Avengers Cast Savagely Roast Brie Larson & Her Lies About Doing Her Own Stunts

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • The Avengers End Game will be out VERY soon. I am eager to put a bow on this whole series to be honest. It would appear the avengers cast is too.
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  29 days ago +6044

    I Am Starting To Think These Folks Genuinely Hate Brie Larson. If You Want Me To Go Quad Today Drop A LIKE On The Video!

    • Sajid Sheikh
      Sajid Sheikh 11 hours ago

      I'm amused how much satisfaction you're getting from this, whatever narrative you're creating. Stop "low key" cyberbullying.

    • pippie Carr
      pippie Carr 10 days ago

      +LOCAL COPE Then you are a bigger tool then I ever thought someone could be.

    • Ouija ZaZa Gaming
      Ouija ZaZa Gaming 11 days ago

      Have sex incel, then you wont be so bitter!

    • honsou1978dk
      honsou1978dk 11 days ago

      How can you hate that angel?

  • Son Of Lugosi
    Son Of Lugosi 47 minutes ago

    Favourite Loki roast was Hela telling him to kneel

  • KD_tha Kai
    KD_tha Kai 2 hours ago

    Wow a butt body double lol

  • Papa Noel
    Papa Noel 3 hours ago

    They "killed" Thor to put in this dumb goose?

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin 4 hours ago +1

    Jeremy Renner looks like he is holding in a wet fart or diarrhea though

  • pipocadoce
    pipocadoce 5 hours ago

    I don't think they hate each other but you can see that when Brie is around other cast members they just don't have that chemistry... On any other interviews you can see that the cast is like a huge family, they joke around so naturally, I think they see Brie as an intruder

  • J Roberts
    J Roberts 6 hours ago

    She's a proper cunt.

  • Danielle Bolley
    Danielle Bolley 7 hours ago

    Brie is annoying AF. Marvel needs to drop her. She is going to destroy Marvel.

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han 7 hours ago

    My best guess their contracts are up with Marvel. They don't have to play nice with any of the newer actors.

    They don't have to worried about being fired.

  • VennyVen
    VennyVen 11 hours ago

    I don’t want her to be a second gen “Avenger”. Like Spider-man sure (I love him but nothing replaces the originals) but her??? She’s basically OP and has no fucking point and cannot create any good storylines. That and Brie Larson has a very narcissistic, almost childlike attitude about her that is unlike the rest of the cast.

  • RoyalCrow
    RoyalCrow 13 hours ago

    Captain Marvel is not stronger than Thor fight me

  • Travis Albright
    Travis Albright 13 hours ago

    Captain marvel is a Mary Sue, just like Rey from Star Wars. They’re newcoming characters into franchises that are years in the making with a cast of both males and females, and then they just come in and be better then everyone at everything. About twenty marvel movies and then she comes in last second and saves the day because she’s the most powerful one apparently.

  • colinpmcgee
    colinpmcgee 14 hours ago

    What...? I'm not really a fan of Brie but you're really reaching into that first clip of renner and her... there's nothing in his body language that says anything you say it does? All he does is look around and like, rub his arm. Are you having hallucinations? This video just feels like you wanting to spread dislike and hate for Brie lmao

  • Kodai Kurokami
    Kodai Kurokami 15 hours ago

    She’s so damn hot though ❤️

  • Woman in the Crowd
    Woman in the Crowd 15 hours ago

    this guys milking clips for drama, most of the vids just him making something out of nothing. im not even a capt marvel or brie larson fan but this is like sitting at a lunch table back n highschool lol

  • lxnz Official
    lxnz Official 17 hours ago

    Wait a minute

    Is this a personal attact or something???

  • Cyvader 101
    Cyvader 101 17 hours ago

    Captain marvel is not the new face of the mcu, Spider-Man is now...

  • Vitor K.
    Vitor K. 17 hours ago

    Drinking game: take a shot of vodka everytime he says "low key burn". Go!

