She Thinks Eminem Is Her Father... then Eminem walks out...!

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Dr phil meets with teenage baby jesus girl and this time eminem is the father. Watch part 1:
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  • Creepahz Gaming
    Creepahz Gaming 17 days ago +30140

    Eminem sure handled that situation very well

    • Ruby Padilla
      Ruby Padilla Hour ago

      Creepahz Gaming (:

    • Billy Hilton
      Billy Hilton 7 hours ago

      Rob Smith I know were did Eminem walk out on stage

    • Finest Finesser
      Finest Finesser 8 hours ago

      Put yourself out there like that you get shot down

    • Doctor_ ammo
      Doctor_ ammo 16 hours ago

      Creepahz Gaming when I was a young kid my mom gave me the right to use face book, an the profile pick u used for your yt is the same as the one I used for my FB jus saying it's kinda of a cowincadink

    • mckenzie_ the_therian
      mckenzie_ the_therian 18 hours ago

      Mikel Ramirez wtf

  • My Weiner Shoots First
    My Weiner Shoots First 2 minutes ago

    One day I hope I inadvertently waste your time and we will be even.

  • Burke Wilson
    Burke Wilson 4 minutes ago +1

    Dr Phil looks at Eminem, you are not the father!!

  • trucknut04
    trucknut04 5 minutes ago

    She needs to be in a mental hospital. She is probably Hillary Clinton’s daughter hahahaha

    TIMEZUP 8 minutes ago

    Her mom must have been getting high while she was pregnant with this clown

    TIMEZUP 11 minutes ago

    Lol smh 😂

  • auxmike
    auxmike 13 minutes ago

    Where’s Eminem? Clickbait garbage!

  • OSXgrumpycat
    OSXgrumpycat 14 minutes ago

    I never watched PewDiePie before, heard alot about him. But man whats so special about him? Just fake laughing, yelling and stating obvious stuff..?

  • Aalucia Maria
    Aalucia Maria 14 minutes ago


  • zack zombie
    zack zombie 20 minutes ago

    meu deus...essa menina é louca!

  • Ergest Fezaj
    Ergest Fezaj 25 minutes ago

    Funny girl

  • John Hoppenstand
    John Hoppenstand 27 minutes ago

    I'm that baby daddy boss

  • Skerby Z
    Skerby Z 31 minute ago

    Drake is my father

  • Brie Bakke
    Brie Bakke 35 minutes ago

    People are crazy

  • Daniel Weinberger
    Daniel Weinberger 38 minutes ago

    Daughter, please stop making videos of your neicr

  • Casey H
    Casey H 40 minutes ago

    Wtf why has this vid got so many dislikes??

  • Bigbanana E
    Bigbanana E 40 minutes ago

    Eminem is really the God, Rap God.

  • Mimi DaSavage
    Mimi DaSavage 41 minute ago

    I saw sssniperwolf do this

  • Jd Harrison
    Jd Harrison 41 minute ago

    When did eminem walk out again?

  • Ramen_ Noodlez
    Ramen_ Noodlez 48 minutes ago

    Fuckig clickbait

  • yumyumtacos1
    yumyumtacos1 50 minutes ago

    My name is Haley..therefore I am the Haley seen on this show.

  • Brittany Chadwick
    Brittany Chadwick 51 minute ago

    Lmao XD I'm done. This is beyond stupid. Love you pewds, but I do agree no more hope for humanity.

  • Adam Novik
    Adam Novik 51 minute ago

    She needs to be sterilised quick

  • Alexandra Cohen
    Alexandra Cohen 52 minutes ago

    When did he walk out? I didn’t see shit.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 55 minutes ago

    4:08 the cringe !!!!😣

  • Bitch ass nigga 😂👌
    Bitch ass nigga 😂👌 58 minutes ago

    She looks like morgz

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson Hour ago

    Shes schizophrenic, its horrible for them to even bring her on this show. She just needs to take her meds

  • Ramon Colon
    Ramon Colon Hour ago

    First she's pregnant them she say her father is Eminem and what's next. Man that live in here town please stay away for this idiot, she's nothing but trouble.

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese Hour ago

    I am Jake Paul and my mom is lil Tay and dad is dr Phil and my sister is logan and my boogers are made of lithium and I'm pregnant with a living duck

  • Dan gaming 442
    Dan gaming 442 Hour ago +1

    I’m her Grandma

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob Hour ago

    DNA test..proves it !!

