• Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Kids try fruit snacks!
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    Kids try fruit snacks! What will their reaction be?! Stay tuned for more People vs. Food, here on the REACT channel.
    This episode features the following Kids:
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    People Vs. Food #83 - GUESS THAT GUMMY CHALLENGE | Kids vs. Food
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    REACT  2 years ago +452

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    • Abby
      Abby 2 years ago +50


    • alleunamme
      alleunamme 2 years ago +3

      Notification squad!!!!!! Please notice

    • Marta !
      Marta ! 2 years ago

      Teens react to DanTDMS "I was told to react to this video.." Please?

    • Alexsandra Medina
      Alexsandra Medina 2 years ago +1

      Which gummy was The most best rated ! BTW I SAW JACKSON AT THE CROWN LIBARY LOL BYEEE

    • Candace Nelson
      Candace Nelson 2 years ago

      React to Amy Winehouse

  • Keira Cummins
    Keira Cummins 2 years ago +2

    "It's like....if rainbow was a flavor"
    Another reason Sydney is my favorite

  • Stephen Ochoa
    Stephen Ochoa 2 years ago

    Kids react to Sannakji

  • Sancho Jhon Paul
    Sancho Jhon Paul 2 years ago +1

    Please try atchara in the philippines

  • spicymilo
    spicymilo 2 years ago +1

    kids react to Korean food

  • Mimi.icons AJ
    Mimi.icons AJ 2 years ago

    "Oh No there are Billions"

  • Cristian Valderrama Godoy


  • Claus Michael Fasting
    Claus Michael Fasting 2 years ago +1

    Please let Kids react to Portuguese food

  • Skippy Dinglechalk
    Skippy Dinglechalk 2 years ago

    You guys should try French food

  • Julian0505z
    Julian0505z 2 years ago +6

    I'll be so happy when Jaxon moves to Teens React in a year or so!

  • Zorrek
    Zorrek 2 years ago

    REACT Can You Tell Me What The Other Channel Is..FBE Or Something

  • V0ltz09
    V0ltz09 2 years ago +3

    Sydney is really cute can she be my gf

  • Gaming With John
    Gaming With John 2 years ago +2

    Kids react to CoryxKenshin!!! Come on react!! Y'all gotta do it!!!

  • Isabella Paola
    Isabella Paola 2 years ago +15

    kids react to the emoji movie

  • Kat McKenzie
    Kat McKenzie 2 years ago +13

    I can hardly wait for Jaxon to become a member of Teens React. He's like a young jacksfilms and vice versa.

  • LousyDavid
    LousyDavid 2 years ago +9

    I just love Sydney.
    "Awhh no, there are billions."

  • Brujita Metztli
    Brujita Metztli 2 years ago +5

    Kids react to authentic Mexican food!

  • Khaos nickk
    Khaos nickk 2 years ago +1

    How do you get into the kids series

  • PikachuPlays 1090
    PikachuPlays 1090 2 years ago

    My sister loves hi chew!!

  • Roman Capati
    Roman Capati 2 years ago +4

    It was funny when Jaxon gave Keils more gummy

  • Karameeel Edits
    Karameeel Edits 2 years ago +4

    Can you please do "Kids reacting to Arabic food"!

  • Colin Blom
    Colin Blom 2 years ago +1

    Plz do a kids reacting to you know you lit - dobre brothers

  • Miguel Valenzuela
    Miguel Valenzuela 2 years ago +1

    Tell Jackson Jack son i want to marry hime

  • Rayrai Ulanday
    Rayrai Ulanday 2 years ago +1

    4:02 FRUIT SNACKS!!!!

  • JSG247
    JSG247 2 years ago +2

    let them try japanese snacks

  • The Filming Sushi
    The Filming Sushi 2 years ago

    Hichew! mmmmmm

  • Kblubbx3
    Kblubbx3 2 years ago +9


  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 2 years ago +5

    ngl I kinda ship Jackson and Kelis

  • Bruno Lee
    Bruno Lee 2 years ago +1

    What a good episode!
    It would be better if Jordyn were here.

  • Moon Byul-yi
    Moon Byul-yi 2 years ago +1

    Welch'sssss are my baeeee 'cause I eat them when I'm not supposed to LMAOoo

  • Official Cameron Somsy

    Hey I'm 11yrs old and I was wondering if I can be on kids react

  • Grey Sincle
    Grey Sincle 2 years ago +1

    4:05 Jaxon's plate slap.

  • Nick-E Nicole
    Nick-E Nicole 2 years ago +10

    "My mom don't pack me fruit snacks!"😂

  • Kyla C
    Kyla C 2 years ago +11

    "My mom don't pack me fruit snakes"
    This had me dying😂😂😂😂

  • Elgroth Talvinen
    Elgroth Talvinen 2 years ago +4

    Sydney is so flippin cute... especially when disgusted :-D ... "Billions"

  • agwtaw2
    agwtaw2 2 years ago +3

    Fruit snacks? Fruit. Snacks. Really?

