Pokémon Past & Future are Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018!


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  • Aero
    Aero  5 months ago +1800

    HYPE! I'm getting Pokémon Future & picking Pumber. What about you guys? =)
    *I really suggest checking the date of the video & description!!*

  • BeastMaster 79
    BeastMaster 79 3 hours ago

    I wished they that for 3ds

  • Emerald
    Emerald 5 hours ago

    Its realy?

  • Lil Yungster
    Lil Yungster 19 hours ago

    If this is fake I will kill myself!

  • Daniel Boselli
    Daniel Boselli 21 hour ago

    Sarebbero belli

  • Yukes
    Yukes Day ago

    I unironically wish this was real. USUM was a trainwreck. Still this was a very convincing april fools joke

  • Kuir41
    Kuir41 Day ago

    Coming soon in this shitty channel, Pokemon Dick and Pokémon Vagina.

  • Tiger TNT
    Tiger TNT Day ago

    if only

  • Problematic33rd
    Problematic33rd Day ago

    They should bring heart gold and soul silver to switch, you can keep the same graphics I would still pay $39.99 for it!!!

  • BigOof
    BigOof Day ago

    Pumber sounded suspiciously like torchic...

  • LucasGaming TT
    LucasGaming TT 2 days ago

    I’m getting future and starting with aguana because of its water poison typing

  • Tiffany Manus
    Tiffany Manus 2 days ago

    Wow great faking

  • Tisa Keating
    Tisa Keating 2 days ago

    Not happening

  • Luca Välimäki
    Luca Välimäki 3 days ago

    Team cyber???????

  • isaura silva
    isaura silva 3 days ago

    no se rick parece falso

  • Byrds Byrd
    Byrds Byrd 4 days ago

    This would be a good game tho lol

  • Doctor Banner
    Doctor Banner 4 days ago

    Fake and gay.

  • 幻神神Zz
    幻神神Zz 5 days ago


  • Jaime _the Pokémon fan

    Who is excited for pokemon gay and lesbian!!-

  • Destin Shin
    Destin Shin 7 days ago

    Who's hyped for pokemon shirt and pants

  • Destin Shin
    Destin Shin 7 days ago


  • Purgatory Ban
    Purgatory Ban 8 days ago +1

    FUCK! I was talking to a guy at GameStop about this and he didn’t know about this😂

  • Bill Phan
    Bill Phan 9 days ago

    Hela: Fake!

  • Pandora ᅮw animations

    what about pokémon present? :v

  • Phillip Whitfield
    Phillip Whitfield 11 days ago

    I call bluff on this thing.

  • Aiden Krahn
    Aiden Krahn 12 days ago

    Still better than Let's go.

  • Ultra Daniel
    Ultra Daniel 12 days ago

    Do a part 2 also I like the music

  • Private KikaySerinas
    Private KikaySerinas 12 days ago


  • Gamerboy06 0
    Gamerboy06 0 12 days ago

    I want to watertight

  • kawaiisloth kid
    kawaiisloth kid 12 days ago

    When is pokemon releasing more 3ds games for pokemon :/

  • Cookie Chip
    Cookie Chip 13 days ago

    No no no why can’t they just keep at at the Pokémon moon graphics ;I

  • Awesome Chael
    Awesome Chael 13 days ago

    Pokemon naruto and pokemon sasuke

  • Nashawn Livingston
    Nashawn Livingston 13 days ago

    i need the shih tzu. NOW. team pumber

  • Trh 12 gaming
    Trh 12 gaming 13 days ago

    So fake

  • Alessandro Panico
    Alessandro Panico 13 days ago

    I’m don’t like Nintendo switch

  • Yekoreo 2
    Yekoreo 2 13 days ago


    THE GREAT STICK Stick 14 days ago

    I want past and get Aguana

  • Rosa Guifarro
    Rosa Guifarro 14 days ago

    Great job guys for make team shadow

  • Diyar babo1337
    Diyar babo1337 15 days ago

    this fucking piece of shit isnt even real

  • Arran Ci like halloween!

    What’s the region?

  • Kyle Plewes
    Kyle Plewes 16 days ago

    For a fan made Pokémon ad, this is really well done! Unique idea and cool take on the starters. Nice job!

