Huawei OS Was Never An Android Replacement

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Huawei's Hongmeng OS was never intended to be an Android replacement according to a high ranking Huawei executive.
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  • Lew Later
    Lew Later  28 days ago +35

    Watch the show in short clips here -

    • Justa Fool
      Justa Fool 26 days ago

      you need to consider what going on behind the scenes here... not all is what it seems. If a foreign government had kidnapped your daughter, and you had been blocked from the market, when thousands of families of employees depend on you keeping the company going, and then being given access back into the market, you need to do some ducking and dodging to appease other corporations, such as google.
      Huawei most probably do have an OS, but have agreed under a deal to back peddle on it to protect google, so that they can get back to a functioning business worldwide. Unlike companies in the US, Huawei is owned by thousands of its employees, and its important that the company continues to run as a viable concern for them, and their families. There is no social support for the unemployed in china. The CEO and every employee there will want their CFO back!

    • Phillip C.
      Phillip C. 27 days ago

      Lew Later , This is so weird bro, I just returned a car rental from Avis that I had for 16 days and it was a Subaru Outback, first time ever in my 47 years of life that I happened to drive that brand. It was pretty pretty nice and the sound system was pretty freaking nice too.

    INTERVIEW WITH WINSTON 6 days ago +1

    Whoever is here after the launch of HarmonyOS........
    Hit the like button.........

  • Bugatti Boss
    Bugatti Boss 6 days ago

    Huawei OS is not meant to replace Android because Huawei's OS is for 5G and not 4G! We need a new OS not controlled by the 5 Eyes spying agencies

  • GT_Dillan
    GT_Dillan 9 days ago

    It's worth it to buy a huawei p30 in the US!

  • Kayvon Javid
    Kayvon Javid 12 days ago

    He should have said we are looking for that walkman moment

  • Zephyr López Cervilla

    Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. There are many confounding factors at play. For instance, many e-cigarette users are ex-smokers, therefore, at a higher risk of suffering a stroke than the general non-smoking population.

  • Zephyr López Cervilla

    Are they going to sue all the salt suppliers for the unambiguous link between high-salt consumption and stroke?

  • James Paicopolos
    James Paicopolos 13 days ago

    It turns out that Huawei's Hong Meng OS is going to be available on August 9th.

  • J Leone
    J Leone 14 days ago

    Another study on vaping was also done by the royal college of physicians saying vaping is 95% safer the combustible cigarettes. Also its not 20% of high school students who use juul the study states they have tried vaping. So not entirely true. Id rather my kids vape then smoke. Also the stroke story isnt entirely true a little searching around disproves this story. It's a lot of miss information set up to protect tobacco profits and the MSA between all states and tobacco companies. Search some Master settlement Agreement on youtube and you will see what I mean.

  • Sen Long
    Sen Long 20 days ago

    Hey Lew check this.
    The Tiandihui (Chinese: 天地會; pinyin: Tiān Dì Huì), literally the Society of the Heaven and the Earth, also called Hongmen 洪門 (the Vast Family), is a Chinese fraternal organisationand secretive folk religious sect such as the White Lotus Sect.[2] As the Tiandihui spread through different counties and provinces, it branched off into many groups and became known by many names, including theSanhehui. The Hongmen grouping is today more or less synonymous with the whole Tiandihui concept, although the title "Hongmen" is also claimed by some criminal groups.
    When the British ruled Hong Kong, all Chinese secret societies were seen as criminal threats and together defined as Triads, although the Hongmen might be said to have differed in its nature from others. The name of the "Three Harmonies Society" (the "Sanhehui" grouping of the Tiandihui) is in fact the source of the term "Triad" that has become synonymous with Chinese organised crime. Because of that heritage, the Tiandihui is sometimes controversial and is illegal in Hong Kong.

