Cost-of-living crisis: "I haven't used the heating for nearly a year" | Red Box

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • With average household costs to increase by £1,700 a year, 79-year-old pensioner Sheila Correll describes how she cannot afford her rising energy bills and has turned to exercise to keep warm.
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Comments • 3 768

  • Cristen Ronaldo
    Cristen Ronaldo 3 months ago +2728

    The fact that she is 79 and still out running deserves massive praise 👏

    • Paul Mahon
      Paul Mahon 20 days ago

      And still thinking of others 😇🙏 I think the One word order need to reset it's moral compass 🕵️☮️free the weed & ourselves

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith Month ago +1

      @From the eyes of Shaun im 43 and i go for a 2 k walk/jog every morning and its great for you 🙂 but its hard

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago

      @CalmAsChamomile don't be so patrasising that is not my usual running I was inhibited by a microphone strapped pants and they were slipping down. I have been a very fast runner in the past 3000 track 10.57 half marathon lhr 23 marathons around 3 hrs. So don't use the word cute to me darling you will be old one day and I bet you won't be in the same street as me

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago

      Thank you I have in the past represented my county cross country 3000 metres and track won many marathons and half marathons best time 3 hrs 16

    • Ug Titto
      Ug Titto 3 months ago +3

      What would deserve praise would be the governmental support that doesn't make 79 year olds keep running to keep themselves warm.

  • S S
    S S 3 months ago +563

    She shouldn't have to be experiencing this at her age. It was heartbreaking to hear those words...having to chose between eating and heating. One thing for sure is that she has an inner strength that has kept her spirit from dying. She has surely inspired me and her positive attitude is so admirable. God bless her ✨

    • Samantha Hardy
      Samantha Hardy Month ago +2

      The older generations were led to believe that their National Insurance contributions would be enough to secure a state pension which would see them through their retirements and therefore probably did not see the necessity to save further to increase their pension pots or were not able to save towards an extra pension due to low incomes in the first instance. I can understand her blaming the government because budgeting, saving and investing has not been part of the education system. It should be taught in schools from an early age but isn't! Why? It's designed to teach consumerism. For example, most of us have been taught to go to school to learn what the government decides you should learn (most curriculums are set by the government) for you to go out to get a job, find a partner to settle down with, get a mortgage to buy a house, have children and get a car. Why? It all pumps money into the economy that the government can use as they see fit, even if it doesn't help those who are contributing to the economy. Eg.Spending billions on Foreign aid and housing people who claim they are refugees (some are not genuine and just want a free ride) yet at the same time refusing to house those living on the streets in the UK. Spending on PPE during the pandemic which was not fit for purpose, whilst at the same time cutting spending on nursing staff. The list goes on. Currently the cost of living has increased considerably to what it was, especially with those on low incomes. Gas, electric, food, water, council tax, rent, petrol, and mortgage interest rates have all gone up and those who struggled before will find it even harder now. Those who have never had to struggle and have been so used to buying a coffee on their way to work, buying brand named goods, ordering takeaways or eating out at restaurants and going on holidays whenever they feel like it, and upgrading to the latest mobile phone, t.v or car will be in for a massive shock as there won't be enough to put into savings for retirement. Sadly people will go into debt (just like the government) as they borrow the money to get what they want and not what they need. Those who are already living below the poverty line can only ever dream of owning a car, a t.v, a home, getting takeaways, going on holidays etc and focus on what they need like eating or heating. Not everyone is capable of working, not everyone is capable of setting up and running their own business and not everyone is capable of getting themselves out of poverty. Those who have relied on Bank of Mum and dad or inheritance money and wealth or who have high flying careers and an entrepreneurial mindset seem to not fully comprehend why people thereare poor people in the first instance with cries of "Well stop playing the victim and do something about it then!" If it were quite as simple as that then there would be no poverty and nobody available to serve you the food in the restaurants and drinks in bars, nobody to serve you in supermarkets, nobody to fix your cars, nobody to deliver your takeaways, nobody to build your homes, no cleaners to clean your homes, no childminders/nannies to look after your children These jobs are often done by people on low incomes. Many of them are not treated kindly and are treated with disdain by customers whose professions are considered to be more lucrative than those who are serving them. Some have no chance to save anything for retirement with such a low income and are working so many hours just to keep their heads above water that they don't have time to train for a more lucrative career. Why? It's because by the time they get home they fall into bed exhausted both mentally and physically and need to sleep.

  • Fire Feet Hok_Tui
    Fire Feet Hok_Tui 3 months ago +76

    The way she lives is what most governments feel is just fine for all their people. They dont care that they ride in 100k vehicls and eat $100 plates of food. She is right, they live in a completely other world. She is amazing. Jogging and still sharp. ❤️

    • penny sommers
      penny sommers 24 days ago

      So true! … Fire Feet Hok_Tui

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago +1

      Thank you for your comment. In the past I have been a top marathon runner.

  • Bren Lane
    Bren Lane 3 months ago +344

    I'm in tears for this dear lady. To be 79 and have to decide food or heat, how messed up is that? Bless her for being active and enjoying her pets. It's sad that wealthy nations fail to take care of the elderly. I'm from the states and it's not any better here either.

    • Lilly B
      Lilly B Month ago +1

      It’s the same in a lot of countries.

    • sky turtle 5 E
      sky turtle 5 E 3 months ago

      @Audra Eden my name is a reference to a book series. I'm sure you know which one.