  • Diogo Neves
    Diogo Neves 16 days ago


  • Kawaī desu pigeon
    Kawaī desu pigeon 16 days ago

    Good joke

  • Isaiah Askew
    Isaiah Askew 16 days ago

    This isn’t real is it?

  • Nim Studios
    Nim Studios 17 days ago

    2019 maybe

  • Tania Espinoza
    Tania Espinoza 17 days ago

    I wish it actually existed but it isn’t

  • John Cedrick De Leon
    John Cedrick De Leon 18 days ago

    Kudos to the Edit!

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 19 days ago

    I bet that the Pokemon Past has the worst graphics of all games since it was born on 1918 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ultra Daniel
    Ultra Daniel 19 days ago


  • zuridoki biersack
    zuridoki biersack 19 days ago


  • Gary Breslin
    Gary Breslin 19 days ago

    When they get off their lazy backsides and create a new platform instead of copies of the older versions, maybe just maybe might look again at pokemon. However they are making millions off the same old thing with updated graphics and little to no effort to actually evolve the game at all.

  • Quick Gaming
    Quick Gaming 19 days ago +1

    I did a double take cause I thought the game names were Fast and Furious

  • MentalmenteFDD
    MentalmenteFDD 20 days ago

    I know this isn't real, but tbh it's not one of the worst future Pokemon games ideas. Also, the trailer is pretty decent for what it is.

  • milftank 2
    milftank 2 21 day ago

    Pokemon finger and butt

  • Pizza wolffer
    Pizza wolffer 21 day ago

    Water types are the best and this one just proves it

  • Francesco Pilla21
    Francesco Pilla21 21 day ago

    I hade the designs

  • Daniel Boselli
    Daniel Boselli 22 days ago


  • Potato Dork Kid
    Potato Dork Kid 22 days ago


  • Memes R’us
    Memes R’us 23 days ago

    Pokémon turd and piss next guys

  • Brandon Austin Lim SwordMC

    is this real ?😀😀😀

  • Hawk Light
    Hawk Light 24 days ago

    *EVERYONE NEW INFORMATION HAS BEEN LEAKED* the 9th gen games are coming out in 2023 they're called Pokémon hot&cold its an all new immersive game where you have to find Pokémon while someone shouts hot or cold at you with a bucket on your head

  • Aaron Laican
    Aaron Laican 24 days ago

    I wish this was real

  • diong peiling
    diong peiling 24 days ago

    87 % coments : THIS IS DUM AND FAKE STUPEED
    12.999 % : dude stop being mad its april fools! look at the date! and its kinda fanmade i guess
    0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % : i commented this entire thing

    • Hawk Light
      Hawk Light 24 days ago

      Oh god this videos an April fools joke you dont need to take it so seriously

  • Evangelina Salazar
    Evangelina Salazar 25 days ago

    In getting pokemon past cause of the legendary.

    • Hawk Light
      Hawk Light 24 days ago

      Evangelina Salazar welp no you're not...

      Because this is fake

  • DragonOfNope
    DragonOfNope 26 days ago


    TACOCAT 26 days ago +1

    The starters look weird 😂😂😂 and why does the grass type remind me of Shaymin? I think the only good one has to be the fire type lol.

    • 盧克Luke
      盧克Luke 6 days ago

      look at the date the video was published on

      TACOCAT 26 days ago

      This has to be fake

  • Lost
    Lost 28 days ago

    0:34 Nintendo Switch: With a Mouse!

  • Hanzla Khan
    Hanzla Khan 28 days ago

    pokemon ass and dick

  • Claudia Andrade
    Claudia Andrade 28 days ago

    Aero its fake

  • Jean Paul Vega
    Jean Paul Vega 29 days ago

    Fuck I don't have a Nintendo switch plz make the new Pokemon games playable on 3ds

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 29 days ago

    The game looks Badasss but r they gonna make them for Nintendo too

  • DeathKidgaming
    DeathKidgaming 29 days ago


  • Gordon Horner
    Gordon Horner 29 days ago

    So when is Pokemon table and Pokémon chair coming out?