  • Aq_ Only
    Aq_ Only 21 day ago

    i'll get a BRZ

  • Zhang Dayu
    Zhang Dayu 23 days ago

    Okay, here’s something about us saying things. Chinese generally would not say something that really stick to your face if they don’t have to. Mostly we speak lower position under this circumstances, when you did something nice for me.
    So, google got the ban lifted, thank you google, now my OS was ‘never intended to replace android’, you are the best. Makes you feel good about yourself, no? What about those million test phones? Nah it is nothing.... don’t worry about it.
    How much do you wanna bet if today the ban is back on, tomorrow the OS is replacing android on the Huawei phones?
    And you would be very naive to believe what they say, or they actually just stopped anything they were doing.
    Ask yourself this: if HM or Ark OS were really for ‘IoT’, what is the central control of that system? He human interface?

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears 23 days ago

    i found a bug in the samsung phone s6 to trip the knox system. if you use odin and start before the hypervisor to get the .pit file from the simply holding the phone into the "factory mode" and spamming the button before the phone completely turns on. a lot easier if the phone is completely dead in order for the phone to lose its complete charge.

  • Rob Jay
    Rob Jay 23 days ago

    B.S. lawsuits

  • 人情味儿没有
    人情味儿没有 24 days ago +1

    Geez, someone forgot that Google is lobbying on Huawei's behalf. Of course, Huawei will down play its OS. Ppl are just so naive.

  • Denny
    Denny 24 days ago

    Tesla Motors has been making cars for the past 10 years (if you count the Roadster) and the Model S came out in 2012 I believe... there should be enough data to draw some kind of conclusion. In my opinion, think they intentionally left out Tesla because it would seriously skew the results and make everyone look bad. From what I hear, most people who end up buying one regret not getting it sooner and say they're most likely going to buy another come the next car purchase. Regardless would be cool to see some data on Tesla's brand loyalty compared to everyone else.

  • Jordan Dyer
    Jordan Dyer 24 days ago

    "When your elbow skin touches another man's elbow skin" .....-_-

    727,968,667,890 views 24 days ago

    you guys are wrong actually china has it own operating system in china use alone this os only operate in china country and china has no alternative google play store, Microsoft Windows or apple mac. apple ios special develop only use in china outside china u still can use but not itune market layout totally different

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 19 days ago

      The issue with with the users outside of China. It doesn't matter if China has their own app store. If users in Europe or other parts of Asia can't get apps that other western nations uses, then it's pretty much useless to them.

  • Thapelo Mohlala
    Thapelo Mohlala 24 days ago

    Lew when are you having guests in your show? it will be interesting having different guests on a regular basis

  • 'Tunde O. A. Aromire
    'Tunde O. A. Aromire 24 days ago

    You seem to start your broadcasts with "so..." often...😂

  • b_phoen1x
    b_phoen1x 25 days ago +1

    So simply they lied their ass off.. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 25 days ago

    Not now if Android is available for Huawei worldwide. HongMeng will be used in China IoT.

  • A-Kelt
    A-Kelt 25 days ago

    Lew, you took all of the music you had on this channel down, and that makes me sad AF... I enjoyed every song you had on this channel. Would you ever consider letting me ge them? Just send them as Mp3s????? PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?

  • Alexander Duarte
    Alexander Duarte 25 days ago

    Sony cant even perfect a normal phone... why a foldable phone?

  • Bradley Chase
    Bradley Chase 25 days ago

    Please please please educate yourself on vaping. SEVERAL studies have been done and it's been proven 95% more healthy. I love your videos and wont stop watching them but I can't sit by and watch you report false/inaccurate news. Speaking of smoking. It took the USA 15 years to accept that they caused cancer after other countries already did.

  • ScrapWood Original
    ScrapWood Original 25 days ago

    9 years of vaping and not a single health related issues at 3 milligram nicotine. Juul and their 50 milligram pods of course will cause issues at the level of intake. But you don't see people going after fireball for alcohol poisoning or liver and kidney failure.. No it's the end users fault for over using said product.

  • mdjey2
    mdjey2 25 days ago

    There is substitute for android it is called Sailfish os!

