• Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Could it be a Welcome back to Sunday League Football? Your choice really
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Comments • 781

  • Chris B
    Chris B 12 days ago

    I’ll give u ten dollars for the channel

  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore 12 days ago +1

    I fricking love you smiv

  • jonny luke gaming and vlog

    Please don't go I love palmers FC team. Keep it up

  • peter mandell
    peter mandell 17 days ago

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends Thanks Smiv and Palmers FC

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N 17 days ago

    Where is the video that announced it was the end?

  • Harrison Peck
    Harrison Peck 18 days ago

    I wanna see palmers vs Colchester united

  • Howard Davies
    Howard Davies 22 days ago

    This made my Day Matt, this will definitely be a compromise for me that us Palmer's Junkies can hopefully deal with, Great job as usual, COYP's

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson 23 days ago

    You could merge an extra with the video to make it to that ‘magic 10 mins’

  • gitmill
    gitmill 23 days ago

    From Canada, love the play and the heart plus all the banter. It makes for good games across the pond!!

  • Craig Allen
    Craig Allen 23 days ago

    90000 views. Compromise accepted! Awesome news. Thanks Smiv!!

  • Dylan Bailey
    Dylan Bailey 23 days ago

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Josh Flores-Arias
    Josh Flores-Arias 23 days ago

    Bitesize is perfect. Keep grass roots football going! Cheers from USA

  • Will Proctor
    Will Proctor 24 days ago

    Smiv don’t let this be the end of an amazing creation of a club, wish the old videos were back but would be a shame to not watch a series I have been for years and years👏🏻

  • Warminster Town Football Club

    Good to see that you’re still going to video!

  • Bxtchins
    Bxtchins 25 days ago

    A good request is on the road at home park (Plymouth) good atmosphere pasties are great and a good away day :)

  • decco
    decco 25 days ago

    a few goals, funny moments and a league table say we are top of the the league say we are top of the league is all thats required, even if you miss a week a score line and a ss of a table is all we want, even if the proper series has ended palmers is our second favourite team

  • Sam Mongey
    Sam Mongey 25 days ago


  • _Vortex _
    _Vortex _ 25 days ago

    Are we allowed to come down to these matches

  • iToXiCc
    iToXiCc 25 days ago

    Fund raiser

  • CadCynical
    CadCynical 27 days ago

    Worst comes to worst Smiv I currently attend college and have all the free time in the world. Also stay up too late so I can happily edit and everything if you need. Take in turn with other editors?

  • peter lewis
    peter lewis 27 days ago

    Half a loaf is better than nothing Smiv , A lot of people are going to be over the moon that you are showing highlights of the Palmers matches

    ВLАDИSЛAВ 777 27 days ago


  • Footy 720
    Footy 720 27 days ago

    Do monthly round up videos

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 27 days ago

    Stay please

  • Duncan Street
    Duncan Street 27 days ago

    Only amateur football channel worth watching. Every other one is populated by twats going mental and pitch invading if someone gets nutmegged. This is proper footy! Stick at it boss!

  • Nate Thomson
    Nate Thomson 27 days ago

    Love it,keep it sad to see you have to retire well hopefully not.1 thing I would ask tho is if there is a moment of brilliance show that please maybe,so skills,passes,tackles etc.was short and sweet and please continue.

  • S. Dot
    S. Dot 27 days ago

    This is more than enough so long as we can still see the 1st team and reserves! Even watching the 6 a side is entertaining but we all understand! Please keep the vids coming!

  • Connor Owen
    Connor Owen 28 days ago

    Do a patreon?

  • oliver hill
    oliver hill 28 days ago

    Do this defo

  • Ben Brassington
    Ben Brassington 28 days ago

    Yeah don’t like watching other people Sunday league videos this is the best one

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson 28 days ago

    Surely a big club would be up for offering you a media job, the work you’ve done with your own time and money is mental.

