Pokémon Past & Future are Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018!


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  • Aero
    Aero  10 months ago +2004

    HYPE! I'm getting Pokémon Future & picking Pumber. What about you guys? =)
    *I really suggest checking the date of the video & description!!*

  • That guy
    That guy 5 hours ago

    Is he trying to fool us

  • Victor Larsson
    Victor Larsson 6 hours ago

    released on the 1st of april, sadly it's a joke

  • EmporialGaming
    EmporialGaming 8 hours ago

    It's 2020 and still no past or future.

  • Kiby Puff
    Kiby Puff 11 hours ago

    Is this real

  • Jose Guzman
    Jose Guzman Day ago

    so I pre ordered and never got my game.

    I pre ordered it on the soulja boy console

  • Pershing M26
    Pershing M26 Day ago

    Pokemon die and live

  • SmolShine
    SmolShine Day ago +1


  • Kylee le potato chicken nugget

    What about 3ds rip

  • Pixel Gamer77
    Pixel Gamer77 Day ago

    How the hell did you guess the release date of Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Let’s go Evee

  • A Boogie
    A Boogie Day ago

    This shit fake

  • Lord Shadow *ALSEER*

    One man shouldn't have all that power

  • Eclipse Gaming
    Eclipse Gaming 2 days ago

    I have mixed feelings about battling system. I’m very excited tho. I don’t have a switch and are saving up. I’m getting future and are picking the water type

  • Carolyn Clausen
    Carolyn Clausen 2 days ago

    Areo, yes they are making another game but it isn’t this, it’s a Sinnoh remake

  • hollowguy
    hollowguy 2 days ago

    It 2019

  • BunnyStar Gamer652
    BunnyStar Gamer652 2 days ago

    Pokemon Space and Void...Who is excited?

  • spooky bulbasaur
    spooky bulbasaur 2 days ago

    Fake it's 2019

  • L&W Cosplays Biggest Fangirl

    I was actually excited for a minute...

  • The Smiley alpaca
    The Smiley alpaca 3 days ago

    I really wish this was real but it’s not I’m from 2019 but they got the switch part right at least

  • navy cupid
    navy cupid 3 days ago

    It's 2019 were is the game

  • PlaySama
    PlaySama 3 days ago

    I'm excited for Pokémon Apple and Orange XD

  • KawaiiHammyJulia X3
    KawaiiHammyJulia X3 3 days ago +1

    I'm getting pokemon future with picking galseed :3

  • Betta FenchFry
    Betta FenchFry 3 days ago

    WHY DOES THE LEAF TYPE ALWAYS LOOK WEAK AND NOT GOOD?? Its always the Fire and Water type that looks good.

  • Damdeer
    Damdeer 3 days ago

    So that was a fucking lie

  • Yoshi the good boi
    Yoshi the good boi 4 days ago

    Lmao the April fools joke

  • J-Rex TV
    J-Rex TV 4 days ago

    If this is real I’m gonna get past because I like dinosaurs if you haven’t been able to tell by the profile pic

  • J-Rex TV
    J-Rex TV 4 days ago

    Honestly wouldn’t mind this being a real game looks good

  • J-Rex TV
    J-Rex TV 4 days ago

    I honestly wouldn’t mind this being a real game

  • Timothy Taylor
    Timothy Taylor 4 days ago

    i feel like if a game like that is like this trailer, i feel like the future team would be team shadow, like when team rocket was back, it was a shadow of its former self.

  • Ninja Hamster
    Ninja Hamster 4 days ago


    BOING CO-OP GAMING 6 days ago

    Past & Future theme doesen't sound bad.
    Pkmn origins and distant future version would be cool ;)

  • Kkai Williams
    Kkai Williams 7 days ago

    This game is a lie!

  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones 7 days ago

    Pokemon Crap & Urine

  • DirtyDirtsGT
    DirtyDirtsGT 8 days ago +1

    Pokémon past and future 🤔
    They are opposite but I don't like this name

    • DirtyDirtsGT
      DirtyDirtsGT 7 days ago

      +Dav I know I just think of this is real I won't buy it

    • Dav
      Dav 7 days ago

      This is a fake fan-made video dude

  • SK3L3T0NZ
    SK3L3T0NZ 8 days ago

    Just its 2019 your not nintendo and this is fake

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 8 days ago

    no,that 2019

  • Mathias Thomsen
    Mathias Thomsen 8 days ago

    You know its 2019 and it hasn't come out

  • Nana Royce
    Nana Royce 9 days ago

    For Xbox One Elder scrolls players for when you need help with something online such as trails, Dungeons, bosses and delves.

  • Gerardò player83
    Gerardò player83 10 days ago

    Fake, Fake and More FAKE :v

  • su1fur1c ASS1d
    su1fur1c ASS1d 10 days ago


  • Channel K
    Channel K 10 days ago

    Seems legit.

  • nathan thangeshwaren
    nathan thangeshwaren 10 days ago

    aguana daaaam

  • Jaeden Alft
    Jaeden Alft 10 days ago


  • Raja Simanjuntak
    Raja Simanjuntak 11 days ago


  • Tasha Beaird
    Tasha Beaird 11 days ago

    Its already 2019

  • Christian Suderman
    Christian Suderman 11 days ago

    Reminds me of the black forest and white city from black and white 2

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 12 days ago


  • No Name No Name
    No Name No Name 12 days ago

    That last starter looks like SHIT. Why are all the water starters so damn ugly recently?

