Theresa May on Brexit vote timing and her political future - BBC News


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  • Jerome Ruhele
    Jerome Ruhele 2 days ago

    Many are sure to win but few should be heard... after hearing the few they have a chance to win also

  • Vince Hall
    Vince Hall 2 days ago

    My respect for Theresa May is dwindling.
    She was one of the government ministers that I respected more.
    Brexit is already a disaster.
    The actual leaning of the EU will be a tragedy.
    Let's not do that.
    We need a second Brexit referendum because the views of the people have changed, there are many polls to show this.

  • Juan Diego Ciaurri
    Juan Diego Ciaurri 3 days ago

    How to end the Brexit?... Do a second referendum it comes out as Yes then remain happily with your European friends.

  • Juliet Tun
    Juliet Tun 3 days ago

    Erase everything I type if I type something. I think Hemet is where Germans live in the East and French live in the West. The Germans are from Huntington Beach. The French are from Corona. There are Mexicans and Greeks from Perris. There are the communities. There are Chinese and Vietnamese in Royal Gardens, Iranians and Afghanistan people in Four Seasons, Arabs and Indians in Mountain townhomes and Spainards and Greeks in Seven Hills. I think the Congolese are leaving Seven Hills. I think good Congolese can live at Montego Bay gated community in Murrieta. Murrieta is in California. I think there should be boutiques and restaurants in down town Hemet. I think there should be a DressBarn in down town Hemet. I think there should be a Middle Eastern restaurant in down town Hemet.

  • The Realist
    The Realist 3 days ago

    Ahhhh...............The Illusion of Choice

  • Lizette E Wanzer
    Lizette E Wanzer 3 days ago

    "I'm not going to play that game"?? What is that supposed to mean?
    From where I'm sitting, this is no game. No game at all.

  • robert toodie
    robert toodie 3 days ago

    BBC = 223 = 322 skull and bones, who worship death and demons and wish for the destruction of humanity and goodness. Trying to become "gods" without Jesus Christ and therefore they will perish in the lake of fire.

  • Leon Dyer
    Leon Dyer 4 days ago

    Tory in power for the last 10 years and Still blaming labour 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Leon Dyer
    Leon Dyer 4 days ago

    Maybot cuts 1 billion from the nhs (probably to pay for the DUP) then offers a 1/2 billion to the in reality you CUT 1/2 billion from the NHS 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Leon Dyer
    Leon Dyer 4 days ago

    This country is fked 🙄

  • The Realist
    The Realist 4 days ago +1

    Bolshevic Broadcasting Corporation

  • Mike Ford.
    Mike Ford. 4 days ago

    The wicked witch of Brexit left no options for those fighting for Brexit to resign in the cabinet. Arghh urghh Arghhh all at the cost of the EU having control and getting cash from us a lier a traitor to our Democratic right to leave and be independent that’s what i votes for independence not part in part out She is so cocky she is going to get her deal through. She so wants to remain with the EU at any cost. She doesn’t listen doesn’t care it’s her way or no way. She is Brian washed by the EU she comes back with there plans not hers hahaha!

  • Anne Shaw
    Anne Shaw 5 days ago

    Can a Pom tell me why the vote was a 50% plus vote for approval
    Why didn't they make it 55% to 45% or similar for a more defined result.
    Is it law that the vote had to be 50% plus?

    • Anne Shaw
      Anne Shaw 5 days ago

      Nobody knows???????????????????

  • M.L LL
    M.L LL 5 days ago

    She is too nice to be a prime minister. She is trying what she believes is the best for the country. I feel sorry for Mss. Theresa May. don't be so crude with her. You can shout from boot sides and that wouldn't change the course of reality.

  • terry tunney
    terry tunney 5 days ago

    May and corbyn what a choice,Biggest pair of numtyheads in the uk

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie 5 days ago

    She’s on about people living longer what the ones that’s taking there own life .bloody disgraceful piss off and don’t come back

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 5 days ago

    PM May not good at contracts...where is the clause in the DUP £1,000,000,000 bribe that returns our tax payers money if they fail to support her crazy schemes? How did SHE approve this expenditure? Surely it would have to be approved by parliament? May not good at negotiation...The EU deal can only be a deal offered by the EU to ensure the UK is controlled for ever. No sane PM would have agreed to this insane offer!

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 5 days ago

    Its no deal or May's deal which ties UK to the EU dictators with no say on how the UK is run... a life sentence for the UK! Brexit means Brexit. No deal is what Brexit means.

  • Carl Armes
    Carl Armes 5 days ago

    Brexit Deal 25th November 2018.

