Buddy Hield can't get emotional about Kings' contract offer - Amin Elhassan | The Jump

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Kendrick Perkins, Amin Elhassan, Nick Friedell and Rachel Nichols analyze Buddy Hield's comments about his contract situation and whether it is worth it for the Sacramento Kings to pay up for Hield.
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Comments • 813

  • landslide LIE
    landslide LIE 12 days ago

    Why ia this woman on this show......WHY

  • Jack Davies
    Jack Davies 19 days ago

    Buddy Hield is so full of himself. He has one good season and acts like he deserves to be paid like he's one of the best players in the league. $90 mil isn't even a bad offer. Get over yourself

  • kevin e-anaba
    kevin e-anaba 19 days ago

    They could of chose a better thumbnail. Just saying

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 20 days ago

    NBA is throwing money 💰 players

  • Cameron Lyons
    Cameron Lyons 20 days ago

    I think the Kings were better without Barnes and the new coach Mr. Walton. I think this year will be a year of regrets. Barnes is not the answer and Divac will resign at the end of this year or the next. Been a fan since 87 and starting to think about that. We are going backwards

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd 20 days ago

    Buddy Hield isn't worth $90M right now🤣🤣

  • Tyrone Shaw
    Tyrone Shaw 20 days ago

    Okc will give em a max 💯

  • Ace Walker.
    Ace Walker. 20 days ago

    If the agents can manipulate players saying they lowballing you cause you black and players get upset lets just talk directly to the agents. Where they getting these 30 million a year numbers from?

  • Natik Yakovlev
    Natik Yakovlev 20 days ago

    These guys suck

  • metalsadman
    metalsadman 21 day ago

    another sort of player just playing for the money lol. you'll never get far young buck.

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 21 day ago

    The Heat or The knicks need Buddy

  • Cash Bandit
    Cash Bandit 21 day ago

    I'm a kings fan I'm from Sac but they haven't made the playoffs in hella long. You gotta earn that checc

  • Srdjan Jakovljevic
    Srdjan Jakovljevic 21 day ago

    Dirk Nowitzki wannabe. ;)

  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis 21 day ago +2

    Kings: "We'll give you 22.5 Million a year for 4 years..."
    Buddy: "They don't want me here...."

  • Tyrell Brown
    Tyrell Brown 21 day ago

    Fck that I would accept them 90 for 4 year bih u still young for another pay day crazy ash

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black 22 days ago

    Buddy Hield needs better people around him. Young brother you're a millionaire already, it's ok to go get your teeth fixed up.


    Buddy didn't appear to be emotional. Tired of hearing these reporters anonymously creating narratives after interviews to sell drama.

  • KN Byam
    KN Byam 22 days ago

    Kendrick Perkins is a big dude.

  • rusty rich
    rusty rich 22 days ago

    Most 3s in a single season in Sacramento Kings history is Buddy Hield- PAY THE MAN!!. The rest will work it self out.

  • Arion Starks
    Arion Starks 22 days ago

    Buddy Hield better average 25+ this year

  • dingle torres
    dingle torres 22 days ago

    It’s a business. Can’t blame buddy for tryna get a bigger bag! But as a fan of the nba we all know he’s not worth 90 mil

  • Crossed Roses
    Crossed Roses 22 days ago

    Well if jaylen brown can get 115 million than I can see why he’d want more money

    • Logan
      Logan 22 days ago

      Jaylen brown is also 22 not 26

  • GusCunnilin x
    GusCunnilin x 22 days ago

    When did this guy get good. Dude might be slightly better than average at best. I would let him walk.

  • rgncal 4
    rgncal 4 22 days ago

    Buddy cone to LA next year will give you 100 mil and you can play with ad and lebron and kuzma we will bounce danny green and structure your contract correctly and come win championships!

  • Alexander Chan
    Alexander Chan 22 days ago

    Vlade Divac is a pretty crappy GM tbh. But he's too well protected by his organization for the owners to see past that. I prefer him as a player during their championship run with Webber, White Chocolate, Peja era...

    RICH ALLEN 22 days ago

    Lol the new sprewell who gets 90 mil without making a all star team lol take the money

  • Brandon Worthing
    Brandon Worthing 22 days ago

    Buddy heild has horse teeth

  • Michael Mitreski
    Michael Mitreski 22 days ago

    buddy or bogdan coming to detroit in the 2020 summer, ya heard it here first, kings cant pay both of them

  • calvin watson
    calvin watson 22 days ago

    BTW...whose not overpaid in sports?

