Super Street Fighter 4 Ryu Trials Challenge HD

  • Published on Apr 19, 2010
  • Super Street Fighter 4 Ryu Trial Challenge HD
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  • davi oliveira
    davi oliveira Month ago


  • Josiah Shade
    Josiah Shade 2 months ago

    Where’s 23

  • kuanlimputera
    kuanlimputera 5 months ago

    He edited fucking 24 with only one try but 23 got deleted by incident. possibily, he had did 100 times for no 24.
    Boooooooooooo asshole.

  • RyuHoshi93
    RyuHoshi93 6 months ago

    I don't like his shoryuken, these shoryuken in normal and heavy has 2 hits and not 1 hit.

  • Da_ Answer
    Da_ Answer 6 months ago

    Dude this shit is giving me a hard time

  • Luke Ho
    Luke Ho 9 months ago

    stupid level 2!!!!

  • skulltrain
    skulltrain 10 months ago

    Ps3 controller users that are stuck on 7, just connect the cable

  • alex dsouzaZR1
    alex dsouzaZR1 Year ago

    What ryu says after raising his arm?

  • Stoyan
    Stoyan Year ago

    I completed all challenges..but who cares..

  • Jovita Ruiz
    Jovita Ruiz Year ago

    How do you do EX focus

  • Leoscar
    Leoscar 2 years ago

    My friend wasn't joking when he said that SF players are fucking Jedis when it comes to combo.
    Did someone told the devs that this is a tutorial?

  • Pramitz
    Pramitz 2 years ago +10

    Damn, this shit makes dark souls feel like the easiest game ever. Just conquered level 9 after like 15 minutes of grinding. My advice:
    You have to double tap H punch while moving from down to the right, then tap the focus attack immediately after; if you wait to see if you successfully got the hadoken off, you are too late, you just have to trust that you did it right and input the focus as a tap. Grind just H punch into hadoken, then once you can do that at 33% success rate, grind it with a focus punch after. Then do it all together with the kick at the beginning.
    I knew fighting game combos were hard, but I wasn't expecting this level of grind this early on

    • shannon
      shannon Year ago

      Wh... level 9 is so easy..

  • dapula burger
    dapula burger 2 years ago

    21 is impossible for me in your way,but you can add hadoken in between and that's much easier

  • FlyingGorilla
    FlyingGorilla 3 years ago +12

    This game requires way too mush skill man holy shit

  • Black Goblin
    Black Goblin 3 years ago

    + bobby its possible man

  • Black Goblin
    Black Goblin 3 years ago

    + bobby u can do it man I thought it was hard at first I figured some them out without looking at the screen

  • Yonkadett
    Yonkadett 3 years ago


    ONE ANGRY NIGGA 3 years ago +3

    I can't get 7 for shit

    • 720p
      720p 2 years ago

      BLACK SUPER SAIYAN I thought was the only one

  • liberta Turkish rap
    liberta Turkish rap 3 years ago

    there is not next level, so you can stop to play this game :)

  • George F
    George F 4 years ago +1

    my hadoken just does not activate after crouch H punch. My inputs are fine, I just don't understand

  • Callsign: JoNay
    Callsign: JoNay 4 years ago +1

    9 is impossible. I got the jump H kick, the crouch H punch, and the Hadoken no problem, but the EX Focus attack does not integrate into the combo.

    • Callsign: JoNay
      Callsign: JoNay 4 years ago

      Got it now, thanks. The timing of the focus attack was the tricky part. Now I'm stuck on 14 like most people.

    • joffocakes
      joffocakes 4 years ago

      @Callsign: JoNay Just tap mp+mk for the focus attack; don't hold them. As you're doing the hadouken you can just mash on mp+mk and it'll work.

  • Lovely Bite Me
    Lovely Bite Me 4 years ago

    I dont understand how to do n10. How to do shoryuken and shinku hadouken at the same tame?

  • Malik Stewart
    Malik Stewart 4 years ago


  • Malik Stewart
    Malik Stewart 4 years ago

    I need this for smash

  • MrHardCash
    MrHardCash 4 years ago

    No.21 is hands down the hardest.

  • Chris Kissoon
    Chris Kissoon 4 years ago +1

    Fuck yeah just got lvl nine

  • Chris Kissoon
    Chris Kissoon 4 years ago

    I cat get the ex focus attack in lvl 9 in the combo

  • Fernando Jorge
    Fernando Jorge 4 years ago

    This skipped the number 23

  • mrmacross
    mrmacross 4 years ago +4

    Oddly enough, I find some of these trials easier to do if I just stare at my arcade stick, and ignore the screen.
    Kind of makes me miss the simpler days of fighting games.

