She Thinks Eminem Is Her Father... then Eminem walks out...! -- Dr Phil #4

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Dr phil meets with teenage baby jesus girl and this time eminem is the father. Watch part 1:
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  • Creepahz Gaming
    Creepahz Gaming 2 months ago +41862

    Eminem sure handled that situation very well

  • Fat Mexican
    Fat Mexican 9 hours ago

    Rackaracka smashed u at table tennis 🏓

  • Nik C
    Nik C 10 hours ago

    You're a lying SOB, I watched that Dr. Phil episode and Eminem never once walked out. Clickbait is for desperate jerkoffs.. nobody watch this video... It's a scam..

  • A leaf on the stream of creation

    8:51 is honestly a mood

  • Katie Helen
    Katie Helen 11 hours ago

    Rap god 🤣

  • Barbora Fejfarova
    Barbora Fejfarova 12 hours ago

    Sadly, she is not healthy, not alright, and her family was just saying, that she is a lier and made fun of her. Stupid family, I feel bad for the girl.

  • BO55 x PEARLY
    BO55 x PEARLY 12 hours ago

    how does pewdiepie have so many followers? TRASH

  • Волчара
    Волчара 13 hours ago

    Ебааа, русские субтитры просто ахуенные.

  • EpicIpad gamer YT
    EpicIpad gamer YT 15 hours ago

    Mikey looks like MGK like if you agree

  • brett hatfield
    brett hatfield 17 hours ago

    Lol he don't know his rappers he put drakes pic up over Eminem

  • Ava Mahinfalah
    Ava Mahinfalah 17 hours ago

    Lol! “Papa! Here I am papi!!” I’m DYINGGG

  • TheGaming Chicken
    TheGaming Chicken 17 hours ago

    This girl is gonna start WWRAP

  • TheGaming Chicken
    TheGaming Chicken 18 hours ago

    Eminem should've through an MNM at her and said lying bit#h

    Wait I just realized if she "dated famous people" then doesn't that mean she dated her "dad"

  • Christopher Lowry
    Christopher Lowry 18 hours ago

    five thousand million likes?

  • Chasity Marie Hutto
    Chasity Marie Hutto 18 hours ago

    He looks more like mgk 😂

  • Lachie McGuigan
    Lachie McGuigan 20 hours ago

    Pewds is her dad

  • Xoo Vhan
    Xoo Vhan 20 hours ago

    Thought eminem was here. But wait... eminems daughter is here 😍

  • Shewhomustnotbenamed 1031

    Yeah this isn't click bait its a damn lie.

  • Wolfie Timeplayz
    Wolfie Timeplayz 20 hours ago

    Is it sad that I think she needs to go to a mental hospital

  • Haley Marino
    Haley Marino 20 hours ago

    Omg I’m changing my name this bitch puts my name to shame ......

  • Adam Sadelski
    Adam Sadelski 21 hour ago

    That treatment facility must have fed her too much

  • Grace Kramayir
    Grace Kramayir 21 hour ago

    you to much talk'

    WHITCOMBEMEDIA 22 hours ago

    Still waiting for Eminem to walk out... 🖕🏽

  • Cj Brown
    Cj Brown Day ago

    Pewdiepie first the ultimate TheXvid now the ultimate roaster?

  • ash kra
    ash kra Day ago

    Pewdiepie's a liar.

  • Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams Day ago +2

    Can the real dad please stand up. Please stand up

  • dan severin
    dan severin Day ago

    Who is the turd with the click-bait video?