    ELEMENTAL MSTAR 25 days ago +1

    no really.. bro ..its the deals behind trumps last meeting before the barn was lifted ..keep android save google...2M CUSTOMERS.... WELL IF YOU TRANSLATE THAT INTO DOLLAR REVENUE PER YER ..ITS BILLIONS

  • Lokpobiri Gabriel
    Lokpobiri Gabriel 25 days ago

    Are y'all sure they're not still working on it secretly or Google must've paid them something

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips 25 days ago

    As soon as he said Celery sticks my first thought was damn I really want some Celery sticks and peanut butter.

  • J Sloat
    J Sloat 25 days ago +1

    I love watching these videos in the morning while I’m getting ready. Hands down my favorite TheXvid channel at the moment! 👌🙏

  • Guru dev
    Guru dev 25 days ago +1

    How many later channels are there???😀

  • vieldcs
    vieldcs 25 days ago

    Once really been banned from android, there will become a mobile phone version Hongmeng for sure.

  • Dennis Tienesen
    Dennis Tienesen 25 days ago

    Huawei's OS was also meant as a plan B to replace android. It was not plan A. It's up to the US whether they want to stop the cooperation and let Huawei take over their market slowly, or want to keep a significant market share. Huawei contributed a lot of development to android. Huawei developed a lot of key components for android. Lookup Huawei on XDA forum. If any company knows how android works, and could bring a competitor to the market that's even better, it's Huawei. And most importantly, more secure. No NSA backdoors.

    • Dennis Tienesen
      Dennis Tienesen 23 days ago

      If Huawei developed it, NSA stole it and dumped it on Apple and Samsung, then who's the copy cat? Did you ever look into what Snowden exposed? The NSA had access to Huawei's development. The whole world used insecure US products, not Huawei products. Huawei stealing IP makes no sense. That's an overconfident confessing catch-me-if-you-can bully bluff tactic from the US. And they have been caught. Enough said. You're too stupid to understand anyway 😂

    • Maxime Boucher
      Maxime Boucher 23 days ago

      @Dennis Tienesen you are saying nonsense things, thinking NSA stole huawei tech. Huawei copycat Apple and Samsung since day one.
      I won't reply since you don't want to understand.

    • Dennis Tienesen
      Dennis Tienesen 23 days ago

      Even if the Chinese government helped Huawei (which i doubt), it would only be fair. All of Huawei's competitors from the US had help from the government. The US government (NSA) even stole a lot of technology from Huawei. Ren Zhengfei read the book The American Trap. It's very plausible he planned it all himself. I don't see how i screwed myself? You screwed yourself for sure 😘

    • Maxime Boucher
      Maxime Boucher 23 days ago

      @Dennis Tienesen ok and check Chinese financials stuff too I'm sure it's all competitive and fair without any government help.

    • Maxime Boucher
      Maxime Boucher 23 days ago

      @Dennis Tienesen I just said to you. They build their version so why would it have backdoors? You screwed yourself.

  • Tory
    Tory 25 days ago +1

    So many defending Huawei here.. look it’s pretty simple, if you believe Huawei changed their minds on this OS because they saw more android availability, then you should want google to call their bluff and pull android so we can finally get this Huawei OS. It’s like people here are happier to live in a fantasy land where we don’t have to actually see this OS so we can assume it woulda been way better than anything else or there.. or maybe they will comment “it’s probably gonna release in a few more months”.. yeah we’ll see but this speculation ship is taking on a lot of water now, just let it sink already.

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 24 days ago

      Seriously, I see so many comments claiming HongMeng OS to be 60% faster and works on all devices. And yet we have not seen even a single screenshot of the OS in action on a mobile phone. It's hilarious how naive and gullible people are.

  • Tory
    Tory 26 days ago

    The comments on your videos lew 😂.. it’s like the hater forums, “I hate Apple” “I hate android” “I hate USA”. Everything’s a travesty here.

