New UNSEEN LeBron, JR Smith REACTION From Bench After Game 1 Dumb Mistake


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  • PHP
    PHP  18 days ago +47

    WATCH: LeBron James Too Real Moments (Warning)

    • Susan P. Davis
      Susan P. Davis 13 days ago

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      DETERMINOLOGY 15 days ago

      my opinion lebron leaving this year....And the way the scores are yea its a

    • Metal Faced Gamer
      Metal Faced Gamer 15 days ago

      Rak shasa as a floor general during the free throw lbj should have just said, hey get the rebound and call timeout. Poor communication for coach and lbj

    • Metal Faced Gamer
      Metal Faced Gamer 15 days ago

      This guy lbj needs to say fuck it... we headed to ot lets get it! Lebrons not a leader.

    • S Almanza
      S Almanza 16 days ago +1

      Unseen? This is in like a million videos

  • URSoDead2Me
    URSoDead2Me 5 days ago

    1:41 to 2:00 The real Lebron comes out, grown fucking man over there with his arms crossed pouting like a little kid.

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14 6 days ago +1

    Composure was totally destroyed in this game. Poor LeBron, it seems like everyone even his team is against him

  • The 5-Star Review 2017

    Disgust - geechie!

  • SSaVaGe85
    SSaVaGe85 8 days ago

    Tale signs lebron is not coming back next year, sitting on bench by himself not talking to teammates.

  • Lucienda Baxter
    Lucienda Baxter 10 days ago +1

    Everyone from the players to the staff looking like WHAT JUST HAPPENED😂😂😂😂

  • Luis Angelo All Around

    He is kneeling and i dont know what is the term of that

  • Gamachy
    Gamachy 11 days ago

    A true leader will never break his followers when they are broken

  • John Bull
    John Bull 11 days ago

    LeBron never looked at jr once!! And when he asked about the timeout!!!! I guess tyron told him he didn't know they had one left. Hilarious! LeBron was done with this series that moment!!!

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 11 days ago

    Powerful Footage. Such RAW EMOTION from LeBron. Man what more can he do ???? Bad coach. Bad teammates

  • BJ Muyano
    BJ Muyano 11 days ago

    Fucking pussy lebron cant bring his teammates to their game after a crisis!

  • b baker
    b baker 11 days ago

    This is why LeBron James con not be considered the Greatest Basketball Player of all time.. There is more than scoring points and grabbing rebounds. He is NOT a leader and this 2:43 clip more than demonstrates his lack of leadership. JR and Hill should of never gotten off the bench, their teammate cant even make eye contact with JR, he then embarrass himself by yelling at Lue. He is not a leader!

  • Phil Goddard
    Phil Goddard 11 days ago

    Great players dont act like babies. Supposed to be in the huddle motivating not being LeBish.

  • Elad Kapuza
    Elad Kapuza 11 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the CAVS. This mistake could changed all the finals series. But you know, even the greatest athletes make mistakes, and sometimes unfortunately critical ones when the match gets to important moments when each point counts. Although I am a huge fan of the CAVs, I enjoyed to see how GSW played.

  • Elijah Wood
    Elijah Wood 11 days ago +1

    That nigga is high asf

  • Roro Aks
    Roro Aks 12 days ago

    Forever to support lebron our king🤜🏻

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 12 days ago

    How can you not feel for him

  • futac warsame
    futac warsame 12 days ago

    if I was a great coach I wouldn't accept LeBron on my team.

  • Couple Goal Maniac's
    Couple Goal Maniac's 12 days ago

    Reporter calls lebron a bitch 😂😂😂

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 12 days ago

    LJ should haved put his arm around JR and rallied the guys.