  • Evolution Inc.
    Evolution Inc. 5 days ago

    Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?
    England has denounced you!

  • Rapist Mohamed
    Rapist Mohamed 6 days ago

    Why do English hate her? Can anyone tell me I have no idea about her brexit deal.

  • Demo Man
    Demo Man 6 days ago

    Muslim country you will be

  • Robert
    Robert 6 days ago

    theresa may is no.1 the worst Prime Minister.

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 7 days ago

    Put her on a lie detector

  • des g
    des g 7 days ago +1

    REMAIN ,REMAIN....!! we don't need chaos but safety, well economy and prosperity. Let's stay, let's stay.. 🤚

  • des g
    des g 7 days ago +1

    Prime Minister May knows very well that Brexit isn't good for Britons and the whole country. She knows Brexit means losses ,bankruptcy of many companies. Brexit means chaos ,enormous chaos everywhere and definetely much less money for many things. Brexit means problems and She knows it very, very ,very well....unfortunatelly some politicians don't think about country but only about their reputation and reputation of party. Stay in European Union and let's remain ... let's remain...!!

  • She moves in her own dab

    Is Theresa May actually a human?

  • Realm of the Nerds
    Realm of the Nerds 7 days ago

    I would just like to say that Theresa May was put in this position when David Cameron left so don’t go blaming her she’s been trying so hard to keep on going and get us the best idea possible and as she says no one else is putting forward any constructive criticism just mocking her and ridiculing her.

  • kevin3591
    kevin3591 7 days ago

    There all actors and puppets and they think the British people are Muppets.

  • ancronym
    ancronym 7 days ago

    Oh my. Politicians. Why can't she just answer the questions being presented. Quite frustrating. How can you have faith in such a person being an adequate leader when she is unable to have a civilized discussion with a journalist.

  • David Wilton
    David Wilton 7 days ago

    History will have a field day with this treachery.

  • Jet Park
    Jet Park 7 days ago

    Bye Felicia....A dead duck. A useless negotiater. The EU are dictating the terms of brexit. She's begging everyone to vote for a weak deal where the poor are going to pay. Just like they paid when the banks screwed Britain.

  • Trish Traynor
    Trish Traynor 8 days ago

    She would sell her granny if it stopped her losing her job. That's really sad,but she comes from a world where you lie and cheat to stay on top and call it ambition.

  • fire_cupcake
    fire_cupcake 8 days ago

    Will she just shut the DUCK UP!!

  • Riley UKTV
    Riley UKTV 8 days ago

    M E G A Make England Great Again!

  • electrowhip
    electrowhip 8 days ago

    No brexit at all? Brilliant!

  • Lynn Wyatt
    Lynn Wyatt 8 days ago

    What a terribly rude interviewer

  • K. IJsvogel
    K. IJsvogel 8 days ago

    She's not in favour of a second referendum, why might that be ?
    Her answer is, that it is not respectful to the will of the people...but,... is that true ?
    Well, there could definitely be another reason.
    How on Earth will any British politician ever explain, that the outcome of the referendum was based upon incomplete
    information or even (much more true:) wrongful information.
    Did you know, that the most google-ed question the day after the referendum was: "What is the EU?"...!!..
    Where does that leave your politicians...

    • K. IJsvogel
      K. IJsvogel 8 days ago

      ...snap...-where does that leave your politicians ?-
      How will these politicians ever admit that THEY misinformed
      , or at least didn't do enough to decently inform the majority of the British people ?
      Admitting this means indirectly that your job as a politician is obsolete, and who will do that ?

  • Marius MvM
    Marius MvM 8 days ago

    This beautiful creature is in charge of UK future?

  • get2rog
    get2rog 8 days ago

    I have never been able to see her as Prime Minister. Everything that comes out of her mouth is scripted. There has been no reveal of her true personality and more importantly no inclination of any leadership qualities. She is simply a soundbite, a mouthpiece for the traitors behind the scenes pulling her strings. Our version of Barrack Obama.

  • Mark Maben
    Mark Maben 8 days ago

    She is Terrible May!!!! She is a swamp creature!!!! An idiot!!!!

  • Hayden Harris
    Hayden Harris 8 days ago

    People voted on a blank canvas so let her get on with it

  • Gez501
    Gez501 8 days ago

    WALK AWAY. If we were to declare WAR against the EU we would not ask their permission if we could have their permission to do so. Likewise we don't need permission to leave the EU. They are the antithesis of what we Brits have decided is best for our futures and intend to leave. If there is any secret deals etc we will eventually actually go to war with the rest of the rump of the EU. Theresa May wants us to stay in the EU. We must get rid of her one way or another and all who support her.
    The House of Commons BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. WE HAD a referendum and the MAJORITY of THE PEOPLE. Theresa May is there by the GRACE of the ELECTORATE only. We The PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

  • rokmole
    rokmole 8 days ago

    vote ukip

  • rokmole
    rokmole 8 days ago

    globalist parasite like the msm bbc

  • Turquoise Lion
    Turquoise Lion 8 days ago

    What is that necklace?

