Trump announces U.S. is lifting steel and aluminum tariffs

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • President Trump announced that the U.S. will lift steel and aluminum tariffs against Canada and Mexico. He made the remarks in a speech before the National Realtors Association Friday.

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  • rca baby
    rca baby Month ago +1

    I hope Trump put a tariff on Mexican Avocados too

  • God_Laughs _At_Atheists

    Trump haters hate this. They are dying for a Great Depression before the 2020 elections.

  • jonathan young
    jonathan young Month ago

    The American public have such short memory. They are cheering the good news of Trump lifting the tariff on steel and aluminum. They failed to remember that it was Trump who created the tariff. the public are so disconnected and brain-washed. They don't realize that this was all a plot of Trump to divert the public attention from their real problem of inequality of wealth ; high consumer debt; inflated housings; poor education; poor infra-structure; etc....

  • Jacobh801
    Jacobh801 Month ago

    My grandpa is a farmer and he loves trump he owns like 5 hats

  • Joeseph Halecki
    Joeseph Halecki Month ago

    Mid.. Class..wheres...your..proof .crazy .President. $500.00 ..Tax .Break. .Change .dude. .Your.on .the .devils. Party .

  • Joeseph Halecki
    Joeseph Halecki Month ago

    Best .President .kept .all..his .Promises. not .like .Liar. traitor. Obama. ..broke .all..he .said. Change is. coming .yes..socialism ..we. did. not .want. .We. had..15 .running. Against ..then...Donald..trump came..near. him .Demorats .over .20 .And .a..Soomite..President .Trump ..Tell..joe .Go..ahead..Make .My..Day ..

  • Phil Doherty
    Phil Doherty Month ago

    Best economy if 50 years . GO TRUMP !!!!

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens Month ago

    The Bloviating Drama Queen will no doubt soon be staging one or more of his Hillbilly Nuremberg rallies somewhere in the intellectual swamps of Fly Blown Over America to crow about reversing his own boneheaded policy.
    For the tyrannical minority of yahoos, stooges and fools who attend these events and continue to support this demented, incoherent bunco artist and the rest of the treasonous Russo-Repubnant Klavern, hatred, racism and irrational thinking with one's adrenals are pimped as "values" - representing as they do the genetic cul de sac of western civilization.
    They've sold out their own morality for the sake of petty grievances and racial entitlement and forsaken the social compact in order to support a demented failed real estate grifter - a treasonous serial liar, who would probably be a retired used car salesman in some brownfield New Jersey suburb if his father hadn't been a black hearted slumlord.
    Below is what H.L. Mencken had to say about a similar class of idiots who once plagued our electorate (supporters of Warren G. Harding). The parallels are striking:
    "When Dr. Harding prepares a speech he does not think of it in terms of an educated reader locked up in jail,
    but in terms of a great horde of stoneheads gathered around a stand. That is to say, the thing is always a stump speech; it is conceived as a stump speech and written as a stump speech. More, it is a stump speech addressed to the sort of audience that the speaker has been used to all of his life, to wit, an audience of small town yokels, of low political serfs, or morons scarcely able to understand a word of more than two syllables, and wholly able to pursue a logical idea for more than two centimeters.
    Such imbeciles do not want ideas-that is, new ideas, ideas that are unfamiliar, ideas that challenge their attention. What they want is simply a gaudy series of platitudes, of sonorous nonsense driven home with gestures."

  • Michael Kranyak
    Michael Kranyak Month ago

    All countries practice protectionism. Free trade does not exist.

  • rjayzone
    rjayzone Month ago

    Trump = Frog in a Blender

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer Month ago

    We demand respect from China, but they are failing very short for longtime

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer Month ago

    Good!!! We dont need China

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Month ago

    America First keep up the good work President Trump

  • Able
    Able Month ago

    He's doing this because politically it's costing him votes and literally might be the reason he loses 2020.

  • barry fowles
    barry fowles Month ago

    How is Trump planning to get U.S goods into Mexico with that big beautiful wall stopping them? Oh yes, I forgot, there ain't one.

  • *CLICK*
    *CLICK* Month ago


  • Ultimateeick
    Ultimateeick Month ago +2

    He- he caused the problem. This is the equivalent of a doctor shooting someone in the leg with a gun on purpose, treating it, and then acting like a hero for treating it. Come on.