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 12 days ago

    That shit was sad AF

  • iu and jisoo fan
    iu and jisoo fan 12 days ago

    as a fan of cavs and ultimate fan of the King
    i feel so sorry for j.r.
    some of the cavs fans are bashing him and blaming him
    it hurts for me to see him that way
    to those who keeps bashing him
    what if you were on his shoe?
    you made a mistake like that?

    we all make mistakes so please no hate please no hate 😥😢😢

  • Benson Yazzie
    Benson Yazzie 12 days ago

    it's just a fikin game. u lose u win.

  • truth93257
    truth93257 12 days ago

    no leadership,thats why Warriors jumped on cavs with 10 quick points to start overtime.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open 12 days ago

    He got swept. He quit. He cried. Played horrible defense. Failed to be a leader. Didn’t carry anyone on his team. He lost. Doesn’t sound too good does it now?!! LeQuit isn’t a killer, he isn’t an assasin. He’s posses not even a sliver of dust of the mental toughness MJ had. The argument is over and it only exists in these brainwashed millennials who grew up in the everybody gets a trophy era. They can’t even comprehend what a true champion looks like. MJ is the goat 🐐. Period

  • thejazzman210
    thejazzman210 12 days ago

    In 2:43, you just seen why people should never compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan. J.R. Smith's mistake was one of the worst mistakes a player can make at that time of the game, but the game wasn't over. A real leader (and winner) would've told Smith to get over that shit as soon as possible so you can help us win this fucking game! But no, "King James" sat there and pouted like a big ass baby. Not only did his reaction to adversity cost them this game, it cost them the series. James abandoned J.R. Smith when he needed him the most.

  • Halfan Sessions
    Halfan Sessions 13 days ago

    They let LeBron down . He hate been defeated you can tell

  • Brandon Bowling
    Brandon Bowling 13 days ago

    This is why Lebron will never be in the GOAT conversation imho. In an overtime situation like this(IN THE FINALS NO LESS) a Michael or Magic would try to rally their teammates into believing they could win the game, no matter what preceded it. Lebron just sits and cries about what happened. That’s not what the GOAT does.

  • Landon's PointOfView
    Landon's PointOfView 13 days ago

    Blacks have low i.q

  • Rich
    Rich 13 days ago

    Hes the coach on the floor

  • Derek Dementia
    Derek Dementia 13 days ago +1

    LeBron made JR walk back to the hotel

  • ChoperJoJo
    ChoperJoJo 13 days ago

    In that exactly moment I knew they were not going to win a single match after that.
    JR literally destroyed Cavs morality, he sentenced the whole series with that.
    Sorry for broken english

  • Mr. 215
    Mr. 215 13 days ago

    What an awkward moment...must of felt like forever

  • black nelius
    black nelius 13 days ago

    J.R. looking like damn I been fucking up. Labron like da fuck everybody standing over me for man fuck it I’m leaving end of finals

  • Danny Velazquez
    Danny Velazquez 13 days ago

    Lebron: "What happened, Coach?"
    JR Smith: "I thought we were winning.."
    Lebron: bruhhhhh

  • FrEaMcIiNsItSM is
    FrEaMcIiNsItSM is 13 days ago

    This time it's "his hand was hurt" last time "he was dehydrated" before that "his team had injuries" finals before that "coach can't run plays" before that "He could take over the game he's the greatest ever.. he just chooses not to." before that "he ran into the juggernaut team of the Spurs it's not his fault" before that "the refs just aren't calling fouls

  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor 13 days ago +2

    1:40 That's your leader? Mentally weak loser. Go ice up that fake hand injury

    • Zoe TheGreat
      Zoe TheGreat 13 days ago

      Ok he weak but he drop 50 that game pls these are grown ass man he can’t think for them JR should had look up at score he lead by example he drop 50 how many times you going motivate somebody until you blue in the face they ain’t on his level to keep up but you call him weak he got to the finals

  • RGS ILLest
    RGS ILLest 13 days ago

    Lebron plays 1v5 all season just to make it to the big stage and have his teammates sell

  • Aerol Agcaoili
    Aerol Agcaoili 13 days ago

    Its not his faukt it is coach fault

  • Rich
    Rich 13 days ago

    LeBron should know they have a timeout. Lebron is no MJ. Not even close.