    • Audra Eden
      Audra Eden 3 months ago

      @sky turtle 5 E understood, and probably parking in the great outdoors compensates. 175 different oils and solvents in a car, gets blown away when the car is in motion. One of the best internet things is seeing the van conversions cleverly done, real wood, not laminates, better to breathe. Coming on strong is 3D printed houses. Here today, finished at the end of the day. And you? In your screen name.
      Sky Turtle ought to know. 😉😉

    • sky turtle 5 E
      sky turtle 5 E 3 months ago

      @Audra Eden no there's literally people that set up vans to be little houses. Or people who use it because they don't want to pay rent anymore.
      Sure some people get stuck in their cars but most just keep living out of it because it helps with their carbon footprint ECT. And as long as you don't have the car running you don't have to worry about the cars fumes.

  • Alder Moon
    Alder Moon 3 months ago +124

    It breaks my heart that she has to choose between heat or food. She deserves to be warm and fed.

  • Amazing People
    Amazing People 4 months ago +2146

    That is what happens when society moves from seeing people as citizens to seeing people as consumers.

    • powerofpositive
      powerofpositive 3 months ago +1

      @LOBO NEGRO unless you wake up and see the truth of which you speak .. people always feel the need for more , when happiness doesn't live there

  • Connie Hemmer
    Connie Hemmer 3 months ago +92

    This lady has such a strong spirit. It is absolutely shameful how the elderly on a limited fixed income are cast aside. No one, especially the elderly , should have to choose between food, medication and heat. There needs to be a system in place to ensure that ALL of our elderly have decent housing, food and medical care. Many of us will find ourselves in this same situation before too long if we don’t do something about it now. Anyone who believes the government will provide for them in their later years is a fool.

    • D C
      D C Month ago

      @Essence Amore they have it, they get a state pension, but lots never bothered saving for retirement and expect others to pay for it now

    • Toastman
      Toastman 3 months ago

      Hi, if the utility companies are privatized then buy their stocks (if they have gone public). They pay out divdends that can somewhat hedge the raising utility bill cost. Not financial advice.

    • Essence Amore
      Essence Amore 3 months ago

      They need social security for these elders like do in america elderly deserve better in Europe.

    • Patrick McKinley
      Patrick McKinley 3 months ago

      Hi 👋 Connie, how are you doing?

  • rhythmandblues alibi
    rhythmandblues alibi 3 months ago +189

    It was lovely to see her face light up when she spoke to her bird. I'm glad that despite her struggles she still finds enjoyment in her life through her pets. They make such a difference

    • Mercy
      Mercy 3 months ago +2

      @Rather B Fishing it's sad that water isnt even free.

    • Rather B Fishing
      Rather B Fishing 3 months ago +1

      @killiansirishbeer Homeless people give their dogs scraps and what water they can find. I saw a man give a dog a Coke, because he could not find water in 105° weather.

    • killiansirishbeer
      killiansirishbeer 3 months ago

      @Rather B Fishing yes it is an expense, but it can't compare to the benefits and company a dog can give. I guess it is why so many homeless people have dogs, although it is crushing when you know you don't have the money to give them everything they may need 😢 good luck.

    • Rather B Fishing
      Rather B Fishing 3 months ago +3

      Its so expensive to have a dog. I've had one since I was a baby. My JRT needs an expensive amount of vet work. I'm sad that I can't afford it.

    • Julie Englefaris
      Julie Englefaris 3 months ago +4

      @TheRedPIll agreed

  • Anna Lake
    Anna Lake 3 months ago +55

    She sure is right,there's noone fighting for the elderly,we are the most vulnerable. There's no dignity in getting old. Heating or eating, from November to March every year.

  • Lily_M
    Lily_M 3 months ago +52

    She is an example of the situation facing many in the UK, many of whom cannot cope. This government is heartless and indifferent.

    BLQ EDDIE 4 months ago +2103

    This is heartbreaking, the government should be ashamed that people like this lady have to choose between eating or staying warm

    • poohbeartube
      poohbeartube 2 months ago +1

      @Minnie I want to inform you that I appreciate your comments and the link I provided is a movie about the widening income gap and its devastating impact on the American economy. I thought you would appreciate it because it reaffirms some of your statements.

    • poohbeartube
      poohbeartube 2 months ago

      ​@Stuart MacPherson You would be a lot more convincing if you only had the integrity to admit she is member of the Silent Generation. Repeat after me, the Silent Generation. Got it yet? Baby boomers are defined as people born from 1946 to 1964. Considering all of the boomers, very few bought a house in 1970. Many boomers bought a house after the housing market (in the US at least) tripled in the the eighties then housing was stagnant for a decade. Conditions have adversely and dramatically changed since 1965. Healthcare, housing, and education costs have increased exponentially and disproportionally to income. That means boomers were adversely affected. If you're actually interested in facts germane to the subject, I recommend you watch the movie Inequality for All

    • Sakamoto
      Sakamoto 3 months ago

      It’s not about the government!!! The government is what’s creating these problems but to ask them to fix them is just opening a door for more over reach! We MUST make better decisions!!!

    • Minnie
      Minnie 3 months ago +1

      @Island Dweller are you joking? Under ,£180 per week? Council tax taxes about that per month . Then after heating, water, TV licence, rent, there's none left.

    • Minnie
      Minnie 3 months ago

      @fixitright yes indeed. I watched the film ,," I Daniel Blake" last night. I've only just heard of it. I cried all through it. It sort of proves your point. Powers that be are sick

  • Bibi Lym
    Bibi Lym 3 months ago +28

    Prayers to her, sadly I see this also in the US. The price of inflation is really hurting a lot of people. It isn’t fair that people in government, who are so far removed from reality, have these positions and can stay in them longer than 4 years

  • LadyBug
    LadyBug 3 months ago +27

    I'm in California, USA and can relate to this lady. I take care of my bedridden elderly mom and I can't work a regular job cause I can't leave her alone, so I only buy things that we need to eat and I set the thermostat very low and we cover up with extra blankets at night. At least it doesn't get too cold here.