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly Month ago

    If you as*holes don't have anything nice to say stop talking sh*t in the comments its annoying. Even if you feel a certain way about it. You shouldnt say things to hurt someone's feelings. If you want to protest against something do it nicely

  • eric eric
    eric eric Month ago +1

    Lol Mexico not going to pay for his wall , what makes he think China going to pay for his pampers .... trump is self defeated in a war he create

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 Month ago

    Trump just told a bold-faced lie. His rationale for applying a 25% tariff on aluminum and steel was to get Canada and Mexico on board with applying tariffs on China for flooding the steel Market, remember?

    • theylied1776
      theylied1776 Month ago

      @Isitjustme Orwhat Well, there's the flaw in your dissertation. The Keystone Pipeline isn't going to happen. The project is stalled due to the use of (eminent domain). Eminent Domain CANNOT be used to seize private property from American Citizens for the benefit or profit of a foreign country or corporation.

    • Isitjustme Orwhat
      Isitjustme Orwhat Month ago

      theylied1776 Here's what's really going on here. Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire who owns EVRAZ the 2nd largest steel company in Russia, whose wife is best friends with Jared and Ivanka. Just days after Trump was in office he signed legislation for the Keystone pipeline project to continue being funded in which EVRAZ supplied 25% of the steel. The wall that Trump so desperately wanted Congress to give $7 billion dollars for, you guessed it EVRAZ will be supplying the steel to the contractor SCLCO. Here's why this is so corrupt, EVRAZ may be a Russian steel company but they have a sister company located in yup...CANADA.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    "The Art of the Bluff"

  • robej21
    robej21 Month ago

    Nice move he just made the steel & aluminum sanctions on Iran a bit stronger since he just freed up Canada's & Mexicos ability to put out there product with reduced tafiffs & more availability to the world

    • robej21
      robej21 Month ago

      @Isitjustme Orwhat That could be true idk but it sounds like a business man move , but this is to overall effect Irans steel & aluminum Trump just put on them and now made them stronger. I love it this is the beginning of Ezekiel 38.... Elam in a ancient territory in Ancient Persia aka Iran

    • Isitjustme Orwhat
      Isitjustme Orwhat Month ago

      robej21 Here's what's really going on here. Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire who owns EVRAZ the 2nd largest steel company in Russia, whose wife is best friends with Jared and Ivanka. Just days after Trump was in office he signed legislation for the Keystone pipeline project to continue being funded in which EVRAZ supplied 25% of the steel. The wall that Trump so desperately wanted Congress to give $7 billion dollars for, you guessed it EVRAZ will be supplying the steel to the contractor SCLCO. Here's why this is so corrupt, EVRAZ may be a Russian steel company but they have a sister company located in yup...CANADA so no one can make claims that it's Russian steel but essentially it is. Ask yourself, if you were a contractor and I had the connections to help purchase $1-2 billion worth of products or. maybe much would you kickback to me..what would that be worth to you.

  • handsoffmygun MF
    handsoffmygun MF Month ago +1

    Here's what we need to do with Canada and Mexico. We need dollar for dollar trade. We need to keep track of how many things they are selling us. Every 3 months we need to tally up the sales and cut off their sales until they catch up and buy the same dollar amount from us. How else are we gonna get rid of the billions of dollars of trade deficits?

  • handsoffmygun MF
    handsoffmygun MF Month ago +1

    I don't like tariff free trade with any country. Why subject our companies to competition from foreign countries? Canada only has a GDP the size of Texas, so our companies only get tariff free access to their state sized market, while their companies get access to the largest market in the world. Mexico has a GDP the size of Alabama, so us having access to their market is nothing when compared to the amount of things their companies can sell us. No wonder we lose hundreds of billions in trade.

  • Acne Clear
    Acne Clear Month ago

    Come on Mr. President! Let make America great again !!!

  • thatjokerperson
    thatjokerperson Month ago

    Sounds like its raining. Wait thats the sound of liberal tears hitting the floor, because they know the president is damn good at his job

    • mike askme
      mike askme Month ago

      @thatjokerperson, how is he good at his job, when the intended reasons for the tariffs did not happen, next will be China and then i predict it will be people like you crying like you did before the idiot was elected.

