We need to have a serious talk...

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • As we get ready to head into 2022, we REALLY need to hear from you...

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Comments • 25 283

  • xBCrafted
    xBCrafted  +563

    This comment will get lost in the mix, but i still feel the need to leave it..

  • Sfekke
    Sfekke  +110

    Jay : "Power supplies are boring.."

  • shane thrones

    Jay, this is your two cents, and no one else's. I watch this channel for the nice balance of knowledge, and comedy. It doesn't matter what you do in this day and age, because someone is going to hate you for it. So just do you, and f*** em' if they can't take a joke. The people who value your content and knowledge will stick around.

  • Boosted Media

    I think what it all boils down to is ultimately this... The nature of TheXvid being focussed around watch time and click through rate lends itself to being an entertainment platform first and foremost.

  • Ref Lansky

    A thought occurred to me after re-watching this post. I’d LOVE to see a “how to” and beginners guide for case lighting. I’ve always wanted to light my case but it’s daunting. Thanks for always providing quality content Jay!

  • Seshpenguin

    Honestly, I like seeing builds and reviews still. In fact, since I can't get my hands on parts, that makes me want to see those videos more, cause it feels like I am having fun with you guys with the hardware (that I probably would never be able to afford on normal times too).

  • Paul's Hardware

    Hey Jay, I feel the same about a lot of the stuff you brought up here. The way I've been considering it lately, that has helped me somewhat, is the "2 audience" theory, which I just made up right now.

  • Maria Garcia

    I'm with Jay and Paul, keep doing what you're doing. Even though tech pricing is volatile you keep me informed and I put in the legwork to get the best bang for my buck. Of course I'm paying more for current purchases but sometimes I land a good deal! Keep doing what you're doing because we need you on the front lines!

  • rahulc0dy

    I love how like all the tech industry can mention the names of other fellow creators. I don't know why I feel like it, but whenever I see someone from the tech TheXvid mentioning other youtubers name, I just feel more friendly and like the creator is genuine. Whether it be Linus or jay or Steve. Please keep doing what you are doing. People just got lost by the fancy social media icons.

  • Drsoldier
    Drsoldier  +22

    Personally, id love a deep dive on how an OS works (then again, I am interested in the hardware as well as the software)

  • SlusheeWolf2

    Jayz, I really appreciate what you did with the giveaways <3

  • Mike North

    I’d love to see more case mods and themed builds. Your channel stands out in terms of craftsmanship and creativity - double down on that imo!

  • Nicholas Jeffery

    Genuinely confused watching this cause, at least for me, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the content you, Phil and Nick put out. The shenanigans, the hobbies, the community learning centre you guys are building, even the Friday chats that I normally catch the next day. What do I want to see? To be honest, anything coming your channel is entertaining to me. Hope this helps.

  • Brian Kocherhans

    Honestly I had no idea things were negative until you told us :) I personally love when you do content that I won't find anywhere else. Things like the tempered glass testing, custom star wars case builds (and more importantly how you did things like the paint, battle damage etc).

  • Artificial Frontiers

    I'm here for the personality and the fact that you're also someone who loves to work on stuff. I like the workshop vibe.

  • City Planner Plays

    I know that build videos seem bad right now, but I can personally say that I pulled up an old NZXT H210i build of yours when I swapped cases. I'm not making major upgrades, but a new AIO and a new case DRAMATICALLY increased my performance and made it feel like I had a new build. Even if the videos seem like they might make people frustrated, folks are still making some changes to their setups. Some parts are still attainable. Keep your chin up and keep doing what you enjoy doing.

  • Jason Cherry

    Couple if my favorite things to watch is your honest reviews. I like the high end watercooled builds. Your game room was awesome and like the out takes..

  • Joe Perkins

    JayzTwoCents - First off I want to thank you and everyone on your crew for the work they have done so far. I'm sorry that these past two years have been so crazy and caused so much frustration for your team. My own team where I work has shared in that experience.

  • ZamekZorg
    ZamekZorg  +245

    I'm the guy who never had money for the high end stuff so for me watching people build stuff with it is still as enjoyable as ever, never had a watercooled system but sill love to watch the builds and challenges with it. Imho you should do the videos that you like to do and don't let the vocal minority discourage you. I think a video what you have fun making will be fun to watch.

  • cody Donaho

    Honestly I just like watching the three of you do what makes you feel good and enjoy doing. I watch all of your videos and enjoy it all.