EXCLUSIVE! Eddie Hearn on Joshua/Ruiz 2, KSI vs Logan Paul, Wilder & Lomachenko

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
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    Eddie Hearn speaks exclusively from Saudi Arabia ahead of the Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 media tour.
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  • Syed Zaidi
    Syed Zaidi 3 days ago

    AJ schooled ruiz 😂

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 10 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is the reason wilder vs joshua never happened

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 10 days ago

    Classic Mr Bullshit

  • Sułtan Kosmitów
    Sułtan Kosmitów 11 days ago

    He looks lika younger Brother or son of dana whyte

  • Farm Bear
    Farm Bear 11 days ago

    Call it, "the dust up in the desert!"

  • Dee Mighty
    Dee Mighty 18 days ago

    Why does eddie talk like the thieves and crooks in all the British movies I've watched?🤷‍♂️😂

  • kigipoo kigipoo
    kigipoo kigipoo 23 days ago

    eddie hearn needs to sign jai opetaia

  • The DMX DJ
    The DMX DJ 25 days ago

    Bahrain would be a great place for boxing... plenty of expats that are more than willing to cross the causeway for some pork and beer

  • abdi siraj
    abdi siraj Month ago

    There are a number of interesting fights for loma. Why isn't his name on the news.

  • Bill Patrick Jones
    Bill Patrick Jones Month ago

    Does Eddie Hearn EVER SLEEP. He's giving interviews 24 hours a day? 'This restaurant no doubt is an amazing restaurant, the big question always is what I'm gonna order? Now the chef recommends the steak, but I like to try new things …..' 'This milk I do drink at night. All aside drinking milk at night is obviously a massive health benefit. I've got big plans for breakfast with out any doubt …..' 'This funeral here I fell's a celebration. All aside I think the crowd are gonna love this. We're talking funerals here but the atmosphere was really amazing....'

  • ShowMe Sunset
    ShowMe Sunset Month ago

    AJ Couldn't beat eggs

  • West Dallas
    West Dallas Month ago

    Eddie herns is that guy!! What a great guy!

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney Month ago

    Eddie could sell a pen to Jordan Belfort

  • mr_kiki
    mr_kiki Month ago

    AJ should start fighting like Wilder ... keep distance and hit savagely

  • Allotmental
    Allotmental Month ago

    Muslim fighting in a Muslim country ain't an advantage lol give it a rest.

  • Will VSW
    Will VSW Month ago

    Eddie talks more shit than the guys from Dino Rod🤦🏻‍♂️👀😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cameron Markham
    Cameron Markham Month ago

    Pretty sure UFC done it first

  • CJ Hawaii Trump2020
    CJ Hawaii Trump2020 2 months ago +1

    The only reason Logan Paul did not knock out KSI is because of the bigger gloves and head guard,

  • Harvey P
    Harvey P 2 months ago

    You've got tits you fat prick.

  • Joe Tep
    Joe Tep 2 months ago

    Etty ern

  • Shiro hi Light
    Shiro hi Light 2 months ago

    they try to conquer America, they failed, now they try to conquer Saudi Arabia, they will probably fail again

  • JonesyBoy25
    JonesyBoy25 2 months ago


    Reply and like if this should be a fight

  • Marty Lad
    Marty Lad 2 months ago

    Fxck AJ - TheXvidrs r the future!

  • Marty Lad
    Marty Lad 2 months ago

    Is this the Sky interviewer interviewing his one & only promoter?????/

  • Marty Lad
    Marty Lad 2 months ago

    The thrilla in ........ some residential area in Saudi!

    KUNMITUS 2 months ago


  • Gordon Giles
    Gordon Giles 2 months ago

    Why don't you put shwatz against wollin see the results

  • bengolfs1
    bengolfs1 2 months ago

    Don't believe for one minute Hearn scheduled the fight in Saudi Arabia to develop the middle east market and spread good will, etc. That's all bullshit. Eddie did it because Andy said "NO" to the U.K. location, and Hearn caved in like a little bitch. Also, the Saudi government paid quite a substantial site fee. It's a no-brainer, really.

