Losing the Battle


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  • RayRexDex
    RayRexDex 5 hours ago +1

    oh, sorry

  • cecilox21
    cecilox21 6 hours ago


  • Amanda Rossow
    Amanda Rossow 7 hours ago +1

    MatPat you will get though this

  • ninjamack
    ninjamack 13 hours ago

    I’m actually crying

  • Gamers_ Assemble
    Gamers_ Assemble 13 hours ago

    RIP hope u feel better

  • A.K 47
    A.K 47 15 hours ago

    Why did he killed him self?????? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i miss him

  • Grady Evans
    Grady Evans 23 hours ago

    This dude looks like the odds one out

  • Mcr lover
    Mcr lover Day ago

    Im so sorry rest in peace Ronnie.....Ronnie was an amazing person and i bet a amazing friend and to all of those who hit the dis-like button they dont know what their doing the tears blocked them from seeing wht button they pressed im so sorry for your loss😔❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Ronnie is watching over all of you in heaven or for those who dont believe in heaven god Ronnie is watching over you some how and he loves you all❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😔

  • Yaseen Mohammed
    Yaseen Mohammed Day ago

    Hey, Matt. I'm Yaseen. So very, very sorry to hear about Oni. I had no idea he was dealing with such dark demons. Stay strong, dude.

  • James Fischer
    James Fischer Day ago

    This feels super scripted and almost like it was acted out.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Day ago


  • Micah Rush
    Micah Rush Day ago

    And I am sorry about Ronnie

  • Micah Rush
    Micah Rush Day ago

    And also I think this is the work of bully’s man those guy won’t stop ruining people’s lives

  • Micah Rush
    Micah Rush Day ago

    You’re a dad

  • Nyla Glenn (Student)

    With the death of a true friend is the birth of a new child.

  • Nyla Glenn (Student)

    Wands up for Ronnie everyone.

  • Eli Ayala
    Eli Ayala Day ago

  • Madame Mystery
    Madame Mystery Day ago +1

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You are an inspiration for making this.

  • Gamer Of Knowledge And More

    Death is always a good thing regardless of how we see it, it makes us reminisce of the person who died and even though people do die we still love them and we still remember them and keep them in our hearts

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Day ago

    Videogames have destroyed an entire generation of males who will never grow up to be men.

    Stay distracted. Stay entertained with your child toys. It doesn't matter now. You are lost to history.

  • Aidan Dillman
    Aidan Dillman Day ago

    Rest in pieces
    We will remember you may we bury you with your editing supplies

    • Aidan Dillman
      Aidan Dillman Day ago

      Baby Ollie will tell his story
      We all will tell his story

  • Satan
    Satan Day ago

    Matt, I understand your pain, My irl mom's boyfriend before I was born blew his brains out thinking she did not like him, then 2 years ago on August 25th my uncle had died at 26 from electrocution. Sending my deepest condolences Matt.

  • bongo bongo
    bongo bongo Day ago

    Bro why is this on a meme playlist

  • the cringe of ME
    the cringe of ME 2 days ago

    is he sayori's brothers but hey that's just a Theory a..........very sad Theory =(

  • GamerGeorge - Gaming And More

    I'm so sorry, I am super sad for this, may Ronnie rest in peace. Us, subscribers, viewers, pass-byers, are here for you.

  • Isla Wyatt
    Isla Wyatt 2 days ago

    So sorry for your loss

  • Paul Zorn
    Paul Zorn 2 days ago +1

    I’m sure that he died knowing that he had done good in his life time. I’m sorry for your loss Mat.😢

  • Cloudstar
    Cloudstar 2 days ago

    Rip Ronnie. We will all miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much!

  • pokeytuber
    pokeytuber 2 days ago

    Ronnie would love rewind 2018 he may be on it

  • Jeremiah Ramos
    Jeremiah Ramos 2 days ago +2

    Dear Matt,
    Firstly, I am sorry for your loss. He was a very great asset to your team. I know he was not all that well known at first, but he was the biggest pillar that upheld irrefutably one of the best channels on youtube. Secondly, it is evident that you are going through really tough times. I dearly hope you do not face the same fate as your friend. His passing and the constant bombardment from haters is really bringing you down. Please stay strong. Dont let your guard down. Nothing in this world lasts forever. People are not only concerned for your channel but also for your life. Your deep past burdens you and its taking you under. Surround yourself with good people and stay happy. One giant salute for Ronnie!
    Most Sincerely,
    Your biggest fan.
    1 like=1 prayer
    1 like=1 condolence
    1 like=1 salute

  • Matthew Belt
    Matthew Belt 2 days ago

    Sorry for your loss, I know how it feels

  • Anthony Milana
    Anthony Milana 2 days ago

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend and colleague. I watch these videos and take for granted the people behind the scenes putting it together, but never again. Thank you Ronnie for your excellent and entertaining work. 👍❤️

  • Nicole Mobley
    Nicole Mobley 2 days ago

    I know im a little late, but im sorry for your loss. Suicide is a thing no one should have to go through, weather they have committed suicide or if someone they love has committed suicide. Im sorry. Much love your way💝

  • Tye Buckingham
    Tye Buckingham 2 days ago

    Losing the Battle of what and how

    BOOST GANG 2 days ago


  • 🇵🇱 Concerned Poland 🇵🇱

    God’s I just wan’t to HUG you. It broke my heart when you started crying 😢 PLEASE DON’T CRY I- no wait- WE CARE ABOUT YOU ❤️❤️ I know what it’s like to lose someone like that, hope you get better ❤️

  • 🇵🇱 Concerned Poland 🇵🇱


  • Batman 13
    Batman 13 3 days ago

    There are moments I wonder who my favorite TheXvidr is. Then I remember this video...