  • calvin watson
    calvin watson 22 days ago

    What has he done really!? i think some of these dudes need to look at who's representing them.....90Mil and you don't think they want you,this is why i'm gradually turning away from pro sports....SMFH!!!!!

  • ko1o7
    ko1o7 22 days ago

    jaylen brown just got 115m 4 yr from Boston. Sacramento is not happy lol

  • Johnny BRAVO
    Johnny BRAVO 22 days ago


  • Anthony Dixon
    Anthony Dixon 22 days ago

    I like Buddy he real ASF

  • Dawson sears
    Dawson sears 22 days ago

    Cmon man us kings fan need you

  • Kemonni Poitier
    Kemonni Poitier 22 days ago

    Kendrick is the best ..GIVE HIM A SHOW OR SUM ❗️

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 22 days ago

    The comments on this thumbnail have me dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Kaelin Jefferies
    Kaelin Jefferies 22 days ago

    Buddy is 27 😳. That means he’s already in his prime; he’s not going to get that much better. I don’t think he’s worth it

    • Jack park
      Jack park 21 day ago

      players usually reach their prime at 28-29.

  • mjaay
    mjaay 22 days ago

    trade that sharpshooter for kyle kuzma....or vice versa

  • Isaiah A
    Isaiah A 22 days ago

    That boy teeth go crazy💀😂

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 22 days ago

    I like loyalty, but pay me more than I'm worth or I'm out.

  • DaaBoys2138
    DaaBoys2138 22 days ago

    That overbite makes it hard to understand him.

  • Dash Wave
    Dash Wave 23 days ago

    100 million done deal

  • Tylar Durten
    Tylar Durten 23 days ago

    Explain how he is emotional for wanting the most for his services....

  • Marvin Simelton
    Marvin Simelton 23 days ago

    I don't live Amin Elhassan

  • adingdingdiiing
    adingdingdiiing 23 days ago +1

    Bro they're offering you $90 mil, then you say "if they don't me here." 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • adingdingdiiing
    adingdingdiiing 23 days ago

    Buddy's gotta Hield and accept the offer.

  • Eric Phillips
    Eric Phillips 23 days ago

    Lol bro 90mil. That bullshit. Your not even a all star. Why u complaining.

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 23 days ago

    I dont this show at all

  • NEL RiCHE$
    NEL RiCHE$ 23 days ago

    Who is buddy hield

  • Martellus Bennett
    Martellus Bennett 23 days ago

    they know he's important they just wanted to try and weasel their way out of paying him

  • Ella Sorex
    Ella Sorex 23 days ago

    Take the 90mil buddy and dont be greedy. Just play the best basketball and dont worry about the money, money will follow you.

  • kalasag ni juan
    kalasag ni juan 23 days ago

    this buddy hield dude is a joke, didnt deserve any penny

  • MrB 55
    MrB 55 23 days ago

    Ah remember Bonzi Wells.....turned down a nice contract offer by the Kings and never got the same kind of offer again. Of course he was near the end of his career.

  • Kirby Le
    Kirby Le 23 days ago

    So King's going to lose another All-Star caliber player. What else is new?

    • Jack park
      Jack park 21 day ago

      90 million for this dude is too much.

  • Seriously I Know
    Seriously I Know 23 days ago

    Buddy Hield look like Howard the Duck in the thumbnail lol!

  • Dave Houston
    Dave Houston 23 days ago

    He deserves supermax contract.

  • Hey Mister DJ
    Hey Mister DJ 23 days ago

    Buddy Hield look like Mr. Ed

  • Chris Salazar
    Chris Salazar 23 days ago

    Kendrick perkins says absolutely nothing

  • Kaleb Spears
    Kaleb Spears 23 days ago +2

    Become an All-Star and then you’ll get more money

  • The llEvaderll
    The llEvaderll 23 days ago

    Everyone just cares about money event when they aren’t top tier players. This is when we should admire people like dwade and Tom Brady who choose winning over just getting a bag

    • jeremy brown
      jeremy brown 21 day ago

      "Wade County", DWade literally just had a Farewell Tour and he's a 3x champ. When has DWade never been loved or appreciated. Brady has 6x champ, 2x MVP and he's a god in NE. He's also by many considered the GOAT. When has Brady never been loved or appreciated?!