  • J.D. Soul
    J.D. Soul Day ago

    Just here to let you all know I'm the real Jesus.........XD

  • Captain Swagalicious

    Eminem always suckles on the tit of doctor phil for content

  • Eric Silvestre
    Eric Silvestre Day ago

    Hey pewds maybe you're the dad, and your real age is 50 @_@

  • elcaptindelmuerte

    How do I get my view back? Lieing dueche bag click bait

  • Mary Marianelli
    Mary Marianelli Day ago

    roses are red
    violet's are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    and so did u

  • Romo Spinelli
    Romo Spinelli Day ago

    I can totally see the resemblance...... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy Day ago

    Click bait. Not liking or subbing

  • Angelina Burns
    Angelina Burns Day ago

    she obviously has a medical condition and something is seriously wrong with her, how could you people make fun of her? the mom’s face showed she fucking did meth or some shit when she was pregnant with the girl

  • Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117

    Why does Grenchin Whitmer look disturbingly like Hillary Clinton?

  • MaLyssa Perigo
    MaLyssa Perigo Day ago

    You liar. Eminem did not walk out and that's the whole point of me watching this damn son WTF

  • Brandon Berg
    Brandon Berg Day ago

    This generation is FUCKED

  • Dhruv Kaushik
    Dhruv Kaushik Day ago

    Hey everyone, did I tell you that PewDiePie is my father and also I'm pregnant with baby Logan Paul?

  • Alyssa Slaughter

    My mom's a hoe! 😂😂

  • Slaycool
    Slaycool Day ago

    My dad is Pewdiepie

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez Day ago

    Her dad looks like mgk

  • Dess Atheena
    Dess Atheena Day ago

    This is why we have so many crazy attention seekers...because they get a show on Dr. Phil. Come on!

  • kris Wilson
    kris Wilson Day ago

    Click bait.. He nevered walked out

  • Yo Hann
    Yo Hann Day ago

    Är du fortfarande påinternett och gör dom idiotiskavideoerna.jag vet du tjenar en formue på d,och är blitt en kändispå d nåär dugott över 25 år man.
    Mitt poengär at du gör videoer för folk som intehar humor,dom har inte känskap till non sanning,etc. Ochdu måstespela en roll derdu är en idiotför dina pengar.
    Detta är youtube,inte et riktit jobb der man tjenar peng och fårsamma erkjenanda av dom samma folk du jobbar för

  • newbie games
    newbie games Day ago

    Bro its Epic when u say papi cause in hindi that means sinner

  • Blake Michael
    Blake Michael Day ago

    I wonder if em saw this

  • Noah Strong
    Noah Strong Day ago

    Click bait

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Mom said: "no".
    I think Mom would know!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Crummy brat

  • Jenni Harner
    Jenni Harner Day ago

    You are so funny By the way I love this channel

  • Raho Barz
    Raho Barz Day ago

    Looool cringe

  • Ice Blood
    Ice Blood Day ago

    She have the bts's DNA !

  • Ice Blood
    Ice Blood Day ago


  • Ice Blood
    Ice Blood Day ago +1

    Possible ?

  • Drew Atkison
    Drew Atkison Day ago

    Definitely her dad🤔🤔

  • MMXI
    MMXI Day ago


  • Cath D.L
    Cath D.L Day ago

    Man this girl has serious mental issues

  • minibeem
    minibeem Day ago


  • Andrew smith
    Andrew smith Day ago

    Thanks for the click bait

  • Extreme Works
    Extreme Works Day ago

    Lies lies lies.. more click bait

  • Reiko Ishida
    Reiko Ishida Day ago +1


  • DanStar Fella
    DanStar Fella Day ago

    👏🏼 👏🏼

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith Day ago

    11:30 into it... LMAO!!!

  • Morley Bourgon
    Morley Bourgon Day ago

    Top ten ways to get fame

  • N* Hinter
    N* Hinter Day ago

    I think pewds is the dad here.....

  • Andrea Bilodeau
    Andrea Bilodeau Day ago

    Schizophrenic delusions of grandeur aren't funny. She needs professional help. I won't say medication but that's the route for most of us schizophrenics to manage these sorts of symptoms. She isn't a zoo animal she's sick....

