Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad Isn’t About Taking a Moral Stand - The Jim Jefferies Show

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • Jim explains that Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick ad campaign isn’t about social justice - it’s about the company’s bottom line.
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Comments • 956

  • Martin Mc Nulty
    Martin Mc Nulty 2 days ago

    Love the show,
    But why isn’t Colin getting any shit for taking part in this?
    If someone could give me a reason for that I’d be really pleased...

  • imbalin zero
    imbalin zero 2 months ago

    Im jim!! The lying my one asshole fucker

  • Mycel
    Mycel 2 months ago


  • daniel lunqvist
    daniel lunqvist 2 months ago

    Best real guy ever ! This man Rolles..

    DEJAN JOVANOVIC 2 months ago

    He is basically white guy with afro. PC means something other in my days.

  • Fart Wet
    Fart Wet 2 months ago

    Bigot Jim Jefferies edits interviews to push his bullshit agenda while making anti Islam statements when he thinks the camera is off

  • Rebecca Rakuza
    Rebecca Rakuza 3 months ago

    That Dodge ram commercial... For real Jim took the words from my mouth... What waaaaaasssss that??!?!?!??

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. 3 months ago

    "I want the TV volume to be TURNT UP"

  • Oscar Salem
    Oscar Salem 3 months ago +1

    Jim Jefferies, the most slept on comedian

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 4 months ago

    Burn down the grass that the cows eat 🤣😂

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 4 months ago

    Nike... Slave labor, just do it 😅😂

  • Javi Undisclosed
    Javi Undisclosed 5 months ago


  • Timothius Zamora
    Timothius Zamora 7 months ago

    2:22 My gawd...that bowtie me eye cancer!!!

  • iamnotgeoff
    iamnotgeoff 7 months ago

    I think that was the longest I've seen him talk without saying the word cunt

  • Sasha T.
    Sasha T. 7 months ago

    I think it is crazy we pay for the shoes and wear an advertisement for the company.

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle 8 months ago

    There was a lot of good material in there. One thing, however, that really made me angry was learning that Dodge trucks were just basically using Doctor King's words to pimp their sales.
    He was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century and his memory should not be trivialized like that.
    (Two quick things:
    1) I'm a 65 year-old white guy;
    2) I have never liked Dodge- Chrysler to begin with (they're just cheaply made.)

  • Tiredof Allthis
    Tiredof Allthis 8 months ago

    Genius bit of writing. Jim, that writer(s) deserves a raise.

  • Joey Calabrese
    Joey Calabrese 8 months ago

    Anyone who wears Nike products I will spit on them thier piece of shits un xamerican and go to hell !!!!

  • Stephen Poole
    Stephen Poole 8 months ago +1

    Jim Carrey is a fucking idiot. Jim Jeffries is also an idiot.

  • marcus armstrong
    marcus armstrong 8 months ago

    as long as we say yesa masta we good gtfo

  • bgt125
    bgt125 8 months ago

    Problem is Jim, Nike and Viacom could probably have a competition for the most a-moral corporations on Earth.

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko 8 months ago

    Is it racist that black asian latino native american island etc kill black people?
    Because that happens too.

  • Sheepdog Knight
    Sheepdog Knight 8 months ago

    Just Burn It! 🔥

  • Chris Strebeck
    Chris Strebeck 8 months ago

    Americans love shoes more than anyone...fucking idiots

  • Hermy Elf
    Hermy Elf 8 months ago

    Fuck Nike & Kaperdick

  • octopibingo
    octopibingo 9 months ago

    Your stupid comment, "Stop shooting black people," illustrates why the country has rejected the Occupy Kneelers, just as they did Hands Up, Don't Shoot and Black Lives Matter. Blacks are not being hunted or killed by cops just because they have nothing better to do. A black man is more likely to be shot by another black man. We know the facts and reject the idiocy.

  • rentech
    rentech 9 months ago

    The Indonesian factory dorms for Nike workers have dirt floors and brick walls, as well as no windows to fuel the flames with oxygen. So you can't burn them. They are fire safe.

  • Erika Arnold
    Erika Arnold 9 months ago

    The truck commercial had me epically confused.