  • Stefania Fenaroli
    Stefania Fenaroli 3 months ago +8

    You are a pensioner and a fighter at 79 years of age! When you should be enjoying some rest and be free from the cares of daily life there you are struggling for something such as heating and food.You are indeed brave and in good enough spirits .You are a tremendous inspiration.Sending my love to you and to all people who struggle in the Uk and everywhere else for that matter

  • Sarah Lauwerijssen
    Sarah Lauwerijssen 3 months ago +38

    This is the same story from the 80s. I can remember it being on the news that senior people were being found dead in there homes because they could not heat them.
    And we only heated the front room ourselves, there wasn’t radiators any where we just had an open hard which heated the boiler for water.
    My mum would ( a nurse) would get our elderly neighbors 2/3 times a week , in with us.
    We would eat together, be warm.
    My dad was a lorry driver monday to friday. Always away.
    But i must say even today i have no heating in our bedroom. I just don’t like it.
    And keep moving and busy.

  • Time And Place
    Time And Place 3 months ago +1291

    The poor and seniors here in the United States are experiencing the same sad predicament.
    This lady is a warrior and survivor. Thank you for sharing her story, it is inspiring.

    • CC
      CC  3 months ago

      @Determined Di Actually what you posted is half true. The elderly can go to the Social Security Administrative Office for help and they also qualify for the same benefits as a person with a child. There are a lot of benefits for seniors where a social worker will come to their house to get their paperwork started and processed.

    • Ann Jones
      Ann Jones 3 months ago

      @Lynn Proctor Yes the cost of food is going up and yes, a lot of people can't afford hamburger or bagged salad. I'm fortunate that I can still purchase a pound of hamburger. As far as the bagged salad goes, it's more cost effective for one person, than buying a variety of vegetables and making a salad. Of course, if you don't care about your health carry on with a limited diet, however you'll end up spending more in the long term with doctor visits.

    • Ann Jones
      Ann Jones 3 months ago

      @Lynn Proctor Yes Lynn, if you bothered to read my other replies, you would see I'm aware of the differences between states. You would also be aware that my statements were based not on one person but a lifetime career working with residents in low-income neighborhoods. If you look at the statistics for both your state and the US, you'll find that the problem is far from solved, just one stat on kids in the US is that 1 in 8 kids will experience food insecurity which is a fancy way of saying will go hungry. The problem is complexed and constant, I do agree one statement of your that Food should be there for everyone BUT it isn't. To say that you know one person who did very well with a food pantry is diminishing and dismissing the problem, which plays well with people who don't want to spend money on the issue of hunger, but it doesn't play well with me.

    • Annelie Dorman
      Annelie Dorman 3 months ago

      I live there is no way we can have the heat off in 25 below weather that we get in the winter

  • Sonia Triana
    Sonia Triana 3 months ago +66

    Wow!! This is truly a serious problem here in the United States, as well. I think it’s a common problem for all elderly persons who are on very limited incomes. You can tell by looking at the Reporter Mhari Aurora, that she’s got a lot of compassion because as she’s listening & observing the situation, she’s understanding just how difficult this Woman’s life is. It’s is a travesty if the utility companies & the governments don’t step in to make a difference in the welfare it’s citizens, especially in the cold weather season!!!

  • Carla
    Carla 3 months ago +6

    love this quote from the lady as she describes her grocery shopping style " I go straight to the things that I can buy...and ignore the things that I can't" 🌻👍

  • Magda Torruellas
    Magda Torruellas 3 months ago +4

    Man do I just love the fact that at her age she can jog! Bless her soul, such a sweetheart. have not used heating in three years because to use heat for just three days brings my bill up to $400.00 in just one month! I am 67 and disabled so I cannot run to keep warm so I just bundle up.

  • Karen Worley
    Karen Worley 3 months ago +7

    I can personally vouch for this, you'd be shocked how many aren't using their heat like they need too 🙏🏼

  • mary goldon
    mary goldon 3 months ago +939

    Its disgusting that someone at 79 years old has to live like this and can't turn on the heating because of the cost.

    • G & M
      G & M 23 days ago

      @Stuart MacPherson This is exactly how they do it. Get the poor fighting amongst themselves while the Tories cream off the money. Blame the pensioners,blame the immigrants,they've done it for as long as I can remember.

    • prolarka
      prolarka 3 months ago

      I am sure she could live better in Thailand with that pension she has.

    • Aubrey James
      Aubrey James 3 months ago +2

      @Stuart MacPherson Sell it and live where? Do you know how dumb it is to pay for rent when you’re unable to work?

  • Ciara F
    Ciara F 3 months ago +15

    My grandmother says that she’s so blessed because my sisters and I help take care of her. She said others aren’t lucky enough to have grandchildren to take care of them let alone children.

    • P03ticJustice
      P03ticJustice 3 months ago

      that's their own fault alot of those women murdered their caretaker years ago lol

  • melesai
    melesai 3 months ago +2

    Bless her heart i know the feeling. Went 2 winters without heat couldnt afford the oil. Prices went from $230 for 250 gallon fill to 800 dollars. I only had a table side small heater for bedroom. I was greatful to have that! keeping her and all in prayer. God bless her

  • Kathy Kelley's Killer Content

    I love that she runs every day and has such a positive attitude in spite of everything 💛 she's got a good heart ❤

  • Doreen Jodhan
    Doreen Jodhan 3 months ago +3

    What an amazing and courageous person. She is well aware of the hardships and challenges being faced, confronts hers positively (an inspiration to all) but acknowledges and has space for empathy for others.

    REEF BOL 4 months ago +1624

    Despite everything she has been through the lady has incredible positive energy about her. She teaches you alot.

    • 702thomas
      702thomas 3 months ago

      @CedricsMom yessss!!!

