• Published on Jun 2, 2019
  • Jason was playing a part on LIZA's show so it only made sense that I came to visit him and act like his assistant for the day. Thank you Liza for not kicking us off set.
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  • J P
    J P 8 days ago

    Who tired doing the warms up and fucked up

  • Well Tube
    Well Tube 11 days ago

    Liza’s charm was her natural personality. All this scripted TheXvid content isn’t what we came for.

  • Well Tube
    Well Tube 11 days ago

    I don’t understand why TheXvid hijacked Liza’s channel, TheXvid Red “premium” is never going to fly.

  • Ernesto Valverde
    Ernesto Valverde 12 days ago

    Eww shes so ugly

  • Sara Pavich
    Sara Pavich 16 days ago

    Wow the Jason Nash was on point!

  • NaniSings •
    NaniSings • 17 days ago

    Liza looks real pretty in the thumbnail

  • Zack Hanson
    Zack Hanson 28 days ago

    Try saying toy boat slow and then slowly get fast

  • Alana Mackay
    Alana Mackay 29 days ago

    PLEASE put drake and josh on Netflix... I NEED IT!!!!!!

  • Olivia Lo-giudice
    Olivia Lo-giudice 29 days ago

    Josh reminds me so much of Garrett

  • Latavia Jefferson
    Latavia Jefferson Month ago

    Why'd he sound like zane when he was talking about his beard in the beginning 😂

  • Amy Stabenow
    Amy Stabenow Month ago

    Aluminum linoleum.....try that doing scales.

  • Thomas Andrei
    Thomas Andrei Month ago

    Jason is looking sharp and really healthy

  • Anaka's world
    Anaka's world Month ago +1

    I love how when liza holds the camera she cuts of their head a little

  • katlyn
    katlyn Month ago

    living for the fact that when liza was recording the tops of their heads were cut off 💗😂

  • Susanna Henderson
    Susanna Henderson Month ago

    Jason and Josh are just two sweet baby angels when they’re together....

  • Aisha Kiara
    Aisha Kiara Month ago

    Josh handsome. And funny💜

  • Brooke Taylor Williams

    the two sweetest peopl

  • Brooke Taylor Williams

    why did he sound just like jason at thestart

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera Month ago

    Damn, “the ville” in Chicago means sum else😭

  • Abigail Buñag
    Abigail Buñag Month ago

    Another great actor once said, 'It doesn't matter if you had a show with your name on it eventually you'll still end up in TheXvid'" 8:15 😂

  • Carlos Jusino
    Carlos Jusino Month ago

    I miss Liza so much 😭😭😂

  • Enoch Richards
    Enoch Richards Month ago

    I’m odd man because at the same time I do love you brother i need a culture shock :/

  • Savannah Friend
    Savannah Friend Month ago +2

    I never realized how much I love josh 💕

  • Tyland C
    Tyland C Month ago +1

    Nailed the intro lmao!

  • Kat Quesada
    Kat Quesada Month ago

    Alec Baldwin?

  • Ange Natal
    Ange Natal Month ago

    Omgosh you sounded like Jason!... I don't like it lol 💔

  • Laura Elle
    Laura Elle Month ago

    Absolutely no one:
    Jason: I have three lines.

  • Reese P
    Reese P Month ago

    I was lost at Jason Nash...Ughhh!!!

  • Tariani Oliveira
    Tariani Oliveira Month ago +1

    I took a huge sip of water exactly in the "unique new york" part. And I laughed. You can see how it ends, right?

  • Msnerdybirdy
    Msnerdybirdy Month ago

    how do you just waltz in to a Starbucks? I would cry if I saw you.

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan Month ago

    who are these Boneheads ?

  • IlianaBlue
    IlianaBlue Month ago

    Liza in a vlog? Dreams do come trueee

  • Astro
    Astro Month ago

    When David doesn’t post I watch :Josh,Jason ,Toddy,Scotty,Jeff because all I watch is the vlog squad and can’t forget Heath and Zane

  • fire breathing polar bear

    11:13 the best laugh in existence. Liza is the cutest baby bean.

  • amanda nichols
    amanda nichols Month ago

    so nice josh

  • Emma Vanderhoef
    Emma Vanderhoef Month ago

    Hehehe I love Lizas vlog skills and her she looks so happy :))

  • Monty Krysto
    Monty Krysto 2 months ago

    Wait... I haven't watched one of Josh's videos in a while, when did he switch from movie star to youtuber? This is so well done.

  • Mia Lee
    Mia Lee 2 months ago

    Josh is just adorable

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 2 months ago

    Just setting here watching this video and saying peggy babcock over and over

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika 2 months ago

    You are the sweetest guy Josh

  • Alice Jotun
    Alice Jotun 2 months ago

    OH MY GOSSHHH, she is sooooo Good lookin’.

