How Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Became Official Canon (SPOILER ALERT)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • (SPOILER ALERT) We sit down with Fallen Order's director, Stig Asmussen, and discuss all the design details of the game and what it took to build a well received Star Wars single player game, what it's like creating for the official Star Wars canon, and whether or not the game should have had multiplayer.
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  • Sasha Nicolaas
    Sasha Nicolaas 6 days ago

    It would be cool if you could peacefully visit other species and more planets and drink some juice at bars or buy a companian like wookies or ewoks.

  • Nico Quiñones
    Nico Quiñones 10 days ago

    2 husky bald white men talking about starwars

  • Freddy Fazbear // UltimateGamingDevil

    I play Jedi fallen order

  • Matthew Lombard
    Matthew Lombard 14 days ago

    ONCE AGAIN EA does not disappoint BIGEST LOAD OF CRAP !! Story line started so so and the end was such a let down and made no sense. Never buying an EA game again don't even want to smell the company on a game I buy.

  • kawaii slav
    kawaii slav 17 days ago +1

    I want Cal kestis to be the main character for the new prequels and him rebuilding the jedi order, passing on what he knows to other Jedi's fighting what's left of the empire or final order

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall 18 days ago +3

    "This is a power fantasy about becoming a Jedi -- and part of my brain was like: I can take him."
    Not mine. I was playing on Jedi Master and I had almost no health and no stims left after the fight with Trilla. My reaction was the same as Cal's:
    "OK, here goes nothing; goodbye cruel world." lol

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall 18 days ago

    Vader's portrayal in the game is excellent. We've all kinda grown to like him because he's so cool, but here we're reminded that he's terrifying and that he's evil. Trilla's reaction to him is so powerful. It makes it clear that she was ultimately just a victim of the Empire.

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall 18 days ago

    It became official canon because it's great and the fans accept it as canon.
    The Disney trilogy, however -- very debatable. :P

  • Jay Bradford
    Jay Bradford 20 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Darth Vader’s face part of his helmet looks smaller(shorter) than the top part of his helmet? Like it looks like his helmet takes up way more of his face when he first appears? Just me?

  • ChannelUnknown1997
    ChannelUnknown1997 21 day ago

    Now finished Jedi fallen order to me cal is not the best character but had an interesting story arc

  • ChannelUnknown1997
    ChannelUnknown1997 21 day ago +1

    Mandolorian game would be so sickkkk

  • J. C.
    J. C. 23 days ago

    Where on Earth is this guy getting the idea that there's been arguing over difficulty levels?

  • NFLed
    NFLed 25 days ago +1

    Fantastic game. I don't disagree with any of the design choices.

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman Month ago

    Are you guys clones.. 😅

  • xboxkiller
    xboxkiller Month ago +1

    Better than the sequel trilogy.

  • Alfonso Payan
    Alfonso Payan Month ago

    2:47 lol even Pokémon had that problem/discussion of difficulty

  • gold333
    gold333 Month ago

    This game was dull and tedious. Just a vertical corridor slice em up. No living breathing environments like Assassin's Creed, no cities, no bustle. You never feel like it's an open world Star Wars game. It feels more like a simple Star Wars arcade game. And all the backtracking is so tedious. No fast travel.

    NEMRCOMEDY Month ago +2

    These guys could play the same guy at different stages of their lives

  • Julian Kinne
    Julian Kinne Month ago

    Game was great but needs more for a full priced title; a new game plus, more colours and cosmetics for sabers, more costumes, more skill upgrades, the ability to select levels, alternate modes like a battle arena. Image Cal in the inquisitor outfit with a red saber using new split saber moves in a battle arena against a rankor or another Jedi!

  • Night as the Old
    Night as the Old Month ago

    I haven’t seen Altano since 2013 or maybe even 2014 (for no reason other than I got older and adult job/life happened and I didn’t follow games as closely) and holyshit man nice job getting fit. Took me a sec to realize it was you.
    When did this happen?

  • delirium unloaded
    delirium unloaded Month ago +1

    Omg he's right Vader made my heart pound I was scared

    • delirium unloaded
      delirium unloaded Month ago

      In the movies I'm not sure but isn't calls name mentioned

  • Ahov
    Ahov Month ago +1

    Fantastic game with a legendary ending.

  • Bobbythefish_gaming
    Bobbythefish_gaming Month ago +2

    I really enjoyed my play through of this game very nice story and character progression very nicely done

  • Matthew Palanca
    Matthew Palanca Month ago +1

    This needs a sequel. You can do whatever you like, Respawn, as long as EA won't bother your genius minds.

  • JiKatha
    JiKatha Month ago

    I really want obi wan to meet Cal in Kenobi

  • Ryan Heinz
    Ryan Heinz Month ago

    Vader's appearance was so sick.

  • Song Phaecharoensook

    all i want in this game are robes and be able to ride on speeder bikes or land speeder for fast travels

  • Joe Savoie
    Joe Savoie Month ago

    How you not gonna ask if they have a sequel in store??

  • Parzival
    Parzival Month ago

    They could easily do a Disney plus series. Pick up right after the game. And since all the characters model their voice actors they can just use them

  • Sir Arnie
    Sir Arnie Month ago

    The game still has issues. Mainly with enemies not chasing you after a certain point. Usually at a certain open doorway they won't pursue you. I exploited this by easily mining XP on Zeffo with one of the bigger monsters. I'd easily kill it at the doorway, then rest and repeat.