  • joshua rowland
    joshua rowland 3 days ago

    Goodbye Ronnie Rest in peace

  • Maikerr Ioerr
    Maikerr Ioerr 3 days ago +1

    I had a niece who committed suicide 2 years ago and I’m very anxious that I might do the same thing

  • Yumin Choy
    Yumin Choy 3 days ago

    I am sorry for u. Pest in peace Ronnie. I know how u feel.

  • The Fallen Angel
    The Fallen Angel 3 days ago

    Im sorry and i am socially awkward so i cant find the right words to say but im so sorry

  • Kirboy Smith
    Kirboy Smith 3 days ago

    Victory royale

  • Kirboy Smith
    Kirboy Smith 3 days ago

    Rofl XD

  • Kirboy Smith
    Kirboy Smith 3 days ago


  • Kirboy Smith
    Kirboy Smith 3 days ago

    This is funny

  • Kirboy Smith
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  • Kirboy Smith
    Kirboy Smith 3 days ago

    But hey that’s just a theory

  • Comrade Critical
    Comrade Critical 3 days ago

    Damn dude

  • haikal mursidie
    haikal mursidie 3 days ago +1

    Who dislike this was a idiot

  • Nyova Vids
    Nyova Vids 3 days ago


  • Jeremie hauser
    Jeremie hauser 3 days ago

    i am so sorry i hope youll get better

  • maow gamers
    maow gamers 3 days ago

    I thought this was losing to a Subscriber battle but
    I I.............................................I cried when I herd the
    first thing he said about Ronnie.R.I.P

  • ForfeitAphid322 AKA Ricardo Ramos

    Stay strong mat

  • mr_gamer 226
    mr_gamer 226 3 days ago

    That's not cool RIP I loved him

  • Johnathan NicholasMiner

    I’m sorry

  • Johnathan NicholasMiner

    You wun

  • Greg Freyer
    Greg Freyer 4 days ago

    I m so sorry matpat

  • OneTrik Medic
    OneTrik Medic 4 days ago +2

    It’s been only four months, and this still hits me hard in the feels
    It’s going to be 2019, and by then this will still hit me in the feels
    This will probably make me sad whenever I watch it, even far in the future
    R.I.P Ronnie Edwards

  • stuff and things
    stuff and things 4 days ago

    Much love and respect to ronnie you guys and ronnie's family

    JROCKFOX 4 days ago +1

    Hey everyone hate on ben Isaac

    JROCKFOX 4 days ago

    He inspired to rip

    JROCKFOX 4 days ago

    Sorry For your lost

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 4 days ago +1

    Just realized Gaijin Goomba is gone too. Now it's only MatPat and Austin.

  • Benjamin Liu
    Benjamin Liu 4 days ago

    On a brighter note I thought this was him reacting to bird keeper toby on the ashs age theory and losing the battle was losing the theorist battle. R.I.P Ronnie “Oni” Edwards

  • Ozzyzeek YouTube
    Ozzyzeek YouTube 4 days ago

    R.i.p ronnie

  • Joshua Beauchamp
    Joshua Beauchamp 4 days ago

    That is some mad respect for your pal. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • PP Hed
    PP Hed 4 days ago

    R.I.P Ronnie Edwards

  • plasticman15505 henry
    plasticman15505 henry 5 days ago +1

    Rest in peace. There shalln't be a joke here, for this video deserves better.

  • Aged Starling
    Aged Starling 5 days ago

    I am so sorry for your loss mate. We’ll all miss Ronnie. Rest In Peace Ronnie

  • Kinnick Conner
    Kinnick Conner 5 days ago

    I almost suicides until seeing this video. But sorry for your loss. this was the first time I cried during a video.. 😭

  • Roserina Draw
    Roserina Draw 5 days ago

    Hahahahaha he died that is amazing this is the best day of my life btw I am not joking

  • Michael Kaduck
    Michael Kaduck 5 days ago +1

    My heart goes out to Ronnie and his family. I am someone who suffers from depressive episodes so this is important for me. Life is incredible. Never give up.

  • Real LazyGamer
    Real LazyGamer 5 days ago


  • Real LazyGamer
    Real LazyGamer 5 days ago


  • Real LazyGamer
    Real LazyGamer 5 days ago


  • Pinkster
    Pinkster 5 days ago

    Ronnie is in a better place watching over us and especially you, we all love you not just because of your beautiful face but because of who you are. We are all so proud of you for being such a great, kind and giving person, not everyone is as great as you so never EVER give up hope that we’re there is darkness there is always Light.