  • mike santiago
    mike santiago Day ago

    Is Eminem actually rap god? 😂😂

  • Hamza Trabelsi
    Hamza Trabelsi Day ago

    okay watching this after the MGK war , and that guys looks like MGK not Eminem xD

  • _Ghost
    _Ghost Day ago

    Honestly I think Lil pump is the dad. and the REAL mom is Lil tay. Her "Mom" is just an uncle. and her her kid in her whom is 6ix9ine

  • Maria Spinda
    Maria Spinda Day ago

    I think she thought if she did this doctor Phil would bring em on the show and she would finally get to meet him. She's just a crazy Stan. Lol. Poor girl.

  • Dazza_ _103
    Dazza_ _103 Day ago

    "Helllooo everybody welcome back to another video and you all remember that i'm pregnant with baby jesus chick" hahahaha😂😂

  • homayoon heidari

    so if eminem is she's dad and dr phil is she's uncle and jesus is she's son does that mean eminem is jesus's grandpa ? and dr phil is eminem's brother ?

  • honeyhoneycomb
    honeyhoneycomb Day ago

    Next up: *Girl says she's in a secret relationship with drake and has a kid with Kim Jong-Un and knows who murdered Elisa Lam*

  • AngieYaz
    AngieYaz Day ago

    *WhAt If*

  • samr hernandez
    samr hernandez Day ago

    It has 666k likes now lol

  • Starly
    Starly Day ago

    I love how demanding Pewds was about the photo

  • Swopeboi
    Swopeboi Day ago

    man Em really shut her down

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago +1

    Eminem didn’t look awkward at all, just concerned at how stupid this girl is.
    😂 the look on his face

  • Fky Hzq 15 QUAD
    Fky Hzq 15 QUAD Day ago

    This girl need to drink jilly juices.😂

  • Clarkeey _
    Clarkeey _ Day ago +6

    Who watching this after the MGK and Eminem disses 🤑

  • Griffin Ward
    Griffin Ward Day ago

    Eminem = dad

  • Jacob Snow
    Jacob Snow Day ago

    Eminem is obviously her mother. He laid a rotten egg and she oozed out the side of his gestational period. It's a miracle she survived an asexual discharge of X and Y chromosomes without down syndrome prevalent in her DNA abnormalities. Candy coated upside down W's rarely give birth to anything other than shelled peanuts.
    Mummy dearest, your soiled coffin linens crusted into a regurgitated talking cum bubble again. I thought you'd have taught Cleopatra to swallow by now.

  • Kesha Rhinestone

    666 thousand likes

  • james boner
    james boner Day ago

    666k likes. Call the exorcist

  • Keeping Up With Jenny's Vlogs

    666k likes. The devil's number.

  • kittypie
    kittypie Day ago

    Conan O’Brien is my papa!

  • Joseph Sowulski
    Joseph Sowulski Day ago

    Dudes annoying

  • Samuel Raymond
    Samuel Raymond Day ago

    Pewds said it, eminem is a god, his kid is jesus, let’s not talk about that huhhh mgk

  • ŲñîĶøřŅ of ĐəÄțh

    She has pictures

  • Eissa Ahsan
    Eissa Ahsan Day ago

    Yo lazarbeam did this

  • the great xenu
    the great xenu Day ago

    "did you tell people Eminem was your father"
    "is Eminem your father"
    "im not sure"
    pinnacle of humanity

    watched the video further, Jesus Christ I thought I was insane

  • beastiesforlife coolbeans

    U have 666 k likes rn

  • El Rutz
    El Rutz Day ago

    So Embrassing😂😂

  • Andrew Plough
    Andrew Plough Day ago

    Holy fuck why didnt anyone ever tell me dr phill is eminem's brother

  • Hureeya Ferouzi
    Hureeya Ferouzi Day ago

    omg. i swear, this is sooooooooooooo funny!!!!! yo Felix, your SAVAGE!!! i subscribed!

  • The Shenanigans
    The Shenanigans Day ago

    The real question is, is Eminem all of our dads?

  • Caroline Bishop
    Caroline Bishop Day ago

    Omg that chick is fucking insanely crazy

  • Remmington Welda

    It’s doctor Phil and Eminem