    • A. Sch.
      A. Sch. 3 months ago +2

      @Irene Davo Obviously not enough.

    • z
      z 3 months ago +1

      If My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear [them] from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.
      2 Chronicles 7:14‭-‬15

    • 702thomas
      702thomas 3 months ago +2

      Sounds like shes in the U. S. wow.

  • Determined Di
    Determined Di 3 months ago +2

    This goes on in The USA. My friend and her husband live in rural NH. Their house rarely gets above 62 degrees F. We lived this way as well. Finally made our way out of that place back to out home state. It's heartbreaking. My friend is 60 and her husband in his 70s but he refuses to move. My friend works a good job for the area but it's so expensive for what amenities they have.

  • debbie balnaves
    debbie balnaves 3 months ago +5

    I understand what she is saying and how she feels
    My husband and I live in the U.S.
    and we live on a fixed income of $3,849 a month , I don't know how we will make it if stuff keeps going up
    And our economy is in very bad shape

  • Jae
    Jae 3 months ago +5

    I work at a shelter and over the last 5 years, I have seen more and more older folks come in. The meal we provide is sometimes the only thing they eat that day. They also ask for blankets and long johns because they don't turn on their heat. It makes me feel ashamed.

  • Maria G
    Maria G 3 months ago +5

    Beautiful woman. My heart hurts for her and others in her situation. Government and politicians have become a cancer on society. They do absolutely nothing except help themselves.

  • Sandra Lewis
    Sandra Lewis 3 months ago +2

    We are an older couple in the US and we stopped using gas heat. Our energy situation is not as dire but we see it coming. Instead we use downed wood in the fireplace--no buying cords of wood. I hope she is able to find downfall when she runs. That is a wonderful way to stay fit which surely helps seniors endure most anything. But her situation is heartbreaking.

  • Bekind
    Bekind 3 months ago +2

    So touching! ❤ I wish this lady and her furry friend all the best and hope she keeps her stamina and good mood.

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago

      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts I will fight on for us to get a better deal

  • yumi419
    yumi419 3 months ago +32

    I'm in my 20s and I feel connected to this lady living a simpler life. A lot of young people around me find it exciting to spend their paychecks on useless material things or to feed addictions, not realizing that money could be spent sparingly and saved to help lessen the burden when we get older. It also doesn't help that the system isn't designed to care for the elderly either.

    • paul sawczyc
      paul sawczyc 3 months ago +1

      @Rochyan It never looked to me like this world was created for enjoyment.

    • Rochyan
      Rochyan 3 months ago

      @Knowledge Seeker 78 if i make it that far. if i collapse form a heart attack at 60 and never make it to retirement, i'll never get to enjoy it

    • Knowledge Seeker 78
      Knowledge Seeker 78 3 months ago

      @Rochyan I’d rather be joyful in my twilight years

    • Rochyan
      Rochyan 3 months ago +1

      Doesn’t matter if people want to spend their money on luxuries. It’s what makes life worth living.
      I’m not going to live a joyless life because the government has sold out to private companies.

    • paul sawczyc
      paul sawczyc 3 months ago

      @Knowledge Seeker 78 In the USA social security is often not enough _ if I retire now at 62 I would get $675/month. My taxes on the house are $800/month - and they go up every year here in New Jersey.

  • Silent Running
    Silent Running 3 months ago +2

    Bless her. Wish I had tons of cash I'd love to help her and other older people like her.

  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago +631

    one can always judge a society by the way it looks after its elderly

    • kathy Mee
      kathy Mee 2 months ago


    • sky turtle 5 E
      sky turtle 5 E 3 months ago

      @D C again that's what social security was for. And I meant they spent it all as in "lost". You only know two people and you're saying all of them do? To realize how many elderly live off a loaf of bread and ham?

    • D C
      D C 3 months ago

      @sky turtle 5 E people expect the gov and tax payer to fund their retirement. My in laws are retired and get 2200 a month in pension and benefits and moan they can't afford to live,

    • D C
      D C 3 months ago

      @sky turtle 5 E they never lost most of it. The money you pay now is used to pay for the Pensioners today,. The problem is pensions arnt rising, the country is full of debt and the gov has no money

  • Shannon LaCorte
    Shannon LaCorte 3 months ago +3

    Totally agree 100 % with everything she said 🏆
    She’s right abt it ALL 😖😞

  • Anna-Lena Meijer
    Anna-Lena Meijer 3 months ago +2

    Unfortunately, it's many years since I heard the same story from my British girlfriend. She told me the electric kettle was invented by the Brits because the electricity was so expensive and the kettle uses half the power compared to the stove. And this was 20 years ago. Same, same, no difference and that is the tragic truth: no difference.

  • Stephanie Soressi
    Stephanie Soressi 3 months ago +4

    Sheila -- I adore you! I can't afford the heat anymore either, and I'm only 60 now, living in Wisconsin out in the country -- so luckily I can have a little box stove I got at a garage sale. I have to close off most the house for the winter, and I have a tiny space heater in the bathroom. I can't cut or split the wood myself anymore, and even bringing it inside everyday is getting hard -- but you've given me such hope! I'm going to try to move around more -- I already wear the layers. I have 3 dogs that are on their last legs, ages 19, 13 & 11, and some cats -- we do cuddle at night to keep warm, that's for sure.

  • Shades of Sage
    Shades of Sage 3 months ago +1

    Absolutely heartbreaking 💔! No elder should have to live this way😭! Praying for her🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿!

  • Purple Dreamer
    Purple Dreamer 3 months ago +2

    Heartbreaking to watch
    I have been trying to find ways to help to pay the bills and living with in a tight budget is getting harder as the prices of basic goods keep increasing
    I advise you to speak to your energy supplier as they do a discount scheme for people who are on certain benefits and are retired
    Sending out some love and hugs to you all

  • Joni M
    Joni M 3 months ago +15

    This made me ashamed of myself. And I cried thinking about this current crisis and state of affairs. I admire this woman.