  • 9latinum Studioz
    9latinum Studioz 26 days ago

    ⚡️😂⚡️ L boww W a r z
    jim from the Office drove A $uburu - good ppl 😂😂

  • Manuel Martins
    Manuel Martins 26 days ago

    Now that it's legal you Canadians should be pushing a lot more for Marijuana edibles(to adults obviously) . It's A LOT safer than smoking or vaping

  • maji You
    maji You 26 days ago

    Thanks a lot for less ads

  • Merc399
    Merc399 26 days ago

    Yo Lew android is Open Source. AOSP Android Open Source Project. Same android everyone knows minus google stuff. Huaweii never needed to create a ground up replacement. They could replace android in 5 minutes any time they wanted

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 23 days ago

      @Merc399 - Look at how triggered you are!!! LMAO!!!! It's truly is amazing how dumb you're are. If they are forking android, then they're not really replacing Android idiot!!! That is exactly what I said to begin with. My favorite part about idiots like you, is that I don't even have to troll for you to be an idiot. You naturally display it.

    • Merc399
      Merc399 23 days ago

      @Maplenerd22 I wonder how embarrassing it is to be you on a daily basis homie :) I never said AOSP wasn't android my original point was that Huaweii never needed to replace android itself just Google's fork of android and you couldn't comprehend that simple logic and here you are looking like a total fool :) I love it bro I wish we had this convo in person so it could turn physical. That's my favorite part about trolling people in person :)

    • Merc399
      Merc399 23 days ago

      @Maplenerd22 it's like you never even read my original comment xD you're getting so triggered. I said they never needed a ground up replacement you need to read moron

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 24 days ago

      ​@Merc399 - You said they could replace android, to which I said they're not replacing android, because they are still using android. Does you tiny brain not understand that?? Whether it is from the ground up or not it doesn't matter. The point is, they're still using AOSP (*Android* Open Software Project). It's even in the name of the software they're using. So they're not replacing it. They just using it and tweaking android and calling it something else. truly are a moron aren't you? God...I hope you don't procreate, because we don't need anymore idiots in this world.

    • Merc399
      Merc399 25 days ago

      @Maplenerd22 it's like you're too arrogant to realize you were agreeing with me while trying to prove me wrong xD that's why I had to troll the fuck out of you bro. You got to live and learn

  • magellanmax
    magellanmax 26 days ago

    Here's the thing many people fail to understand, before the US ban on Huawei using Google's Android platform, there was never a 'need' for a new OS but a 'want' and the world had relinquished the lead to iOS & Google's version of Android. Now things have dramatically changed. Companies and countries that rely on the global supply chain to do business have awoken to a new reality; The US government has weaponized our tech companies and could be used on anyone during trade or any other disputes. So the question of an alternative Android OS is a question of 'when' and not 'if', it's coming one way or another.

  • nitpoon
    nitpoon 26 days ago

    rolling phone screen

  • Brian M
    Brian M 26 days ago

    So... Android was designed for feature phones originally.
    iOS was not originally designed for app support.

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 24 days ago

      That was back when the smartphone market was in its infancy. Things were changing constantly. Now the market is mature, there's no reason for them to make a IOT OS, if they intended to use it for mobile. Not that they can't change it to a mobile OS. But it surely indicates they are not nearly as ready as we thought they were.

  • de amor
    de amor 26 days ago

    4.49 A GALLON for regular gas OH HELL NO

  • kesya arnold
    kesya arnold 26 days ago

    or Maayybee they're saying that that android is their first choice so that there's not too much attention on them... 3 months later huawei's so called "android os" is 4x faster than regular android. but whatever who knows

    • Tory
      Tory 25 days ago

      Yeah, or maybe the most simple explanation is the most correct and that is that they were backed into a corner over the google ban announcement and decided their only move was to claim to have some way more powerful OS to freak google out into letting them continue to use android.

  • Saadet Özdemir
    Saadet Özdemir 26 days ago

    Malatya hakkında bilinmeyenler. Yemek fiyatlarına şaşıracaksınız!