  • DarthMobian ™
    DarthMobian ™ 17 hours ago

    This is unbelievably hard to watch.

  • TomGirlGamer
    TomGirlGamer 18 hours ago

    8:40 It actually is for Scarlett due to scheduling, she couldn't be there all the times she was needed. Brie is 5'7 Scarlett is 5'3. Not defending anything else, but the call was for Black Widow.

  • 11037 subs no videos? gambler

    Damn has he ever had this many dislikes

  • Maju Sathies
    Maju Sathies 19 hours ago


    KIKI KIKI 19 hours ago +2

    Brie < Olsen, Gadot, Scarlett

  • GamiiKev Gem
    GamiiKev Gem 20 hours ago

    i don't like her attitude at all.

  • idk stan winner
    idk stan winner 21 hour ago

    she’s cocky thats why- she thinks she is captain marvel-

  • nazifa begum
    nazifa begum 22 hours ago

    Chris Hemsworth has always said his kids like Wonder Woman... but yh she was totally expecting him to say they like “her”

  • The Chill Pill Corner
    The Chill Pill Corner 22 hours ago

    Can we just get a petition and get her SJW cringe feminist ass out of this beautiful Marvel saga?? The fans, along the actors can't stand that bitch!

  • Edward Marshall
    Edward Marshall 22 hours ago

    Have you ever had a group of friends! They always joke around like this. Idiot

  • JCRivera98
    JCRivera98 22 hours ago

    Honestly this whole brie larson hate is goddamn retarded, how sensitive and easily are you people 😂 like grow the fuck up because she's not going anywhere she's here to stay 😂

  • Inna Moll
    Inna Moll 22 hours ago +1

    I think that Brie is super hot
    I really love her whit all my heart

  • ZigZagRunner
    ZigZagRunner 23 hours ago

    There's resentment there, she feels like a morality clause social justice girl power feminism figure, forced in there for some sort of weird political reason, and she feels like she has done it all herself and is very self congratulatory, you can tell the movie is apart from her character, she was added, infinity war was better and the main difference was that she wasn't in that.

  • Vector Rector
    Vector Rector 23 hours ago

    In end game when hulk asked how do we know it won’t be the same as last time and she replied with “because you didn’t have me” that made me hate cpt marvel a lot

  • Pieter D
    Pieter D 23 hours ago

    This video was published on my birthday!

  • gilgamesh xerin
    gilgamesh xerin Day ago

    It’s a straight up lie that she does her own stunts, pretty sure Disney contracts them not to cause they can’t have them getting hurt

  • Uncanny Shadow
    Uncanny Shadow Day ago

    Meanwhile shes in 2 fucking scenes

  • Randy Louis
    Randy Louis Day ago

    9:06 lmafoooooo I'm fucking dead

  • Annie
    Annie Day ago

    Guess who got the last laugh? 😂😂😂😂

  • Filman Santiago & Family

    All these attitude by Brie is just part of the marketing scheme.

  • Lance Lucido
    Lance Lucido Day ago +1

    Thor/chris hemsworth: i like this one
    Deep inside of him:damn you brieeeee

  • Lance Lucido
    Lance Lucido Day ago

    Why they’re hating my crush

  • gio s
    gio s Day ago

    Don Cheadle had the best flow of roasting her

  • Ms McCormick
    Ms McCormick Day ago +1

    Why would she need a butt double?
    *Zooms cam to nonexistent butt 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Daniel Gallagher

    is this where we are at. a grown man hyper analysing some actors press junkets becasue he hates feminists

  • André DoZ
    André DoZ Day ago

    Brie Larson just seriously says all the wrong things 🤦🏽‍♂️ like I completely understand what the role means to her and how she feels but like she doesn’t have to wear it on her sleeve and be really bad at sarcasm. Like she just doesn’t know how to interact with people

  • David
    David Day ago +4

    Avengers Cast: ----Non stop roasting of Tom Holland for fun and its just playful----
    Avengers Cast: ----Can we please not work with her?-----

  • Pee pee man
    Pee pee man Day ago

    She’s the tiny Avenger

  • John Park
    John Park Day ago +6

    Wtf is this? Lol showing 2 second clips to show that their sarcasm is actual hate? Thats 5 mins of my life ill never get back... damn it.