  • Jacob Gorby
    Jacob Gorby 5 days ago

    Rest in peace.😢😢 Im sad but I do not know who he is.

  • Esteban Esparza
    Esteban Esparza 5 days ago +1

    It is hard to see someone who is always laughing in videos (at FBE Reacts), so devastated. I know is been a while now, but I truly hope you, and everyone Ronnie had touched with his style, his personality, his person, is feeling better. May Ronnie rest in peace.

  • Time Bandit
    Time Bandit 5 days ago +1

    Hey Mat, can you make a memorial playlist of all the videos Ronnie worked on? We would all love it.

  • John Candycorn
    John Candycorn 5 days ago

    Pouring one out for the edit grand master. RIP

  • Aaron Bright
    Aaron Bright 5 days ago

    24K people missed the like button

  • Kieshin
    Kieshin 5 days ago +1

    He's in God's hands now

  • Red HoodGaming
    Red HoodGaming 5 days ago +1


    • VaGe GD
      VaGe GD Day ago

      That yay is a yay that matpat is reaching out about this

    • GammingALB
      GammingALB 5 days ago

      that was my reaction aswell

    • GammingALB
      GammingALB 5 days ago

      +Simon S. hahahahaha

    • Simon S.
      Simon S. 5 days ago

      Yaaaay! Smash Bros. is coming out in 2 days! Yaaaay!

  • animikkuium Z
    animikkuium Z 5 days ago +1

    Thank you mat this helps me I think we all feel like no one listens but there is always someone out there
    Rip ronnie

  • Santa Criminal
    Santa Criminal 5 days ago

    I like sad sad sad videos im sorry ☹ hes in heaven right now

  • Santa Criminal
    Santa Criminal 5 days ago

    :( im sorry mat i been through that to im was in Culumbine shooting,my Mother left my dad for a dumb idea,my brother was ran over i feel your pain

  • Ultimate Keldeo!
    Ultimate Keldeo! 6 days ago

    Take 1 year off k?

    • Simon S.
      Simon S. 5 days ago

      Dude, this is months ago! He's fine now!

  • Mrc119 Gamer Z
    Mrc119 Gamer Z 6 days ago

    Demons from 11:34 upside down

  • Ethan gameplay/toys The golden fox


    • GammingALB
      GammingALB 5 days ago

      it's actually pretty easy you just press left click on the dislike button

  • Fantastic Potato
    Fantastic Potato 6 days ago

    I didn’t know him but I bet he was a good man I’m so sorry

  • Arktic Lizard
    Arktic Lizard 6 days ago

    R.I.P Ronnie Edwards
    The best editor *ever*

  • The real OGs
    The real OGs 6 days ago +1

    Matpat forgot to feed ronnie. I'm sorry.

    • I fucking Hate homosexuals and bts
      I fucking Hate homosexuals and bts 5 days ago

      +Simon S. matpat jizzed on ronnies grave

    • Simon S.
      Simon S. 5 days ago

      +The real OGs You should never try to make someone laugh, when stuff like this right now (Yes, I know this isn't right now, this was four months ago...but you get the idea) is happening

    • The real OGs
      The real OGs 6 days ago +1

      +Thanos DROPYOURDAMMSUMMONSIGN I never said it wasn't, I was trying to lighten the mood a bit. Also, 4 months doesn't equal too soon. 1 week is too soon. After that it's pretty much open for jokes.

      Thanos DROPYOURDAMMSUMMONSIGN 6 days ago

      too soon and this is serious kid

  • angeldemon 666
    angeldemon 666 6 days ago

    Sorry for your loss

  • Dávid Šuchter
    Dávid Šuchter 6 days ago


  • That ONE Channel
    That ONE Channel 6 days ago

    Damn i really wish this video was clickbat... Rest in peace Ronnie

  • banana smush
    banana smush 6 days ago

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  • Zazy Guy
    Zazy Guy 6 days ago

    U DESERVE THE 1 MILLION LIKES I’m sorry for ur loss

  • Hizhangouts
    Hizhangouts 6 days ago

    Honestly it’s the shima luan madness. Every popular person does that because they know in the near future their existence oppresses other foreigners that then politics harass every youtuber for there illogic. They think that their ancestors are scum and they aren’t worthy to be part of youtube. I would’ve done suicide myself if I knew I was going to get fired from my job is crude humor became illegal or even goth for that matter. I don’t want to live in a planet where everyone’s will be forced to be Ms.nesbit because feminism made entertainment illegal or some weird adult-child wants to force companies to do what they want and they actually listen to the few fans that aren’t the strongest well minded of their community.

  • Xu Henry
    Xu Henry 6 days ago +1

    I guess this is a bit too late, but I am going through similar thoughts. Math teacher gave me too much stress and don’t respect me, not even in terms of a human. All I want to say is thank you Mat. You’ve gave me lot’s of enjoyable time. Thank you, for saving me those times.