  • Nasty
    Nasty Month ago +1

    Mexico has cheap labor, US steel can't compete with Mexico in tariff free trade.

  • Danny G
    Danny G Month ago

    What are the tariffs on that coke you sniff Mr. President ?

  • Nobiles Novus homo
    Nobiles Novus homo Month ago

    Some say he's gone soft... try telling that to CHYNA!

    • barry fowles
      barry fowles Month ago

      You could even tell that to CHINA you imbecile.

  • Alex Emelianov
    Alex Emelianov Month ago

    Wait a minute, Canada and Mexico are expected to lift tariffs on agriculture exports from the US in exchange to US lifting steel and aluminum tariffs, hurting US steel and aluminum jobs, right? What about them? "Many of them will lose their jobs and their livelihood, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make"?

  • Shawn E. Hays
    Shawn E. Hays Month ago

    πŸŽ—οΈ Trump isn't the president of the USA anymore, and Pence isn't the vice. Get the real U.S. Army tanks on the roads and streets here in the U.S., and attack Trump's gang, Pence's gang, Mary Stanley's gang, Obama's gang, Bill and Hillary Clinton's gang, and Pelosi's gang, destroy the enemy and all of their property.

  • David
    David Month ago

    Trump does not need a second term .. he could retire and go down in history as a fine POTUS

  • David
    David Month ago

    Trump has it all: Billions of dollars, One of great POTUS of all time, Gorgeous family and he is pretty amazing at golf

    • drentoc
      drentoc Month ago

      LoL yeah that's some funny stuff right there πŸ˜‰

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +1

    Trump turned out to actually be the best president we've had in the last 20 years

    • grapas100
      grapas100 Month ago

      Andrew - Yeah, if you work at Goldman Sachs.

  • Tangie Support
    Tangie Support Month ago

    Loser Trump

  • deep6this deep6this

    had to back down on steel and aluminum to get canada and mexico to agree to ANY trade proposal after Trump blew up NAFTA. proof is that he hasn't 'revived' the steel manufacturing industry in the U.S. as he promised his constituents. then he had to backtrack on imposing auto tariffs and now the chinese, not the U.S., have decided to call off further trade negotiations with the U.S. truth is they don't need the U.S.

    "Trade wars are easy to win" -- Donald Trump.

  • drentoc
    drentoc Month ago +2

    I'm wondering which one of trump's rich buddies is in the steel and aluminum business

    • drentoc
      drentoc Month ago

      @TJ I'm sure you couldn't know this seeing it wasn't on fox "news". on June 1, 2018 trump put his tariffs on Canada and Mexico steel and aluminum and they countered with their own tariffs and now trump is caving to their tariffs so now we hear trump saying I have the greatest biglyist good ideas because I'm sooo smart, sooo smart look what I'm doing to help the U.S. by doing away with these tariffs, I'm the best president ever or in the last two years anyway, I love the poorly educated, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot MERICA

    • TJ
      TJ Month ago

      Probably the one that employs 1000's of workers or the company supplying the metal for the defense of this USA. Including planes, boats, missiles, and the fence that surrounds your property. So YOU can sleep at night knowing that as the 5 longest minutes of your life goes by while police are in route, your life will be protected from the person breaking in your door by a STEEL GUN!

  • michael perry
    michael perry Month ago

    build a wall to protect america against mexico, and give them tax breaks, help the people you are trying to repel, stupid

  • Lizzy Borden
    Lizzy Borden Month ago

    Arsonist puts out fire.

  • Klaus Adomeit
    Klaus Adomeit Month ago

    To many cnn watchers here lol maga trump 2020

  • Relic827
    Relic827 Month ago

    I agree that he shouldn’t receive praise for fixing a problem he created, but would you rather he continue not fixing the problem?

    • Lizzy Borden
      Lizzy Borden Month ago +1

      Relic827 I think we’d prefer he listen to his advisers and not create the problem in the first place.

