• Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Xbox two project Scarlett & Lockhart + anaconda everything you need to know such as pricing, release date, specs. We look at all the latest news/rumors regarding Xbox two & Microsoft console & successor to Xbox one, known as Scarlett arcade and Scarlett pro coming in 2020.
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Comments • 110

  • Blakenator 253
    Blakenator 253 Month ago

    You talk with no periods.

  • LoretoSaludares
    LoretoSaludares 2 months ago

    Will the Xbox 2 support Xbox one controllers?

    • Blade
      Blade Month ago

      You can

    • RevertantEagle
      RevertantEagle 2 months ago

      I don't think you'll see this but i do not think so because on xbox one u weren't able to use xbox 360 controllers (maybe u are if the controller is wired)

  • ByronBeatz
    ByronBeatz 2 months ago

    U sound like Nykefaller

    LITLE INFANITE 2 months ago

    So cool

    LITLE INFANITE 2 months ago


  • Clorax Bleach
    Clorax Bleach 2 months ago

    Just tell me the fucking price before I go to the PS4 side

  • XTRX
    XTRX 2 months ago

    How much is the anaconda

  • QuickClipsTV
    QuickClipsTV 2 months ago +2

    When does Xbox 2 come out?

    • The Lost Cosmonaut
      The Lost Cosmonaut 2 months ago +1

      Somewhere between November - December of 2020. Basically during the holidays.

    • ActualOFive - A.O.F
      ActualOFive - A.O.F 2 months ago +3

      The holiday of 2020

    • wyftic
      wyftic 2 months ago +1

      It comes out in 2020 summer

  • ryan derksen
    ryan derksen 3 months ago

    I am also a fanboy it doesn't matter to me which is stronger I will get both of them . However I may wait a few months . These consoles sound like they have a dangerous amount of power so ill be getting both and a fire extinguisher .

  • useless.83
    useless.83 3 months ago +7

    its the voice actor of gru!!!!!!

  • ffaa ffaa
    ffaa ffaa 3 months ago

    Everyone needs to just start calling it was it is, xbox 4. Xbox one is xbox 3 and so on/ Maybe microsoft will stop naming there consoles for 6 year olds and start calling it what it is.

  • gmblolxd
    gmblolxd 4 months ago

    Should I buy ps5 or Xbox 2??

    • QuickClipsTV
      QuickClipsTV 2 months ago +1

      If u had a Xbox 1 then get a Xbox 2. If u had a ps4 get the ps5

    • Haden_lol
      Haden_lol 2 months ago +1

      gmblolxd ps5

  • LilChris Tv
    LilChris Tv 4 months ago

    im getting old yall need to hurry up

  • Sneaky Corb
    Sneaky Corb 4 months ago +1

    Are you from Sweden

  • Henry Rhodes
    Henry Rhodes 4 months ago +1

    Can't find a video with normal speech.

    All the audio is behind the video.

  • alain foko
    alain foko 5 months ago

    Combien coûte la xbox2

  • Mitchell Doyle
    Mitchell Doyle 5 months ago +1

    Anyone know the price of the Xbox two?

  • Liam Sveden
    Liam Sveden 5 months ago

    I stg ur swedish

  • Colinyang Yang
    Colinyang Yang 6 months ago

    Xbox is finna be better due to the exclusives. They have bought multiple game companies and they are 14 out of 16 of sonys game companies and are catching up close

  • The Kings Channel
    The Kings Channel 7 months ago

    Your barely answering the things in the title just rumors

  • Depressed
    Depressed 7 months ago +3

    9:27 ps5 lol you dumshit

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V 7 months ago

    More rumors

  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 months ago

    1:37, oh good, i can play xbox one, xbox 360 and OG xbox games as well as the next xbox consoles exclusive games

  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 months ago

    I want end of 2020 and under £500

  • TheGamingDino
    TheGamingDino 8 months ago

    Who else knows that they will probably get the most expensive xbox option when it comes out? I cant be the only spoiled person right?

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 8 months ago +1

    I switched to PC☺️

  • SLACKER -_-
    SLACKER -_- 8 months ago +1

    ps5 best sellign machine? its not even out yet

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 8 months ago

    I hope xbox 2 64GB RAM 10TB Storage RTX 2080 ti Intel i9 9900k 5k resoulution

  • E Barnes
    E Barnes 8 months ago

    They have to make up for the Xbox 1 in my opinion. It made them look bad after the Xbox 360 success

  • elsewhere
    elsewhere 8 months ago +1

    Is it too late to get a xbox one ?

    • RainbowDroidMan
      RainbowDroidMan 5 months ago

      Depends. If you can play with Xbox One players on the Xbox Two, wait for it. If not, get the One. Most people aren't just going to let go of the console. Especially from the new Xbox One games that just came out.

    • Nick Wilson
      Nick Wilson 8 months ago

      You have a year and a half. In my opinion the 200 it would take to get an x1 wouldnt be a big deal.. I mean you have 500 or so days to make 500 bucks. If you cant make 1 dollar a day a console isnt something you should be thinking about. Question comes down to are you content enough to wait for a new generation to come out.

