DM'ing 100 TikTok Celebrities To See Who Would Reply (ft. Charli D'Amelio & Addison Rae)

  • Published on Feb 19, 2020
  • Part 1 of 100 DMs. I sent messages to Tik Tok celebrities including Charli Damelio, Lil Huddy, Addison Rae, Avani, and Bryce Hall. A lot of them are actually from the Hype House and Sway House in Los Angeles. The responses we got are juicy
    Thank you FaZe Adapt:
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  • Jaycee
    Jaycee 2 years ago +17113

    Do part 2, this funny af 🤣🤣

  • E.D.Z.Z
    E.D.Z.Z Year ago +398

    “Bryce is chill” that aged well

  • Koala Bear
    Koala Bear Year ago +187

    I wish Alex was here for all the DM’s he was so funny 😂

  • Flying Milo15
    Flying Milo15 Year ago +509

    This is when Charlie only had 27 million. Now she has 74 million... 🤣

  • amogus
    amogus Year ago +8

    Aight let's forget about the jokes and appreciate what a role model Charlie's dad is..

  • Its Griz
    Its Griz 2 years ago +8333

    lmao this was actually entertaining af, Adapt is jokes lmao.
    (thanks for the likes homies)

  • EmmuneGBS113
    EmmuneGBS113 10 months ago +2

    Thanks for da content Jarvis it's got me through a lot of stuff appreciate it

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach Year ago +145

    Frazier: "Addison follows you I was stalking her the other day"
    FBI: interesting

  • uroprop
    uroprop Year ago +5

    imagine adapt being a dad

  • Kallum Stibbs
    Kallum Stibbs Year ago +2

    Imagine seeing a wild Jarvis sleeping 🤣

  • Dark w/a Zzzzzzzz
    Dark w/a Zzzzzzzz Year ago +2

    This was actually really funny 😂

  • Thunder 🌩️ Kewan


  • Xerity H.A.P goalie 34

    Please do more of these, this is so funny!!!!!!

  • Camilo Pineda
    Camilo Pineda Year ago

    Do part 2,this funny af🤣🤣

  • Mahagic
    Mahagic Year ago +5

    8:30 by far the funniest part!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Peti csatorna
    Peti csatorna 8 months ago

    Now I wanna know, if they really did a selfie with Addison Rae

  • Sukurwa
    Sukurwa Year ago +33

    8:13 the laugh doe, too f***ing funny

  • Grant Knapp
    Grant Knapp 11 months ago

    “i don’t wanna fight Bryce hall” lol that aged well

  • harryw.09
    harryw.09 2 years ago +802

    Can’t Wait For Part 2

  • Jason Espino Pineda

    13:43 funniest part ever!! 😂😂😂

    PENGUIN ZR Year ago +2

    he should have said to Bryce that he could send some real merch tho idk y I thought he would

  • Mauro Potthast
    Mauro Potthast Year ago +1

    Make a video where you open the dm’s of fans etc it would be epic

  • Frost4k
    Frost4k Year ago +5

    Addison hears Adapt and says ‘’ Great compliment.’’

  • adijansdavis_
    adijansdavis_ 2 years ago +724

    Jarvis: age is just a number.
    Kay: ye... but jail is just a room..

  • DG
    DG Year ago +63

    Am I the only one coming back and just wishing they asked if Bryce was dating Addison

  • Falafl511 streams
    Falafl511 streams Year ago +2

    9:39 is when I laughed

  • Wisely Chea
    Wisely Chea Year ago +1

    1:46 that laugh tho 💀

  • Jbrewer438
    Jbrewer438 11 months ago +1

    Lmfaooo when he said “ thank you DILF “ that shit had me dead

  • Luis Valencia
    Luis Valencia 2 years ago +80

    Adapt’s the friend we all wish we had😂

  • Luna The budgie
    Luna The budgie 11 months ago +2

    imagine tiktok banned you for what u did to michael

  • Fortnite Mobile Clips😈

    7:33 is the funniest part when Jarvis say keep that in

  • TeckerzMM
    TeckerzMM Year ago +167

    Alex: who's the hottest girl on TikTok teawap: James Charles 😎

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Year ago +1

    haha this made me laugh so much

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 years ago +422

    7:30 did adapt dirty for keeping that in 😂

  • ghoztguy pc
    ghoztguy pc Year ago +5

    Why am I addicted to this series?

  • Lev D
    Lev D Year ago +5

    Are we going to talk about that FaZe Jarvis doesn't use auto-correct?

  • LeEnz shakie
    LeEnz shakie Year ago

    Lmao this hella weird and funny I love this!