  • Shaan Seera
    Shaan Seera 26 days ago

    No trending? Still love the vid. Keep up the great work

  • Billy Kelly
    Billy Kelly 26 days ago +1

    What was that all about, faster than android but for industrial users,

  • Jari Lahdenpera
    Jari Lahdenpera 26 days ago

    This is probably not a technical issue but a trade issue. I believe that Huawei has or is very close to having its own OS. They have the power to do so and as reported they have been working on it for seven years.
    The sudden commitment to Google is probably more due to progress in trade negotiations, not a technological issue.
    Huawei has been aware of this possibility for a long time and them not having prepared for this day would surprise me.
    What company of Huawei's size wouldn't have a plan B?

    • Jari Lahdenpera
      Jari Lahdenpera 25 days ago

      @Tory - I agree that China is not ready to be self sufficient at the moment, but "forever" is a long time and see what China has done with infrastructure projects. From zip to 20,000 mi (or 2/3 of the world) of high speed rail in less than 20 years etc. I don't think that it is a question of "now" but a question of the next 5 - 10 years.
      If the US turns out to be a permanent obstacle to China's technological advance, I'm sure that China will be able to catch up in a rapid pace.
      It is not necessarily that China wants to be completely independent of the US, but if forced to do it, I believe that it can.
      5 - 10 years is a short time in Chinese history and planning.

    • Tory
      Tory 25 days ago +1

      Jari Lahdenpera interesting theory. Occam’s razor would suggest that it was actually just posturing over googles temporary ban on Huawei. Similarly to Huawei posturing that they could continue manufacturing their products using all Chinese semiconductors when it’s common knowledge that their semiconductor industry has not fully caught up to the USAs so it would have been very doubtful they could live up to that promise. If you doubt what I am saying about China’s semi conductor industry you can go do some simple research and see what I mean, the vast majority of FPGAs ASICs and ARM processors are produced by USA companies, China doesn’t have the means to produce their own yet despite over a decade of trying to.

  • Donghwi Cha
    Donghwi Cha 26 days ago

    Look Hongkong.

  • Stefan
    Stefan 26 days ago

    my guess, Huawei is truly have its own's OS but it's for their 5G servers. it's never intended to replace Andriod, it's to replace Linux in order to monopoly the 5G market. it's not surprise it run 60% faster than Andriod if it's main competition is Linux

    • Tory
      Tory 25 days ago

      Stefan huh? How is that useful to anyone with a smartphone, how is that useful to the whole point lew was making.. you just wanted to bring up Huawei 5G didn’t you?

  • Varen756
    Varen756 26 days ago

    You should review the two phones produced by ASUS known as the "ASUS ROG" and the "ASUS ROG II". The specs on the second phone are crazy and pose a real threat to the Razer Phone 2. However price for the phone has nothing on the Razer Phone 2, for the second iteration of the second ASUS phone, coming in at roughly $1000 and I believe $800-$900 for the first version. Seriously I think you should check them out.

  • Moussa Diab
    Moussa Diab 26 days ago

    heyy leww there is a smartphone with a 6350 mah. P6000 plus it is good ?

  • Ernest Rhoads
    Ernest Rhoads 26 days ago

    Thanks Lew!
    The flying car, eh?
    Why do cars get better fuel mileage on the highway? The air going over the car;
    dashes under the car: causing lift!!! You already have the keys to the flying car!
    Moreover; what is the only part of the car that is not controlled by the car's computer:
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    The driver wants to "bank" into a turn by being able to control the horizontal and vertical
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    BE CAREFUL because this configuration will also allow for long leaps; so stay close to the
    pavement allowing the power tires to land first!
    Expect exceptional improvement in fuel economy! This configuration cools the tires and the
    suspension system. Keep the tires on the pavement because landing could cause troubles.
    The factory then adds hydraulics to lift the body from the "power-frame" that stays on the
    pavement and allows the body of the car to sustain leaps allowing for: layers of traffic, as well!
    Do it Yourself! DIY! THE TETHERED FLYING CAR! E's Power Company.

  • Canis Lupus
    Canis Lupus 26 days ago +2

    I've been wondering about those TheXvidrs who praised the mantra 'Huawei OS is 60% faster than Android', even though they haven't seen it, let alone actually tried and tested it. Do you think they receive some form of remuneration from Huawei? You know, for being a Huawei shill.