  • aaron thomas
    aaron thomas 9 months ago

    I never knew you were such a liberal fucktard Jim... You fucking Cunt

  • Travis Bull
    Travis Bull 9 months ago

    I see nothing special about a washed up Jim Carey either!!! Wake up American idiots!!!😂😂You people are idiots!!!

  • Travis Bull
    Travis Bull 9 months ago

    I see nothing special about this failed idiot Colin I hope the American people wake up and quit sucking nikes cock!!! Americans are idiots!!!

  • 24 and 7
    24 and 7 9 months ago +1

    Colin Kaepernick is nothing more than an anti-white racist bigot.. he needs to shave and do something about that disgusting hair on his head too.. and hopefully Mr Jeffries here will become one of the next high-profile celebrity suicide cases..

  • RussianSpy101
    RussianSpy101 9 months ago

    Why I buy adidas

  • mimixownzall
    mimixownzall 9 months ago

    Let's call an ace and ace here. Colin was a quarterback who had his success but, for whatever reasons, became a mediocre quarterback. He got cut and to try to save his career he came up with this kneeling bullshit to try to deflect away from the fact that he was, in fact, a mediocre quarterback who had lost his starting position and was looking at not being on a roster at all. He took a flavor-of-the-month social justice warrior issue and ran with it. Congratulations, Colin, your ruse worked. People have forgotten what a shit quarterback you are and now you are making millions off of an issue that has been proven over and over to be a lie. You grew up in an area that has a median household income of $60,000 a year. The only oppression you knew about being a person of color came from your history books and programs you watched on TV. And people like Jim Jefferies pick up the torch and roll with it so they don't look like racists or to feed their self righteousness.

  • angel perez
    angel perez 9 months ago

    Yeah, a companies first and last priority is to make money. I dont understand why the right and the left cry so much.

  • marineforlife mclean
    marineforlife mclean 9 months ago

    I'm not condoning police brutality or targeting ANYONE because of their race, but I strongly disagree with the wording of the ad..believing in something, even if it means sacrificing everything, should be on the tombstone of every service member that lost their life doing something they truly believed in, whether they were black, white, hispanic, chinese, ect...

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson 9 months ago

    Just do it... what Nike tells the children in Indonesia working for a dollar a day making their $120 shoes. Way to go liberals. Keep supporting the freedom friendly Nike corporation. Lol

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo 9 months ago

    Phil Knight donated a million dollars to Knute Buehler.

  • Jovanni Ruiz
    Jovanni Ruiz 9 months ago

    YET ANOTHER dumb white man who PURPOSELY goes out of his way to try to shit on something positive in the name of white privilege.
    DEPORT THIS ^^ IDIOT back to whatever cave he crawled out of.

  • No: Six
    No: Six 9 months ago

    He's a member of the Islamic Brotherhood. Enemy if the state.

  • Pwn Network
    Pwn Network 9 months ago

    nike took a gamble against NFL's dislike in regards to the protest, yes it is about capitalism, but at the same time, its about supporting what the buyers of Nike support, and that is the black lives matter movement.

  • S Whitman
    S Whitman 9 months ago

    This dude is a fuckin idiot but i did enjoy his closing humor lol

  • AJS,jr AJS,jr
    AJS,jr AJS,jr 9 months ago


  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 9 months ago

    Ignorant people rush to judgement when They Barely know half the Story &
    Then Only Whine about what they Think they Know.

  • Luke Warmwater
    Luke Warmwater 9 months ago

    if collin knew anything about morals he would have taken his stand on his own time and not on his fans time. they bought the tickets they paid for that bit of time, it wasnt his to take any kind of stand on.
    so, fuck kap, fuck nike, and fuck it I will have myself another beer!

  • John D
    John D 9 months ago

    Why watch a game that 60 minutes of play takes 3-4 hours? No other sport are the players so overpaid and lazy. I think unless you like to sit and drink beer for hours with nothing else to do there is very little to enjoy about it. Catch the 10 minute highlight 2 hours after the game and you just saved 4 hours of your life. Just my opinion so if your offended change your panties and take a walk.