  • Truther Asitis
    Truther Asitis 3 months ago +1

    This is heart breaking . I guess I’m lucky my mother and children live with me and we can all contribute as a family.

  • Rajju Ji
    Rajju Ji 3 months ago +1

    I am so proud of her for keeping an active lifestyle but i am heartbroken by her situation. At her age, she shouldn't have to struggle. We need to take care of elderly.

  • Katsem
    Katsem 3 months ago +614

    This broke my heart. She’s so right about the fact that her being fit is an advantage, compared with the decrepit seniors who are much less mobile. I was just hearing today that energy costs in the UK are through the roof in the last few years. Terrible situation.

    • Catherine Scrivener
      Catherine Scrivener Month ago

      @Darryl Talks About New Zealand p

    • Linda Ss
      Linda Ss 3 months ago

      @David Z2 because life happens. It doesn't always go as planned. She may have had a husband that was the breadwinner.

    • D R
      D R 3 months ago

      @J P thank you

    • Darryl Talks About New Zealand
      Darryl Talks About New Zealand 3 months ago

      @J P Natural gas in New Zealand cost about 4x what you pay (about US$2.00 per therm). Basically, the only affordable heating in NZ is now heat pumps, but they work well in most places, everywhere else New Zelanders use wood burners. Retail electricity is about US15 - 25c per kWh. Most highly populated places in New Zealand don't get much multi-day freezing weather.

  • zincink
    zincink 3 months ago +6

    This makes me cry. I'm so tired of this world and its greed. Her spirit is strong but you an only be so strong for so long.

  • Amica And Lies
    Amica And Lies 3 months ago +3

    This is so sad. She is an amazing lady. 79 and running everyday is fantastic. She should be able to hear her home. It’s disgraceful.

  • Hippie Bits
    Hippie Bits 3 months ago +6

    It's absolutely heartbreaking and deplorable to see the elderly in these situations thru no fault of their own.

  • theamazingbiff
    theamazingbiff 3 months ago

    I've been there! My heart really goes out to her.

  • CC
    CC  3 months ago +3

    When I read the description box I thgt it described Sheila as a "prisoner" but she is actually called a "pensioner". I cannot believe the UK would treat their senior citizens like this. I thgt they had amazing healthcare and public services. Places that get really cold in the U.S. have provisions for the elderly where their utilities can get paid so they can stay warm. There are also services and organizations that will give you free pet food, food bowls, beds, toys, leashes, and other necessities for your pet friends. Sheila should go on gov assistance. Worrying about staying warm and how are you going to eat is not something a woman her age should have to fret about.

  • onlyhuman1954
    onlyhuman1954 3 months ago +3

    I'm 68. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Can hardly move, can't afford heating. I stay in bed, or multi layer. This is not the way I envisaged my senior years. It's an absolute travesty of a situation that people are having to cut budgets to the bone to try and keep themselves warm. Or, simply do without. It takes energy and mobility to run. I applaud this lady for her pragmatism.

  • Rspen
    Rspen 3 months ago +1

    My heart goes out to her and the many who are in her shoes!😢

  • Nana Papa
    Nana Papa 3 months ago +7

    We have a furnace, but can't afford to use it. Thank God for wood we can forage, heavy blankets, wool caps and such. We often joke that we look homeless, but thankfully, we are not. I love this sprightly and positive woman's outlook!

  • Homesteading Ways & Beyond

    I hear you, lovely lady. Groceries have really gone up, too. I don't know how I'll keep up. I keep the heat down and dress in layers, too. Being cold, my body becomes wracked with pain, so I dress warm. I'm in a northern state in the U.S. and the price of living is getting to be unmanageable.

  • Oldtab Rough
    Oldtab Rough 3 months ago +11

    As a viewer from SE Asia, I am shocked at watching this. I can't believe it had gone down so badly for UK, a first world country. Something is just not right with the government and it's policies. But I am glad this lady is so positive about life. Maybe it's because they have lived through WW2 and to them, this is not the worse

    • Violet
      Violet 3 months ago +1

      Same issues in the USA.

  • justme justme
    justme justme 3 months ago +3

    the exact same thing happening to her is happening to all of us all over the world. Makes you wonder don't it.

  • Adiel Stephenson
    Adiel Stephenson 3 months ago

    Anyone who's ever been stuck in the house on a winter's day when the heating packs up can certainly sympathise. It doesn't help that uk homes are mostly ver, badly insulated either.

  • Michelle Graham
    Michelle Graham 3 months ago +454

    She shouldn't have to be experiencing this at her age. It was heartbreaking to hear those words...having to chose between eating and heating. One thing for sure is that she has an inner strength that has kept her spirit from dying. She has surely inspired me and her positive attitude is so admirable. God bless her ✨

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith 3 months ago

      There does seem to be a garden area she could be using. I know not everyone has the ability to grow things, but a few potatoes, carrots and beets go a long ways, kale and cabbage grow through the winter. I buy zero fruit and vegetables and no processed food. It seems to have gone out of style.

    • zurzak ne-etra
      zurzak ne-etra 3 months ago +13

      @mrsgbee I don't care about her clear conscious, I want her to have heating!

    • zurzak ne-etra
      zurzak ne-etra 3 months ago +19

      who cares about her postive attitude? What happens if she can no longer exercise to keep herself war? is she going to freeze to death? UK is one of the richest regions in the world, and y'all still cannot give your most vulnerable people basic needs?

    • mrsgbee
      mrsgbee 3 months ago +3

      She has a clean conscious.