  • Ashford Marrero
    Ashford Marrero Month ago +1

    If you want real news, without the corporate puppets lying and spreading propaganda... Check out The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, The Humanist Report, Rebel HQ, Redacted Tonight, Status Coup, TYT.... There are plenty of better options for you to stay informed and get the actual TRUTH

  • Andres Medina
    Andres Medina Month ago

    lol he caved, total loser

  • Denise Harper
    Denise Harper Month ago +2

    I went to Chipotle the other day at the Mall of America but I don't like foil so I really only use it sometime I really don't like it.. it's expensive

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    OK Donald Trump build the wall so Mexicans can't come over here and you treat immigrants like their diseases so I don't believe you one bit o let's go and have Mexico help us or Canada trust me Donald Trump you're making no sense at all God bless your soul and if people want to love for you they can but I got news for you if you vote for him he's going to do terrace with China and or any other country so you go ahead and vote for this little man or little fat man and chubby man or whatever he calling go ahead and trust me Donald Trump I could see you for what you done to

  • Monty Ziebell
    Monty Ziebell Month ago

    WOW! Too many stupid people here.

  • Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Africanus Month ago

    Orange man bad, diversity is our strength, import millions of unskilled workers, white people bad.

    Ahora yo espero

  • Kristin Langone
    Kristin Langone Month ago +2

    Oh yeah. They went from 280% to nothing? That sounds right. What an idiot.

  • Yash Thakkar
    Yash Thakkar Month ago

    He also increased tariffs with China by $200 billion within the last week. So... thanks but no thanks.

  • Hussein 5564
    Hussein 5564 Month ago

    Is the trucking business going to get better again??

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson Month ago

    are the lib comments for real?? or are they meant to just fool the ignorant? "fixing a problem you created in the first place", "putting out fires you started in the first place". Do these people have no idea why the tariffs were put in place and what the goal was? Fairer trade has been achieved. The economy is growing faster than it has ever grown in the past 10 years. Unemployment is the lowest it has ever been for all groups of people, blacks, asians, women, etc.
    Trump 2020!! MAGA!!

  • Mike's Studio
    Mike's Studio Month ago +1

    Trump #1

  • El de la Barba
    El de la Barba Month ago

    Trump be like " I was just joking guys " hahahah

  • snillocekim
    snillocekim Month ago

    Funny how the crazy liberals think that tariffs are bad, yet they didn't know that American goods have some of the highest tariffs in the world when we export our products.
    Tariffs make American goods harder to compete with foreign companies, and that's why Trump is battling China in this tariff war.
    Honestly, some of you fools should really take a couple hours off of social media, and try to understand the stuff you think you know about.
    Its sad to say, but the anti-Trump liberals are the least intelligent people in this country, and the most brainwashed
    But since they feel morally superior, they dont even care if they are wrong or uneducated.

  • Heather Bleu
    Heather Bleu Month ago +8

    At this point I would rather have cousin Cletus from the worm farm in the Appalachian Mountains rather than Don the Con.

  • LiS Wright
    LiS Wright Month ago

    Flip flop?

  • Honk1117
    Honk1117 Month ago

    Trump rocks !

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago +1

    I just turned off my lamp and turned it back on. Where's my freaking medal, America?

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman Month ago

    Low IQ,I want yo see his collage scores,the one Cohen had to write letters to,threatening the school,really?Trump threatened a schopl?via Cohen?That for you brainiack jim Jordan ,in Ohio.

  • cornerstone of the palm beaches


  • vaylon1701
    vaylon1701 Month ago

    Trump and his criminal group know exactly what they are doing.
    Create a problem and bet money in the markets that its a looser. Then go big in the market when you act like you did something good.
    Same thing goes with immigration. Make a big stink out of it so friends and allies can rob America blind holding and transporting illegals all over the country. Cost more to bed an illegal than it does a vet in a hospital.
    Nothing but robbing America blind.

  • Broadstreet Flyers95

    Bye bye steel jobs

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson Month ago +1

    People don't seem to get that Trump lifting the tariffs means he won for America. The tariffs were his leverage over Canada and Mexico to get what he wanted which was for them to stop putting tariffs on our goods going to their countries. Trump got what he wanted and it's good for America. Trump 2020!!! MAGA!!!

