i tested DISCOUNT STORE food gadgets NOBODY wants

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • so i dived into terrible food gadgets in discount stores that no one seems to buy. pineapple spiralizer, bougie cheese grated, the weirdest way to eat a blood orange and many more bizarre products! i hope you like it and subscribe, thanks
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  • Maria Cristina
    Maria Cristina 3 days ago +1

    In my home we use a cheese grater like that since maybe 2001 and we LOVE it! We usually use it with hard cheese (I'm italian so grated cheese form me means parmigiano, grana or pecorino, actually). PS: my grandma had the herbs one and it worked really well (she used it a lot), so maybe yours was just a bad quality product and that's why it was on discount...

  • Emily Dyke
    Emily Dyke 6 days ago +1

    Where is this cheese grater from?

  • Bekah Hooper
    Bekah Hooper 21 day ago +3

    Love you and p.s. your hair is awesome!!!!!!

  • Analice Llana Asuque
    Analice Llana Asuque 26 days ago +4

    we have a slap chopper but thats better ours is useless

  • Qian Kun
    Qian Kun 26 days ago +22

    “ if I knew how to put things together I’d put my life together “

    I felt that tho

  • Misaki Prithibi
    Misaki Prithibi 27 days ago +3

    21:43 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Khione Smith
    Khione Smith 27 days ago +4

    The cheese grater works like my pencil sharpener XD

  • Nurindah Sari
    Nurindah Sari 28 days ago +1

    I just wanna say that you reminds me of Corbyn from Why Dont We.

  • Silent Traveler
    Silent Traveler 29 days ago +7

    Every video you just keep getting prettier ...
    Such a Pretty Boy...

  • James Henry Harker
    James Henry Harker 29 days ago +1

    Cough cough tk max 👍🏻

  • V's World
    V's World Month ago +5

    TheXvidr with the most stupid hands. The pineapple cutter has a handle omg this guy

    • V's World
      V's World 27 days ago

      @Francisco Delgado haha

    • Francisco Delgado
      Francisco Delgado 28 days ago +1

      @V's World same lol

    • V's World
      V's World 29 days ago +1

      @Dafuq Bish I like watching this nonsense it's entertaining.

    • Dafuq Bish
      Dafuq Bish 29 days ago +4

      Then stop watching -_- Simple as that

    • Psycho Girl
      Psycho Girl 29 days ago +1

      Stfu you dont even make sense

  • Farheena
    Farheena Month ago +1

    Hey we have one of those herb cutters that we use for chillies

  • NotChelsieElf
    NotChelsieElf Month ago +18

    Hey Raph, i really love your vidéos but please please don't waste food, collect the food on a plate and give to your family instead of wasting please! Some people are starving

    • Afreen Zaynab
      Afreen Zaynab 12 days ago

      Just want to say he would probably eat it...... plate or not

  • Kyleigh Nicolls
    Kyleigh Nicolls Month ago +1

    Like 8 years behind with that slap chop lol

  • Sunnyyx
    Sunnyyx Month ago +2

    fuwuck owoff

    • Sunnyyx
      Sunnyyx 20 days ago

      @ItsaWildMaki i'm nowot even able towo drink duwummy

    • Sunnyyx
      Sunnyyx 21 day ago

      @ItsaWildMaki nowo

    • ItsaWildMaki
      ItsaWildMaki 22 days ago

      Were you drunk?

    • Sunnyyx
      Sunnyyx 27 days ago

      @sui sung yowou are stuwupid

    • sui sung
      sui sung 27 days ago

      Sunnyyx why tho :c

  • last chance
    last chance Month ago

    I love your video 💛

  • G L
    G L Month ago

    This dude talking in caption

  • 5K subs with no vids?
    5K subs with no vids? Month ago +3

    i s t a n raphael.

  • Johan Hoé
    Johan Hoé Month ago +1

    omg i have a herb cutter

  • Kacie Madden
    Kacie Madden Month ago +37

    I dont understand why people come on here and write so much hate to this guy. It's like it's the popular thing to leave these types of comments on anything he does. Hes great!! Get a life people.

    • sui sung
      sui sung 27 days ago +2

      Kacie Madden ikr

  • Jenny Weird
    Jenny Weird Month ago +1

    That looks like a very very very wet vagina that’s for some reason leaking

  • Kc Lei
    Kc Lei Month ago +21

    Ralph PLEASE STOP BASHING YOUR SELF. You’re doing fine sweetie! Love your videos always

  • Agustín 55
    Agustín 55 Month ago

    Watching him using knifes gets me awkward😓

  • Purple pop Girl
    Purple pop Girl Month ago +8

    Give us an update about ur dog.

  • Edlcb DelaCruz
    Edlcb DelaCruz Month ago +4

    That “oh no” melted my heart 😳😭

  • Anne Lie
    Anne Lie Month ago +15

    Pineapple wasn’t ripe 😭

    • Freya Night
      Freya Night 29 days ago +1

      I was looking threw the comments just for this 😣

  • Aksshaya Venkat
    Aksshaya Venkat Month ago +7

    Try the cheese grater with the herbs 😄 it might work💓

  • Eman Nabeel
    Eman Nabeel Month ago +4

    I think your getting bored doing vids cause...mmmm

  • Alexa Arellano
    Alexa Arellano Month ago +13

    His attitude and sense of humor makes me so comfortable 🥺 be my bestie lol

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Month ago

    Is no 15 is 5🤦‍♀️

    • Green Eggs And Ham
      Green Eggs And Ham Month ago +1

      Ah yes no 15 is 5

    • and I oop
      and I oop Month ago +6

      correct your spelling before trying to correct people's mistakes 🤦‍♀️

  • fairywithashotgun
    fairywithashotgun Month ago +1

    I have that cheese grater from the same shop and I love it... no more grated fingers and so quick

  • stayyy
    stayyy Month ago +12

    please just stay as you are !!! dont change anything i enyoj the long videos , your humor, you as a humannn and the content please 🥺🤧 dont change we love you

  • Jodi Songmow
    Jodi Songmow Month ago +7

    Definitely make a video where you use food gadgets for the foods they werent intended to be used for 😊 i think that would be super fun and entertaining!

