• Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • The preview is back to talk the England vs Bulgaria controversy and look ahead to this weekend's big game - Man Utd vs Liverpool, live on The Kick Off this Sunday from 4pm!
    Could Jurgen Klopp’s side condemn United to the humiliation of dropping into the relegation zone?

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Comments • 675

  • Marcus Steele
    Marcus Steele 11 days ago

    “The lad with the guitar” spent too much time in London bonny lad Sam Fender is the best thing to come out of this region in years

  • P ES
    P ES 22 days ago

    Isn't it hypocritical and ironically intolerant to project your own cultural values on a different culture?

  • MaxCOD swaG
    MaxCOD swaG 23 days ago


  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov 24 days ago

    "Newcastle beat em" lmao

  • Aidan Keys
    Aidan Keys 24 days ago

    'Miiight.. not have a chance here' Loz at it agian, best humour on youtube

  • xRedNorthLondonx
    xRedNorthLondonx 25 days ago +2

    This video didn’t age nearly as much as I thought it would 😐😂

  • Mr Blake
    Mr Blake 25 days ago +3

    This is awkward after the game. That thrashing united took lol.

  • LigitXVenom
    LigitXVenom 25 days ago


  • liamhale52
    liamhale52 25 days ago

    As if Sheffield uniteds the better united, the way it should be

  • James Whitehorn
    James Whitehorn 25 days ago

    Lawrence is a bell end

  • V_Dan_P 77
    V_Dan_P 77 25 days ago

    Racism is awful and that’s why we want to get rid of it from the game? I think you mean WE NEED TO GET RID OF IT ALTOGETHER, EVERYWHERE!!

  • Rowan Henn
    Rowan Henn 25 days ago

    Wayyy. Good one Brian. United got pumped🤣😂

  • Doomaster
    Doomaster 25 days ago +1

    I am
    Bulgarian and it isn't fair that because of 10 people everyone thinks our whole nation is recist, oh ok

  • Gareth McDonald
    Gareth McDonald 25 days ago

    I cant wait for the fucking kickoff!! You guys are awesome!!! Watching from South Africa!

  • Simon Redion
    Simon Redion 25 days ago +1

    Milner is better than pogba

    • Rusty
      Rusty 24 days ago

      Simon Redion LOL, even this out of form Pogba is still way better than Milner

  • Mostafa ElKafrawy
    Mostafa ElKafrawy 25 days ago

    Thank you for always giving us great content, I keep having bad days and your videos make me smile!

  • Simon wadsley
    Simon wadsley 25 days ago

    Ah the relegation zone, something Newcastle Utd visit regularly ;)

  • tensa zangetsu
    tensa zangetsu 25 days ago

    Can you post this on spotify

  • Anthony McDonald
    Anthony McDonald 25 days ago

    Chelsea has 5 wins from 5 not 3. Come on lozcast get ur facts right😂

  • David Williams
    David Williams 25 days ago

    Stop talking about racism. It's supposed to be a football show. Oh and slim guy on the right. Stop displaying YOUR prejudice ad narrow minded Ness towards older people. They don't all fit into a type. They are individuals just like everyone else. You appear to callingthem all racist. No, the people who want controlled imigration aren't racist they just want controlled imigration just like Japan has and Europe used to have before EU scrapped borders virtually,

  • Monarch Of Memes
    Monarch Of Memes 25 days ago

    Laurence, ever pesemisstic😂

  • ketz Bond
    ketz Bond 25 days ago

    Excellent banter...

  • anonymous
    anonymous 25 days ago

    tbf Geordie would fit right in as a skin head

  • irGuilty
    irGuilty 26 days ago +1

    United won the league 6 years ago

  • Timbone
    Timbone 26 days ago

    Well, its all Jose's fault now too right?
    Man United are 20th in tackles and interceptions in the league
    You cant blame Mourinho anymore

  • JR 12
    JR 12 26 days ago

    "Its obvious bulgaria are bad" that seems like a pre judgement of a whole ethnic group Brian thats bad

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson 26 days ago

    de gea and pogba will play ole trying to do a fergie but hes just bad at it

  • Blue Knight
    Blue Knight 26 days ago


  • Dave Tapgun
    Dave Tapgun 26 days ago

    scenes when Dan James or Martial scores the winner after a Romero masterclass

  • KingJason13
    KingJason13 26 days ago

    I’m going to wince the entire time I’m watching this game.

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali 26 days ago

    Tbh all these camera zooming feel like watching podcast inside tiktok😂😂😂

  • harry denvon
    harry denvon 26 days ago

    u 2 are scum bags !

  • MrYayanou
    MrYayanou 26 days ago

    I think he should be more worried about newcastle than ManU...

