Pokémon Past & Future are Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018!

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
  • A new Pokémon adventure has arrived for Nintendo Switch! Introducing Pokémon Past & Pokémon Future. Two games that take place 100 years apart from each other. Discover a breathtaking immersive HD Pokémon experience on Nintendo Switch! Available November 16, 2018!
    Trailer Music: bit.ly/2IpB1Rr
    Logos: bit.ly/2JdOIEf
    Grass Starter: bit.ly/2EeIAaX
    Fire Starter: bit.ly/2GtFnGs
    Water Starter: bit.ly/2uLQjhq
    Starter Pokémon Cries: bit.ly/2Gt5u4r
    Female Trainer: bit.ly/2IjPlus
    Male Trainer: bit.ly/2Ed5kbx
    HD Battle Footage: bit.ly/2JdkUr6
    Legendary Pokémon: bit.ly/2JdsS3v
    Team Shadow: bit.ly/2Jdup9L
    Team Cyber: bit.ly/2GQdwng
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  • Aero
    Aero  Year ago +2030

    HYPE! I'm getting Pokémon Future & picking Pumber. What about you guys? =)
    *I really suggest checking the date of the video & description!!*

    • victini playz
      victini playz 20 days ago

      I would choose Aguana

    • wolfy plays
      wolfy plays 3 months ago

      I really can't wait for Pokemon future and past when do they come out? never good

    • Malakai The Gamer
      Malakai The Gamer 4 months ago

      @RaivoE RBLX you did know I was joking right?

    • RaivoE RBLX
      RaivoE RBLX 4 months ago

      @Malakai The Gamer r/wooosh

    • Joey Earl
      Joey Earl 7 months ago

      Yeah it's fake lol

  • Adil Nachate
    Adil Nachate 23 hours ago


    • Trent Updike
      Trent Updike 10 hours ago

      It was an April Fools joke. Plus this is obviously fake. Learn to spell and read you imbecile.

  • Happy Time Boredom

    The most important thing,

    Does it have every Pokémon?

  • Mr. Madness
    Mr. Madness 7 days ago

    Better than what we're getting

  • Philipp Morschett
    Philipp Morschett 13 days ago

    You Are arsch ,fuck you pisser

  • Vincent Julindra
    Vincent Julindra 15 days ago

    April fools day prank right?

  • ttvgregpaul
    ttvgregpaul 21 day ago

    I remember when this came out last year, I was losing it

    Then I remembered what day it was

  • Xx Novatium xX
    Xx Novatium xX 27 days ago

    I know this is an April Fools video but some of these Pokémon designs are really nice (especially the legendaries)!

  • zep gamer
    zep gamer 27 days ago

    this will
    come on 2020 im so excited waited to see it

  • Ultimate Hit
    Ultimate Hit Month ago

    The covers look much better then Sword and Shield

  • Kashimo Uchiha
    Kashimo Uchiha Month ago

    you should make this a hack rom

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Month ago

    Wish this was the case sword and shield will be super great but I like your idea better

  • Lucas Reynaldo
    Lucas Reynaldo Month ago


  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch Month ago

    I should punish the fan who made this by making them go to work for the Pokemon Company in Japan so they can bring this to the switch as the last Switch game .

  • Nathan Nunez
    Nathan Nunez Month ago

    The legendarys are better than sword and shield mutts

  • Stephany Fofano
    Stephany Fofano 2 months ago

    it's fake sense it didn't come on when the switch was reveal and we are now in 2019

  • Zaperator 44
    Zaperator 44 2 months ago

    Pokémon past legendary type:

  • Alex Toonz
    Alex Toonz 2 months ago +1

    this game's animations are better than sword and shield for some reason

  • Spectral Robot
    Spectral Robot 2 months ago

    i will pokemon sword and shield were this

  • Robyn Wolph
    Robyn Wolph 2 months ago

    It's an April fool's day joke. Look when it was posted. April 1, 2018. If anyone believed this, you are more stupider than I thought.

  • Paula Irvine
    Paula Irvine 2 months ago

    This is 2019 and sun and moon came out in 2018

  • Paula Irvine
    Paula Irvine 2 months ago

    That's all fake

  • Theroux
    Theroux 2 months ago


  • apocalypse the dragon prince

    I would choose pokemon future and pick calseed I think its evolutions would be really cool

  • Fawful the Mario Colllector 4000

    I want Pokémon Good and Evil

  • A or Z
    A or Z 2 months ago

    Fake it’s sword and shield

  • ChaoticMeatball
    ChaoticMeatball 2 months ago +1

    When this trailer looks better than Sword and Shield when looking back on it...