  • Haw Yee
    Haw Yee Month ago +29

    Y’all are so immature for all these hate comments.He’s literally one of the rare optimistic youtubers that radiates good energy

  • Malgosia Juszczak
    Malgosia Juszczak Month ago +8

    I love this video ^^ I love watching you . you are very nice and cheerful. I like your voice. you have cool ideas. you are one of my fav youtubers ♡

  • 小雷
    小雷 Month ago +5

    That pineapple was unripe af oml😂

  • John Romero
    John Romero Month ago

    Blends Cheeses
    Oh that’s how they make cheese blend 😂😂😂😂

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia Month ago +2

    they use that cheese garter thing at Olive Garden its just white and has their logo

  • L
    L Month ago +8

    tHiS iS BeTtEr TeChNolOgY ThaN ThE NeW pHoNe

  • MusicMoose
    MusicMoose Month ago +5


    • MusicMoose
      MusicMoose Month ago

      @Phantomcelebi OwO oh, ok Thx Lol

    • Phantomcelebi OwO
      Phantomcelebi OwO Month ago

      @UCRKDRlS99Q97hi8S1Y2Y8dg lol I guess my accent must be Japanese then.

    • Phantomcelebi OwO
      Phantomcelebi OwO Month ago +2

      I think he is from Spain or Portugal and since he lives in England his accent is a mix of British English and Spanish/Portuguese. It is like those two European guys in family guy who speak American English weird.

  • G 113
    G 113 Month ago +4


  • Pia A.
    Pia A. Month ago +4

    Anyone can tell me what accent this is?

  • No Restrictions
    No Restrictions Month ago +1

    Use a plate

  • Star Fire
    Star Fire Month ago +4

    That was a cool video. I love your hair and your sense of humor :) My favorite gadget was the cheese grater ☆

  • Abnerline Macenat
    Abnerline Macenat Month ago +34

    Why you are you guys hating on everything he does. From the way he dyes his hair to how he cuts pineapples. Like .. bye

  • B Z
    B Z Month ago +2


  • Meg Oakden
    Meg Oakden Month ago +4

    Your not doing the cutting one long enough

  • Tia 09
    Tia 09 Month ago +20

    I really love you and your videos, it’s sad that most of the comments include hate.
    But you seem unhappy/ like you lost your motivation so take care of yourself 💘

  • Vense V. TV
    Vense V. TV Month ago

    Could you please change your hair color?

    • Bekah Hooper
      Bekah Hooper 21 day ago

      Why would you tell him to change his hair color????? That is so rude and so classless that you would even say that!!!!! Omg!

    • Dr. Kakoli Patnaik
      Dr. Kakoli Patnaik Month ago +2

      His life his rules. You need not tell him what to do and what not to do.

    • Zara
      Zara Month ago +6

      he isnt living his life for you headass

    • Amy Sanders
      Amy Sanders Month ago +1

      I like the color

    • nikki's gacha channel
      nikki's gacha channel Month ago +5

      Why he looks fine ok😶😑☹

  • your average introvert
    your average introvert Month ago +16

    why did u make spongebob homeless?

  • your average introvert
    your average introvert Month ago +14

    “so you’ve got a grapefruit with a butthole on it”


    21:50 "I wish I had that much confidence" hahaha, story of my life.

  • BrendaCreates
    BrendaCreates Month ago +5

    12:50 I'm watching this at 10 pm, was about to go to bed but when he said he was craving a pizza...I'm satisfied now ( I got my pizza)

  • karla arias
    karla arias Month ago +4

    "The audience for this is Gordon Ramsey and that's it" lmaooo

  • Katie Alexandra
    Katie Alexandra Month ago +5

    I would love to see dollar store food gadgets!

  • Teresa in Progress
    Teresa in Progress Month ago +5

    Do the Dollar Store!

  • Sasha Cutie
    Sasha Cutie Month ago +4

    8:30 my mom used this a lot a year ago

  • Fillo Coyier
    Fillo Coyier Month ago +7

    I do like your videos although, they are really long and when i see the time i just, kinda don't wanna watch it anymore.. sorry

    • Fillo Coyier
      Fillo Coyier 26 days ago

      @Jimin's jams yah.. if the connection is good yeps.. thats a good idea..but its not🙄

    • Jimin's jams
      Jimin's jams Month ago

      You can just 2x it 😐

  • Fillo Coyier
    Fillo Coyier Month ago +3

    I hope you can make your videos shorter

    • stayyy
      stayyy Month ago +1

      nah hes very good just like this

    • RedPlays09
      RedPlays09 Month ago

      You commented twice for the same thing xD
      Jk I also want it to be short

  • Jenny Sypheng
    Jenny Sypheng Month ago +9

    Keep in mind that most of these gadgets help people with disabilitys. 🤗