  • jackcarterog001
    jackcarterog001 9 months ago

    Hashahaha! The Kaepernic Cucks are funding Red Wave 2018 and Trump 2020:
    Keep that money flowing to the GOP, stupid Kaepernick Cucks!!!!

  • Jeff Ludlam
    Jeff Ludlam 9 months ago

    He didn’t sacrifice anything. He was raised by white rich people and he didn’t say shit when he was a starter. He didn’t say shit until his day was over. Way to try and keep yourself relevant because you failed at football. Suck a dick

  • Erik Smith
    Erik Smith 9 months ago

    actually this ad was beautiful... didnt make me want to buy nikes... was just an eye opener

    • Erik Smith
      Erik Smith 9 months ago

      and also he gave up everything... to make a point... what have you given up jim? your soul?

  • 陈瀚龙
    陈瀚龙 9 months ago

    I've been screaming this all week, and nobody's listening as usual. I'm cool with Jim Carey, but he made me wanna puke, and every idiot sheep in the audience. THnks, Jim. It's nice to know that one American.....oh yeah:) THanks, mate!

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 9 months ago

    *Colonel Gentleman's list of Social Movements that need a Slap In The Mouth*
    • Feminism _(they've got shmart mouths!)_
    • Vegetarianism
    • Tourism
    • Racial equality
    • Geometry
    • Buddhism
    • Object Oriented Programming _(I've got no idea what it means)_
    • Cubism
    • The prohibition against settling thing in duels, like proper men
    • Polytheism _(I've faced_ twice _as many so-called deities as Captain Kirk!)_
    • Waiters who cough expectantly for tips
    • Female taxi drivers
    • Communism
    • Did I mention tourism? _(they wear gaudy outfits!)_
    • Liking cats

  • RI 401
    RI 401 9 months ago

    Did he really just call the General Lee racist, oh lord

  • A Team
    A Team 9 months ago

    Kaepernick is a fool thinking he is making a difference, yet Nike laborers in Indonesia only get paid $1.50 a day!

  • AJ Anderson
    AJ Anderson 9 months ago

    From one black man to another.
    The cops are least of the black man’s (or woman’s) worries. Within the streets of Chicago and elsewhere. We as black people are killing each other in “bulk”.
    Why in the hell is Colin Kaepernick in the streets of Chicago kneeling? You see black folks don’t want to talk about that. See that's what wrong with us Black Folks we are afraid to speak the truth of what’s REALLY going on within our Black Communities but we have no problem pointing the finger at others. But the truth will set you free!!! The Holy Bible speaks of pointing the finger:
    Hosea 4:4-19 (New Living Testament) “Don’t point your finger at someone else and try to pass the blame!”.
    We have thousands upon thousands of innocent babies, youngsters and some adults dying in the streets of Chicago from Black On Black murder crime. But yet the black man’s (or woman) mouth including Colin Kaepernick’s is shout close about that issue compared to the average of 1 or 5 black men (or women) shot by a cop per year.
    Wake up NEGROES we are killing ourselves and our babies. This is what the white man (or woman) want YOU to do so they want have to worry about doing it themselves. So, at the same time have conversations about cop shootings on black people and Black On Black murder crime in Chicago and nationwide.
    Apparently “Black Lives Don’t Matter” within the streets of Chicago.
    How STUPID and IGNORANT can a race of people be. Enough SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chickadee
    chickadee 9 months ago

    Say what you like, but the fact is, that if marketing research proves that it's profitable to put Kaepernick in an ad campaign, then that proves that the majority of Americans aren't murderous, racist bigots.
    I think that's good news.
    Thank you, Nike.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales 9 months ago

    People hate to hear this but believe it or not people in the third world do have agency. As bad as the working conditions are in various factories they take those jobs because they are better than the alternative. This isn't to say people shouldn't put pressure on corporations to improve as much as they can, just that getting a huge Nike contract in your city isn't a bad thing economically, especially in the long term.

  • joy freech
    joy freech 9 months ago

    Child labor is not really an issue in Indonesia like in Pakistan or India, all of nike labors are adult, they just paid minimum in Indonesia (which is around 200$ a month). There are surely child labor in Indonesia, but only in uncertified factories.