  • Always_Serpico
    Always_Serpico Month ago +4

    EA is big mad. The more successful this game becomes, the more they make themselves look like dumbasses.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier Month ago

      Yeah, I'm sure they're absolutely crying over the mad stacks they're making off this game.

  • StannoSon
    StannoSon Month ago

    Imagine Cal shows up in the Mandalorian!!!

  • Henbot
    Henbot Month ago

    Game story better then the two new film trilogy at doing Star Wars and better and more compelling characters

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis Month ago


  • Hippie Ninja
    Hippie Ninja Month ago

    Bravo to Respawn! Very pleased with this game. Hopefully they get a chance to make a more rpg type of Star Wars game in the future.

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen Month ago +1

    This game needs a sequel

  • Danny Rod
    Danny Rod Month ago +3

    I want a starwars game that takes place right after order 66 kinda like this one but like right after and your a young padawan that has to train his/her self with no master to follow and the gameplay relays heavily on the force and the lightsaber but your not as big as a storm trooper so if you go 1v1 with one you kinda gotta either be really strategic or stealthy. I would love to have stealth as a big role in the game. Like your not on the same level as these basic storm troopers yet but you can be later in the game and go up against the Sith while developing your own style. Also imagine being a young padawan walking through the streets on a rainy night with these looming storm troopers around every corner and they have like the assasins creed vibe with the curiosity meter. I think something like this would be really cool

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Month ago +2

    I hope there’s a sequel. I want to know what happens next. Maybe a crossover with Aphra?

  • Deffloyd
    Deffloyd Month ago

    If Darth Vader is surprise was so important why is it in the advertising? I smell something?

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee Month ago

      EA handles advertising, and all they care about is money and Vader is very popular. Wasn't Respawn's choice tbf

  • deadlyfullcounter 7
    deadlyfullcounter 7 Month ago +1

    I wish the red saber was a color

  • Wyrmstaker Arudo
    Wyrmstaker Arudo Month ago +1

    Please a sequel. Or a DLC expansion. Heck or just a New Game+ mode.

  • star gazing
    star gazing Month ago +8

    Off topic: I cannot play this game without looking at Cal and seeing Archie from Riverdale.

    • Psy Dreamz
      Psy Dreamz 23 days ago +1

      star gazing wow you see see Archie but not his iconic role in shameless.

  • Kris
    Kris Month ago +1

    The running/walking animation in this game is so hilarious.

  • Generation Sigma
    Generation Sigma Month ago +3

    Cal Kestis is actually a great character, I wonder if he'll fall to the Darkside of the Force though!...That'll be interesting!...

    • Dan Irfan
      Dan Irfan Month ago

      I don’t think he will. If you played the game you’ll know he mastered his fear and became a proper Jedi. It wouldn’t make sense if he turned to the dark side. The Malikos fight was the point to turn kal.

  • Nomadic Hippie
    Nomadic Hippie Month ago


  • Corey Mendoza
    Corey Mendoza Month ago

    I hope you ask why ea didn’t ruin the game

  • lycan papawolf
    lycan papawolf Month ago +1

    I straight up screamed when darthbader showed up it was perfect they wanted to put the fear on the player and they succeeded this was an amazing game

  • Seff
    Seff Month ago +18

    I loved this game. The Vader reveal at the end destroyed me. I haven't been that scared in my life hahha

    ITS_BIG_RED Month ago

    I want a sequel

  • bryce2fadeway
    bryce2fadeway Month ago +1

    I think is the first time in my life I'm craving for dlc and customisation. But do it like cd projekt red. Do it awesome. Don't turn in the dark side battlefront vibe

  • Ryan Donnelly
    Ryan Donnelly Month ago

    Great interview wow

  • Silent Wolf
    Silent Wolf Month ago

    Loved the interview and game. They could’ve even made a Cal and BD-1 show and I would watch it

  • Atharwa Choudhari
    Atharwa Choudhari Month ago

    bald bois

  • Dave Blue
    Dave Blue Month ago

    What is Canon?

  • John Wan-Trink
    John Wan-Trink Month ago

    Why no crawl?

  • Perry Gilbert
    Perry Gilbert Month ago

    I’m sorry but why is this canon but not the Force Unleashed?

    • Ark. Bagas
      Ark. Bagas Month ago

      The origin of Rebel Alliance in the new canon is already different from the one we got in TFU. Also, the last time Disney re-introduce an EU character to their canon, it was a pretty downer (poor Thrawn). I don't want the same thing happens with Galen.

  • NotSo Handso
    NotSo Handso Month ago +36

    Actor playing Cal should play it on Disney+ series!! Do it Disney!!

  • Mike Hawknballs
    Mike Hawknballs Month ago

    Id like to see a refrence to kal in the movies the vo is a movie actor and looks exactly like kal so i dont see how they couldnt

    • Emanuel Ruiz
      Emanuel Ruiz 23 days ago

      I think they intentionally made the character look like him...who knows, there maybe a show or movies in the future for this series. One can hope lol 🤞

  • Rumuel Nathanael
    Rumuel Nathanael Month ago +1

    How? Easy. Because this game is just better in all aspects than the new woke trilogy.

  • Lyrai Celestine
    Lyrai Celestine Month ago +3

    I would love to see a sequel of this game. It feels they're ready to move on and travel across the galaxy and now all I want is to see a new adventure from the Mantis group; something on a bigger picture than this game's highly personal storyline.