  • M
    M 2 months ago

    HEARN sort your DAZN commentary team out. Tevin and that woman doing the Paul ksi press conference were an absolute shambles, get someone that knows about them! Also I know ray Leonard is a legend but fucking hell he can’t commentate. Try and bring Paulie in, even Andre Ward. Bring in boxers who haven’t long been retired with serious boxing I.Q

  • Neville Bartos
    Neville Bartos 2 months ago +1

    aj needs to stick to them lucozade and lynx addverts, hes got more chance of a career in that then boxing,

  • Neville Bartos
    Neville Bartos 2 months ago

    eddie hearn ruining the boxing sport, he would have ruiz vs aj rematch on the moon if there was the money there lol

  • Neville Bartos
    Neville Bartos 2 months ago

    how many ruiz fans and aj fans are really going to travel to watch the fight in saudi arabia how is this great for boxing come the fight there will be about 10 aj and ruiz fans who are in the crowd, youve got an american.mexican and a englishman fighting in saudi arabia, how the fuck is that great for boxing,

  • Eric Daniel
    Eric Daniel 2 months ago

    Nah man throw some youtubers in there as well, you’ve stripped the event and the two main fighters of the foundation and origin or their fight, keep the pros just add some youtubers

  • John Ging
    John Ging 2 months ago

    We want gib v Jake

  • OnlyUseMeEquip
    OnlyUseMeEquip 2 months ago

    using youtubers to promote boxing, guaranteed biggest pay day of BJS's life

  • Jamie Stevens
    Jamie Stevens 2 months ago

    People are calling this dude a genius, pipe down yeah?

  • Edde Abyss
    Edde Abyss 2 months ago

    Dis gai talks reall smoothhhhh

  • king striker
    king striker 2 months ago

    Fuck you eddie

  • Guus
    Guus 2 months ago

    deontay wilder vs. logan paul?

  • TheGood Guy
    TheGood Guy 2 months ago

    I agree with him

  • Katy Wardle
    Katy Wardle 2 months ago

    Eddie you slag - Put Chisora on the KSI undercard FFS

  • Douglas B.
    Douglas B. 2 months ago

    Amen to that! 🥊👍🏻

  • Quade77
    Quade77 2 months ago

    is this Star Trek?

  • itiswhatitis 9
    itiswhatitis 9 2 months ago

    What a lazy asshole

  • Aubrey Winchester
    Aubrey Winchester 2 months ago

    Smart move... Thing is most fans will skip to the end to see ksi and Logan Paul fight. I don’t think he’s that’s “smart” I mean, these fans don’t care about boxing, I love boxing but I don’t watch it, and that’s not gonna change. The only exception I’ve ever made was Logan and ksi. That’s it, so my predictions are: Little to no one will care about your boxers, so enjoy the ratings.

  • LuvZixi
    LuvZixi 2 months ago +2

    It's great that he's being open-minded and I get what he's trying to do but I don't give a damn about actual boxing💀 I'm not about to pay to watch a bunch strangers I've never seen before, I'd much rather prefer TheXvidrs or maybe a mix of both at the least. I'm sorry your boxers are underrated or whatever and TheXvidrs have more clout than ever these days but that's not our problem

    • Csilla
      Csilla 2 months ago

      Spoken like a true 12 years old.

  • ethnicAlbert
    ethnicAlbert 3 months ago +1

    Love how eddie spins the saudi cash grab xD

  • Archie Harris
    Archie Harris 3 months ago +1

    I actually love how smart Eddie hearne is 😂💪

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis 3 months ago +1

    Not even interested In the fight after hearing this apparent physic who knows what everyone seems to want. It's as if he's the only "boxing fan" I suppose let's just say he invented it. lol I think he's upset that his "boxers" are highly underrated in comparison to TheXvidrs and hate to say it's not on another level I honestly think he should be fired get someone with some hince. And did he actually just say chocolate and vanilla? Racist piece of shit. Funny for a guy who wants new fans he wants to take out what's gonna bring them. Everyone wants to watch a bunch of brain dead old men pound each other or people we know?

  • cal mac
    cal mac 3 months ago

    AJ is a bum.

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 3 months ago

    Jr has turned inside out makes me wonder was the first Ruiz we saw was a two faced rat and now this Jr is the real Andy a fucking fat bad winner cunt

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 3 months ago

    in this one

  • Riv era
    Riv era 3 months ago

    why do people hate Eddie hearn exactly?

  • Steve tang0
    Steve tang0 3 months ago +1

    Wilder is a total prick go back too the hood and smoke crack

  • Billy2901
    Billy2901 3 months ago +1

    Only in it for the money

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 3 months ago

      I like eddie hearn just because he said get the head guards off.

  • Jimmy Jacks
    Jimmy Jacks 3 months ago

    disgraceful horrible character, no honesty, no honor, just a scumbag after money

  • Kadeem Liburd
    Kadeem Liburd 3 months ago +1

    Although he did say the first fight was genius, didn't he also say it was bad for boxing?

  • HaziqDaBeast Yt
    HaziqDaBeast Yt 3 months ago +1

    We want youtubers on undercard if u dont let youtubers on we will not help if u want us to help you you have to let us fight

  • ALIZ
    ALIZ 3 months ago

    Ruiz vs Joshua 2 ain't nowhere near as important as Fury vs Wilder 2

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 3 months ago

      Eddie Earn £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

  • Tyler J Mitchell
    Tyler J Mitchell 3 months ago

    Luke Campbell did not win any rounds 😂