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  • dimara hermans
    dimara hermans Day ago

    Do you have a video where you have the names of your makeup written below?

  • salma qouassam
    salma qouassam Day ago

    you look like lindsay lohan

  • Taranpreet Brah
    Taranpreet Brah 4 days ago

    What lip liner did she use with the lip gloss???

  • pat sebastian
    pat sebastian 4 days ago

    Would like your recommendation or suggestions on what can I do if I'm using makeup and I need to use a mask which will smudge my make up. What can I do not to allow tht to happen bcos I hate touching up bcos due to the dry environment the make up looks powdery

  • ydzlyrics
    ydzlyrics 7 days ago

    She's so beautiful..

  • Rivero Family
    Rivero Family 7 days ago

    I really like the shape of your lips. My little girl has the same shape ❤️

  • Shakirra McCormick
    Shakirra McCormick 9 days ago

    Awesome video what camera and lens do you use

  • Deborah Jane
    Deborah Jane 9 days ago

    hahahahhaha wtf you are so glamorous, Gorgeous and so funny! ily from philippines 🇵🇭 🥰❤️👌

  • #1
    #1 10 days ago

    The natural beauty of like Brooke Shields The Blue Lagoon. This girl is gorgeous!

  • #1
    #1 10 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who gets hella depressed watching these. I wish I was this talented to make my face this amazing. I just can’t afford figuring out all these different colors to use. So stunning she is!!

  • maria petrosian
    maria petrosian 10 days ago

    Kun je zo’n filmpje maken maar dan met drugstore producten

  • J Dogg
    J Dogg 10 days ago

    When she put on the “highlighter” I was like girl where?! My face when oily has been more highlighted than that bull shit right there.

  • Laci Cheney
    Laci Cheney 11 days ago

    The foundation tips start at 1:25

  • Boston Guy
    Boston Guy 12 days ago

    Fake lips? Greasy lips. Yuck.

  • Asmah Talat
    Asmah Talat 14 days ago

    You have nose job it is really obvious

  • lina kulle
    lina kulle 16 days ago

    I see all these comments about you using too many expensive products and that ur video doesn’t help, but honestly guys. This video isn’t for recommending budget products, it’s about the technique she uses and that’s her tips. I don’t think she deserves all these negative comments. I can’t afford those products she used either but i still liked this video because she still shows techniques on how to apply and stuff.

  • lina kulle
    lina kulle 16 days ago


  • Sparkling Beauty
    Sparkling Beauty 17 days ago

    The only problem I have is I love you too much!! Great tutorials.

  • Ceren Develi
    Ceren Develi 19 days ago

    What a useless video👊

  • Stow On The Wold
    Stow On The Wold 20 days ago

    Liked your video until you used foul language 👎

  • Lisa Marie Carter
    Lisa Marie Carter 21 day ago

    I really don't get what was any different about this application than any other. What exactly was supposed to keep the foundation from looking cakey ? I mean you put on the same amount of coverage as normal.

  • Nihal Cifci
    Nihal Cifci 22 days ago


  • Millie Griffith-Howerton

    Not very helpful based on the title

  • Sibel Ucar
    Sibel Ucar 27 days ago

    I have a technique I use to avoid cakey flakey foundation on skin. I wash beauty blender 🧽 sponge with fairy dish washing soap in hot water. Wring it out and while its still wet and warm dab foundation on my face. Wow, What a difference this makes! Please try everyone and let me know what you think. U will really thank me for this 🤩🤪🥰

  • darkblueghost
    darkblueghost 29 days ago

    my makeup literally goes on cakey. i'll blend it and look in the mirror and it'll already have creased

  • Marrysha Gurung
    Marrysha Gurung Month ago

    I just don’t get this video all she talking about is her make up routine I thought she gonna tell us how to not make your make up look cakey I can just tell you have oily skin by looking at it of course your face ain’t gonna look cakey I just waisted my time looking at this make up tutorial

  • Bridget Le Blanc
    Bridget Le Blanc Month ago

    Welke foundation kwast gebruik je?

  • makeupbyluzya
    makeupbyluzya Month ago


  • Stella Hubble
    Stella Hubble Month ago

    help I’m a hormonal teen with acne raging like fire ants

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Month ago

    What selftanner did you use for your face?

  • Moza Alsuwaidi
    Moza Alsuwaidi Month ago +1

    l love you dilan thanks

  • Nnn Sss
    Nnn Sss Month ago

    I dilan. Kan je deze video ook in het Nederlands maken v

  • Isabelle Middelman
    Isabelle Middelman Month ago +2

    ‘I’m using Charlotte Tilburg’ ‘I’m going in with givenchy’. me: ‘uuuh, drugstore concealer it is’ :|

  • Khusi Parvin
    Khusi Parvin Month ago

    Hello beautiful Girl
    Can you do this makeup with Drugstore products....thank you .

  • a Dix
    a Dix Month ago

    Use a filter.. obviously

  • Yasmine
    Yasmine Month ago

    Shut up haters😂 She said you have to use less foundation and use a light powder before baking. So she difinitely learned us someting! Je videos zijn toppie girl, groetjes uit Limburg🥰

  • kiley bolter
    kiley bolter Month ago

    school lights is the worst

  • jahseh tesfaye
    jahseh tesfaye 2 months ago

    i dont like concealer smhhh

  • Olivia Pearson
    Olivia Pearson 2 months ago

    U only need a pea sized amount when your skin is perfect not when it's full of blemishes

  • mia h
    mia h 2 months ago

    Your lips... 😫

  • fatguylungs
    fatguylungs 2 months ago +9

    "dont put on too much foundation"

  • Kaylin Marie
    Kaylin Marie 2 months ago

    I love this

  • Veronica Trujillo
    Veronica Trujillo 2 months ago

    I need your face! Lol beautiful girl keep it up

  • Dontae Edmonds
    Dontae Edmonds 2 months ago

    how dare u trick me into thinking this wasn’t click bait, i should’ve known by how many times you had said that “it wasn’t clickbait”

  • Issac Valdivia
    Issac Valdivia 2 months ago

    But she uses designer makeup lol 😆

  • E R
    E R 2 months ago

    Wow 😍

  • Smartana Jones
    Smartana Jones 2 months ago

    Tooooooo many products....