    • Dav
      Dav 7 days ago

      Because this is a fan-made trailer for 2 Pokemon games that dont even exist

  • Eduardo Pineda
    Eduardo Pineda 12 days ago

    Is 2019 you big lier

  • João Victor Furtado Cruz

    Mais verídico do que uma nota de 30 reais

  • Dave Duffy
    Dave Duffy 12 days ago

    Im buy future look sick mini switch

  • Dash Vargas
    Dash Vargas 12 days ago

    Cool Fakemones but if I may make a suggestion, I will name the water/poison type Aquana

  • Volt 999
    Volt 999 13 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2019 now I g this is fake

  • Evermoon 2097
    Evermoon 2097 13 days ago

    My “friend” told me this was a thing and I just raised my eyebrows at him. I figured this was fake seeing as 1. This was for last year, 2. He said it comes out in May and 3. The internet wasn’t blowing up

  • Professor Sweetmeat
    Professor Sweetmeat 13 days ago

    You got me

  • EpicDiamondX
    EpicDiamondX 13 days ago

    No joke, this would actually be cool Pokemon titles.

  • Fireworks Team Leader
    Fireworks Team Leader 13 days ago


  • Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed 13 days ago

    The Pokémon game no one asked for...

  • Sting812 Gaming
    Sting812 Gaming 14 days ago


  • Ernest Cruz
    Ernest Cruz 14 days ago

    November 16, 2018 - 2018? I doubt if this is real :(

  • Historybattler
    Historybattler 14 days ago

    To be fair, the concept of them being 100 years apart is something I would like to see, in a non April fools video

  • BananaTimeZ
    BananaTimeZ 14 days ago

    No it didn’t

  • Akira Carter
    Akira Carter 15 days ago

    They suuure were

  • Thunderbolt TM
    Thunderbolt TM 15 days ago

    Pokemon naruto and sasuke

  • MT. Toomybooze
    MT. Toomybooze 15 days ago

    Pokemon penis and Pokemon clit

  • SoulRedness
    SoulRedness 15 days ago

    I honestly hate this shit.

  • The reza Production
    The reza Production 16 days ago

    This looks fake

  • Cheese Grips
    Cheese Grips 16 days ago

    Lmao nintendo will take serious actions on this vid

  • unicorn 123
    unicorn 123 16 days ago

    Really i thought it was real until it said 2018 but now im triggerd cause it looked so real

  • King Ruji
    King Ruji 16 days ago

    And then it didn't come

    The end

  • Davi De Moraes
    Davi De Moraes 17 days ago


  • Epic Kid
    Epic Kid 17 days ago


  • Galactic B
    Galactic B 18 days ago

    I wish this was real. It really does look cool! That or I’m in an alternate universe and in the future, or past. I don’t know.

  • cherry blossom drawer
    cherry blossom drawer 18 days ago

    Well it’s 2019 guess it never happened

  • Anti Amourshiper
    Anti Amourshiper 19 days ago

    these starters looks horrible

  • Nhi Nguyen
    Nhi Nguyen 20 days ago

    Its Fake

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch 20 days ago

    I know , let’s send this sketch artists to work for the Pokemon Company as their punishment for giving us hope for a big game .

  • fabian market
    fabian market 21 day ago

    Pokemon spoon and fork for Gen 9

  • Ashvik Garg
    Ashvik Garg 21 day ago

    Yaaaaaaa rain check. When was the last time you were informed about these totally real Pokemon games for the switch

  • Leif Enigmar
    Leif Enigmar 22 days ago

    ... That would actually be amazing if it was real :P

  • Elias
    Elias 22 days ago

    Is that real? If it is real, it’s a really good idea.

    • Dav
      Dav 7 days ago

      Not real

  • Mat 10000
    Mat 10000 22 days ago


  • It’s ya Boi
    It’s ya Boi 23 days ago

    So fake af maybe the game names are right but nothing else

  • Mooglord and Captain Pickle

    It's the lets go games

  • Nathaniel Delgado
    Nathaniel Delgado 24 days ago

    how u guess november 16 thou?

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox 24 days ago

    You know I would have liked to have theses game more then let’s go. Come on we need these games if only you worked for Nintendo

  • plez niez
    plez niez 24 days ago

    Why so fake

  • tyler Cramer
    tyler Cramer 24 days ago

    I wish it was real

  • Kshitij Kapoor
    Kshitij Kapoor 24 days ago +1


    • Dav
      Dav 7 days ago

      +Aero DAMN Aero lmao

    • Aero
      Aero  21 day ago

      K bye loser

  • Chris Banister
    Chris Banister 25 days ago

    I wish love the idea

  • FlagFTW _
    FlagFTW _ 26 days ago

    Honestly this wouldn't be a bad concept

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat 26 days ago

    I’m hyped for Pokemon Episode 1 to come out

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat 26 days ago

    I wish this actually happened instead of let’s go

  • death kid
    death kid 26 days ago

    Make 2019

  • Sonic THD
    Sonic THD 26 days ago

    Better than Crown and Scepter

  • Troy Matthew Pansoy
    Troy Matthew Pansoy 26 days ago

    Dude whos excited for pokemon fake or real

  • YetiSnowboard 54
    YetiSnowboard 54 26 days ago

    Pokémon Up and Down

  • Turkey boy517
    Turkey boy517 26 days ago

    It's 2019 now...

  • Oldfoxy53
    Oldfoxy53 27 days ago

    This was posted on April firsts AND a Pokemon game was already announced PLUS they only make one Region game a year

  • EggWarrior11
    EggWarrior11 28 days ago

    I'm 2019 anyone?