    • *willy
      *willy 13 days ago

      Rich the coach was not in the game so he had time to call timeout to one of the refs on the sideline. and it is usually the coach’s responsibility to call the time. And ur right LeBron is no MJ. he’s LeBron. sooo..?

  • Jas Haw
    Jas Haw 13 days ago

    2:25...that look tho!

  • Abz Farooq
    Abz Farooq 14 days ago

    And little did we know, a new meme, was born that day

  • Kenny Blankenship
    Kenny Blankenship 14 days ago


  • Cam M
    Cam M 14 days ago

    you know paul george glad jr smith completely took the attention off himself

  • Mike Ware
    Mike Ware 14 days ago

    You know i think its really f..up Cleveland didn't provide LeBron with better talent at the trade deadline, this man
    deserves more, he's a man on an island against GS

  • mastershake42019
    mastershake42019 14 days ago

    Instead of acting like a spoiled child he should have rallied his team.

  • Hello Fellow Haters
    Hello Fellow Haters 14 days ago

    Bah.... JR didn't ruin shit... the only legacy Lebron has is that of an opportunistic cry baby.

  • Even Steven
    Even Steven 14 days ago


  • Marcus Ruiz
    Marcus Ruiz 14 days ago

    Although sad, Kings James should have stepped up his leadship role here. I wished they went back to the bench ready to talk it out. JR feels terrible too.

    • Marcus Ruiz
      Marcus Ruiz 13 days ago

      Zoe TheGreat you're probably right. I just wished they fought harder.

    • Zoe TheGreat
      Zoe TheGreat 13 days ago

      Stop his lead like how what when the damn team ain’t focused the coach didn’t even call the damn time out but you want say I we fuck up guys come on let’s get this overtime when pls we are human I be piss I played my ass off lead by example the whole game he was aggressive then to find out the mind ain’t in the game pls that is upsetting

  • Asher Wade
    Asher Wade 14 days ago

    Why do I like when LeBron cries?

  • V
    V 14 days ago

    Jr fucked up but they were heading into overtime...if Bron is the leader of the team ...instead of feeling bad...mad...or w.e get Jr and the team as say "look shit happens ...but we gotta forget about this and go into overtime even hungrier..." shoulda laughed it off and rallied his team...they on the bench actin like they just lost or something...only one's trying to hype them up is Korver and Jose cause they know better

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 14 days ago

    who gives a shit?! sometimes people fuck up in sports and people get to talk shit from their couches like 99.9% of you...

  • Albert Aguilar
    Albert Aguilar 14 days ago

    LeBron is a pussy ass bitch.

    • Zoe TheGreat
      Zoe TheGreat 13 days ago

      He drop 50 even James Harden didn’t drop 50 playing with one eye

  • Nestor San Gabriel
    Nestor San Gabriel 14 days ago

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  • John morley
    John morley 15 days ago

    LeBron gonna get swept at Jordan is goat

  • Iron Temple Fitness
    Iron Temple Fitness 15 days ago

    Is this your king?! Lmfaooooooo

  • Moreno12
    Moreno12 15 days ago

    He should've overcame it and screamed at all his players. Either via encouragement or plain fear, force them to p,as their asses off the next 5 minutes... why he just sat there and not say one word to them?? Come on lebron, you own this team, get on their asses...

  • Farhan Alshamari
    Farhan Alshamari 15 days ago

    The problem on Cavs, the only confidence player is LeBron, other team mates are scared. LeBron really needs new good and Confident Players.

  • R time
    R time 15 days ago

    Minimum wage in the bahamas is $5.50 a hour and the crime rate is out of control.

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 15 days ago

    Horrible way to handle that situation. Leaders don't act like that. Made it worse than it had to be. Now down 3 - 0.