    • Tory
      Tory 25 days ago +1

      Canis Lupus I don’t trust any speculation I see online anymore. Gotta wait till the actual hands on reviews come out. You see the reviews of that flexible phone that just came out? When it was just a demo at CES everyone was speculating it would be a game changer but now that it’s finally being reviewed people are finding its garbage

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey 26 days ago

    Obviously. If you're not Apple you're stuck with Android and Windows. The end.

  • bobo
    bobo 27 days ago +1

    HEADLINES: Boy shoots himself with gun and sues gun maker.
    Welcome to 2019

  • Hammy Hamster
    Hammy Hamster 27 days ago

    I guessed subaru, their marketing always hits those deep family emotions

  • Travis Derendinger
    Travis Derendinger 27 days ago

    The Thing is they are kid's under the age of 18 which Is against the law to sell to for tobacco products whoever is buying these products for them is breaking the law so they can't sue them because there Breaking the law Therefore their parents will go to jail

  • spilledcoffee777
    spilledcoffee777 27 days ago

    Technically Toyota has a stake in Subaru so they aren’t taking an L

  • NateTheGreat
    NateTheGreat 27 days ago +1

    God damn is Apple the only one that can make a unique OS

    • GoudenDynamietHD
      GoudenDynamietHD 24 days ago

      No. Apple was the first with a mobile OS. Android came after iOS. These two OS's have become the biggest. It is hard to make an own OS, because you cannot get developers to make apps for your own OS, if it is not that popular yet. You can somehow use Android apps on your own OS, but that means you still need android and google to survive in this mobile world.

  • mrt094
    mrt094 27 days ago

    I was shopping for a car my Dad try to get me to get a Subaru but outside of the Impezra and Legacy I thought they were old people cars.

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri 27 days ago

    How many of those e-cig users used to be smokers though? One study doesn't mean much - there have also been studies that show the opposite. I dunno, I am just not jumping up to say vape is absolutely terrible, especially compared to smoking. I wish it was more of a medical alternative or something but meh.

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri 27 days ago

    I vape as much as that guy. I used to smoke. I immediately felt 110% better once I quit compared to when I smoked. I doubt they will find much.

  • Jeff Nunya
    Jeff Nunya 27 days ago

    Whole point of tech is to make things easier.. Folding phones just create an additional step before you can use it.. people are gay

    JULIAN SMITH 27 days ago +1

    "Big game hunting, in the code bug scenario." Classic 😂🤦🏾‍♂️❤.

  • bogoljub djordjevic
    bogoljub djordjevic 27 days ago

    what you talk Tesla exist 20 years that's enough for 2 car

  • bogoljub djordjevic
    bogoljub djordjevic 27 days ago

    what is RAM? I never heard for that car

  • dark light
    dark light 27 days ago

    only ios is a android replacement dipshit, huaway is fucking nobody, fuck apple

  • tom eng
    tom eng 27 days ago

    Huawei you lying son of a bitch.

  • Nathan Tankersley
    Nathan Tankersley 27 days ago

    And drumroll I have been saying this since day one no one can compete with android if windows failed no way in hell can huawei stand a chance plus they wouldn’t have access to any American apps period none so if a huawei phone has no apps and a Samsung has Netflix Hulu Facebook TheXvid etc etc no one on earth is buying huawei so China fully depends on the USA without us they are toast period end of story no argument

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 27 days ago

    But doesnt IOT include smartphones? Anyways China wants to narrow its trade deficit w US & 260 million Huawei phones NOT using android will add millions if not billions to the deficit.

  • chomihai
    chomihai 27 days ago

    What do you think about the best headphones in the world, Meze Empyrean?

  • Mentor Bajrami
    Mentor Bajrami 27 days ago

    27:10 , watching this while smoking a cigarette

  • NeATaNDtURdy
    NeATaNDtURdy 27 days ago

    Subaru means head gasket failure.