The BMW 1 Series M Is the Best BMW of All Time

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
    I think the BMW 1 Series M is the single greatest BMW ever made -- and I reviewed this one to show you exactly why.
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  • Aesix
    Aesix 19 hours ago

    So you pay more for less?

  • cat
    cat 2 days ago

    That's a lot to live up to

  • NilsD
    NilsD 2 days ago

    "Only 300bhp" why is that bad?

  • Matrix Dude
    Matrix Dude 2 days ago

    I got a feeling that he is working for honda

  • Timothy Moore
    Timothy Moore 2 days ago

    This video gave no no indication of this car's greatness at all, 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville 3 days ago

    My super clean low mileage 128i coupe that I just bought was totaled one month after buying it, when some idiot rear ended me.
    I'm in the market for another. The turbo power is nice, but the normal aspirated 6 in the 128i moves along nicely.
    In some ways it made me think that it was the car my Alfa GTV6 should have been.

  • RockaBilly
    RockaBilly 4 days ago +1

    This is what car guys want. But car manufacturers obviously won't listen

  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 4 days ago

    Why does the voiceover sound so weird?

  • Thechristopherryan
    Thechristopherryan 4 days ago

    I can halfway agree with the “ best bmw ever made “ the e36 M3 were great.
    I love the 1M, hell the 1 series chassis altogether is a great looking car.
    I think it’s funny how bmw built this car, they practically had all the N54 parts laying around trying to build a new car and they just shoved them in the one series chassis and called it an1M.

  • Da De
    Da De 4 days ago

    I hear you knock cars for having all these subpar qualities that you admire on this piece of trash. You are such a contradictive hypocrite it's insane. Rethink your life ...and get a new hair style.

  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez 8 days ago

    Used to have the 135i 08 and it was very fun!

  • Josh J
    Josh J 10 days ago

    Gift me a bmw 1m :3

  • Maxi Zamac
    Maxi Zamac 14 days ago

    Fantastic car!

  • mrkrabz123
    mrkrabz123 22 days ago

    sexiest looking car of all time

  • Bni Bng Ltd
    Bni Bng Ltd 24 days ago

    Nice M Car

  • 6SPD V10
    6SPD V10 25 days ago

    Why haven’t you bought one? And what are your thoughts on the Z4 M coupe?

  • Mr Football
    Mr Football 25 days ago +11

    5:53 closed captions slightly misheard what he said? Just look

  • Jack Tierney
    Jack Tierney 25 days ago +1

    1.274 million views and only 19k likes?

  • Edward Wild
    Edward Wild 26 days ago

    The M1 is overpriced! Buy it for $60,000 ! That is a joke! For that price M2,M3, or M4 !

    • Edward Wild
      Edward Wild 22 days ago

      HiPlains1 I got your point as a collectable!

    • HiPlains1
      HiPlains1 22 days ago

      @Edward Wild a modded car. Still only 700 genuine M1's built by BMW. Not sure what your point is? You car will not have the same value as a collectible. Like I said, supply and demand will dictate price. If somebody is willing to pay 60K then that's its value. And that's no joke.

    • Edward Wild
      Edward Wild 22 days ago

      HiPlains1 True with the car, but i bought 135i bought M1, front bumper , rear and fenders ! I put a doc single turbo 64 good for 800+ for less than $60,000

    • HiPlains1
      HiPlains1 24 days ago

      They only made 700 of these. Many want the M package in the smaller/lighter chassis. And like Doug said in the vid, BMW does not build that type of car. Except in 2011 for a very limited run. And its true, I hear it from BMW fans all the time that they don't make a smaller/lighter sports car anymore. 60K is supply and demand.

  • Adam King
    Adam King 26 days ago

    Jeremy nearly lost his life

  • Fahad Ahmed
    Fahad Ahmed 27 days ago

    I agree this is probably the greatest BMW ever made, possibly the greatest rwd car ever made. I remember first reading about this from BMW and I remember thinking this is going to be special. The E82 is just the perfect size for that 335 straight six combined with a rwd terrain. Just a perfect combo. Man I want one. Closest I can get to one is the E82 135i M. But those are becoming rare too.

  • David The Car Guy
    David The Car Guy 28 days ago

    A 135i will still smoke it

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 28 days ago

    It's odd they only made that many for the states because up here in Canada I have seen a few of them

  • Влад Вулкан

    What happened to your voice, Doug? it's like a different person telling us about quirks

  • Maya Da Riderr
    Maya Da Riderr Month ago

    Comment this comment if u have an M1
    well I have one of the orange ones

  • yankee2 yankee
    yankee2 yankee Month ago

    My 2013 128i has (approximately) the same "balance and poise" as the 1M (it has simpler suspension, but the same 50:50 weight distribution, and the same engine, sans the TCs and ~100 hp, of course). I got my 128i without ANY add-ons, except 18" wheels, metallic paint and leather seats,. It doesn't even have iDrive! I believe that my minimalist version of this 1-series car is very similar to the original M3, in size, power and capabilities, and possibly the purest, cleanest BMW of them all. I am thinking that if my fortunes improve, I might get one of these rare 1Ms, but then I think, I like my little Bimmer just fine. Why bother?

  • Nesth Rodd
    Nesth Rodd Month ago

    Doug Demuro is above the rest in every way .