  • Renegade Arcade highs

    Useless woman "Strong and stable my arse" Ive got an idea lets stop voting these twits from Oxford university and Eton

  • chi chi
    chi chi 8 days ago

    xmarks the sspot when then chemtrailing is done for the day .... for spraying the innocent with chemtrails

  • chi chi
    chi chi 8 days ago


  • Sam J
    Sam J 9 days ago

    Why can’t the vote have been more specific? Instead of simply “leave” or “remain”
    The options could be “remain”, “soft brexit” or “hard brexit”.
    However the two brexit plans could be grouped, so if say 45% of people vote to remain, 30% choose soft brexit and 25% choose hard brexit then there would be a soft brexit as there are more brexit supporters than remain supporters but a soft brexit is the most popular of that group.
    This is not a completely worked out suggestion but it would give us a view on the way the people want the uk to continue with more detail

  • Sam J
    Sam J 9 days ago

    I’d find her so much more interesting if she had a West Country accent

  • Kosgei
    Kosgei 9 days ago

    Theresa May makes sense, Labour politicians are just blocking for pure politics!

  • A Long Way From Home Motorhoming

    not many things in my house appear to be made in britain so I'm not too worried i reckon europe needs us more

  • Sciflyer Nineteensixtynine

    God she is soooo painful to watch I almost felt sorry for her. Doesnt have the ability to think beyond script and soundbites.

  • colin martin
    colin martin 9 days ago

    She refuses to accept that the wish of the people, is to have another vote. Why, she knows that now we have seen how the UK has suffered and lost strength and value, that all the promises about how the uk would be better off if we left. YOU CAN VOTE TO STAY.
    You have to vote to stay, to rebuild the UK to what it was befor and get stronger by intergrating fully into the European Union , something that was never done by the the first place. reverse the vote before it's too late. for petes sake don't let the shoddy offers on the table.
    MAY WON'T STAY IN OFFICE, she will walk away, with her own fortune intact and leave the next gov to sort out the mess. her argument that it's what the people wanted and would be an insult to have another vote !!!! RUBBISH not everyone got to vote in the first place.... I didn't get to vote as I live in n Francn even the British embassy has failed to reply to my requests for information on how i can vote.
    IT'S A SCAM, look at the damage done by less than the full population had they all been able to vote!!!! THAT'S WHY SHE IS SO SCARED.
    FOR A NEW VOTE. Now we all know the real effects of the threat of leaving, we can all make a new descision on the FACTS .
    The power to save the UK is in YOUR HANDS, it's you that will suffer if you let MAY destroy this country and run away. The pound has fallen and will continue for years to come.

  • Frankie Davies
    Frankie Davies 9 days ago

    I can swim without arm bands now

  • i just came to get something to eat

    cringe, posh, old, decrepit, out of touch, career politician and lying eu lobbyist.....just commit suicide you disgusting mess

  • roger ashar
    roger ashar 9 days ago

    Great britain safe to say no longer Great.

  • Becky
    Becky 9 days ago

    Stupid woman

  • Nat Armstrong
    Nat Armstrong 9 days ago

    shes a trump ass licker

  • kevandzo
    kevandzo 9 days ago

    Detest Treason May & the bullshitting BBC

  • jennifer Cummings
    jennifer Cummings 9 days ago

    Tell your face May

  • weedneedmusic
    weedneedmusic 9 days ago

    I sniff programming

  • jennifer Cummings
    jennifer Cummings 9 days ago

    May doesn’t care about people. She has an agenda and she could not give a damn. Red shoes

  • João Pimentel Ferreira

    Uncle Sam, Mr. Putin and China simply cannot bear another powerful political-economic block to compete against, and therefore they are triggering all these internal quarrels amongst the European populations. Look on how the narratives of RT and Fox News strangely coincide on European matters. These non-European agitators do the tricks known since the Classics: *Divide and Rule*

  • bollocknaked1975
    bollocknaked1975 9 days ago

    Higher power's are the rule makers, not this woman or any other "politician". Soros has more say in all this brexit nonsense, how she sleeps at night is beyond me.