  • MissAshten
    MissAshten 3 months ago +31

    This isn't a new problem. It's highlighted yearly on a news channel and forgotten with no change. Work place age discrimination happens silently and keeps older people from obtaining work and the cost of living no longer matches pensions or social security. I'll be surprised when someone actually does something to help these people

    • ee dee
      ee dee 3 months ago +1

      Old People shouldn't be working. family units getting absolutely blasted. Old peoples children should be taking care of them, not the state.

  • Audra Eden
    Audra Eden 3 months ago +3

    What a treasure !! She articulated it all so well. She’s got the problem down pat.
    Answer is --Crowd Source.
    We are living under old time methods…which will never be seen again.
    Share housing is Number One. Homes should be modified to house multiple singles, design so nobody is under foot.
    It simply is not that hard to modify existing, a wall here and there. Modify using computer design, and the plans can be used for other projects. People want to stay in their homes.
    Share food costs and have company as well. With pooled resources, you can afford home improvements for window covers, use standing floor screens…keep warmth in the room. Block air filtration is key. I use the window frame to hang my coat, it blocks the air.
    Let neighbors know, everyone can leave a little extra stove wood on your porch. Every little bit helps, but others have to know of your need. Leave a handled basket near your door. Sign says…if you have a little extra, we sure can put it to good use.
    Everybody can deposit an armload, every one has a little extra of one thing or another. Maybe we can snag the name of that shop, try contacting them to contact her when she comes in. Shopkeeper could use a basket for contributions to be retrieved by pensioners who need tea, dog food, sweet treats, canned fruit.
    "Have a penny, Leave a penny. Need a penny, Take a penny".
    She’s trying to do it alone, and she doesn’t have to.
    Crowd source computer contact for this dear one. Relay information through friends, phone them to ask that they post to the computer.
    Houses should be built to accommodate multiple singles, with a center room to have meals and recreation. We're too far behind…innovate.

  • angelofmydreams 26
    angelofmydreams 26 3 months ago

    God love 🥰 she is so positive and inspiring. Energy costs need to be manageable for all!

  • Tantra Massage Dubai Kundalini Yoga Tantric

    Wonderful spirit, and amazing that she is still running at 79. So sad about the fact she can't turn the heating on this is awful. Also the fact people don't notice in your comments she seems to have no family. Just the 🐕 I hope someone could adopt her as Grandmother. But she has a wonderful spirit fortitude as if she is surviving the war many years ago. War is against rising prices and poverty society thats forgetting its elderly.
    We send our love to her

  • Derek London
    Derek London 3 months ago +609

    I'm a pensioner and do exactly the same and have done for the past couple of years. I cook once, usually on a meths trangier camping stove, and eat that food for the next four days and wear a hat, scarf and a fleece indoors. When watching TV I have a couple of blankets over me. Despite this frugal lifestyle I am very concerned on how these price rises in energy will affect me. People please be mindful of what is to come.

    • cristina ibarra
      cristina ibarra 3 months ago

      @Kitty Jefferson are you freaking serious

    • The Lion and The Bee
      The Lion and The Bee 3 months ago

      @Vj But for the Grace of God...

    • parker cummings
      parker cummings 3 months ago

      @Kitty Jefferson How quick you are to judge. He could be at the library or at a friends house.

    • Elijah Mitchell
      Elijah Mitchell 3 months ago

      @Kitty Jefferson man i pay 10 dollars for internet with comcast its not that expensive

    • Johanne Norman
      Johanne Norman 3 months ago +1

      @Kitty Jefferson he said watching TV... not using the internrt!

  • Golem Golumbia
    Golem Golumbia 3 months ago

    Heartbreaking! Brings teams to my eyes. I tried to it to 17 degrees, but I ended up with mold. Now 18 degrees. It is too cold, except when cooking.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 3 months ago +2

    Bless her. The house has to be heated or else the pipes might freeze and burst & that's waaaayyy bigger money than the heating bills.

  • AsiaBlackGrl
    AsiaBlackGrl 3 months ago +3

    My electric bill was $126 last month 😱 haven’t been using my heat either!

  • Ruby D
    Ruby D 3 months ago +1

    I have been thinking about turning my heat off. I dread it but if it gets a bit more expensive I won't be able to pay the bill. She inspires me, doing what she has to do and not any trace of self pity.

  • Maria Pereira
    Maria Pereira 3 months ago

    Great respect and love for this woman..

  • J.A.C
    J.A.C 3 months ago +2

    The cost of living in the US is also astronomical. The working class need to fight back against this greed. I'm happy she can get out and be active, but there are those her age that can't.

  • Nightporter
    Nightporter 3 months ago +3

    I was listening to BBC 4 a couple of weeks ago when a pensioner called in to say that she cannot afford heat; she only turns it on/up when she has friends over, but even now she can't afford to have friends over to heat the house. When asked how she stays warm during the day, she reported that she just stays in bed all day and reads or listens to the radio. Very sad.

  • ForgiveAndLove09
    ForgiveAndLove09 3 months ago +1

    Well she exercises, does a lot of cold therapy, and probably doesnt eat 10 times a day. So she is healthier than most. That will help her metabolic health which helps regulate temperature. She seems brilliant so I bet she has some genius ways to keep warm when its super cold.

  • Charlene H
    Charlene H 3 months ago +9

    The Government/system needs changing NOW!
    All elderly or disabled people should have heat at a very discounted price, period! My heart goes out to all those trying to make ends meet and having to chose food over heat. One day we’ll be in that situation so we’ve got to stand up and fight for our rights now!!!

  • Donna Wilson
    Donna Wilson 3 months ago +2

    Reminds me of our elders who have to decide between food and medication.any now see that heat has become a rising main factor.