  • Cole Laughter
    Cole Laughter 15 days ago

    He got paid to lose it

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 15 days ago

    Why hill couldn’t make a free throw tbh j.r hustle on that play to get that ball

  • Mark Ahmadieh
    Mark Ahmadieh 15 days ago

    Ty Lou didn't call a timeout on purpose, he was helping JR not take all the blame for the loss. And JR also dribbled the ball out on purpose, he was helping George Hill not take all the blame either. Great team effort, one for all and all for one :D

  • The Cake
    The Cake 15 days ago

    I feel for JR.

    KING CVSEY 15 days ago

    LeBron thought they were out of timeouts ☹️

  • new_light 2017
    new_light 2017 15 days ago

    On my way to get a BROOM, might need it for possible SWEEP on Friday 😰

  • mvdec
    mvdec 15 days ago

    i think he said “we ain’t have anymore time outs?” to which ty lue responded “yea my bad”

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante 15 days ago

    LeBron asked Lue "we didn't have no more time outs?" Found out they actually had one more, and he was done.
    Lue should have called one when Jr got the ball. LeBron is done w Cleveland, can't blame him.

    TELESCOPE 15 days ago

    This will foreva be the moment Lebron left the Land.

  • Azurequiem
    Azurequiem 15 days ago

    Is this the King who surpassed Jordan on the GOAT conversation according to his "fans" that blames his "hand-picked" team mates cuz he had no help? 😂

  • Asa Nelson
    Asa Nelson 15 days ago +1

    this is when the series ended

  • Twigg4075
    Twigg4075 15 days ago


  • Faithful Judah
    Faithful Judah 15 days ago

    Everybody making a big deal about JR making a mistake like hes the only one that makes mistakes. Cavs were going to lose anyway, golden state is to good for them. They need someone to blame, I feel sorry for my boy JR, you should of stayed in NY homie

  • nonconformist
    nonconformist 15 days ago

    They don't put a ball in a hole because of their intelligence.

  • insightonline
    insightonline 15 days ago +2

    Awkwaaaard 🎥😳

  • dmdcarrera
    dmdcarrera 15 days ago

    There was still overtime to be played. As a leader LeBron should've gotten in his face and said let it go! Let's move forward and focus on the next 5 minutes! The game was not over at this point. Control your damn emotions and be professional. Human error is a part of life, champions persevere. Losers succumb to fatigue and give up. Just saying.

  • obvioustruths
    obvioustruths 15 days ago

    Gotta give Bron his props....i would have at least cussed JR out.... maybe even punched him...

  • edward reed III
    edward reed III 15 days ago

    At that moment jr knew he fucked up

  • Eugene Urbina
    Eugene Urbina 15 days ago +1

    LeBron just a fucking crying bitch

  • anakin skywalker
    anakin skywalker 15 days ago

    jr. strange saw 14 million outcomes and this is the only way cavs will win the season

  • Demer
    Demer 15 days ago +2

    Lebron is TOXIC, thats why he is a loser, making his teamates worse instead of better like Jordan did

    • Demer
      Demer 15 days ago

      Whatever kid, go play nba 2k goodbye

    • Skip 2 My Lou
      Skip 2 My Lou 15 days ago

      Demer calling me a "kid" now cause I'm not some delusional Jordan shill? FYI i grew up in the late 80s. Ive seen first hand what MJ could do and I will accept he is a greater player but you idiots will never appreciate another players greatness without using flawed narratives and believing fallacious "analyst" hot takes. You idiots want today's players to not even be commended.

    • Demer
      Demer 15 days ago

      Ok kid, now go back to your video games

    • Skip 2 My Lou
      Skip 2 My Lou 15 days ago

      is that why the bulls had 55 wins after jordan left? Is that why all the players shot a better percentage after jordan left? The cavs would be as bad as the suns without lebron and that is a fact. Great players always make their teams better. Jordan is the GOAT but don't disrespect the greatness of lebron.