  • peter still
    peter still 9 days ago

    May’s political future: hopefully, none. Her handling of the Brexit situation has degenerated into an unprecedented crisis. She could have chosen the EEA option, she could have chosen the WTO option, and whichever the choice, she could have executed it well. Instead, she negotiated an idiotic half baked half house that makes no sense and cannot execute on it.

  • chestypants78
    chestypants78 9 days ago +1

    She's vile and she has no clue. In all walks of life we have imposters, blagging their way through their work and May is Britain's chief imposter. The Brits have embarrassed themselves (along with the Yanks and Trump) by ending up with May in office and their old fashioned views of the world re: Brexit. The Leave campaign was made up sinister forces who cheated their way to a slight win, and voters can't even own up to it. Soldier ahead off the cliff 'for Queen and country'. Idiots.

  • chestypants78
    chestypants78 9 days ago +1

    Theresa Thatcher.

    EBOJFM DBOOJOH 9 days ago

    If Universal credit is better than the current system then you wouldn't need to "learn as you go along" What the government is saying is that they will make it a better system no matter what the consequences. The whole point of a welfare system at all is to protect and support those who are at a financial hardship, Yet the roll-out of universal credit has only made things more difficult. Also why is there a need to punish people arbitrarily for being unemployed. There was recently a case where somebody was unable to attend a jobcentre appointment and her benefits stopped because she was attending her mothers funeral. The poor are always made to feel like they should be greatful and the government and media always like to highlight cases of benefit fraud, Yet very rarely do they highlight the extreme poverty that some people are living in. In some instances people are having to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their children. Only today I heard a story about a man who died from malnutrition because his benefit payments were cancelled due to being unable to attend just one appointment. There is a huge divide between the rich and poor in this country and if similar things were happening in Parts of Africa or Asia than all you would hear in the media is how outrageous it is and Britain must intervene. To be honest If I could revoke my British citizenship I would but unfortunately I have no other nationality. I'm ashamed to be British at the moment because of the way the Government and media treat people. Britain is literally the most corrupt country on the planet who refuse to help anyone in need or if they do make that person feel no self worth whatsoever. Yet at the same time are so concerned about politics and corruption in countries thousands of miles away.

  • anthony 1965
    anthony 1965 9 days ago

    Sky news Australia news presenter nails brexit

  • evil elf
    evil elf 9 days ago

    What a load of balls!

  • Michael Boylan
    Michael Boylan 9 days ago

    The central question is,,,what role can the Queen as Head of State play in the present situation Since the Government controls the Order of the House then the House as a whole cannot influence events,,,it is powerless, But 90 percent of the House is opposed to a No Deal Brexit, Here the Head of State has a role, But in the UK the situation is complicated,,for the dominant view is that the Queens power/prestige/popularity depends solely on her NEVER using her constitutional powers, First Royal Paradox,,,the Queen is powerful only if she is powerless Technically the Queen has divested almost all her reserve powers to the PM,,,but constitutionally under The Royal Prerogative she may still be able to exercise some of these divested powers,You think this an arcane question.It is not,,,it goes to the heart of democracy in the UK.The situation is less complicated in the 15 other Commonwealth Realm countries,The Queen is Head of State of 16 countries world wide,,,in 15 of those the Queens reserve powers are vested in The Governor General,,,and NOT in the PM, The Second Royal Paradox ,,,,in the 16 Commonwealth Realm countries the Queen has the LEAST power in the UK,The Queen should act only at a time of constitutional crisis,This could occur if Mays Deal is repeatedly rejected in the Commons and a No Deal is inevitable,, Constitutionally the Queen should have the same -powers as a Governor General,These powers are 1,withdraw the PMs commission and appoint someone else who has the support of a majority in the House, This may be a National Unity Government, 2 Withdraw the PMs commission and call a General Election Should the Queen withdraw the commission of a PM who commands a majority in the House, No,,,except at a time of constitutional crisis,Would the repeated rejection of Mays Bill be such a crisis, The Queen could consult her Privy Council or The Lord Chief Justice, But now we have the First Royal Paradox again, If the Queen tried to exercise her constitutional powers in the National Interest some would call out INTERFERENCE Britain is alone in the world in having a Head of State who is powerless,,even though she has constitutional powers,Would the Queen put the National Interest above the interests of the Monarchy, Should she, It was inevitable that one day the flaws in the English Constitution would appear,The First Royal Paradox is alas,,not a paradox,,, but a contradiction, A powerless Monarch is not powerful,,,but only powerless, God save democracy,

  • rachael m
    rachael m 9 days ago

    I am not a labour/lib Dem supporter but I just want to say how angry I am with our conservative government for how they've depleted our community social services.
    Are local MP'S unaware of how dire the social situation in the UK has actually become?
    Mental health and social support services are null and void unless you have a rope hanging around your neck or are a perfect candidate for Broadmore.