  • Aditya Dwi
    Aditya Dwi 9 months ago

    no. dont burn me...

  • James Pace
    James Pace 9 months ago

    I wonder how much money is the Trump family making out being president

  • Ober Blasm
    Ober Blasm 9 months ago

    Really impressed Jim didn't fall for this nonsense! I don't really care either way about the whole Kaepernick thing, but for hoardes of incredibly dumb fake lefties like Jim Carey to be so impressed by a huge capitalist machine like Nike is both comical and depressing. These type of fake leftwingers have zero consistency and the Nike bigwigs must be pissing themselves laughing when they look at their increase in revenue.

  • agent secret
    agent secret 9 months ago

    Hey wanker, just stay in your hometown and bbq some shrimp! Seek the truth cunt, find out sales are up 31% but what is not being told is that Nike accounts inventory buy backs into their sales and yes it does and has had an effect on the company. But you having such a strong moral character can look the other way on labor abuses, and stay on point with guy who's not in the NFL but has a really good cause! You fucken hypocrite! If you want to be a real hero activist why doesnt he leave the racial aspect out of it and just call it what it is police injustice and brutality? What about the 700+ white males shot vs 380 black Male shot by police! Why dont you mick stand up and ask why aren't those cases widely published mate? Why doesnt the media expose the public to this? Would it be that it would tear down the media narrative of racial divide? Stick with some Steve Erwin jokes bloke!

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 9 months ago


    WOLF STONEHENGE 9 months ago

    botched colonoscopernick

  • Hans David
    Hans David 9 months ago

    Jim regains his edge.

  • dmaa88
    dmaa88 9 months ago

    C'mon Jim, did you guys really rip off the bad news work? Probably just a coincidence, but Ranger up's was very good.

  • Shea Tiller
    Shea Tiller 9 months ago

    Jim is right. So glad a comedian is telling the DAMN truth on this.

  • michaelwsperry
    michaelwsperry 9 months ago

    We Aussies don't all sound like this tool.

  • Phillip Adams
    Phillip Adams 9 months ago

    When i get turnt up I like to get lit. And by getting lit, i mean lighting things on fire... is how it would have gone if I were writing for Jim Jefferies. By the way, everyone knows you're an Australian white guy. Especially the Aborigines your ancestors murdered and cannibalized.

  • Arsene Loopy
    Arsene Loopy 9 months ago

    All this cause he cant play. Wow

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki 9 months ago

    WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK did Kaepernick sacrifice? How is he even a hero? Fuck that noise.

  • Yuan Shao
    Yuan Shao 9 months ago

    sales didn't increase 31% at all , and CNN was all for Kaepernick , and what now they're against Nike for using him , stop flip flopping and flapping around in the breeze like spineless gutless wonders believing crap thats on TV and in the media

  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns 9 months ago

    You hear that other black people? Stop shooting black people. Cause, you know, you're a far greater threat to blacks than cops are.
    Just saying.

  • djhero0071
    djhero0071 9 months ago

    Jim Jeffries is pretty much a twist on John Oliver’s style of comedy on Comedy Central. Savage and liberal with a hint of drunkenness. On the Nike shit though, I was fucking lost on how many comments I’ve seen of people supporting Nike over this. There’s people out there that are buying those shitty ass overpriced shoes just because of seeing the moral pandering ad equivalent of clout chasing with social justice. Those shoes aren’t gonna support minority communities. They aren’t gonna provide situation diffusion training for cops in underserved and underprivileged communities. They aren’t gonna build healthy relationships and communities for kids of color so they don’t have to grow up either fearing or hating the police or becoming a target for them. All those shoes will do is give you the fictitious idea that you’re supporting a cause you couldn’t probably give half a shit about. That’s it.

  • 0Clewi0
    0Clewi0 9 months ago

    I would have buy some nikes but not because I believe in the company's stand but because if people prove this to be a profitable position it could give Kaepernick more contracts.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 9 months ago

    Nike's sales boost is directly proportional to how retarded people are.

  • steve clapper
    steve clapper 9 months ago

    any more than chevy gives a rats ass about the USA.