    She's a total piece of shit. Me me me. Its all about me im the best.

  • Tyler Chamberlain

    Wow, the number of people who came here to white knight for Brie is unreal 😂

  • Arnav Kumar
    Arnav Kumar Day ago +1

    Imagine making 40 videos on one actor just because she's a woman.


  • John Stanley
    John Stanley Day ago

    Guess she dosnt know ruoge kills her and takes her powers cant wait ti see that

  • John Stanley
    John Stanley Day ago

    Her own mother i believe donsnt like her

  • fights4fight
    fights4fight Day ago +1

    One day, when the time come, all feminism will be beats into unmerciful and Brie will be the one who get humiliated.

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott Day ago

    I hate her and find many TheXvidrs that also loathe her. I am surprised that Captain Marvel made more than $1B. Mind you a lot of that was in foreign markets like China which is not aware of Larson's detestable SJW antics and arrested personality.

  • Marilha Bittencourt

    that white cis male nerd bullshit again

    DIEGO GARCIA Day ago


  • Mission to be A Man

    “I do my own stunts” *of her flying through space and shooting cgi lasers*

  • Ish
    Ish Day ago +6

    Endgame spoilers ahead....

    1:03 Jeremy probably thinkin’
    “I had the gauntlet, why didn’t I snap Brie out?!”

  • mackhomie6
    mackhomie6 Day ago

    Is every god damn thing "low key"

  • GamerDanGames GDG
    GamerDanGames GDG Day ago +4

    they never said they hate Brie. if it didn’t come from them, you have no reason to make the video

    edit: a true Marvel fan would’ve spelled ‘Endgame’ correctly in the description

    • agent a
      agent a 14 hours ago

      But their body motions implied they do.

  • EZ AZ Veelogs
    EZ AZ Veelogs Day ago

    She was extremely annoying in Endgame. Extremely obnoxious and a forced character/actress

  • ClickToPreview
    ClickToPreview 2 days ago

    Don't kid yourself Jeremy, Brie Larson has no friends.

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon 2 days ago

    This is mainly just speculation.