  • Rage.ModelsInc
    Rage.ModelsInc 3 months ago +2

    First Off Congratulations to this Amazing Senior citizen she jogs and looks after herself and her Furbabies!!! My hats off to her!!!👏👏👏and she is absolutely right politicians are so removed from people's daily life !!!

  • Kurt Owens
    Kurt Owens 3 months ago

    God this AMAZING LADY ❤ She should be an inspiration to so many. The older society definitely deserve respect and proper care.

  • Hannah Booth
    Hannah Booth 3 months ago +347

    A wonderful lady and she is right...existing isn't living, you need joy in your life which doesn't come from being an avid consumer.

    • irie sugar
      irie sugar 3 months ago +18

      She also said everyone deserves to be able to treat themselves as that’s what makes life worth living

    • J Steere
      J Steere 3 months ago +18

      Pensioners like this lady are the one certain group of people that if you gave them more money they would spend it in their local community. That would keep their shops and towns alive.

    • Hannah Booth
      Hannah Booth 3 months ago +17

      @Rod Wilkins You are suggesting owning one item makes me an avid consumer? Do you understand what avid means?

  • anne greenwood
    anne greenwood 3 months ago

    such an amazing woman everything she said is so true here in canada been on the housing list 16 years and sometimes you sleep in extra layers as heat expensive love her panda shirt she is right we are all struggling her companion for others priceless

  • LeeLeexD
    LeeLeexD 3 months ago +1

    I feel the same way. Cost of living so high in some areas.

  • M
    M 3 months ago +2

    Only turned on the heating few times since winter. I keep a hot water bottle underneath my duvet and it’s warm for hrs so I don’t have to pay as much. However, there is a minimum charge, even if you don’t use as much, you still need to pay for it. Miss working in office😅 free heating and drinks.

  • North Georgia Mom
    North Georgia Mom 3 months ago +2

    My sister and several friends and I have decided that we will moving in together if we are alone at this age. That way we can pool our resources. My youngest daughter also has said that I can live with her. I think that’s the best situation for older people is to group together.

    • Anna's Bandit
      Anna's Bandit 3 months ago +2

      I rent a room in someones house, this is my life now. I don't like that I am no longer self-sufficient and independent and as hopeful as I once was when I was younger and healthier.
      My grandmother lived until she was 93 years old. The next time an elderly person wants to talk to you, then you should sit down and listen because they have much knowledge on how to survive and prosper during very difficult times.
      I never asked them and I never listened. Now I wish I had.
      Mom and dad I love You, rest in peace.

  • Debbie Henri
    Debbie Henri 3 months ago +256

    After scrolling down the comments section, I find it really alarming just how many of us have had to resort to significant energy reduction by turning off electric/gas heating, water tanks, or even the entire electricity/gas supply.
    What an absolute mess!

    • Davinia Robbins
      Davinia Robbins 3 months ago

      I reckon I am going to have to put aside £800 on my gas meter before August 1st just to cover August 2022 to March 2023. Maybes doable at £200 a month for 4 months.
      Am a carer who gets £430 a month and if I can put extra money aside now so I can keep warm through out this autumn and next winter than surely these old people can? OAPs get more money than I do from the DWP.

    • shiabaybay
      shiabaybay 3 months ago +1

      Our A/C was down for over 10 years. My late father was finally able to get it working a year before he passed. I’m grateful for what he done for us.

    • VickyXX
      VickyXX 3 months ago +3

      And I have learned to never take heating included in the rent for granted again. In my country, living in a rental apartment means heating and unlimited hot water must be included within the monthly rent. You only pay for so-called household electricity.

    • vvelvettearss
      vvelvettearss 3 months ago +10

      I turn on the heating every night because if I don't i feel kind of...unhappy going to sleep cold. maybe I should do this. fortunately the bill isn't mine but I don't like to be wasteful .
      Nah actually j don't ever listen to nay sayers. One thing I'm learning it's NOONES right to judge another's circumstances.
      When I was on jobseekers (which I am never going to resort to again I would rather be homeless ) and even afterward because of my mental health struggles I would regularly starve or be close to malnourished. I'm not saying this to garner sympathy I'm saying it because the effects of these things causes your cognitive function to cease or decline, your skin to flake, your organs to panic and your body fat to melt away and use whatever you can scrap together to pull yourself a decent meal that will sustain your body to actually you know, think and move.
      which of course makes you feel Great certainly gives you the energy to get out there ! go and find a job, make friends sell your expensive house to downsize.
      Before I got a cat which was amazing luck I wish I'd bought him myself the loneliness of coming home night after night killed me it was absolutely despairing and suffocating . After 9 years living alone I was miserable desperate and fed up and ready to get out. Selfish ? perhaps but if selfish is meeting your basic needs as a human being and individual we all SHOULD be selfish
      I moved to a house share with my beloved cat to stop the loneliness.
      I still struggle to get food as I can't drive and have to sort out my things myself which takes time and energy . Not long ago I fainted from low blood sugar and i couldnt get up it was very scary but hasn't happened since . properly but I can handle that now and have people to talk to about it. As a result I have energy to spare and more capability of going further
      I'm 32
      I do hope I can make an easier life for myself for the future but honestly who knows
      My cat is my treasure I adore that little guy but I've had to learn to take proper care of myself and it's taken a long time and no one's fault. no one wants to be in that situation
      When you are any small thing can be a life saver
      Yet people act like these are just little hang ups and small annoyances ! honestly the audacity of these people. I really hope they never have to go through hard times themselves or if they do at least they would understand that it's REAL suffering .
      Go Sheila for getting out there
      Sorry for the tangent btw

  • greenbanana1001
    greenbanana1001 3 months ago +1

    My grandma is the same she’s 82 with heart failure and hasn’t had her gas on in a year it’s warmer outside than it is her house it’s so cold it’s unreal .. this is also the problem why peoples homes go damp or have mould due to people not being able to put the heating on thus giving people chest infections

  • twiff3rino
    twiff3rino 3 months ago

    I'm only 32 and I've seen this happen three times just within my lifetime, and it's usually the same culprits: Wall Street and OPEC.
    Why aren't we taking action about it? Who are holding these parties accountable and why isn't daytime power generation being offset by solar?