  • IconKumiho
    IconKumiho 3 months ago +1

    What click bait just it just a drag makeup look. If your baking you’re doing drag makeup.

  • Savi Nicole
    Savi Nicole 3 months ago

    You have beautiful skin!

  • Serife C
    Serife C 3 months ago

    Jij bent zo moooooooooi 😍😍😘

  • Lifeang8
    Lifeang8 3 months ago

    Please stop the fake london accent

  • Lully Lew
    Lully Lew 3 months ago

    You look far more beautiful without it. Why cover those perfect imperfections that come together as a whole to make you so unique and stunning? I'm not attacking. I just don't understand it. Unless my presumption that makeup is worn for beauty is wrong?

  • Aminas_ Lifestyle
    Aminas_ Lifestyle 3 months ago

    Please can you tell me if my makeup way is good? thexvid.com/video/omf8WieG2nU/video.html

  • La Leeezy
    La Leeezy 3 months ago

    Do you use self tanner? If you do please share gorgeous!

  • Pineso Oozg
    Pineso Oozg 3 months ago

    Sen turkmusun 😍❤️

  • Random user online Erin

    I used to bake but it makes my skin look so powdery and dryy

  • Sara Rebecca
    Sara Rebecca 3 months ago

    Too warm you don't need any of that xx

  • Paula prettypaula
    Paula prettypaula 3 months ago +1

    What's the lipstick at the end

  • Paula prettypaula
    Paula prettypaula 3 months ago +1

    What's the foundation and color thanks

  • Jason Taheeba
    Jason Taheeba 4 months ago

    You look like priyanka chopra

  • esma Esma
    esma Esma 4 months ago

    Je bent zo veranderd , je ziet echt dat je alles in je gezicht heb laten doen... zonde

  • Mike Rophone
    Mike Rophone 4 months ago

    I like chubby chicks who don't wear makeup. I'm also glad I'm a boy because I would kill myself if i had to spend hours a day in front of the mirror doing makeup

    Léana MARAETAATA BOUCHET 4 months ago +1

    Jesus ! I love it 😍 this make up is just cute

  • vicky hill
    vicky hill 4 months ago

    Absolutely insane how gorgeous you are 🌸

  • Ino uzumaki
    Ino uzumaki 4 months ago

    Thanks 🙏 you helped me 😭 and thanks for sharing sweety

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
    Elizabeth Gonzalez 4 months ago

    I love that you link all your products but you didn’t link anything!! I’m so disappointed because I love your tutorials. I had to watch the video ten times! Please don’t forget to link your products please. Especially your brushes. Please ...

  • Amy Ernst
    Amy Ernst 4 months ago +1

    OK did I miss it? what is the big secret that will stop your make up from caking???


    thexvid.com/video/a7tyErbXsZk/video.html We tested out this tutorial and we absolutely LOVE it. My makeup was so incredibly cakey before. This is game changer. Thank you Dilan!!

  • estella miranda
    estella miranda 4 months ago

    Beautiful job!! 🙌

  • Menna Ahmed
    Menna Ahmed 4 months ago

    ممكن ترجمه💓

  • michele Mcghie
    michele Mcghie 4 months ago

    Shes so pretty she doesn’t even need makeup 💄

  • joanna columbia
    joanna columbia 4 months ago

    Which products did she use? Are they listed?

  • A
    A 4 months ago

    could you put a product listing in your videos?

  • Infired Army
    Infired Army 4 months ago +238

    "you just need to dab it on your imperfections."
    me: "the whole face it is then"

    • Sue Sue
      Sue Sue 2 days ago

      😂 I hear ya!! I try all these tips on these videos and when I'm done I look in mirror and I'm like, uhh, I still see lines and cracks in my makeup, specially when I see my makeup job in the sunlight, it looks like a chicken been on my face scratching, to many cracks and crevices😭. Anyhoo, this lady doesn't even need makeup, she's pretty without it.

    • Lani Hatley
      Lani Hatley 19 days ago

      I felt this😭🤣

    • Stacy Johnson
      Stacy Johnson 22 days ago

      Me too..me too :(

  • Infired Army
    Infired Army 4 months ago

    she is breathtaking

  • Jennylou C. Pacio
    Jennylou C. Pacio 4 months ago

    Your still beautiful even with out make up

  • Holly Jaeye
    Holly Jaeye 4 months ago

    I currently am using hourglass foundation stick.... my face is dry. Should I try a liquid foundation instead? My makeup creases everywhere under my eyes and mouth and nose. I need help?

  • Mr.Riffian
    Mr.Riffian 5 months ago

    Best makeup is a beautiful smile. You can’t beat that with powders.

  • Kel Blinkmann
    Kel Blinkmann 5 months ago +2

    I watched this video on Monday and tried it on Tuesday. I have awful skin and this technique literally made my skin look so good! Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

  • Eleonora Edman
    Eleonora Edman 5 months ago

    Can you use a beautyblender?