh

  • Jeffrey Rupe
    Jeffrey Rupe 4 days ago

    You need to do more research, the 3rd Doctor has said that he has been around for 2000 years.

    • xX-JustMe-Xx
      xX-JustMe-Xx 2 days ago

      Or maybe its 9,10,11 and 12th I dont really remember

    • xX-JustMe-Xx
      xX-JustMe-Xx 2 days ago

      The 13th doctor said he was around for over 2000 years tho? And the 10/11/12 all say around 900

  • Blake Fletcher
    Blake Fletcher 5 days ago +2

    I'm offended that you think Whovians would get these wrong. Probably know about the show than you appear to.

  • WHO Cares
    WHO Cares 5 days ago

    If you want to piss people off this is the way to do it. These are well known facts and you guys really need to stop using new who as a basis for your claims. Half of these are idiotic. Ooh someone used an s at the end of dimension. Does it fucking matter. Mention the fact that Susan said she named it and then how every other time lord calls them a tardis. Just please do research or ask someone who fucking knows there stuff. There's clearly a lot of us

  • Someonerandom 479
    Someonerandom 479 5 days ago +2

    Jenny didn’t regenerate...... it was the energy from the orb thing that rejuvenated the planet
    I’m pretty sure

  • A wild Aiden
    A wild Aiden 6 days ago +8

    Me: *sees the title*
    Me: "are you challenging me??!!"

  • VantageGamingYT
    VantageGamingYT 6 days ago

    i dont think its always the reapers. doctor said time will fight back. and she did, she locked time in place and then obviously the silence happened

  • KatyushaSlavicCelt
    KatyushaSlavicCelt 6 days ago +1

    #10 and they're already wrong about their own title.

  • Darkwintre
    Darkwintre 6 days ago

    That was amusing.

  • TheTimeGremlin
    TheTimeGremlin 6 days ago +1

    10 things you should know if you have watched doctor who

  • jawyoga
    jawyoga 6 days ago +11

    Not every Gallifreyan is a Time Lord and technically neither is River Song (Melody Pond).

    • jb888888888
      jb888888888 4 days ago

      This is non-canon; but before DW was cancelled in 1989 there were plans for a story arc where human companion Ace would go to Gallifrey and study to become a Time Lord.

  • J ck
    J ck 6 days ago +3

    Bruh, it always involved time travel, and always involved an immortal alien super genius. It's always been Sci-Fi

  • BaitTard
    BaitTard 7 days ago +1

    @WatchMojoUK is you're auto-correct on cause it say things we get wrong not what you get wrong

  • TennTheBeardie
    TennTheBeardie 7 days ago +1

    This Video: facts you always get wrong
    Me: Do you mean to challenge me?

  • James Bradshaw
    James Bradshaw 7 days ago

    Reading these comments has never made me more ashamed of being a whovian. I can't believe how toxic a group of know-it-all's you can be for a child's programme. If your arguing the the difference between dimensions and dimension maybe your missing the entire point of The Doctor.

    • Katie Reger
      Katie Reger 6 days ago +1

      It is not a childrens programme!!!!!!!!

  • go otopeny Cooper
    go otopeny Cooper 9 days ago

    This video reassures that I'm 100% a Doctor Who nerd. I don't get any of these wrong XD Love the video though!

  • FrostyBD
    FrostyBD 9 days ago

    The Time Lord part is wrong Time Lords are Gallifreyans but they are Gallifreyans with alternated DNA due to exposure to the Vortex (extended life span) and due to them interfering with their own history to grant certain Gallifreyans the “time Lord” abilities (regeneration, plus the other supernatural abilities the Doctor/Time Lord display) which they created themselves. The Time Lords are the elitist and only Gallifreyans are able to become/create Time Lords.

  • Mark O'Connor
    Mark O'Connor 11 days ago

    Um most true who fans would know nearly all these facts.

    The 3rd doctor said he spent several thousands years as a scientist which is by far the biggest age discrepancy, the 6th Doctor identified himself as over 900 , and the 8th Doctor started his age count over from 0 as he'd 'lost count'. Based off that fact you could say the new who is closer to 1800 - 2000 when we first see Christopher Eccleston and about 3000 by the time of Peter Capaldi.

  • Dimitris Kotsifis
    Dimitris Kotsifis 12 days ago +3

    If you use the word "cleverer", you definitely are stupider than the majority of the population

  • Doug Horton
    Doug Horton 12 days ago

    This list is obviously for people who don't know that much about the show (certainly not much about the classic era). Oh... and it wasn't only Tom Baker who was listed in the credits as "Doctor Who". So were Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee. Tom Baker was the last actor to be listed that way.