  • Michael Esser
    Michael Esser 9 months ago

    And, Phil night bragged about how joe paterno never raped any of those boys.

  • Erin Black
    Erin Black 9 months ago

    Funny ... Keaperdouche protest about oppression ... but stands for the face of a company that uses sweatshops .... fucking hypocrite

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba 9 months ago

    ok, lol

  • Pal Tomori
    Pal Tomori 9 months ago

    "innocent people that happen to be brown not be gunned down by law enforcement"
    In 2017 987 people were gunned down by law enforcement in the USA.
    458 whites, 223 blacks, 179 Hispanics, 127 other or unknown.
    What do you think how many of these were innocent ? How many % of the blacks and how many of the whites or Hispanics were innocent ? Well the truth is that only 68 of them were unarmed.

  • Len R
    Len R 9 months ago

    Jim, stop being so truthful.

  • Jordi Vanderwaal
    Jordi Vanderwaal 9 months ago

    I wanna clap so loud you listen to me from the other side of the Atlantic. This was a great segment. Corporations don't care. Even if what Nike did was a good thing, they still don't care.
    Jim, you can say "yas queen" to me anytime you want. :3

  • AmericanNohbuddy ™
    AmericanNohbuddy ™ 9 months ago

    No different than Susan G Komen that raises 'awareness'

  • juliobro1
    juliobro1 9 months ago

    What you do is invoke a boycott against the brand or the person, while voicing the criticism. Don't burn your money, just stop giving it to them.

  • Useful Communication
    Useful Communication 9 months ago

    Nike saw that over 90% of the world's population think Trump is an absolute twat and realised that they could make a fortune by turning their products into the opposite of a MAGA hat

  • Joyce Blackmon
    Joyce Blackmon 9 months ago

    Why r ppl and companies still feeding these black ppl on the idea tht their oppressed when this bs first started it didnt take much research to learn tht wayyy more white ppl were by police but anytime tht was brought up to some terrorist in BLM they would either just say it a lie, tht white ppl deserve it somehow, or it was some form of "white privilige" lol but i have yet to see any white mobs marching saying white lives matter because its common knowledge tht bad shit happens sometimes and ppl will do dumb shit tht may cost them their lives. And in the rare case tht a office kills someone for no reason then he will be prosecuted because its illegal. Its abt as stupid as feminist saying "no more rape culture" lol rape has never been tolerated in the western world since it became an established civilized country

  • AOL warez
    AOL warez 9 months ago

    One of his jokes is him saying "Turnt up." ... Okay

  • Spotter
    Spotter 9 months ago +1

    Stupid white people

  • DoMiNiQuE
    DoMiNiQuE 9 months ago

    The dig at Jim Carrey is like he thinks Jim actually doesn't know that NIKE isn't some great supporter of the left values company wise we all know Jeff lol but Did you forget why he's not playing Colin lost his chances of ever playing football again for a social issue and NIKE decided to hire him for this campaign when they don't even need him to do it really he's in the commercial for 2sec they could have used footage of him kneeling or a press video and them still having a deal with the NFL is hilarious to me the NFL has to wear NIKE for years reminding us of Colin while we watching the game trust me they want him to go away not be in a huge NIKE campaign though everything else of course Jim is right about but people aren't dumb about NIKE just because they are praising it everyone keeps being condescending about this it's becoming redundant

  • Commander Starstrider
    Commander Starstrider 9 months ago

    Burning shoes is a form of protest you idiot, just like kneeling during the anthem. Fucking moron.

  • back stan
    back stan 9 months ago

    Nick not crazy they know who paid there all they things not white people a lot of them don't know what nick is so do you think they care about what you say about them they got they money how about you do you have it

  • HonestJohnnyRevues
    HonestJohnnyRevues 9 months ago

    He doesn't play in the NFL because he sucked, not because of his moronic & ignorant views on Police shootings. The stats on Police interactions don't lie, but he is too lazy to study the numbers, too lazy to stand, and too lazy to improve his craft; that's why he is out of the NFL. Nikes are overpriced and over hyped, so Kaepernick is the PERFECT spokesman for them.