    • TheRealAlphaFox
      TheRealAlphaFox 2 months ago

      The box art legendaries are bad in my opinion. I'm not a fan of a lot of Game Freak and Nintendo's choices for it. I still hope it will bring some cool stuff and that Scorbunny won't be another fire/fighting type!!!

  • sen paii
    sen paii 2 months ago

    April fools

  • Its ya boi bruh
    Its ya boi bruh 3 months ago


  • Tony Pineda
    Tony Pineda 3 months ago

    Sooo fucken fake how stupid do you think we are its not real daymb man so gullible the art work is soo fake as hell this video was from like 4 or 5 years ago daymb sum people are so stupid and willing to do just about anything to get attention and views hahaha! Fu ken lame as losers! There nothing but a fucken joke i swear.Hahaha!

  • ty GM
    ty GM 3 months ago

    Then they will make pokemon gun and bow.

  • Rohann Gupte
    Rohann Gupte 3 months ago


  • Anthony DeFilippis
    Anthony DeFilippis 3 months ago +1

    this aged well

  • P L A N T
    P L A N T 3 months ago

    By the way I unsubscribed and diskliked

    • Theroux
      Theroux 2 months ago


    • Aero
      Aero  3 months ago +1

      You're a loser

  • P L A N T
    P L A N T 3 months ago

    It's 2019 that's fake

  • LivingThings
    LivingThings 3 months ago

    pokemon watch and get baited

  • —Cool_Doge—
    —Cool_Doge— 3 months ago

    I’m watching it in 2019 and there is no past and future games

  • Gail Cottrell
    Gail Cottrell 3 months ago

    Lol isn't that the time when let's go pikachu and eevee come out

  • Rocky the Sheperd
    Rocky the Sheperd 3 months ago +1

    Yo how bout Pokémon in and out

  • Rocky the Sheperd
    Rocky the Sheperd 3 months ago


  • RiseJackGaming
    RiseJackGaming 3 months ago

    Cant wait until pokemon Up and Down get released

  • Audiovideo64
    Audiovideo64 3 months ago +6

    Dude, it's 6/2/2019, and this popped up in my recommended...

  • Ventus Tenebris
    Ventus Tenebris 3 months ago

    I wish the water starter and the legendaries were real, I would freaking love that.

  • Nuggeeet TheAnimator
    Nuggeeet TheAnimator 3 months ago

    It’s 2019..... Stop hiding it in your basement we want the game please

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard 3 months ago +4

    Pokémon gay and straight

  • Massey Fielding
    Massey Fielding 3 months ago

    As much as I am looking forward to this new Pokémon game its 2019 this was supposed to come out a year ago. So is this a fake game?

  • Valstrax
    Valstrax 3 months ago +1

    It’s 2019

  • IruzHalsted
    IruzHalsted 3 months ago +3

    man some fanboys are seriously stupid...
    anyway, cant way to play Pokemon - Pokemon and Pokemon - Digimon

  • Peppy Hare
    Peppy Hare 4 months ago

    Umm the fuck is this I thought the next Pokémon game was sword and Shield

  • bøba
    bøba 4 months ago +10

    If this was real I would probably choose future. I'd also choose Pumber, it's cute.

  • SirSean
    SirSean 4 months ago +33

    Anyone here after Let's Go and Sword and Shield announcement?

  • Ashules
    Ashules 4 months ago

    I thought this was Gen 8 until Sword and Shield where announced.. Faker

  • Generated Egg // Yoshi AUTTP AKKTK ATPTS ARQZZZFF

    Man, I’m excited for Pokémon Hairy and Pokémon Bald!

  • Moa Kikuchi
    Moa Kikuchi 4 months ago

    That’s funny because it’s 2019 and I’m only hearing about this NOW!

  • The Oshawott Animation show

    (Sobble,scorbunny,and grooky joined the server)

  • Tpir_ 10
    Tpir_ 10 4 months ago

    Pokemon fake and real

  • Happy Doggo
    Happy Doggo 4 months ago

    and so Pikachu and eevee restored time!

  • Happy Doggo
    Happy Doggo 4 months ago

    lies i say!

  • BluePuppy Draws
    BluePuppy Draws 5 months ago +1


    oh wait.....

    they are making one