    • RE fan
      RE fan 8 months ago

      Yes - save for an anaconda or ps5

  • Xhubham Stan
    Xhubham Stan 8 months ago +4

    Thanks dude for halo gameplay 😄✌️

    • Chris Morring
      Chris Morring 4 months ago

      I almost forgot how hard those Halo bastards are to kill. lol

  • William Willoughby II
    William Willoughby II 8 months ago

    Apparently it’s called the Xbox Scarlett. So island how much I can trust you.

    • H Gome74
      H Gome74 6 months ago

      William Willoughby II that’s the name they gave it like a code name, it’s probably not the actual name

  • Saul Palomares
    Saul Palomares 8 months ago

    Oof im a gamer were im i gonna be getting 500 bucks chee

  • Trenton S
    Trenton S 8 months ago

    No offense but your trash at halo and it bothers me😂

  • nove_ Lonewolf
    nove_ Lonewolf 8 months ago +2

    Wait if Xbox 1 is supposed to be Xbox #1

  • Grant Tucker
    Grant Tucker 8 months ago +2

    Should I play this back again or did you not tell us when the console is being released early or late 2020?

  • Jiggery Pokery
    Jiggery Pokery 8 months ago +2

    It's going to be called the Xbox one S High Interactivity Technology

  • Yoda
    Yoda 8 months ago +2

    Hej Allihopa

  • raging Strom
    raging Strom 8 months ago

    When did Sony say they would have the second most powerful system? Ps5 already said they will sell ps5 at a lost. Scale up to 8k. Only some have a 4k tv. So many will look stupid as they always do believing Microsoft again. I can't wait to see, because nobody knows for sure. Xbox and their rumors will make Xbots take another L!

    • Andy Ramirez
      Andy Ramirez Month ago

      How can a console say something? You said the PS5 Said. Lol😂

    • raging Strom
      raging Strom 8 months ago

      @Kasey Rigsby that system release a year later so of course but , when all said and done they won't have that for only 2 years with much less games

    • raging Strom
      raging Strom 8 months ago

      @Techstorm2065 wait until E3. Sony gonna make you eat L's

    • Kasey Rigsby
      Kasey Rigsby 8 months ago

      Xbox already has better graphics.

    • The Willowy Hen
      The Willowy Hen 8 months ago

      OoOoOoH iM a SaLtY pS4 fAnBoy AnD i Am GoNnA mAkE fUn Of XbOx'S nAmE.

  • Alexander Bassett
    Alexander Bassett 8 months ago +8

    The way u talk is really annoying

    • Hi
      Hi 8 months ago

      Techstorm2065 if you care about which console is better your a sad man

    • Techstorm2065
      Techstorm2065 8 months ago

      I think you're just annoyed ps5 is going to be weaker

    • Jordan Grant
      Jordan Grant 8 months ago +1

      bassett alexander the way you spell is really annoying.

  • Guy
    Guy 8 months ago +7

    I would be super happy if they showed some Anaconda gameplay at E3.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 7 months ago

      Yes, next year.

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister 8 months ago

      Same they should do a comparison from Lockhart and anaconda at e3

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister 8 months ago

      @Jesus Christ The Truth that's a trailer

  • Slurzzシ
    Slurzzシ 8 months ago +3

    Early Squad! Heart!

  • klejkevin
    klejkevin 8 months ago +2

    Has iT alot fps

    • Hi
      Hi 8 months ago

      klejkevin getting a pc is better (I don’t even use a pc lol) but good for console

    • klejkevin
      klejkevin 8 months ago

      No not the you but the Xbox two and ps5 60 fps is ass

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister 8 months ago

      @klejkevin thanks lol

    • klejkevin
      klejkevin 8 months ago

      Jason Brister ass

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister 8 months ago

      60 fps 4k

  • MarCuseusFX
    MarCuseusFX 8 months ago +2

    **Xbox 4*

  • Angel Alz
    Angel Alz 8 months ago +5

    I’m buying a pc. Not playing on console anymore

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 7 months ago

      @Angel Alz way better than my crappy ps4

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 7 months ago

      Nobody cares kid

    • Mayukh Sen
      Mayukh Sen 8 months ago

      Xbox one X is not one of your average consoles. It's 4K visuals are just awesome.
      I am a PC gamer because it's the most sensible platform but I must say, XBOX ONE X could very easily satisfy my gaming visual needs.
      With PC the graphics are better ofcourse but that's not a factor for me, the games are way cheaper, and most of the times free(you nomsayin). That's such a big fucking deal for me, that I had to get a pc.
      But Xbox one X for me is the best gaming experience.
      Plug n play, portability, and the freedom of the controller, these are all things that you won't get with PC.
      In all honesty, if you are gonna spend money and you ain't rich af, and you have a job and don't game all day long, just get the Xbox one X. It's much better that way. The visuals are very close to max settings PC gameplay.

    • RE fan
      RE fan 8 months ago +1

      in Australia and nz your looking at $3000 for a good gaming pc.....our 2 laptops are fine for study and movies. A new console will be for our games

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister 8 months ago

      @Techstorm2065 what you mean

  • St4r P
    St4r P 8 months ago +7

    Ms should take advantage and go first like 360 and still be as powerful or more powerful than ps5

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 8 months ago +33

    Apparently the Xbox Anaconda is only available for those who have big buns.