  • Augusto Barale
    Augusto Barale 3 months ago +6

    She’s really bright and I like her views, but I get extremely sad to see an older person who can’t afford having the heating on. This is the U.K. for the love of God!😔

  • karla newman
    karla newman 3 months ago

    I've recently heard on off grid prepping site that a tent either on your bed or laid over comforters for insulation can really stay warm sleeping at night. Tough for old people to get up and down but I hope it helps someone out there. Elderly should b taken care of better!

  • Wearsidelass
    Wearsidelass 3 months ago +275

    This is dreadful. We have to have our heating on in the winter as my husband is not well. He has had pneumonia over Christmas despite being vaccinated against it and is awaiting a major operation. I dread to think how much we will be paying once the price rises take effect. Having worked all of our lives, paid our taxes and it’s horrendous to think that a lot of us could be on the bread line. When I was young I never heard about food banks or homeless people. Pensioners should not have to live like this.

    • manic hairdo
      manic hairdo 3 months ago +2

      @Chris Fry True. I got the shingles on my face and one eye 5 years ago. I am eligible for the vaccine only now aged 70. You get it younger in America. Get it as soon as you can. The effects for me have been harrowing and longterm.

    • manic hairdo
      manic hairdo 3 months ago

      @Relevant .C I have had a vaccine for it.

    • A J
      A J 3 months ago +2

      @Relevant .C not very effective by the sound of it :(

  • summer time
    summer time 3 months ago

    I feel for these people. I hope they get help soon

    DAUGHTER OF THE SEA 3 months ago +1

    This is so sad that our seniors are living like this 😢

  • TheSecretLifeOfRutherford

    God bless her. i’m feeling an energy crisis of my own. So costly. I moved places. What a difference. could say untenable, but I have to check myself as people live in worse

  • Guillermo Coco Frito
    Guillermo Coco Frito 3 months ago +1

    "Increasing population forever is good for the economy and causes no problem at all"
    Every big state leftist politician, and every big money right wing politician.

  • Immunsystem Stärken
    Immunsystem Stärken 4 months ago +570

    When pensionists cannot afford heating, energy, food, rent, and a cup of tea this is awful and a shame for our countries. In Germany there are so many people collecting bottles. This elderly woman is remarkable in getting by, but these situation pensionists are in must be stopped. People must be able to live from it.

    • Minnie
      Minnie Month ago

      Absolutely. Where is there any joy in her life apart from her pets?

    • Jen Jem
      Jen Jem 3 months ago

      @Yvonne Taylor STOP

    • Christine Cox
      Christine Cox 3 months ago +1

      @betty graham Im 60 how do i claim fuel allowance, iv never had it, im on carers allowance and I have bedroom tax to pay, I remember having ice on inside of my windows too, and as a child we lived in an old damp farmhouse with gaslights still fitted to wall (they didnt have a gas supply though) its better as a child you look forward all the time, i never knew we lived in poverty at all

    • Christine Cox
      Christine Cox 3 months ago

      @4Leaf Toy Review What £2,000 winter allowance? Please let me know, Im 60yr old live on carers allowance and I get no other heating allowance maybe I should where do I go for information, that kind of money would change my existance (Iv got ADHD Im really bad with forms etc, cannot concentrate on them)

  • Jade Stone
    Jade Stone 3 months ago

    It will force some to leave their homes and move in with family or. Assisted living facilities if they can. This lady is amazing.

  • Derek Brown
    Derek Brown 3 months ago +1

    What a brilliant video and a brilliant woman. A damning indictment of our government. Well done Sheila.

  • rosie cass
    rosie cass 3 months ago +1

    Can we please have a follow up video on this incredible lady?! What an inspiration

  • Pamela Leanne Freeland
    Pamela Leanne Freeland 3 months ago

    I hope she and all others out there struggling get the help they need. Got bless them all.

  • Dee Song
    Dee Song 4 months ago +372

    When she said “you have to choose between eating and heating!” That really breaks my heart. I hope her kids or family help her out. No senior should have to live like this. But I applaud her positive outlook!

    • Minnie
      Minnie Month ago

      I hope she has got kids but she says her pets are her only company so maybe not

    • Obstantia Discindo
      Obstantia Discindo 2 months ago

      @J.M. Cass I agree

    • Obstantia Discindo
      Obstantia Discindo 2 months ago

      @Sheila Correll Sigh...Sheila, re-read my comments, please. They were ironic in response to an unsympathetic poster. I'm on the side of the woman. 🙄

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago

      @PeskyPenguin I don't pay rent do you

    • Sheila Correll
      Sheila Correll 2 months ago

      @Amyyy commonsense at last thanks Amy

  • Nena J
    Nena J 3 months ago +2

    I wonder if there are other seniors who she could rent a room to .
    Helping both parties to live a little better.

  • Jenny Allen
    Jenny Allen 3 months ago +1

    After my gas bill being 200 the last two months I’m really starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just turn mine off

  • LandofDragons
    LandofDragons 3 months ago +3

    There is a program called energy assistance. She should try to see if she qualifies and if she doesn't there is a secondary program that steps in.. I know this because It's one of the programs I used to run. I've since left social work industry.

  • Floflolita
    Floflolita 3 months ago

    What a great lady! So positive, she's brilliant.

  • Lorraine Hamilton
    Lorraine Hamilton 3 months ago +115

    "This Government...they're in a different world, completely!" Never a truer word.