  • Craigywba
    Craigywba 28 days ago

    so we’re losing coventry, bury and bolton now palmers🙁

  • matt king
    matt king 28 days ago

    I’m sorry but the other teams keeper is terrible

  • Sam D Braik
    Sam D Braik 28 days ago

    Will you keep the WCOOFAGN going too? Please?

  • Barnaby Hands
    Barnaby Hands 28 days ago +1

    Absolutely love this, a good compromise, hopefully everything goes well in the job hunting world

  • Alec Pine
    Alec Pine 28 days ago

    Keep me coming boys!!

  • Dead Raven
    Dead Raven 28 days ago

    Well gotta say that worked for me! Cheers Smiv

  • phantom red
    phantom red 28 days ago

    These 2ads are so annoying

    Trilo' ANUBIS SOUNDS 28 days ago

    Fair play Smiv... good video still love watching Palmers. COYP

  • Totally Biased
    Totally Biased 28 days ago

    How about a patron or w.e to get some cash?

  • Charlie Page
    Charlie Page 28 days ago

    whatever you do PLEASE dont bin off the channel

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 28 days ago

    No Smiv, cut and run. Concentrate on your new life/work/channels and make the most of your new opportunities. It was great while it lasted but time to move on. I bet it’s tempting to carry on in some form but you’ll end up being torn. Like I know you!!! I closed my business last year and moved on when I could have carried on but I’d fallen out of love with it. Best thing I did. Life is better now in so many ways. You’ll also have more time to come to Bournemouth with OTR 😉. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • MagnetMaster
    MagnetMaster 28 days ago

    Should do it like MOTD

  • tobylikesbikes
    tobylikesbikes 29 days ago

    As far as compromises go, this is a bloody excellent one

  • Cameron Matthews
    Cameron Matthews 29 days ago

    Legend smiv!🧡

  • Vixol
    Vixol 29 days ago

    Make a pateron

  • David Warciak
    David Warciak 29 days ago

    This is the best day of my life.

  • Dylan Cullen
    Dylan Cullen 29 days ago

    Do a Monthly Sunday League Round up for the First Team and Reserves #COYP

  • josh springer
    josh springer 29 days ago

    Fucking yes please smiv

  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott 29 days ago

    Greatest come back since Liverpool in Istanbul!

    GEOFF HOWLETTE 29 days ago

    bite size is perfect, this video is even better and longer than the stuff i get of luton town on the EFL bit on youtube!! well done smiv, and if you can manage this thru the season i`ll be happy old pensioner!!!

  • patrick moran
    patrick moran 29 days ago

    THANK FUCK MAN, i was missing my palmers action #COYP

  • rattman is insane
    rattman is insane 29 days ago

    I'm glad your doing this Andrew on the camera love it

  • Arjun Plaha
    Arjun Plaha 29 days ago

    this is more than enough mate! hope ur job hunt goes well

  • Frank Brady
    Frank Brady 29 days ago

    Good news; Thx a million

  • WarCorrupt55
    WarCorrupt55 29 days ago

    Smiv this is a very out of the blue idea. There are so many fans of Sunday league football and that standard of play why don’t you pass the channel over to someone and take a share of the profits for yourself to help with your family I am a 17 year old doing A-levels at the moment I would love to take on that sort of challenge I play in the second division in Northern Ireland which is very rough and quite funny just an idea
    Yours sincerely Warren lyttle

  • Matt Desrosiers
    Matt Desrosiers 29 days ago

    Don't quit... I found this channel looking for Sunday league stuff and have loved it since around 8k subscribers... Much love from the USA

  • BaranGOAL
    BaranGOAL 29 days ago

    Side note Smiv, if you’re up for it, I’d enjoy the opportunity to help out if you want an editor. ;)

  • Rhys Gannon
    Rhys Gannon 29 days ago

    I prefer these to old vids

  • the YouTube experience

    Keep these going 🏐 coyp