    • HonestJohnnyRevues
      HonestJohnnyRevues 9 months ago

      AmericanNohbuddy ™ How retarded are you? Kaepernick isn't Black. If you think he is, then you are racist. You only like him because you think that he's Black which makes you a racist. He doesn't play Defense and he has a losing record because he can't read a Defense and he calls bad plays in the huddle. Do you think that Brady, Rodgers, or even this new kid Mahommes step to the line, read the Defense, and say "Well, the Coach said to run the ball, so we are going to run it"? No. Good QB's make good calls in the huddle, then when they get to the line they read the Defense, they call an Audible if they need to. They win games because of it.
      Kaepernick sucks and it's just like an emotional idiot to cry racism when they can't prove their point with facts. Like I said, show me a comparable or worse QB in the league and I'll concede that it must be because of his ignorant, idiotic, unsubstantiated views of Police activity.

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ 9 months ago

      @HonestJohnnyRevues Lmfao what does the year have to do with it? They could have had Kaepernick and not have a QB throw 4 or 5 INT in a half
      He has a losing record due to a shit coach and then having shit Chip Kelly. Did Kaep play defense?

      You're trying so hard to shit on a black QB. Just admit you hate black people and badly want to use the N word

    • HonestJohnnyRevues
      HonestJohnnyRevues 9 months ago

      AmericanNohbuddy ™ Only an idiot would compare a 6th year QB with a 2nd year QB. Well, I compared their stats and Peterson did better his first year than Kaepernick did his first year, he'll probably be better than Kapernick this year, AND he'll probably be better than Kapernick in 6 years. Maybe you should compare Kaepernick with other QB's that have been in the league 5 or more years and you will see how much he sucks.
      Find a team that has a QB with over 6 seasons, has a losing record, and makes more than Kaepernick, then you've got a case. Until then, shut the fuck up with your ignorant ass conspiracy theories.

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ 9 months ago

      @HonestJohnnyRevues Holy shit dude actually look at his stats. If Nathan Peterman can start a game it is obvious they don't want Kaepernick for other reasons
      Kaepernick also doesn't coach or play defense
      You say you're 45 and act like a fucking child. Grow up

    • HonestJohnnyRevues
      HonestJohnnyRevues 9 months ago

      AmericanNohbuddy ™ Yeah, he is a losing QB and if you think that the Coaches aren't involved, in hiring or not hiring losing free agents, then you are dumber than you sound. He had 6 years to become a QB that could win over half his games and he couldn't do it. Guess what, losing QBs get fired. Maybe you should start your own NFL team and hire him since you love sucking his dick so much.

  • Joey Calabrese
    Joey Calabrese 9 months ago


  • Joey Calabrese
    Joey Calabrese 9 months ago

    Nike Ceo must go boycott all Nike products boycott NFL

  • Tora GuuMoonRyoung
    Tora GuuMoonRyoung 9 months ago

    Jim always saying the correct thing 99% times. yes it is about money not about doing the right thing for these companies. if only politically correct morons would understand that.

  • Kyle Ramsay
    Kyle Ramsay 9 months ago

    huh we got an aerys targaryan cosplayer here in ol Jimmy

  • William Gorczyca
    William Gorczyca 9 months ago

    In that same MLK speech, didn’t he go against corporations and cars? I remember reading something about it

  • david adcock
    david adcock 9 months ago

    I've been a Niners fan for years and here is the problem HE IS A WASHOUT AS PLAYER, THE MAN CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL, IF HE COULD, HE WOULD HAVE A JOB!! RIGHT? The man can NOT play the game folks and that is the real bottom line.

  • Zeus Masterson
    Zeus Masterson 9 months ago

    Nike did the right thing here. I don’t really care about the reasons.

  • CaptAssassin
    CaptAssassin 9 months ago

    Yeah, his beliefs really cost him everything. He was worth $20 million and lived in a $3 million condo in NY before ever picking up a pen to sign that deal with Nike. Don’t get me wrong, as an American it’s well within your 1A rights to express yourself as you see fit. Buts let’s call this for what it is, a full on flat out money grab for both parties.