  • Braeden Jones
    Braeden Jones Hour ago

    Click bait

  • PainKiLLiN 24/7
    PainKiLLiN 24/7 Hour ago

    This poor girl is not all there. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • chupa chups
    chupa chups Hour ago

    Pewdiepie is my father! I am trying to massage him trying to call him but there is no answer... please if you see my comment dont ignore me I really miss you dad❤❤😭

  • Dr. Keel Whitey
    Dr. Keel Whitey Hour ago

    "Hi, this is my brother Daryll and this here is my other brother Daryll." (To all of you who are too young to remember the great Bob Newhart, you have my apologies)

  • Gage Clemens
    Gage Clemens Hour ago

    Click bait

  • Superchorizo 117
    Superchorizo 117 Hour ago

    Can someone just smack the damn chick in the face

  • hassan Daher
    hassan Daher Hour ago

    My gooddd 😱😱😱 what hell is wrong with her but by the way nice video bro keep going

  • Ryan Iannuzzi
    Ryan Iannuzzi Hour ago

    Eminem never walks out..
    and if your reading this.. it’s too late

  • Kay_ Kay1990
    Kay_ Kay1990 Hour ago

    1:50 and 2:00 had me 💀💀😭😂😭😂 his imitation n reaction omg n then he said Rap God omfg this is why I love Pewdiepie.

  • Mark Nalley
    Mark Nalley Hour ago

    so when exactly does Eminem walk out?

  • S_h_a_r_c_c _
    S_h_a_r_c_c _ Hour ago

    Bonus meme

  • Pedro Macias III
    Pedro Macias III Hour ago

    He didn't even walk out click bait.

  • Mark Nalley
    Mark Nalley Hour ago

    dude, why do you even make the video? All you do is repeat what they say in the video.

  • nepneptuni Ποσειδώνας

    When he said papa it scared the shit out of me bc it’s the same word in Germany and I’m not used to it that English people use it (no I’m not dump I know it’s used in many countries I’m just excited every time I hear it)

  • Lindsay Basta
    Lindsay Basta Hour ago

    So if she is pregnant with the baby Jesus....and Eminem is REALLY her dad.... is Eminem actually the rap god?

    *illuminati confirmed* 👁

  • d vibe (swe)
    d vibe (swe) Hour ago

    There's something rotten with TV shows that clearly makes money out of people with psychological issues. Is it impossible to get treatment in USA without selling yourself if you don't have any money?

  • MMATTHEW Gaming
    MMATTHEW Gaming Hour ago +1

    I'm 13 but fucking George Washington is my son

  • TitaniumRobloxPlayer

    the people who disliked probably thought she was right

  • Mark Nalley
    Mark Nalley Hour ago

    you talk to much

  • anthroslime
    anthroslime Hour ago

    Surprised she doesn’t have a record deal to become a rapper

  • Meh GoodPlayzz
    Meh GoodPlayzz Hour ago

    SSSniperWolf React to this too you sound Like ZacharyZaxor When you say Helloooooooo

    No ßaßy

  • 1989brandywhine
    1989brandywhine Hour ago

    I just wasted my lunch break waiting for Eminem to walk out. Boooo

  • Coffee & Tea
    Coffee & Tea 2 hours ago +1

    I met a Swedish dude who looks like Pewdiepie.... DADDY???

  • A S Jacob
    A S Jacob 2 hours ago

    Duuuude!! Have some respect for the guitar and don't rest it against the wall like that,'ll ruin the neck, just saying 😉

  • *Řόчάlţץ*
    *Řόчάlţץ* 2 hours ago

    *My father is God*

  • g4mer b0y
    g4mer b0y 2 hours ago

    Yesssss he is her father dad not lol

  • Slater YT
    Slater YT 2 hours ago

    Who ever disliked it you Eminem daughter

  • Fam a Lam
    Fam a Lam 2 hours ago

    Holy sh** I can't believe I thought jelly had a lot of subz.

  • malaika carter2
    malaika carter2 2 hours ago

    Everybody has kids all the time!

  • Villainous Aristocrat
    Villainous Aristocrat 2 hours ago

    The mother looks very disappointed indeed.