  • Michael Persan
    Michael Persan 2 days ago

    either its an inside joke , or they are real life Hollywood a holes, either way, they aught to be greatfull to get they and their WHOLE family's life paid for IN FULL [ with only a tenth of the $ anyone is getting , you could do MUCH good for 50 or more people that need money, but 4 some reason cant seem to get a job ect.] I find peoples thoughts about money fall in ONLY 2 categories; 1. you are greedy and it's never enough money, or 2. you don't care at all about money cause you know GOD is so much better in every way, that it pays to serve him and be provided for than trying to stack riches that only last you a blink of an eye [ if you know GOD'S truth that as long as u serve and love Him He will make SURE you are 100% content with having a dollar or a million in the bank. im not rich or poor, but id rather be poor. money only ever brings trouble. do you know any rich guys that say " before the money came, I was not happy"? I bet no. rich means worry unless you are using it to serve GOD, ask anyone with money that's had it for a while. they WILL tell you ,money cant buy happiness. you could not pay a man that worships GOD to do ANYTHING against his GOD. a true man of GOD cant be bought [ bribed] I only say this cause the attitudes the actors have. it should be humble. I do not get it. I hope and pray GOD comes back soon. it is the "season" and it wont be that long but I cant take this world anymore. I know a lot out there know what I mean , or you know there is sompthing to it. I learned about factual events that saved my life at the time by 2 teachers, dad and son. # Shepherd's Chapel .com [ 2 caucasion men both with white hair ] at 1st I judged them on their looks but years later I see how stupid I was being. they are Christian. me to, I used to be catholic, but now I just say Christian to avoid confusion. I never understood The Bible till I learned how the scribes translate it. it is almost impossible to get the subject and what they are doing and who is talking if you just read. you must have to understand translation. im not smart enough to explain , BUT an example would be this; lets say you read " this man prospered for his fear of the Lord was perfect" means that the man REVEARED The Lord, and followed Him, so the lord blessed him with money. the word perfect means he followed the law as best as he could, for real in his heart. GOD is the cardio-knower in some translations. I hope this doesent get yall angry I get on rants cause I have brain damadge. its ok though, im very happy. life is HARD. after 25 its like ,man I gotta get it together. marwen guy gets a movie after jumped and all I got was this lousy scar! its a coincidence that I got jumped in 2001 by 3 guys and 2 girls. I think it was cause I had a fight club t shirt on. I didn't get it as bad as mark Hogancamp, but they got me. 2pm out side 7-11 on camera the cops could not find them to this day. I hold no anger, it might have been my bad, I don't know I was drunk and on fioricets [ like 15 -20]. now im sober but I get episodes that are linked with the beating. I went down and they kicked me in the head and face. lucky they weren't stronger. I used to beat people up so I got payback. I keep going on sorry - don't do drugs/drink do be nice to others think twice before saying a thing ok bye GOD bless you all

  • Bean 25
    Bean 25 2 days ago +5

    This is literally just a baked guy saying "low key"

  • jimimckay69
    jimimckay69 2 days ago


  • Tj T
    Tj T 2 days ago

    Maybe they feeling stink that they are retiring from marvel and Brie is just taken over lol

  • PasscodeAdvance
    PasscodeAdvance 2 days ago

    Ultra debunked

  • Ken Beatbox
    Ken Beatbox 2 days ago

    Sorry could someone teach me what low key means 🙏🙏

  • Stephen Shidner
    Stephen Shidner 2 days ago

    Just compare it to Tom Holland when hes hanging out with them every one is happy engaging with each other telling jokes even pranking interviews. They look like they dont want to be there specially when they crack a joke and she snaps on them Haha

  • Shelby Faaron
    Shelby Faaron 2 days ago

    I feel bad for her... Maybe she’s just trying to fit in, maybe a bit too hard, but still.....

  • Kristopher Salas
    Kristopher Salas 2 days ago

    Ohh they totally have an animus toward her as a person! 🤣

  • Maria Mathew
    Maria Mathew 2 days ago

    Really? Tom hiddleston really likes brie larson.. He said she is really fun and very fond of her.. They worked together in 2017

  • Lane Daley
    Lane Daley 2 days ago +9

    Avengers endgame spoiler: Captain marvel kills Thanos by lecturing him about gender equality.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 2 days ago

    I only disliked cause you aren’t going to watch endgame

  • Renald Music
    Renald Music 2 days ago

    It's 2019 even Asian girls have nice butts, yet brie larson be like : l

  • Vladirsaulus
    Vladirsaulus 2 days ago

    Sorry, mate... but as you said: You strongly dislike her and try to make somebody jump in your boat... I don't mean she's good or she's loved by everybody around her, but all this is just the work of a hater trying to convince others to hate with you... good luck with your life.

  • Blueygooey Gooeybluey

    So much unnecessary commentary

    *summarizes scene about to play*
    *plays scene*
    *summarizes scene that just played*

  • Otto Bangsgaard
    Otto Bangsgaard 2 days ago

    Stop commenting so much!