    • Hawk Light
      Hawk Light 24 days ago

      Hmm not sure.. Maybe next summer? I'm so excited for those games omg

  • Oscar Johan Lie
    Oscar Johan Lie 29 days ago

    I choose Pumber as my starter 😀 🐶🔥

    • Hawk Light
      Hawk Light 24 days ago

      Sadly no one can choose them, because this is fake

  • poptropica bob
    poptropica bob Month ago

    This is fan made guys

    PEGGY WEGGY lol Month ago


  • Will Savoie
    Will Savoie Month ago


  • Sans Orsborn
    Sans Orsborn Month ago

    Is this for real

  • Ryan Ramirez
    Ryan Ramirez Month ago


  • Glen Dorner
    Glen Dorner Month ago

    grass type homies where u at?

  • The King Of The Flock


  • Spencer Palmer
    Spencer Palmer Month ago

    I am looking forward to the new game and here my theories, speculations, and ideas for the game;
    1. Have the Pokemon World Champion Tournament that comes in a few years where all the Pokemon Champions from all over the world come to compete against each over to see who is the strongest just like one in the Black 2 and White 2 games, but have more familiar Pokemon Champions along with new ones from new Pokemon region and all of the playable characters come in as well.
    2. Have a villain who is like Hau and Gary oaks, but goes into the past or future to prevent his or her's defeat on the playable character.
    3. Red vs Giovanni battle each other again which they did years ago.
    4. The revelation about the title "Pokemon Master" and it's origins.
    5. The Backstory of how the Pokemon League Organization came to be.
    6. Choose which past and current playable character is going to the protagonist in Pokemon Past and Future Game.
    7. After the playable character becomes the Past and Future regions new champion that get to battle in the Pokemon World Champion Tournament as their final steps.
    8. The story of the first Pokemon League Champion and first Pokemon Master.

  • Apollo Section
    Apollo Section Month ago

    Does it comes for Nimtendo 2 and 3DS???

  • Jeffery Berkeley
    Jeffery Berkeley Month ago +1

    It’s been four months, you really need to put (APRIL FOOLS) at the end of the title you fuck

  • Novalee HD
    Novalee HD Month ago


  • JosephFever
    JosephFever Month ago

    whos hype for pokemon yes or no?

  • Matt 56
    Matt 56 Month ago


  • Xander/SMC505
    Xander/SMC505 Month ago

    Code name let's go eevee and let's not go pickachu

  • blitz allai
    blitz allai Month ago

    When pokemon past perfect and future perfect coming or 😁😁😁😁 pokemon past continous or pokemon future continuous coming 😉😉😉😉😉😉
    Ultimately pokemon grammar version

  • cheese man
    cheese man Month ago

    lol all they do is bring dialga back

  • Camelia Siles
    Camelia Siles Month ago

    are they going to use uranium theme??

  • Blitz Allai
    Blitz Allai Month ago

    A primal tyrantrum
    A primal briavery

  • Kata Tüttő
    Kata Tüttő Month ago

    Aaaaaahhh i need this game

  • That_one_shark Animator

    this is all fake
    if you type in the adress: pokemon.com/pastfuture it doesnt exist quit hyping and wait till pokemon oficially confirms it!!!
    neither does it say anything on the officia lyoutube channel >:((((

  • Bts ArmyGuy
    Bts ArmyGuy Month ago

    And Ash Still 10 years old and never been pokemon master and still with pikachu and some boring pokemon he caught and always lose at the end never been champion.

  • Martin Cruzat
    Martin Cruzat Month ago


    • Martin Cruzat
      Martin Cruzat Month ago

      BulbaSour its still fake though

    • BulbaSour
      BulbaSour Month ago

      Martin Cruzat look at the date this was made

  • X Zatera
    X Zatera Month ago

    oof now i'm counfused.. should i get the super high priced nintendo switch that is really cool that the new pokemon game will be in there, ooor am i going to buy the old New Nintendo 3ds XL thats cheap and not really old???

    help me im suffering ;-;

  • Shane Theone
    Shane Theone Month ago

    Coming soon
    Pokemon up and pokemon down
    Pokemon positive and pokemon negative
    Pokemon alive and pokemon dead...

  • Cards Chorus
    Cards Chorus Month ago

    I like Calseed!