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 9 days ago

    What Brexit reals means: The Brits are the idiots of Europe. They have given up a top position in the EU and they are now the slaves of the EU and have to pay - with or without a deal but with no end! Indeed - the British Pound can´t survive this! And if Scotland and Nothern Ireland maybe Gibraltar will leave the UK then the End is near. What a disaster! And after the Brexit disaster, the Brits start a Re-Brexit disaster - what does this mean? A Re-Brexit means that the Brits are Idiots again and again in Europe with NO End. I ask me how much money the Brits would pay for a Re-Brexit?
    But nevertheless, don´t worry, be happy, take it easy!✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌😁🤢😂🤣😢🤔

  • Qwifinn The Awesome
    Qwifinn The Awesome 9 days ago


  • DrHugoBones
    DrHugoBones 9 days ago


  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 9 days ago

    I can't stand that she is Prime minister. The people didn't vote her in. Before she got the job she was torn apart in the media on her past performance, until the Tories needed a new leader and whipped the media into a frenzy, pulling strings to say how great she would be. The reality is she is doing a terrible job. She is dithering and not in control. I am sick of those bloody Tories as well. The country was a happier place under Labour. If we don't complete on the peoples wishes that were voted for, then Democracy in Britain is dead. People didn't vote for a soft, hard, medium done Brexit. They voted for Brexit. Failure to deliver that is death to British Democracy. Stick your deal, the British majority voted for Brexit. Get it done. She keeps saying it is a good deal. What is so good about it? If it is good get a move on. This leader of our country is weak and dithering. She needs to go.

  • Fatboy S FLSTBS
    Fatboy S FLSTBS 9 days ago

    She’s come back after Christmas with absolutely nothing, what a bloody fiasco, STUPID WOMAN.

  • Ian Roddie
    Ian Roddie 9 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed that when she lies or is backed into a corner, her bottom lip slants to the left. She lies through 60% of this interview.

  • Richard Sinclair
    Richard Sinclair 9 days ago

    Is she reading off her list of talking points?

  • Richard Sinclair
    Richard Sinclair 9 days ago

    Pantomime. Oh yes it is, "oh no it isn't!".

  • นายสุรัตน์ พัฒนเพ็ญ

    whoooooooo whatttttttttttttt,you thing this,you thing that,but isn’t,isn’t

  • RyzaSmith 2001
    RyzaSmith 2001 9 days ago

    How is she still the pm ffs

  • Dalis918
    Dalis918 9 days ago

    She has no political future.

  • A Favored Daughter
    A Favored Daughter 9 days ago

    Didn’t this already happen!

  • A Favored Daughter
    A Favored Daughter 9 days ago


  • Universe In a Jar
    Universe In a Jar 9 days ago +1


  • Aaron hughes
    Aaron hughes 9 days ago

    I would not want her job.

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 9 days ago +1

    ffs can she not give an actual answer

  • Dale Angloher
    Dale Angloher 9 days ago

    Brexit means brexit no deal brexit otherwise new referendum that can be final verification so nobody is upset.

  • Gareth Ward-stevens
    Gareth Ward-stevens 9 days ago

    Lots of labour idiots in the comments 😂 get a grip you losers

  • Prophet Muhammad
    Prophet Muhammad 9 days ago

    Thank you big black **** news channel, very cool

  • NextGen -_x
    NextGen -_x 9 days ago

    Let's be honest, Slenderman over here has no idea what she's doing or what she'll ever do. All I see is an evil clueless witch, what a horrible lady.

  • Nukes for Dayz Nk
    Nukes for Dayz Nk 9 days ago

    Fuk of theresa

  • L Turner
    L Turner 9 days ago

    Theresa May
    But her Brexit deal may not

  • chi chi
    chi chi 9 days ago


  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 9 days ago

    I cant believe this puppet show is still going on. They make england look so weak! the EU will never give the UK a fair deal, they will make an example out of us to send a message to other EU members!. If someone is imposing heafty fines and threats to ensure you do what your told and not what you believe is the right thing to do then there is something very very wrong I think we should leave and just tell them to blow each other. How is anyone still blind to this and the BBC displaying obvious bias !

  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 9 days ago

    who cares as Britain will lose all EU contract !

  • eduardo torres betancourt

    If this hag didn't stutter so much with the lies coming out through her teeth, May-be you would give her the benefit of the doubt...but May-be Not, NOT a chance!