  • Emily Comer
    Emily Comer 2 years ago

    College kids do a one bite challenge

  • Pu1se Luna
    Pu1se Luna 2 years ago

    Hi chews ARE NOT gummies

    • Goleon
      Goleon 2 years ago

      The.Kawaii.Watermelon Tell that to Japan.

  • Goonz
    Goonz 2 years ago

    fruit by the foot and fruit roll ups are the same

    • Goleon
      Goleon 2 years ago

      Goonz Not really. One is really sticky and hard to unwrap (and let you tattoo your tongue) while the other is basically a foot long and easier to eat.

    • Clara Bywater
      Clara Bywater 2 years ago

      Goonz ikr

  • Cyan Dee
    Cyan Dee 2 years ago

    Jaxon and Dominick! They're the cutest 💛

  • catluvr2
    catluvr2 2 years ago +3

    I'd like to see them guess what kind of jerky they're eating! I've had alligator, and I've seen ostrich and rattlesnake jerky before.

  • More Mmore
    More Mmore 2 years ago +1

    kids and teens

  • Crazykiid 12
    Crazykiid 12 2 years ago +1

    REACT also start of a series of them playing ROBLOX

  • Crazykiid 12
    Crazykiid 12 2 years ago +1

    React plz let them play ROBLOX

  • Mandy Zheng
    Mandy Zheng 2 years ago +4

    I'm gonna put theses on your plate
    NO STOP!
    Why don't you want them do u not like em

  • GTW hernandez
    GTW hernandez 2 years ago +1


  • Christy C
    Christy C 2 years ago +2

    Oh nooooo there are billions, haha

  • Jeannette Vander Putten
    Jeannette Vander Putten 2 years ago +3

    Guess That Cheeto's

  • Popularkid20 GAMES
    Popularkid20 GAMES 2 years ago +5

    can I join the react channle

  • Unicorn Power
    Unicorn Power 2 years ago +5

    There's a new girl 😂

  • Jose cadenas
    Jose cadenas 2 years ago +3

    My son loves react channel I really want him on react channel how do I get him on there

    • Sakura
      Sakura 2 years ago

      Jose cadenas do u live in LA or near??? They did post about auditions for kids react about a month ago on instagram! You can check that out.

  • RLNC Ravoxity
    RLNC Ravoxity 2 years ago +4

    Hiiiiii chew!!!

  • JxelYo
    JxelYo 2 years ago +1

    no joke i could SMELL the candy so clearly through the screen

  • XXX Gamer
    XXX Gamer 2 years ago

    Video's are great

  • love Ashiba
    love Ashiba 2 years ago +2

    Please do kids react to dance moms

  • Moo
    Moo 2 years ago +4

    Kids react to 90s songs

    • Noel Arkström
      Noel Arkström 2 years ago +2

      no. please. no... i will just get mad xd

  • Okitsking
    Okitsking 2 years ago

    Have them react to Us brand chocolates

  • Katherine Sutterfield
    Katherine Sutterfield 2 years ago +16

    Why is Jaxon so cute!!!😰🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Moo
      Moo 2 years ago

      Kate_ Dstpm I KNOW RIGHT

  • Gabe Ragsdale
    Gabe Ragsdale 2 years ago +2

    Have kids react to def leopard

    • Wrench
      Wrench 2 years ago +2

      Gabe Ragsdale SHUT THE HELL UP

  • Gabe Ragsdale
    Gabe Ragsdale 2 years ago

    Have kids react to def leopard

  • Gabe Ragsdale
    Gabe Ragsdale 2 years ago

    Have kids react to nickel back

  • Gabe Ragsdale
    Gabe Ragsdale 2 years ago

    Have kids react to nickel back

  • postshift19
    postshift19 2 years ago +6

    I suggest a new show: Anorexics vs. Food.

  • Lanae A
    Lanae A 2 years ago

    I lost a tooth eating a fruit roll-up once when I was in school.

  • Thalia Mansilla
    Thalia Mansilla 2 years ago +4

    Kids react to roblox plz

  • Stupidhead154
    Stupidhead154 2 years ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Elizabeth's Thomas
    Elizabeth's Thomas 2 years ago +1

    I'd like to see the teens guess where different types of fried chicken came from.

  • Eduardo Ortiz
    Eduardo Ortiz 2 years ago +5

    they eat with their mouths open

  • Jason Angeles
    Jason Angeles 2 years ago

    dolan twins

  • Edison Galarza Ordonez
    Edison Galarza Ordonez 2 years ago +4

    make them eat fried pig skin but bring it in to to the raw

  • Mohammed Issa
    Mohammed Issa 2 years ago +1

    Try noni

  • Guy . . .
    Guy . . . 2 years ago +2

    Almost to 8 million sups

  • Jessica Solkiewicz
    Jessica Solkiewicz 2 years ago +2

    Do gummy vs. real food please

  • KaidenOfficial
    KaidenOfficial 2 years ago +1

    Kids vs Food Ube which is Filipino

  • Drudicta
    Drudicta 2 years ago +4

    "Gummy candy" Shoulda just been "Fruit candy"