  • Johnny Dwyer
    Johnny Dwyer 15 days ago +1

    Lebitch is a quitter period! His entire actions towards J.R. was those of a loser, a quitter who conceded the win going into OT. And now he speaks for GS as if everyone should follow his beliefs. Lebitch ....dont matter who wins the series, is or GS is going to the white house. All the talent in the world with out the fire or drive to dominate on both ends of the court and off the court. Listen to this fool and then say he is better than Jordan. That's a hike to even put Lebitch in the same sentence when talking about MJ. MJ was on a different level because his mentality led him there. This week Lebitch is always looking for a way out. Everything that comes out of his mouth says NO HEART!!

  • karoslif
    karoslif 16 days ago +1

    Wanna get away?

  • D _San
    D _San 16 days ago

    JR just looks so sad man i kinda feel bad for him lol

  • Johnny Wu
    Johnny Wu 16 days ago +2

    Leadership...what not to do.

  • Marco Gabriel
    Marco Gabriel 16 days ago

    Damn I’m not gonna lie when Lebron got up and the announcement said “we’re going to OT” at the same time that was bad ass

  • godz murk
    godz murk 16 days ago

    Jr lookin like someone just stole his lunch money.

  • julio ramirez
    julio ramirez 16 days ago +1

    The look of defeat

  • Alex 77
    Alex 77 16 days ago

    It comes down to a split second decision. JR is not the sharpest tool in the shed.....eveyone knows this. However, this play Iooks worse than what it is. Yes, he could and should had come back up and taking a shot right after the rebound. Yet, KD was right there towering over him. He had open players but, if he rushed the pass and it gets turned over then what. Yes, he created space and eventually and out of desperation he passed which resulted in a blocked shot. There is no excuse for not knowing the freaking score, I get that, especially at this level from a champion player. Yes they could had possibly made a play but if he had listened to LeBron and called a non existenting timeout, then you have the same result. I don't like JR or the Cavs, but anyone could had made this mistake. Had he passed the ball earlier resulting in a blocked shot then this would not had been an issue and they would had still lost.

  • erfansvideos
    erfansvideos 16 days ago +1

    They should have pulled themselves together. They still had a chance but I can see a big opportunity was missed and the disappointment makes you feel like you’ve already lost

  • Josue Gnzls
    Josue Gnzls 16 days ago

    Vamos Smith vos podés no se rebajen

    ILL ORBIT 16 days ago +1

    Lebron is the biggest bitch on the planet. Fucking child!

  • Sha'iere Smirnoff
    Sha'iere Smirnoff 16 days ago

    kobe or jordan would have ripped his head off that would be a fight....not looking all depressed and in feelings like bronny

  • Mathew Willams
    Mathew Willams 16 days ago

    They still can't beat golden state in seven
    One game doesn't matter

  • yeeluvspizza
    yeeluvspizza 16 days ago

    In just a few short weeks...
    Rob Pelinka: It is with great pleasure to introduce to all of you the newest member to our Los Angeles Lakers family... the greatest player in the world, LEBRON JAMES.

  • Piotr Czary
    Piotr Czary 16 days ago

    JR thoughts "We nobody celebrating our win?"

  • stubkar
    stubkar 16 days ago

    Why did Smith survive the 364 trades that the Cavaliers front office has madein the last 2 years, trades with LeBron's approval?
    Because LeBron wanted to keep him around.
    Thus, the imploding LeBron.

  • Ed Lockett
    Ed Lockett 16 days ago

    Bron had enough at 0:02 😂😂

  • Louis Lin
    Louis Lin 16 days ago

    JR and Lue are stupid and parasites on the LBJ shoulder. LBJ should be angry to these stupid people. Besides, Lue should be sick and absent from game from now on.

  • Paul Flores
    Paul Flores 16 days ago

    Cavs looking like the basketball has died!