  • Terry Byte
    Terry Byte 2 months ago

    Jason is in his mid 40s?! Lord it don’t get no better from here

  • Gracie Hughes
    Gracie Hughes 2 months ago

    Josh has such a good heart keep up the great work Josh! You are not disappointing anyone!

  • TrinSettah
    TrinSettah 2 months ago +1

    Ok but I love this following around Jason and making his day style😭

  • Logan Brasfield
    Logan Brasfield 2 months ago

    The fact I just heard him cuss was hilarious, I remember you on Drake and Josh

  • landon thacker
    landon thacker 2 months ago

    Bro idk why but I'm liking you more and more. You rock.

  • catelinwilson1
    catelinwilson1 2 months ago

    Jason deserves a movie deal! Not this 3 line bullshit! And i need a drake and josh come back!

  • Claire Alderson
    Claire Alderson 2 months ago

    I have a new celebrity crush 😍😂

  • Ashleigh Terrazas
    Ashleigh Terrazas 2 months ago

    jason looks kinda younger in this video. looking good

  • Jollie Mollie
    Jollie Mollie 2 months ago +3

    Put Liza in the video: instantly gains 1m views and more subs

  • Tiffany O'Neill
    Tiffany O'Neill 2 months ago

    Here’s another vocal exercise for ya.....IRISH WRISTWATCH

  • Zahini Haan
    Zahini Haan 2 months ago

    0:22 he actually kinda sounded like Jason or is it just me

  • Allie Cat
    Allie Cat 2 months ago

    Oh Josh you’re the best hype man

  • Jonathan Belmares
    Jonathan Belmares 2 months ago

    Anyone else try those tongue twisters and Fail miserably ?

  • Rikkidi stutz
    Rikkidi stutz 2 months ago

    I’m funny 😂 you’ll get views

  • Rikkidi stutz
    Rikkidi stutz 2 months ago

    Can I meet the vlog squad?

  • Rikkidi stutz
    Rikkidi stutz 2 months ago

    Josh peck I love you!!

  • Carterthetrain !!!!!!!
    Carterthetrain !!!!!!! 2 months ago +4

    Jason in Liza on demand you would have thought he would have gotten a better role

  • Leigh G
    Leigh G 2 months ago

    Me : likes because I want Max to go to college

  • João Ramalho
    João Ramalho 2 months ago

    Josh looks like Chris Evans right?

  • QTTV
    QTTV 2 months ago


  • Chelsea Navajo
    Chelsea Navajo 2 months ago

    Watching this.....and just hearing Josh's voice all I think about ice age lol

  • froggieluver24
    froggieluver24 2 months ago

    Liza has been lame since she completely ditched TheXvid and started posting random crap like nine months later. Her content sucks. She sucks. Seriously, collab with anyone else. A whole month of just Jason Nash chewing gum would be better. And I typed that right before I heard you say nicorrette gum. Wow. Two shitty things in one video. A whole month of Logan Paul screwing up would be better. Please don't tell me he appears eight minutes in. I'd die.

  • D Hope
    D Hope 2 months ago

    I lovveee Liza!!!!

  • Crissan Francis
    Crissan Francis 2 months ago

    This was so sweet of Josh

  • Samara Chavez
    Samara Chavez 2 months ago

    When he was doing an impression of Jason, i thought he was pretending to be Tana when she acts like a high person😂

  • danny davideos
    danny davideos 2 months ago

    Josh Peck is gay and doesn't even realize it.

  • Jae lang
    Jae lang 2 months ago

    ayooo i forgot Josh is funny AF bruh

  • Wanjiru Kariuki
    Wanjiru Kariuki 2 months ago +1

    I see Liza, I click

  • GuinessRoy
    GuinessRoy 2 months ago

    literally can't stop loving these fuckers. keep it coming zaddy shua.

    VICTORY 2 months ago

    I miss and love Liza but I’m happy for her Rn and I’m happy for Jason too and Josh is an OG for coming to support Jason. My heart is full.

    TATUM CASSADY 2 months ago +4

    Jason looks good. Ik they give him a hard time for the vlogs but he's a GOOD LOOKING MAN

    • bri_
      bri_ 2 months ago

      He’s hot tbh 🤤

  • gyloir
    gyloir 2 months ago

    This was an awesome thing you did for Jason, seriously, we could all be so lucky to have a friend that'd do something like that for us, I bet he was over the moon.

  • 2718aj
    2718aj 2 months ago

    Did Josh get nicotine gum for Jason ?

    Does Jason has a nicotine addiction???

  • Alexie Landry
    Alexie Landry 2 months ago

    This is the video I wanted but I did not know ... ;)