  • ZerQcat 21
    ZerQcat 21 2 hours ago

    My mother is a teacher,she had a 16-year-old student who says that the Holy Spirit impregnated him.

  • Clint Chambers24
    Clint Chambers24 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or does she sound like Napoleon Dynamites brother. From the movie

    LEILA CROWE 2 hours ago

    3:31 .........


  • Jens Stobbe
    Jens Stobbe 2 hours ago

    So, Dr. Phil is eminem’s brother?

  • artsjimi
    artsjimi 2 hours ago

    Eminems my dad

  • Lara Collyer
    Lara Collyer 3 hours ago

    zac Efron is my dad

  • Leak Wolf
    Leak Wolf 3 hours ago


  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 3 hours ago

    Of course she does she wants money😹

    • Christian Williams
      Christian Williams 3 hours ago

      Why would anyone let somone so stupid be on tv uhm uhm yeah

  • David m
    David m 3 hours ago

    I'll smash

  • dustin hamlin
    dustin hamlin 3 hours ago

    Pewdiepie you POS. Eminem didn't walk out. This is why you are lame

  • Tesla Gibson
    Tesla Gibson 3 hours ago

    I don't even know what to think about this, shame on her for this ridiculousness and shame on her mom for entertaining it. Going on Dr. Phil is not a way to make the problem go away, it's a way to exploit it for some quick cash and infamy. We just love to watch white trash do what it does best: act stupid and beg for attention.

  • Luke Cullum
    Luke Cullum 3 hours ago +1

    Lol she lives in my town I've known her for awhile she crazy asf

  • InvaderXGamez
    InvaderXGamez 3 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Renzo Macasocol
    Renzo Macasocol 3 hours ago

    wtf i thot Em was goin be ther n persona & put this b*t*h on blast!!! F*** That

  • Sapphire Skies
    Sapphire Skies 3 hours ago


  • jiiiigsaw
    jiiiigsaw 3 hours ago

    Kill her before she lay eggs

  • Andrew Tao
    Andrew Tao 3 hours ago


  • bj wds
    bj wds 4 hours ago

    I don’t know why I found this video so funny!

  • Hopefully Hopeful
    Hopefully Hopeful 4 hours ago

    Eminem didn’t walk out this is clickbait

  • Green Beans
    Green Beans 4 hours ago

    Pewdiepie is my uncle

  • Zach Keesee
    Zach Keesee 4 hours ago

    I could be samuel l Jackson's baby 😂😂😂

  • Mel i.
    Mel i. 4 hours ago

    1:50 PaPA

  • Nkanyiso Mchunu
    Nkanyiso Mchunu 4 hours ago

    Bruv where in the video is *EMINEM* walking out?

  • MrRevaltions
    MrRevaltions 4 hours ago

    Definitely clickbaited em doesn't walk out...

  • wesley gray
    wesley gray 4 hours ago

    this girl is terrifying.

  • Djdjdhehe Hdhdhdhdhd
    Djdjdhehe Hdhdhdhdhd 4 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown 4 hours ago

    Damn click bait bullshit

  • Fleestack Mans
    Fleestack Mans 4 hours ago

    Click bait? Eminem walks out. Hah, bull. Lol

  • Lokey Dokey
    Lokey Dokey 4 hours ago


  • hubub baloo
    hubub baloo 4 hours ago

    Wheres the picture?!? FFS!!!

  • Mihammad Afiq Danial
    Mihammad Afiq Danial 4 hours ago


  • Juan Pablo Salvador
    Juan Pablo Salvador 4 hours ago

    She is the product of insest

  • Robert Sargent
    Robert Sargent 4 hours ago

    Bait.... Don't watch it...

  • ambergrisly tv
    ambergrisly tv 4 hours ago

    More dr. Phil dissections please :)

    KING TURK 4 hours ago


  • Emilija Armonaitė
    Emilija Armonaitė 4 hours ago

    There is no what if!!!! I AM PREGNANT!!! ....and it is cheese sticks.....

  • ThaFiyaStarta
    ThaFiyaStarta 4 hours ago


  • Adalie Stoddard
    Adalie Stoddard 4 hours ago

    eminem is actually my father and baby jesus is my uncle sooooo haley can suck it shes obviously just trying to SWIPE my relatives

  • Sky The Hunter
    Sky The Hunter 5 hours ago