  • Nahuel Cassullo Diaz
    Nahuel Cassullo Diaz Month ago +1

    This car is valued at 70,000 and it’s 8 years old. Lmfao Doug hyped this car up

    • Diogo Gonçalves
      Diogo Gonçalves Month ago

      That's wrong. The car isn't hyped, it's absolutely amazing. Rear wheel drive, 50/50 weight, only manual, simple as hell interior and exterior... BMW wasn't even expecting this outcome, so obviously the price is high but 100% due to the car.

  • Joel Ley
    Joel Ley Month ago +1

    I 100% agree. The best BMWs were the mechanical ones, regardless of the horse power. I have and love the BMW E34 525i. It's only a 2.5L inline 6 but the mid- range acceloration is amazing, it handles like a roller skate, and if you drive the M5 or Alpina versions they are off the chart. all that fun in a 20+ year old BMW. I would LOVE to see you review a 1980s BMW M6 or 635 CSI to get your take on the top of the line old school BMWs, when their motto was "the ultimate driving machine" and it was absolutely true. Thanks for the great reviews, Doug! Keep 'em coming.

  • Sebastián Demaría

    Agreed, the best BMW ever made, the true M spirit of the first M3 E30.

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer Month ago +1

    Why are there tons of people saying they worked at the bmw factory and worked on it

  • JMC Cars N More
    JMC Cars N More Month ago

    BMW 1M Coupe, the next E30 M3. BMW M2 Comp, the next E46 M3. Now they need the new Z3 M Coupe!!

  • Joseph Briffa
    Joseph Briffa Month ago +1

    even the standard 1 series is an awesome car.

  • Gaby Covarrubias
    Gaby Covarrubias Month ago

    Car manufacturers need to consult with you before building any car.

  • Hugo S
    Hugo S Month ago

    What wit the mic brotha?

  • trichome333
    trichome333 Month ago

    Ive always wondered wtf thos M's were. Ive seen a few around Seattle of course. We do Japanese and German here.

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price Month ago

    Bloke I know had one, in black. It was awesome. Sold it and changed in to an A45 CLA. FAIL!!!

  • LDN Music
    LDN Music Month ago

    u defo take it up the bum

  • Andrew Calk
    Andrew Calk 2 months ago

    Sure has a lot of mileage

  • Sudhir Raghu
    Sudhir Raghu 2 months ago +1

    Coming here straight from driving the 1series on Project cars..loved it on GT4 too! Gonna buy it one day.

  • Michele Romano
    Michele Romano 2 months ago

    I have a M235i xdrive convertible . And love it !

  • Slick Malik
    Slick Malik 2 months ago

    Bought a alpine white 135i N54 Coupé a few days ago, with M-Package which includes carbon spoiler ect. This car is amazing and so much fun to drive. I had a 1999 Volvo S40 before. It's like day and night, lol. I think i will keep this 135i forever.

  • Musa I of Mali
    Musa I of Mali 2 months ago

    Doug is the kinda of guy to shoot it all over the steering wheel.

  • Nathan Beard
    Nathan Beard 2 months ago +3

    Turn on captions and go to 5:50 🤔

  • Ricardo Abreu
    Ricardo Abreu 2 months ago

    Did he come?

  • Titan Productions
    Titan Productions 2 months ago +1

    Turn on auto-gen captions at 5:52 😂

  • Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas 2 months ago

    "This car was made for drivers " love it

  • That Ebutuoy Guy
    That Ebutuoy Guy 3 months ago

    300+hp in a car that's as small and light as a Miata? Wow.

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 3 months ago

    Doug should feature more of these conversations with the owner in his videos!

  • Rory Doyle
    Rory Doyle 3 months ago

    You are wrong the bmw M4 is the best bmw.

  • BossGreezy Frm13
    BossGreezy Frm13 3 months ago

    Best bmw of all time? Unsubscribin

  • Losh
    Losh 3 months ago

    I saw a 1M the other day. I live in a city of 100,000 people. I got so excited when I saw it.

  • C. Le
    C. Le 3 months ago

    It's so cute. I lol when I see a guy driving around in one of these tiny cars. Like the boxster, miata, mini, beetle. Except if it's a classic car like the fiat spyder or TR6 or 7 or 914 or even the m coupe.

  • Simon James
    Simon James 3 months ago

    Brilliant car although the exhaust drone at 70-80mph will drive you crazy after a couple of hours!

  • Unknown One
    Unknown One 4 months ago


  • Dávid Berki
    Dávid Berki 4 months ago +1

    No ,its e46 m3😁
    Edit:(the best bmw)

    • Lammie_J
      Lammie_J 2 months ago

      E46 M3 CSL - Never available in North America and Doug you can take mine out if you get to the UK.

  • Rick H
    Rick H 4 months ago

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere - but the M3 CSL is THE sleeping, stripped out, carbon fibre-clad M car. Then there’s the induction roar. Sadly the US didn’t get it though.

  • xan_diego86
    xan_diego86 4 months ago


  • Tyler Spunucious
    Tyler Spunucious 4 months ago

    If you love it so much, maybe you should marry it

    • Ryan Chase
      Ryan Chase 4 months ago

      Never buy the cow when you can get the milk for free

  • BMW /// alpina B7
    BMW /// alpina B7 4 months ago

    Love bmw ❤👌