  • Milomia
    Milomia 26 days ago

    NUFC end up on the relegation zone. No big surprise there other than nobody seemed to acknowledge the potential of it this vid

  • James Simms
    James Simms 26 days ago +1

    Geordie knows fuck all about football

  • LittleBaboon
    LittleBaboon 26 days ago +1

    Smearing all Bulgarians and openly calling us all racists...just because 4 mindless idiots decided to get a bit of a camera time. Clap-clap Brain an McKenna.
    ...Why didn’t you mention that the English drunken fans were rampaging in down town Sofia destroying pubs and public property!...and of course as per your rhetoric ALL English are like that - drunken, mindbogglingly stupid vandals, right?
    Still, love what you do. Love from a fan from Bulgaria.

  • lynne cessari
    lynne cessari 26 days ago

    I just want to see Man U on relegation zone.
    Just for a good banter and a laugh😀 for a week or two.. Can’t wait for the game...... Up the Reds!!!

  • YanniBG
    YanniBG 26 days ago

    Bulgarians aren't racists. It was a planned action by a small group of imbeciles and they must face punishment. Please, don't say all Bulgarians are like that, it's just not true.

  • Alexander M
    Alexander M 26 days ago +1

    It wasen’t 8 years ago Man Utd win the League it was 6 years btw

  • Cosmic Baggy
    Cosmic Baggy 26 days ago

    Nothing more chavvy than people talking about how much money they have. Stay classy lads... 👍🏼

  • Ah yes 5Head
    Ah yes 5Head 26 days ago

    The big racist in the panel is definitely rory

  • David Bozovic
    David Bozovic 26 days ago

    what in the hell is going on with lawrence's beard

  • Mr. T Mr. T
    Mr. T Mr. T 26 days ago +1

    *I'm from Bulgaria and in Bulgeria sadly racism is something normal. But please don't blame all bulgerians because of 50 idiots that have no life and do drugs.*

    • karl jonson
      karl jonson 26 days ago

      @Mr. T Mr. T But you said it's normal.

    • Mr. T Mr. T
      Mr. T Mr. T 26 days ago

      @Big Dan it's true but it's funny cuz England are so offended actually England is even more racist

    • Big Dan
      Big Dan 26 days ago

      But those 50 idiots represent you as a whole. Blame them for your reputation at the moment

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 26 days ago +2

    The media’s coverage of the racism in Bulgaria was summed up when The Telegraph wrote “England 6- Racists 0” judging the whole country on the actions of maybe 500 people. Bit hypocritical 🤷‍♂️

    • Oh Yeah Yeah
      Oh Yeah Yeah 26 days ago

      Text Service I don’t know the exact amount 🤷‍♂️

    • Text Service
      Text Service 26 days ago

      alot less than 500

  • julian philp
    julian philp 26 days ago

    Will they bollocks

  • King Kenny
    King Kenny 26 days ago

    I’d love to see manc United get relegated. Their scumbag fans will kill them selves and the world will be a better place.

  • Herb
    Herb 26 days ago

    As united fans we agree with what you guys say but honestly every joke being about United is getting boring lol

  • Dean. S. Monahan
    Dean. S. Monahan 26 days ago

    The Glazers have destroyed Kroenke is working Arsenal!!!! Fucker only cares about LA Rams!!!!

  • unkown 123
    unkown 123 26 days ago +1

    But England came to dublin and we're doing maxi salutes?wow the English are fair stupid

  • Matt
    Matt 26 days ago

    You guys should do dedicated video every friday going through each PL fixture & making predictions etc

  • 2stroke mx classics
    2stroke mx classics 26 days ago

    2-1 man United👊

  • Johannes Pitkämäki
    Johannes Pitkämäki 26 days ago

    These two cucks talk about rasicm no one cares

  • Breeton Boi
    Breeton Boi 26 days ago

    I think United will win just cause of the circumstances. It's written in the script

  • Dan Hodgson
    Dan Hodgson 26 days ago

    Sam fender is a shout for the podcast

  • James Briscoe
    James Briscoe 26 days ago

    Why have you met so many grandmas?

  • S K
    S K 26 days ago

    Lampard will not win the league with Chelsea! Don’t forget just three years ago they finished 10th!

    • Neil Moores
      Neil Moores 26 days ago

      S K but they have won the league since then. Anyway past shortcomings are irrelevant all that matters is progress and they are making progress. It wasn’t that long ago when Liverpool we’re finishing outside the top 4 year on year but look at us now. Chelsea will probably finish 3rd this season. City and Liverpool with probably be a distant 1st and 2nd again tho.

  • Link_ 82
    Link_ 82 26 days ago

    What makes him think that Lampard could win the league but Emery cant?🤣 Stop being deluded just beacuse Chelsea have some english players lol.

  • just coz
    just coz 26 days ago +1

    By the way man city fans were screeming kill the croats to dinamo zagreb fans but nobody mentions it...

  • James Wandsworth
    James Wandsworth 26 days ago

    Man Utd are the joke of world football.

  • Ben Bull
    Ben Bull 26 days ago

    I was gonna suggest Sam Fender as a podcast guest, didn’t realise he went to the same school as TG!