  • DeathVeda
    DeathVeda Year ago

    Jarvis man I really like your content keep it up🔥🔥

  • Tasso Demo
    Tasso Demo 2 years ago +260

    Addison: agrees to meet Jarvis’ brother
    *awkward romantic music plays*

  • XD_Moneyking
    XD_Moneyking Year ago +11

    8:32 makes me crack up every time

  • Diego Di Criscio
    Diego Di Criscio Year ago

    Still waiting for part 3 ASAP

  • Michael Ghost
    Michael Ghost Year ago +1

    This shit made my day😂

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +4

    1:41 was so funny!

  • Kevin Siguencia
    Kevin Siguencia 2 years ago +33

    Don’t want to sound like a loser but, Jarvis is an excellent fit to faze. He keeps it 💯 and he’s sense of humor is awesome. He fits right in. 🔥

  • Yamil Sosa
    Yamil Sosa Year ago +3

    This makes me miss old faze when cod was the main focus

  • Saideep Macherla
    Saideep Macherla Year ago

    Adapt: message him and say .....*cizzorz in the background* “FUCCK”
    LMAO that got me

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez 11 months ago +2

    Yo I love when mrstealyourting is doing a vid, especially with Alex it’s funny asf

  • namikaze
    namikaze 11 months ago

    Adapt: Message him and say...
    Cizzorz in the back: F*CK

  • TangotaZZ
    TangotaZZ Year ago +2

    FaZe Jarvis is the smartest and coolest and best youtuber ever I genuinely liked every vid I’ve seen of you and I turned notes on and subed

  • Wish Light
    Wish Light Year ago +5

    Jarvis: you're gonna get a selfie with addison
    Kay in my mind: holyy bruv
    Kay: ohh no

  • More Zydrex
    More Zydrex Year ago +8

    I laughed when Cizzorz said the f word right after Adapt said" Message him then say"

  • Pooja Madnani
    Pooja Madnani Year ago +1

    addison is in her close friends list and u guys dont realize lmao

  • Menace
    Menace 2 years ago +541

    jarvis just made the most legendary 100 DM video

    • Stars
      Stars 2 years ago

      Yasir Braimoh no cap

    • Jerod Williams
      Jerod Williams 2 years ago

      Yasir Braimoh

    • DomSoWavy
      DomSoWavy 2 years ago +1

      You’re insane bro

    • DomSoWavy
      DomSoWavy 2 years ago +1

      Wow imagine getting a heart from the insane man himself🤧

    • LUISrs Mk3
      LUISrs Mk3 2 years ago +2

      Yasir Braimoh facts

  • ZaliFN
    ZaliFN Year ago +1

    Hundred percent Addison stared at the phone from the ear emoji tilting her head

  • BradyBeast
    BradyBeast Year ago +1

    anyone else notice how charlis mom has literally 5x as many posts?

  • Joakim Bacatan
    Joakim Bacatan Year ago +1

    The fact that adapt said "message him and say f$&k from cizzors hahahahaha!!!"

  • nøt maddy
    nøt maddy Year ago

    Bro, this video was toooo funny😂😂

  • Alfiesfc14
    Alfiesfc14 2 years ago +4

    This is the funniest vid I’ve seen in ages, keep up this type of content man🙌🏻

  • VerifiedAntonio
    VerifiedAntonio Year ago

    Are we gonna pretend that charli is only 16😂

  • angel rodriguez
    angel rodriguez Year ago +1

    Jarvis on february 2020: lil huddy im sorry
    Jarvis on october 2020: nobody im sorry

  • R3DManic
    R3DManic Year ago +1

    11:15 jesus i had a heart attack from that

  • Wrestlemania Kids
    Wrestlemania Kids 10 months ago

    When you told me Addison Rae is single hopefully one day I’ll get a driver license so I can come to the house though

  • tStormFN
    tStormFN 2 years ago +90

    Lol when Alex said “how do you usually slide into people’s dm’s” Jarvis should’ve said “I dunno ask you sister”. Would’ve been LMAO moment

  • Anna Muniz
    Anna Muniz 10 months ago

    why do i love the way jarvis says “tik toks ”

  • X rainers
    X rainers Year ago +1

    Alex:Message him and say

  • Miguel
    Miguel Year ago

    Jarvis will also get banned from instagram😂

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez Year ago +1

    The damn pain song lol killed me 😹

  • Navneel Chand
    Navneel Chand 2 years ago +164

    Adapt and Jarvis is a underrated combo🔥 do a part 2 and then at the end dm adapts sister lol😂😤