  • Tom Botley
    Tom Botley 2 days ago

    I will not see a superhero movie based on it having a female main character. I have no interest in it. Therefore, there is little reason for me to see any further movie related to the MCU if this woman is supposed to be replacing Tony Stark. It's that simple. I don't care about the end product, therefore I don't trade legal tender in order to gain access to it. Marvel can continue down this path to ruin, or accept the fact that just because no one comes out and says it, this isn't the way our world population thinks and the driving force behind their movie attendance. No matter how inhospitable and hostile you make current society towards males who act and think as they should, you will not change anything. In fact, the idea beating the living shit out of a woman doesn't really disgust me as much as it did two decades ago. You refuse your true role in the survival of the human species, then you have no protection that it would have provided you. Go forth, age past your 30's, and die. Sex bots and laboratory wombs have long since been the preferred method if it means not having to listen to the crap that shoots out of your mouth every moment it remains agape.

  • Silalahi Hylda
    Silalahi Hylda 2 days ago +6

    Fyi, chris hemsworth is always nice to other people, welcoming, and no one ever had any trouble with him.
    So if chris dislikes brie, there some serious stuff happening in there..

  • steven laughs
    steven laughs 2 days ago

    Never watched Captain Marvel. I knew MCU was taking the political correctness road when they used Carol Danvers, instead of Mar-Vell (the guy, and real Captain Marvel).
    I don't care that Thor is the blond hair, blue eyes hero, in great shape. I didn't see think about any of it, until he was made into a fat
    Slob, and handed Asgard over to a black female. As polar opposite as you can get.
    Captain America, the job turned over to a black guy.
    Endgame. I guess the males on the Avengers, sat in a circle jerk, while the females "had Carol Danvers' back" to reach the van in The end fight..
    MCU is done. It's over with. I don't need to watch movied bad enuff to let myself be brainwashed

  • Fragmented Soul
    Fragmented Soul 2 days ago

    LOL. It even showed in the End game.

  • aduo keditsu
    aduo keditsu 2 days ago

    You talk too much dude..

  • 420 West side
    420 West side 2 days ago

    Drink every time he says low-key

  • Mark1130
    Mark1130 2 days ago

    Your a frikin drama queen. Your no diffrent to TheXvid than she is to Marvel. Look in the mirror before calling out others.

  • Jaleel Brown
    Jaleel Brown 2 days ago

    Just a random question why is the Q in the quartering a noose?

  • Tim Mac
    Tim Mac 2 days ago

    When celebs talk without a script, images start to lose their shine.

  • saxophonist
    saxophonist 2 days ago

    i think they were doing the whole initiation thing where they act mean as a joke, but she's insecure and she's basically pushed herself into a corner which is why she keeps lashing out

  • hydrohed invictus
    hydrohed invictus 2 days ago

    she looks like she brags about her character a lot..

  • SunzOffski
    SunzOffski 2 days ago

    There's no way Scarlett Johansson needed a butt double, I checked google images!

  • Irma Rodriguez
    Irma Rodriguez 2 days ago

    As a tarot reader. It’s really sad. I feel for Brie, she’s kinda antisocial, she even called herself an introvert in an interview before. The cast is salty and it doesn’t help that she’s not a people person, so they can bully her without feeling bad. Ugh. I’m a huge marvel fan and watching these movies come to life really disappoints me now.

  • Justin White
    Justin White 2 days ago

    Don "Don't touch me" Cheadle

  • Shine Bright
    Shine Bright 2 days ago

    you need to stop saying low-key so much

  • Van Info
    Van Info 2 days ago

    No one likes her professionally and personally. She comes off as a self righteous bitch.

  • Coal
    Coal 2 days ago

    2:25 That hyped soy boy wojak reaction

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 days ago

    Nah I think they like her

  • Jimmy Wise
    Jimmy Wise 2 days ago

    Avengers endgame was so great it was pirated and broadcasted the first weekend in the Philippines her movie was so great it only made a billion dollars it still hasn't been pirated obviously there's something wrong here

  • tequillaaa
    tequillaaa 3 days ago

    holy shit this dude is as unlikable as brie larson

  • Hrushikesh Sai Lakkakula