  • Knull
    Knull 12 days ago

    9:46 until season 10 when they confirmed he went by doctor who. guess I know even MORE than this list

  • Knull
    Knull 12 days ago +2

    Top 10 doctor who facts you always get wrong.
    Me a huge fan: *laughs in knowledge*

  • Joshua Hillmanator Hillman

    Hate to be pedantic, but there are several errors, the ones that annoyed me the most pertaining to the Time Lords. Neither Jenny Or River was a true Time Lord, as far as official cannon goes. Jenny, grown from a machine, did not posses many of the traits required. She did have Gallifreyan DNA, and if the Time War hadn't occurred and she had gone to the academy, she might of been able to become one. But, without it, she hasn't experienced the things necessary to call yourself a Time Lord, such as gazing into the Untempered Schism. Also, It has been confirmed by several show writers that Jenny did not posses the ability to regenerate, and it was merely the recently activated teraforming device which, whilst giving life to the rest of the planet, gave life back to her. As for River, again she hasn't gone through the academy, and she also has far more human DNA than Time Lord. She may of gained the ability to regenerate, but this does not make her a Time Lord

  • JRSIV 4
    JRSIV 4 13 days ago

    6:48. A machine can be alive. For example humans are biological machines.

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey392 13 days ago

    7:09 which didn’t do ANYTHING to stop the Doctor from building one later. Hell, he’d even tried building one before, during his third incarnation.

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey392 13 days ago

    6:15 Jenny is not a Time Lord, she is simply Gallifreyan. As for her ability to regenerate, well, it seems likely that exposure to the Time Vortex alters your DNA somehow.

  • Sarah Glover
    Sarah Glover 14 days ago +1

    9:18 If you paid attention he does not age 4,000 years in the confession dial as he says it basically is a machine he can keep pressing paste on so he only ages 1 day in there as he just pastes himself trillions of times! Also he says he's just over 900 up until Matt then the next time we get his age is in the impossible astronaut (twice) I checked he says he's around 909 (the younger one) whereas the older one was over 1103 but he then spends 300 odd years on Trenzalore so when he says he's over 1200 he's not lying! He might not be exactly sure so losing count a bits allowed! So when he says he's 2000 it's probably not far off!

  • The Three Railway Engines

    Who else knew all of these facts? And who else noticed that they got the last one wrong...

  • The Budder Apple
    The Budder Apple 15 days ago

    Jenny isn't a timelord and didn't regenerate

  • The Budder Apple
    The Budder Apple 15 days ago

    Doctor Who is a fiction show about science thus making it always been sci fi

  • Craygroup IS God
    Craygroup IS God 16 days ago +37

    "He never learned to fly the TARDIS"
    Well yeah, because you can't fly it properly alone.

    • william brown
      william brown 4 days ago

      @My Geekdom yeah that's just to make the noise when he appears and disappears.

    • Myrddin Emrys
      Myrddin Emrys 6 days ago +1

      @My Geekdom Yet other Tardises and the Tardis when flown by other Time Lords still make the noise. Therefore River is lying, or she has no clue what she is doing.

    • My Geekdom
      My Geekdom 6 days ago +5

      According to River Song, he always leaves the hand-brake on.

    • Myrddin Emrys
      Myrddin Emrys 6 days ago +6

      That, and he finds it more exciting the way he does it, and it was old before he was born so she's a bit of a patchwork from all of the repairs

  • Thomas Godfrey
    Thomas Godfrey 16 days ago

    I love how there are errors in the video about errors.

  • Tobito TV
    Tobito TV 16 days ago +61

    WatchMojo: "The Doctor's not a genius."
    Viewers: "Compared to you guys, he certaintly is."

    • Galaxy Turtle
      Galaxy Turtle 5 days ago +2

      He’s the kind of person to do something so stupid to be genius!

    • Myrddin Emrys
      Myrddin Emrys 6 days ago +7

      Even compared to other Gallifreyans he is a genius, just from the fact of his sheer creative brilliance.

  • Andrew W Whittaker
    Andrew W Whittaker 16 days ago

    Except in the 2 Peter Cushing Doctor Who movies where he introduces himself as Doctor Who. I know they weren't part of the TV show.

  • DeadlyRivfader
    DeadlyRivfader 17 days ago

    I dont know if its supposed to sound like Ridley desigen the xenomorph, I dont know if he made any design for it but the one we all know and fear were not designed by him but by H.R. Gieger

  • James barrels
    James barrels 17 days ago +1

    He lies about age if you were that old you would too.

  • Can I get an Amen
    Can I get an Amen 17 days ago +1

    I know this list is gonna make me angry before I even watch it

  • Seamus Wasson
    Seamus Wasson 18 days ago

    The Doctor's true name is Doctor Who. Misty is once seen stated to Clara Oswald that she proposed the idea for the name to the Doctor in their Gallafreighan childhood.

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 18 days ago

    Don't know why I ever watch WatchMojoUK videos on Dr Who, because they're always so bad.
    Here's a tip... ask someone who watches the show and knows a little of it's history to edit (AND CORRECT) the script before you record. They can also explain how to pronounce certain (simple) words associated with the programme.

  • Tiny Plays
    Tiny Plays 20 days ago

    Sort out your "facts"

  • N.O.L.P HQ
    N.O.L.P HQ 20 days ago

    You spell it T.a.R.D.i.S
    Because and/in are not capitalised

  • Jake_Travis
    Jake_Travis 20 days ago

    rose didn’t disturb a fixed point, it was because it was a paradox, if her dad didn’t die she wouldn’t have gone back to save him, that’s why the reapers appeared