  • Simple Carolina
    Simple Carolina Month ago +1

    What are tariffs? Like the wall border in mexico?

  • Just Hazardous
    Just Hazardous Month ago

    Hahah the point is that now we have a better deal with Canada lmao Trump derangement syndrome lmao

  • Just Hazardous
    Just Hazardous Month ago

    Trump 2020!

  • Victor Torres
    Victor Torres Month ago


  • J Clm
    J Clm Month ago

    thank you lord for slide 2020πŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺ🍟πŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸŸπŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • Buddy L
    Buddy L Month ago

    Did Can & Mex lifted US products ???

  • Clovis Lowell
    Clovis Lowell Month ago +11

    "See, the premise of a joke is that it's meant to be funny."
    "It's never been funny."
    -Men In Black III

  • Pedro Martinez
    Pedro Martinez Month ago +2

    Dios mio the evil clown is talking 🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑

    • Taylor Talbert
      Taylor Talbert Month ago

      You dont understand what this deal even means do you hahaha

  • Shallow Puppett
    Shallow Puppett Month ago


    CHIKA ODUMODU Month ago +1

    What a joke

  • ColombianBoL
    ColombianBoL Month ago +8

    Trump needs to leave

    • Armando Soria
      Armando Soria Month ago +1

      Trump needs to leave you in Colombia. ✌

    • David
      David Month ago +1

      And he will in 5.5 years

  • Yishkah's dream
    Yishkah's dream Month ago


    EAGLE SHIELD Month ago

    Liberals and the
    Have one thing they in common... They F%CK OVER

  • Win Nguyen
    Win Nguyen Month ago +10

    What a steaming pile of ego.

  • Genghis Khan Wei
    Genghis Khan Wei Month ago +11

    Dumbfuck gave in cause he did'nt know WTF he's doing.

    • Genghis Khan Wei
      Genghis Khan Wei Month ago +1

      @Taylor Talbert What exactly was achieved here? I am giving you a chance to make an intelligent Statement..What was achieved? Post it. I'm waiting.

    • Taylor Talbert
      Taylor Talbert Month ago +2

      haha he achieved the goal you sir are the dumbfuck, now for china

  • andre jones
    andre jones Month ago +13

    This man have a mental problem
    bipolar disorder

  • Voice of knowledge
    Voice of knowledge Month ago

    Obama must be embarrassed to tell people that he's a former president since they'll be comparing him to the incredible Trump!

  • Freddy Trojan
    Freddy Trojan Month ago +2

    He looks tired asf lol

  • J b
    J b Month ago +7

    Does he knows what he is doing????? complete joke ...

    • Taylor Talbert
      Taylor Talbert Month ago +3

      Do you know what he is even talking about, do you have a sliver of understanding as to what just happened? Not only is this great for America, it's great for Mexico and Canada. Do some damn research before you open your mouth.

  • Tommy Stevenson
    Tommy Stevenson Month ago +3

    messed up usual

  • Trevor The Jew
    Trevor The Jew Month ago +5

    Fact that there are any likes on this video is disgrunting

  • GOAT Asta
    GOAT Asta Month ago

    Scrub created the problem....realize it is a problem. And now wanna take credit for solving the problem? The fact people support and follow this trash shows you how low America has sunken.

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris Month ago

    Applause for fixing a problem you caused? Lmao his supporters are mentally challenged.

  • Ann Beekeners
    Ann Beekeners Month ago +1

    I admire President Trump for lifting the tariffs. 2020 will give him four more years to keep America great. Those people who do not give him credit are the left who are nothing more than disheartened unborn baby killers with no sence of morality. We will stop the killing of the unborn and we will elect President Trump for four more years in 2020.

  • Mexihcah Coatl
    Mexihcah Coatl Month ago

    Dont be fooled, My president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was about to impose tariffs on the USA on the amount that they did. And as donald says, believe me, we won. Trump caused the USA Mexico, we no longer care or trust you so we going with china until we get stronger that is, good luck on the game ofbworld domination, we Mexicans are still in it.

  • A Bigs
    A Bigs Month ago +6

    What happened ? He got chewed out by the big dogs?

    • D13
      D13 Month ago

      No, we were getting huge losses from Canadian tariffs, so we retaliated and Canada blinked.
      I know you hate him, but this is a win for our country.

