Opie & Anthony: Colin vs. Jimmy

  • Published on Feb 27, 2013
  • #IDGAC
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  • Tristan Nish
    Tristan Nish 14 days ago +1

    Jimmy's such a fucking worm lmao

  • chavedappelle
    chavedappelle Month ago +2

    08:41 "But that's not being a resentful creep!" Immediately describes being EXACTLY a resentful creep

  • Senzuri-Champion
    Senzuri-Champion Month ago +1

    “I can be daark, it’s just so dark.”
    What is he fuckin’ 12?

  • Robbin Berglund
    Robbin Berglund 2 months ago +1

    Colin is right on this.100%.jimmy is a bad liar

  • Nicholas Wade
    Nicholas Wade 4 months ago +1

    Colin Quinn goes up and up in my estimation the more I hear these O&A clips.
    A class above the racist and sexist bigot Patrice O'Diabetes.

  • Nikki Necro
    Nikki Necro 4 months ago +1

    I get where Jimmy is coming from but it IS a passive aggressive move to unfollow everyone. It was a "fuck everyone" move and he knows it.

  • jert opp
    jert opp 4 months ago +3

    Colin Quinn's hatred for Jim Norton is one of the funniest things ever

  • Joseph Bartel
    Joseph Bartel 5 months ago +1

    So I see Jimmy getting a lot of crap, and I get it, but I respect that he can accept that his emotions get the better of him. Why is no one bringing up colin being so darn upset about being "unfollowed" if someone who could still speak to me came at me with some crap like that I would laugh them down, this is just a funny pointless argument between grown men in my eyes.

  • Knockers !!
    Knockers !! 5 months ago +2

    There was a really easy way out of this for the worm just say that you felt you was spending too much time on twitter so he nuked it

  • peonmyhall
    peonmyhall 6 months ago

    How can you act like this and then wonder why nobody wants to join your project?

  • Halluci
    Halluci 6 months ago +1

    Youre retarded if you arent on jimmys side

  • nathan papp
    nathan papp 7 months ago

    Their conversation at the end about twitter is the worst part about the whole clip.

  • hayos loaftoast
    hayos loaftoast 8 months ago


    WEWARD 9 months ago +2

    Was this for his garbage Vice show?

  • Andrew Dice Clay
    Andrew Dice Clay 10 months ago +2

    Jimmy say awful...

  • Kween Taye
    Kween Taye 10 months ago

    Little jimmy tried to start off LYING saying he unfollowed Colin because jimmy had a shitty website, which made no sense, and then it comes out that he’s bitter because Colin didn’t wanna do his shitty little comedy show. Get over it. Jim is such a fucking little weirdo.

  • Seadog95
    Seadog95 10 months ago +5

    CQs timing is impeccable, just amazing. Gives Jimmy just enough rope to hang himself lol

  • Alison Chains
    Alison Chains 11 months ago +2

    Jim is like a pathetic 14 year old girl.

  • Jello
    Jello Year ago +6

    Colin was 100% on point. Jim was soooooo in the wrong.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +1

    Jim really sucks in this clip. Say dark again, you over enunciating wormbody.

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell Year ago +3

    This is the Jimmy that still hates Norm MacDonald but would deny it to the grave

    • MrTorskfan
      MrTorskfan Year ago

      James Campbell Why does he hate Norm?

  • Jay J
    Jay J Year ago +1

    Who's the person Jim's mad at that he's not revealing?

  • the701squad1
    the701squad1 Year ago +1

    nortons an insufferable maggot. But he is funny.

  • cleft turnip
    cleft turnip Year ago +2

    I don't understand why Louie ck and colin couldn't do Jims show. Bit weird.

    • cleft turnip
      cleft turnip Year ago

      @BirdyLegs so what they're friends. It wouldn't of hurt their careers.

    • BirdyLegs
      BirdyLegs Year ago +1

      Jimmy's sketches and standup are all garbage, that's why Louie and Colin (Whose show-writing skills are far better than the worm's) didn't do it. Plus, listen to what Colin says at around 15:00 You can't tell people "it's fine if you don't want to do it" then throw a hissy fit when people don't do it.
      Maybe Colin going on the Chippa podacast is his way of making amends.

    • cleft turnip
      cleft turnip Year ago

      @Harry Drake colin wanted him on tough crowd and he was great on lucky louie. They could of returned the favor. I didn't think louie or colin were showbiz in that way.

    • Harry Drake
      Harry Drake Year ago +5

      Jimmy was lucky to get on those shows.

    • cleft turnip
      cleft turnip Year ago

      @Mall La Soul TV don't understand why they didn't want to. Jim did lucky louie and tough crowd. They could have returned the favor

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann Year ago

    "just sit there and take the humiliation."
    norton really is a wormy fuck

  • B. Stanley
    B. Stanley Year ago +1

    We found out later that DL Hughley was one of the guys he was holding a resentment over for not being on his tv show & it created a whole big drama when Opie had him on the show.

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Michelle Beadle?!?...wtf Norton...YUCK

  • liquidalloy
    liquidalloy Year ago

    I don't think Jimmy says "people" or "fuck" enough in this clip

    ITILII Year ago +1

    Colin is a comedian; Jimmy is much better at talk show host, especially with Anthony

  • The Black Hundreds
    The Black Hundreds Year ago +1

    How is he not eating himself out of a worm?

  • M .R
    M .R Year ago

    I listened to the first 10 seconds and opies fake laughins is so bad i have to turn it off

  • E J
    E J Year ago +3

    Jim does sound like a salty baby but I do see what he means. He's just genuinely hurt because he thought he meant more to his friends

  • andrewjacksonbr
    andrewjacksonbr Year ago +2

    Jimmy is a worm

  • KrowTheOmEgA777
    KrowTheOmEgA777 Year ago +1

    Jim can dish it out, but can't take it. Then he lies as always to cover it up. Classic Jimmy.