  • Buddha Hut
    Buddha Hut 4 years ago +4

    At the 14th level, How quick you do the metsu hadoken after the focus Cancel? I just can't get it, seems to me that the Xbox controller isn't made for this game XD

    • SlayeCohen
      SlayeCohen 4 years ago +1

      @Buddha Hut Nope, this one is tricky, even with a pretty good arcade controller i had trouble in the mechanics behind this trial, but after you acknowledge you have to double tap >>> forward before you cast the metsu you can do it, still a little harder to master, but not impossible after knowing that :)

  • Euphoria Castles
    Euphoria Castles 4 years ago +1

    Can someone please tell me the difference between normal trials and hard ones? Like does it get hard at level 15?? Thanks

  • Daniel Maughan
    Daniel Maughan 5 years ago +2

    Until I see this live I don't believe these are possible.

  • Kaboub azer
    Kaboub azer 5 years ago +1

    you are so strong!

  • TheEquilibrum007
    TheEquilibrum007 5 years ago +1

    i think basically from Level 7 on wards, all the combos are timing and by that basically you have to input them in a rhythm. So your space between each button is the same. The hardest part is you need to input your next move around the same time as your previous move finish i think.

  • Lone Nomad
    Lone Nomad 5 years ago +1

    He keeps blocking the damn punches.

  • Lone Nomad
    Lone Nomad 5 years ago

    #7 is hard as FUCK!

  • Xuvial
    Xuvial 5 years ago +1

    Crouch L Kick > Crouch L Punch > Stand L Punch > Crouch H Kick
    ^ That is fucking impossible for me. I can always do the first 3 steps but the Crouch H Kick refuses to execute no matter what.

    • RavensKrag
      RavensKrag 5 years ago +1

      You might actually be doing it too fast.
      Try this:
      c.LK > c.LP > LP > CROUCH
      Watch the time it takes between the end of the LP, and when Ryu is in the crouching position. Try it a few time until you think you have a feel for the crouch timing. If you hit the HK button right as Ryu would go into the crouch, you will get the c.HK.
      Too early, and no kick will come out. Too late, and you're kick is blocked.
      Good luck ^_^
      (This "watch the crouch" technique is useful for learning various combos with links to crouching attacks)

  • planeoftime
    planeoftime 5 years ago +2

    fuck this. i can't even get past 9... the rest are lolyeahright

  • Keigan Holliday
    Keigan Holliday 5 years ago +33

    Fuck Dan and his fucking auto blocking.

  • NoOneLikesMyUsernam1
    NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 5 years ago +8

    I've been stuck on number 7 for the past hour. I just don't fucking understand.

    • Boltaan'jistman
      Boltaan'jistman 3 years ago

      nevermind. it seems the timing is just very precise, it's like a rhythm game with no beats. your next hit needs to start as the last ends(when the symbol disappears.)

    • Boltaan'jistman
      Boltaan'jistman 3 years ago

      +NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 same. I cant do it, I always get pushed back.

  • Abe M.
    Abe M. 5 years ago

    I can't get past level 7either... Idk what I'm doing wrong. I wish someone would walk us through it and tell us how to do them as well as show us...

  • LuckHunterJonny
    LuckHunterJonny 5 years ago +23

    I feel like something is wrong with the input. Can't do 7. Wth? How did you get the game to work for you? Cause my character would just move away after the first punch, or Dan blocks the second punch. If I can get Ryu to do the second punch that is.

    • cool fool
      cool fool Year ago

      thanks guys because of y'all I did it fast

    • Ryan Chang
      Ryan Chang 5 years ago +4

      if you guys still havent gotten the timing down, try using a metronome to time the punches. I found that using 126 bpm seemed to be the sweet spot for it.

    • I Accept Visa
      I Accept Visa 5 years ago +5

      Your timing is off for the second punch. Do not mash. Mashing in street fighter isnt thew way to go unless you have a turbo controller. visit vesperarcade on youtube and he will give you a tutorial about combos.

    • simplyplaced123
      simplyplaced123 5 years ago +1

      It took me awhile as well, you just have to kinda of double tap m punch then as the 2nd punch is throwing mash sweep, it took me 100+ tries because he kept blocking my sweep, its all timing based its really annoying

    • Adrien Grey
      Adrien Grey 5 years ago +1

      Yeah, can't get 7 for the life of me. Most of the time the second punch is blocked, and if it isn't, the kick misses or is blocked :/

  • Dell Griff
    Dell Griff 5 years ago +2

    My thumb hurts!