  • Jeff High
    Jeff High Month ago +1

    Anybody here actually read the agreements, tariffs and work in the import export business? If so please comment. If not please keep your Trump derangement syndrome under control.

  • Dis Satisfied
    Dis Satisfied Month ago


  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay Month ago


  • Donna McDonald
    Donna McDonald Month ago

    Oh now you kiss Canada A$$ when we get 40 % of our oil from them ? and Mexican told you to go and f*ck yourself we not paying for some f*cking wall.

  • David Walters
    David Walters Month ago +3

    Keep Delivering Mr. Prez! KAGA 2020!

  • Mdlclass Worker
    Mdlclass Worker Month ago +3

    Did you ever meet a Coke head back in the eighty's with there permanently fried sinuses, Trump was a Coke head in the 70"s& 80's , oh yeah he said he's never done drug's LMAO

    • darkshadow955
      darkshadow955 Month ago

      Isn't trump basically fake news all the time???

    HEAVY ARTILLERY SGT. G Month ago +20

    This clown of a President flip flops more than a fish out of water

    • Bobon Meiknob
      Bobon Meiknob Month ago

      @Taylor Talbert They got a bad deal then, because Trump OWNS their minds and he didn't pay a penny for them. :-D

    • Taylor Talbert
      Taylor Talbert Month ago

      @Bobon Meiknob they literally have traded thier soul for the opportunity to hate on this man its beyond pathetic

    • Bobon Meiknob
      Bobon Meiknob Month ago +2

      He is certainly flip flopping around in the traumatized minds of liberals, living rent free in your heads for years now, you just can't get the taste of him out of your mouth after what he did to you and your masters. It is HILARIOUS watching you rats scream and bawl. BAHAHAHAHAHA... :-D

    • NOFORPAIN - No Pants Gang
      NOFORPAIN - No Pants Gang Month ago

      Reelection is coming. So all the problems he created will be "suddenly solved!" and all the racist, homophobic and sexist things he can toss out for his worshipers to suckle on will start showing up again.
      Want proof? Look at the other comments.

    • Logical Conservative
      Logical Conservative Month ago +3

      He didn't flip flop you colossal dope. He imposed the tariff to pressure those nations into reaching an agreement. The man is a genius.

  • Smart Cookie
    Smart Cookie Month ago +1

    Are people still bitching over this needed correction? Jesus Christ.

    • WALTER T
      WALTER T Month ago

      Sad to see how many clueless sheep are out there.

  • DragonAlchemist0
    DragonAlchemist0 Month ago +4

    Ok the tariffs in Mexico and canada solved we still have tariffs with china. Good luck getting you electronics which are gonna be more expensive.

    • Isitjustme Orwhat
      Isitjustme Orwhat Month ago

      Here's what's really going on here. Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire who owns EVRAZ the 2nd largest steel company in Russia, whose wife is best friends with Jared and Ivanka. Just days after Trump was in office he signed legislation for the Keystone pipeline project to continue being funded in which EVRAZ supplied 25% of the steel. The wall that Trump so desperately wanted Congress to give $7 billion dollars for, you guessed it EVRAZ will be supplying the steel to the contractor SCLCO. Here's why this is so corrupt, EVRAZ may be a Russian steel company but they have a sister company located in yup...CANADA.

    • mike askme
      mike askme Month ago +1

      @R Hamann did you not pay attention to my comment, that is exactly what i said. If Americans would be willing to work for a $1.50 and hour and the US government was prepared to build factories and train workers to assemble products like the Iphones they would be made here. You know and i know that will never happen, oh and i dont have an iphone.

    • mike askme
      mike askme Month ago

      @R Hamann pay for it, dont you think if laborer was as cheap as it is in China, electronics would be made here? Face it, until American workers are willing to work for $1.50 an hour, we will continue to import electronic products from low wage countries and guess what Mr R. Hamann that is not going to happen.

  • meli meli
    meli meli Month ago +1

    see how he says we sell those in to these countries? our tariffs ? :))) so china tariffs on US drugs ended the war faster then trump said i`m f

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M Month ago +5

    Talking to Trump is like clapping with one hand!!!