  • Oh Hi Mark
    Oh Hi Mark Year ago +1

    This show was the first time i realized Jim is a crybaby pussy. A passive aggressive hateful, resentful little baby. All his friends got more famous and respected and he can't stand it. Like him throwing Louis under the bus. Work on your standup Gym Morton. Enough with the "edgy" tranny jokes. Stop worrying about Twitter @mentions like a tween girl. And when you are mad at someone, fucking own it you little fucking worm. Like him only talking shit openly about Opie after he didnt have to see him anymore. Be more like Vos

  • Joe Cash
    Joe Cash Year ago +3

    i wanna know who that comic that didnt get back to jimmy was. i think it was gervais

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith 4 months ago

      Joe Cash It was DL Hughley

  • Joe Cash
    Joe Cash Year ago +2

    3:25 colin holds in his guffaw at the memory of his "honest appraisal"

  • bsklasika
    bsklasika Year ago +2

    its funny how stupid Nordinsky is actually taking it serious and arguing for so long. Colin just destroying him by trolling. i bet Colin's life is full of joy and happiness after he makes fun of everyone so that noone understands it. he's god.

  • daleva187goligo
    daleva187goligo Year ago

    jimmy is a little weak ass bitch, listen to him squirm hahaha faggot

  • TheUnP0ssible
    TheUnP0ssible Year ago +52

    "It's not sick!"
    "I don't think that's a very good argument."
    That part had me laughing

  • DutchKing72
    DutchKing72 Year ago +5

    Jimmy is a creep

  • Buist Matt
    Buist Matt Year ago +2

    23:30 Ant chimes in with the brilliant Casino reference haha That guy is sharp

  • Codie Fitz
    Codie Fitz Year ago +2

    Anthony didn’t contribute enough, dammit!

  • The Firmament
    The Firmament Year ago +2

    colin hulk smashed Jim in this one. LMAO

  • Gil Bravo
    Gil Bravo 2 years ago

    Btw people who like to connect the dots, this was when Jim wanted DL Hughley sort of banned. So opie did it for him for years and Jim wouldn't let it go. If Opie believed he makes goood radio (which he does bc he has his own show) then you can't blame him for being frustrated with Jim.

  • Peter McGill
    Peter McGill 2 years ago +12

    Jimmy say he's being honest. He doesn't even know what honest is.

  • HostDisorder
    HostDisorder 2 years ago +1

    classic passive aggressive little dick.
    as if it wasn't premeditated to make a point, as IF he didn't want Collin to notice that, he knows full well he's notice considering he apparently follows like 10 people:
    as time goes on I hate him more and more, I feel strongly just as a long time fan

  • Mike L
    Mike L 2 years ago +14

    Lmao, this is great. Colin is just arguing over something juvenile to go along with the bit, but Jimmy is clearly taking this 100% serious. Such a weirdo.

  • Sam Gallimore
    Sam Gallimore 2 years ago +17

    Colin is the perfect example of being naturally funny... even when he isn't trying to be his voice and attitude is god damn hilarious

  • Nate Elliott
    Nate Elliott 2 years ago +5

    I LOVE Jimmy! 99% of the time he is on point, but Colin absolutely called it like it was. It was even better because Colin and Jim love one another and Colin wasn't being a dick. It was clear Jimmy got his feelings hurt that no one wanted to participate in his little project. And I love Jim to death, but his projects never turn out that well.

  • godihateyoupeople
    godihateyoupeople 2 years ago +12

    the way Norton keeps trying to twist it into self deprivation is sickening, little worm

  • Hey, MB.
    Hey, MB. 2 years ago

    when I really started to realize how dumb and faggy jim norton is. he is such a bitch.

  • jennpenn5
    jennpenn5 2 years ago

    Opie is an ass. "Why don't you pick up the phone and talk to each other"? Really?

  • TheSlammurai
    TheSlammurai 2 years ago +23

    Between this and the Jeter rant, I'm starting to think Norton is a psychotic control freak.

  • rustyevo21
    rustyevo21 3 years ago +4

    Jimmy sounds like an old angry jew

  • snicklby burns
    snicklby burns 3 years ago +2

    Jeez, I thought I had dull conversations

  • snicklby burns
    snicklby burns 3 years ago +5

    Thank God these chics aren't in charged of anything important

  • Anakin Skywanker
    Anakin Skywanker 3 years ago +9

    To sum up this clip: Basically two teenage girls getting angry because they unfriended each other on facebook, or twitter whatever lol

    • R Eggy
      R Eggy 2 years ago

      Were all just people man shit like this breaks the wall for better and for worst

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 3 years ago +8

    jimmy is just a prick.. might be funny sometimes but is clearly a bitch.. too many stories from Collin sayin how kunt jim has over reacted.. I'm thinking of the car sneeze

    • G Gray
      G Gray Year ago +1

      Knock it off, spade!

    • Dionysus187
      Dionysus187 2 years ago

      Car sneeze was something along the lines of Colin not covering his mouth/face enough to Jim's liking in Jim's car while sneezing. Colin did try to cover it, not like he just sneezed on the dash but it wasn't the way Jimmy likes.

    • barcodeboy13
      barcodeboy13 2 years ago +1

      what's the car sneeze story? just curious...

  • SporadicMovementz
    SporadicMovementz 3 years ago +4

    Jimmy grew up when 'social media' wasn't even a concept, and I totally get why he'd cut people out and not get why they'd be upset. Fuck em if they're butthurt