  • RackGL
    RackGL 5 years ago +12

    How can i complete level 9? I simply cannot cast Hadouken right after crouch H punch. :/

    • kuanlimputera
      kuanlimputera 5 months ago

      @Mau Pr because you are too slow.
      Crunch HP need to be cancelled into hadoken. After cr.hp hit do qcf + p fast and precisely that will cancel any normal cr. HP animation as example. Don't wait until animation cr.HP end then you do hadoken.
      Practice how to do cancel this is very fundamental for fighting games.
      Search for vesperarcade video about street fighter iv basic.

    • Mau Pr
      Mau Pr 8 months ago

      I'm also stuck in level 9. When I do Hadouken, Dan just defends himself. I don't know how :(

    • Chris Kissoon
      Chris Kissoon 4 years ago

      I just got it and wanna know something idk how the fuck I got it lololol

    • Skullizer
      Skullizer 5 years ago

      @Amfibios just try first chp hadoken, u have to hit hp twice, about as fast as a doubleclick on your mouse, while doeing the hadoken move on your cross

    • Amfibios
      Amfibios 5 years ago +1

      did u manage in the end? i'm stuck at the same point.... the timing of this game is simply ridiculous

  • Lovemachine
    Lovemachine 5 years ago

    How are you that fast? It won't let me beat 11, it just goes into the heavy kick and then says 3 hit combo...

  • bobby
    bobby 5 years ago +11

    this shit is sooo impossible on the 3ds

  • Sam Konkel
    Sam Konkel 5 years ago +1

    How do you do 24?

    • nightfire2015
      nightfire2015 3 years ago

      There's a easier way.
      After the hadouken dash, do a light shoryuken then metus shoryuken because it combos

  • Joga Nada
    Joga Nada 5 years ago +1


    ANDY PAPIRRU 5 years ago +1

    What about the 23 trial?

  • EnlightenMMC
    EnlightenMMC 5 years ago

    Where is 23?

  • EnlightenMMC
    EnlightenMMC 5 years ago

    SSF4 on Next Gen consoles! Hope they'll make one soon. I'm patiently waiting.

    • Mandyata Chikoti
      Mandyata Chikoti 5 years ago

      Quite simply a silly comment from a naive gamer. So exactly what shit are consoles make for?

  • Sean Harrell
    Sean Harrell 5 years ago +10

    9: You need to push that hadoken out as you hit that High punch, then immediately tap your mid attacks to hit the focus attack. So pretty much do the movement for hadoken as you press H punch on your first punch.
    10: The trick to getting this one was realizing that the final moves are right, down, right, H punch, down, right, H punch. The down, right of the shoryuken is the first part of the shinku hadoken.

    • Rj carvalho
      Rj carvalho 4 years ago

      omfg that pro tip on number 10. I never though of them as combining like that. What a god. This thinking will surly help in other challenges. Kudos

  • Electr0Jesus
    Electr0Jesus 5 years ago

    I'm just learning this game, so I'm a bit confused. Do you dash cancel the EX FC on trial 14?

    • Z48V M47V
      Z48V M47V Year ago

      Electr0Jesus damn hell, im still stuck on this

    • bernsten
      bernsten 5 years ago

      Yes, you can see that he uses focus attack after shoryuken and dashes forward

  • exiaR2x78
    exiaR2x78 6 years ago

    When you do focus attack during a special move it becomes EX Focus so basically as soon as you do your hadoken you hit the focus attack buttons it can take awhile to get the timing right maybe try mapping focus attack to a certain button to make it easier for you

  • YesThrough
    YesThrough 6 years ago

    any tips for a newbie . Cant do metsu hadoken in any way

  • UltimateSage101
    UltimateSage101 6 years ago

    Is level 11 possible with a normal controller because I can't get the shinku hadoken out after the standing high kick

  • WorldChampion1
    WorldChampion1 6 years ago +1

    Man these shits are so fucking hard

  • chivs688
    chivs688 6 years ago

    What is the EX move he does after the Hadoken? I can get the Hadoken off (inconsistently mind you) but then can't seem to get the EX move off, which at the moment I'm trying to press mp+mk. Any help?

  • Kakarot BCN
    Kakarot BCN 6 years ago

    At level 9 with Ryu, not how to do the EX + Focus. I do the usual focus, and not come out. Help please.

  • LoftyXsWaGX34
    LoftyXsWaGX34 6 years ago

    after you input shoryuken input hadouken as fast as you can