6 Foods That Are Not What They Seem

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
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  • Phương Linh Tran
    Phương Linh Tran Month ago

    I want to try that sushi cake, cause it looks delicious :)))

  • Dani Dart
    Dani Dart 6 months ago

    The fucking vegans are taking over

  • LoneWolfGaming
    LoneWolfGaming 8 months ago

    What do flowers taste like?

  • person personhood
    person personhood 8 months ago

    Is there helium in the balloons??

  • large and mildly threatening reptile

    the avocado would be awesome. avocados are great for that sort of thing being so creamy and fatty

  • Hua Blue
    Hua Blue 8 months ago

    That sushi cake😍
    I might try a similar idea to the cupcake bouquet for my teacher who's leaving

  • maria m
    maria m 8 months ago

    Sushi cake 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • a cool boi
    a cool boi 8 months ago

    Ya moms mom

  • Andy
    Andy 8 months ago

    I want to give my 5th grade teacher the avocado gelato but I’m broke so ;-;

  • Zandro Caballero
    Zandro Caballero 8 months ago


  • FrancesBaconandEggs
    FrancesBaconandEggs 9 months ago

    I disagree with the title of this video-the sushi cake is exactly what it seems

  • Ruweyda Potato
    Ruweyda Potato 9 months ago

    It is an avocado

  • Fiona Animates
    Fiona Animates 9 months ago

    2:19 I got that for my 13th birthday! It’s so good! (I used to live in Chicago).

  • GDCosmo owo
    GDCosmo owo 9 months ago

    4:12 she literally shoved that in his mouth lmao

  • Urooba A.
    Urooba A. 9 months ago

    i would absolutely love to try that vegan place

  • Heal The World We live in Save It For Our Children

    Yes I would much rather have a bouquet of cupcakes.🤗

  • Brave Sky
    Brave Sky 9 months ago

    never thought that my city would end up here!

  • Isra Khan
    Isra Khan 9 months ago


  • Apel Pie
    Apel Pie 9 months ago

    the guests are all super hyped and wierd

  • Jazmine Reyna
    Jazmine Reyna 9 months ago

    *food insider has joined the chat*

  • Jazmine Reyna
    Jazmine Reyna 9 months ago

    I'm 171,749th!

  • Nala Seku
    Nala Seku 9 months ago

    Of course the weirdest, most uninteresting, unappealing food (the balloon) happens to be in involved with Michelin star restaurant 😂

  • Miss G
    Miss G 9 months ago +1

    I like the vegan place cause I'm vegetarian

  • zomgseriosuly
    zomgseriosuly 9 months ago

    1:02 dude chill, the plant pot isn't going anywhere

  • Samiah Sandy
    Samiah Sandy 9 months ago

    Its actually 7🤧

  • Cow King
    Cow King 9 months ago

    I thought I was watching INSIDER.

  • daisy kate
    daisy kate 9 months ago +1

    Its amazing....

  • Morgan McLaughlin
    Morgan McLaughlin 9 months ago

    at least they don't waste the avocados

  • ǝlzzıɯ lɐuıɔıpǝɯ

    Those balloons are filled with nitrous oxide!! That’s why all the people are inhaling and laughing!! What a weird food/drug to serve at a restaurant...

  • LifewithaGolden
    LifewithaGolden 9 months ago

    Everything is not what it seems.

  • Daddy Raksa
    Daddy Raksa 9 months ago

    I just don't understand the last
    Why offer meatless "meats" when vegetarians/vegans don't want to eat meat? You can make a lot of dishes without using meat but why try to make it seem like meat?

  • Nurul Adlina
    Nurul Adlina 9 months ago

    A ripped off insider

  • plopper
    plopper 9 months ago


  • NoThanks
    NoThanks 9 months ago

    Why’d they put 6 in the title if there’s 7? lol

  • 우아석
    우아석 9 months ago +1

    *INSIDER has entered the chat*

  • Starlight Studios
    Starlight Studios 9 months ago +1

    I was hoping for something tasty, then i get this.

  • John Choi
    John Choi 9 months ago

    You can eat pansies?

  • AjCameraBunny
    AjCameraBunny 9 months ago +4

    "6 Foods Thats Are Not What They Seem" check your title.

  • Callie L
    Callie L 9 months ago +64

    When Tasty tried to be insider 😂

  • Chris Ketchum
    Chris Ketchum 9 months ago +1

    5:04 That cake seems a little fishy to me

  • a really loud sunflower
    a really loud sunflower 9 months ago +2

    *vegan stuff looks like dirt lol*

  • Gamer Life
    Gamer Life 9 months ago


  • Ginnie Cruz
    Ginnie Cruz 9 months ago

    Super kool👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Annastasia Mongiello
    Annastasia Mongiello 9 months ago

    Tittle typo

  • Cuddles The Hamster
    Cuddles The Hamster 9 months ago +5

    I would love to try the avocado gelato. I’m in love with avocados lol. Eating one right now. 🥑

  • R. E. Durbin
    R. E. Durbin 9 months ago +3

    I have a challenge for Tasty. Have a contest of who can make the best paleo meal and dessert. Pleeeease? I really wanna see what you guys come up with.

  • Ahmed hassan
    Ahmed hassan 9 months ago

    You wanna eat Fake meat? then Go to HERBIVOROUS butcher where you all you can eat fake meat and Vege's ...#VEGANparadise 😂😂

  • Halcyon Mars
    Halcyon Mars 9 months ago +6

    6 foods *thats* are not what they seem.

  • løvely
    løvely 9 months ago +8

    Is this INSIDER?

  • Maryam Martinez
    Maryam Martinez 9 months ago +2

    0:58 oh wow how beautiful😍
    1:02 KILL IT!!😂😂

  • Dre' M.
    Dre' M. 9 months ago +2

    Leave it to yuppies in Minnesota to make a meatless meat restaurant...

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo 9 months ago +24

    Conspiracy theory: Tasty watches INSIDER

  • ChildofGodFirst
    ChildofGodFirst 9 months ago +2

    Im not vegan but I would love to try that vegan bbq.

  • Double ID
    Double ID 9 months ago

    Insider also uploaded that

  • Elisa Azores
    Elisa Azores 9 months ago +2

    What is this, insider❓

  • Yanitza Ruiz
    Yanitza Ruiz 9 months ago +1

    The flowerpot one: are the flowers real flowers?or confectionery magic disguised as flowers?

    • emmakatenotcake
      emmakatenotcake 9 months ago +3

      Real flowers. Pansies are safe for humans to eat.

  • Dwija 13
    Dwija 13 9 months ago +1

    Edible balloons? Haha thank you, next..

  • zena
    zena 9 months ago +3

    The way you ate that flower pot cake makes me want to punch ya'll in the face. How rude and how messy, didn't you see the amount of work that went into it? Jeez

    • a cool boi
      a cool boi 8 months ago

      Food is made to be eaten not to be caressed and carefully picked apart. If they wanna eat it like that they can.

  • BowensaberALLin:D
    BowensaberALLin:D 9 months ago

    I would like to know how to make it not where to buy it

  • Evany Heartz
    Evany Heartz 9 months ago +1

    Ew... fucking vegans🤮🤮🤮😒