  • Jono Kalo
    Jono Kalo Year ago +2

    Adapt: message him and say...
    Cizzors: F**K
    Me: ok that’s nice

  • DreamJames
    DreamJames Year ago +7

    This funny AF I was crying 😂

  • Jefferson Meono
    Jefferson Meono Year ago +5

    11:14. It is 2 in the morning I thought it was actually someone at the door I got scared af

  • poke_x2joshyt
    poke_x2joshyt 9 months ago

    8:29 the timing of that was perfect

  • B345T MODE
    B345T MODE 2 years ago +4

    These videos that aren’t scripted are way better keep going JARVI 🔥🔥🔥

  • Juuulia :3
    Juuulia :3 Year ago +1

    Anthony😂😂 We love a protective boyfriend though🥺

  • Melody’s Arts
    Melody’s Arts 10 months ago +1

    Omg I really love your guys accents keep up the great work

  • Christian Barnett

    Adapt: Message him and say-
    Cizzorz: F**k!!!
    Yea definitely message him and say that

  • Aarunya Kumar
    Aarunya Kumar Year ago

    Dude I swear as soon as Jarvis sent a dm I got a notification from instagram

  • Lorik Jakupi
    Lorik Jakupi 2 years ago +11

    Bro I haven’t laughed so hard in ages , please do a part 2 Jarvis 😍😍

  • Arthur Declercq
    Arthur Declercq Year ago +29

    When the sad Naruto music was playing, my respect went 📈📈📈

  • DM Zone
    DM Zone Year ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Jarvis adaptdou is impossible to handle

  • Royal Work
    Royal Work Year ago +1

    The FBI party funny af 🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Tara Alvez
    Tara Alvez 10 months ago

    OMG, you have to do a part 2!

  • Georgie Sucks
    Georgie Sucks 2 years ago +431

    Its all nice until you see he be ignoring 99+ people that wanna talk to him

    • Georgie doesn’t suck
      Georgie doesn’t suck Year ago

      No he doesn’t

    • Carmen Gabriel
      Carmen Gabriel 2 years ago

      @TheDarkside ikr

    • TheDarkside
      TheDarkside 2 years ago +7

      Who has time to read 500 messages a day

    • Ethan
      Ethan 2 years ago +8

      It’s like all his fans and shit I bet there’s like 300 and he’s prolly read heaps

  • Farah ikrayem
    Farah ikrayem 11 months ago

    Jarvis:my father left me
    Jarvis father:aM I a jOkE tO u

  • BaboonSlayer
    BaboonSlayer 11 months ago +7

    is it me or does jarvis keep saying “allison” instead of “addison”

  • Javeria Ali
    Javeria Ali 11 months ago

    The way that faze was just listening to adapt the whole time

  • HussBTW
    HussBTW Year ago

    In this video: Alex is a good friend
    NOW:This kid's head is busted

  • azr999
    azr999 2 years ago +962

    Kay: I think that Addison girl is fit
    Adapt: I know she has a fat a$$
    Jarvis: keep that in lmao 🤣

    • Hey_big_ant
      Hey_big_ant 2 years ago


    • ãñť&øñý
      ãñť&øñý 2 years ago

      Did anyone her kay say shes very sexy

    • khi
      khi 2 years ago

      soon as i read the comment it happened

    • Liam Baillie
      Liam Baillie 2 years ago +2

      Joao Bastos watch the video

  • memekings
    memekings Year ago

    This is funny af make part two PLEASE.

  • Aka _inni
    Aka _inni Year ago +47

    “Addison Rae follows u
    I was stalker here the other day” ~Kay

  • corey jay811
    corey jay811 Year ago +50

    Frazier: Jarvis she like triple your age bro
    Jarvis: that don’t matter tho

  • Santiago Ramirez
    Santiago Ramirez Year ago +3

    dixie watching this be like did he just call me Charli's sister🤬😡

  • ameer hantouli
    ameer hantouli 2 years ago +16

    Dead ass some of the most entertaining content I’ve seen in a while, you gotta make another one

  • Dennis DN
    Dennis DN Year ago +3

    When teawap said say “Thank you dilf

  • Dane
    Dane Year ago

    This was actually very entertaining.

  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox Year ago

    Is it just me or did Cizzors time that perfectly

  • B_Squared 1
    B_Squared 1 Year ago

    fun fact, actually really really sad fact Jarvis' channel still exists

  • 5Rybo Rockets
    5Rybo Rockets 2 years ago +164

    Adapt: message him and say....
    Cizzorz: f*ck!!!
    That got me dead your the best

  • M1isthename
    M1isthename Year ago

    Can’t Wait For Part 2

  • Veiksu 9
    Veiksu 9 Year ago

    Adapt:message him and say
    Cizzorz:Fuck!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