Deno ft. DigDat - Change (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • Deno feat. DigDat - Change
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  • AdventureGami774
    AdventureGami774 Hour ago

    I heard this in JD you should sue them

  • unknown.v1
    unknown.v1 Day ago +1

    Yo this mad and emotional

    Like if you love your mum

  • Caydon_ Savage
    Caydon_ Savage 2 days ago +1

    Deno changed man his voice and everything lol

  • K4M1ILZ
    K4M1ILZ 2 days ago

    Has man lost weight or?

  • Shuayb Bana
    Shuayb Bana 3 days ago

    sick!!!! :)

  • 1bBy_OfFicial
    1bBy_OfFicial 4 days ago

    Woiii i still love it

  • Elevate Made This
    Elevate Made This 5 days ago


  • Binyam Tesfaldet
    Binyam Tesfaldet 6 days ago

    i m nahom

  • Binyam Tesfaldet
    Binyam Tesfaldet 6 days ago

    i know your sister rosa my sister her freind do you know adiam the girl you took a pic with

  • wavey toker
    wavey toker 6 days ago

    A mirror man cant set pace like deno ngl #pace maker

  • Caush Wizzy
    Caush Wizzy 6 days ago

    Suwooooo 🤮🎱’s

    BGA KASHY 6 days ago

    i love this tune digdat and deno mad callab

  • Sami Kashem
    Sami Kashem 7 days ago

    Would have been soooo much better with cadet 😓😓😓😓😥

    BGA KASHY 7 days ago +1


  • Elegánce
    Elegánce 7 days ago

    bless tune

  • Mons S
    Mons S 9 days ago

    This songs beautiful

  • Chloe Maggot Grande x

    Deno must have the most beautiful voice I have heard from a young black man he’s such a stunner

  • XxxRayXxx Ray
    XxxRayXxx Ray 10 days ago +1


  • Exility
    Exility 10 days ago

    tot now

  • Mystic_
    Mystic_ 11 days ago +1

    You will be a million air

    Get a million pounds to activate

    MLG TROLLZz 12 days ago

    This makes me emotional sometimes

  • Maram Abdi
    Maram Abdi 12 days ago +2

    R.I.P cadet brother was so depressed when cadet died he wanted to die R.I.P

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 13 days ago

    sick tune

  • Mystic lovegirl
    Mystic lovegirl 14 days ago +1

    After cadets death cadets smile is gone :( demo ur the best even cadet was come on man we all wanna see ur smile like if u think he should start to smile 😃 and be happy again dean come on man at least you have ur life

  • Aisha ahmed
    Aisha ahmed 15 days ago +5

    Hey brothers and sisters
    Comment if ur a sister
    Like if ur a bro

  • Aisha ahmed
    Aisha ahmed 15 days ago

    Hi sisters
    Like this if you love this song

  • Niyat Tewelde
    Niyat Tewelde 15 days ago


  • Aimee-Jordan Hyland
    Aimee-Jordan Hyland 15 days ago

    Doing Cadet Proud @ DenoDriz 😏

  • Abbie AA
    Abbie AA 15 days ago

    finally a song without girls and money🙌🏾

  • Zree Gaming
    Zree Gaming 16 days ago

    this song is too cold.

  • Hkm Tv
    Hkm Tv 16 days ago +1

    Bro someone pls link the beat fam!!!!! A S A P!!!!!💯💯💯

  • Admisto.
    Admisto. 17 days ago +117

    You are gay if this is gray

    • VoidSir
      VoidSir 2 days ago +1


    • The God
      The God 5 days ago

      I least I’m not gay anymore

    • SynergyKibz
      SynergyKibz 11 days ago +4

      I thought it was 'grey' but I guess Americans call it 'gray' 🤷♂

    • Kim Samms
      Kim Samms 12 days ago


  • Cris Bunse
    Cris Bunse 18 days ago +1

    RIP xxxtentacion nothing could beat his version of change

  • Elena G
    Elena G 18 days ago

    Proud of you!!!!!💙🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  • Younger Adzz
    Younger Adzz 18 days ago

    Man deno is a g good song and made a song for his bro cadet

  • Shockz
    Shockz 18 days ago +5

    This is the dig that we need... he's way harder with this flow.

  • Justice VFx
    Justice VFx 18 days ago

    play at 1.25 speed

  • GbR-Sgt- GbR-Sgt-
    GbR-Sgt- GbR-Sgt- 18 days ago +3

    This song is fire 🔥🔥 Deno is so underrated in my opinion. 😏

  • Bilqees Ledgister
    Bilqees Ledgister 19 days ago

    how can you unlike this wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • HowTo Not
    HowTo Not 19 days ago +1

    i was looking for totally diffenrent song but this is cool af i love that ''sean kingston'' kinda vibe

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James 20 days ago

    Hook kills it 💯 keep writing

  • Tim Hearn
    Tim Hearn 21 day ago +1

    Did not no dig dat could sing

  • Oluwatowani Awolalu
    Oluwatowani Awolalu 21 day ago

    digdat was hard

  • Mrtrap Giddy
    Mrtrap Giddy 21 day ago

    Dig dat bodied it 🥶🔥💯👌🏿👊🏿

  • Callum Reed
    Callum Reed 21 day ago

    do rappers acc understand what pagans means? It means believing in multiple 'gods'.Why tf are there using it?

  • iamthatboiinathy95 YouTube/ thatboiinathy95


  • Dan G
    Dan G 22 days ago +1

    Man will wear anything as long as its got a brand on it looool

  • Jen H
    Jen H 22 days ago

    This is lit 💕💕💕

  • Fizah
    Fizah 22 days ago +16

    this song acc hit me hard.
    and i dont care what anyone else says, digdat went hard on this

  • Zeeshan Beats
    Zeeshan Beats 23 days ago

    I'm bare confused now, is this the polo g finer things beat?

  • Abdi Fupi
    Abdi Fupi 23 days ago

    All the songs deno does is a smash , lil bro got swag beautiful voice , lyrics are hot n real , luv deno

  • S_ Khnxz2008
    S_ Khnxz2008 23 days ago

    If only cadet was in this song
    R.I.P Cadet

  • Saima Bibi
    Saima Bibi 24 days ago

    What do u think x
    X is with u

  • Leo Yxng Lion
    Leo Yxng Lion 24 days ago +1

    This was definitely inspired by polo G - finer things
    Both bangerz 💯🌊

  • Mesha_ck offei-essah
    Mesha_ck offei-essah 24 days ago +1


  • Shmagdood
    Shmagdood 24 days ago +3

    mama told me dat she luved me til the day she dies

  • sway viper
    sway viper 24 days ago

    Digdat went hard on this one🥵❄

  • kyle gill
    kyle gill 24 days ago

    DigDat came with the fire on dis🍁

    WYLKER GOURGEL 24 days ago

    Glorygainz beat, need this remade asssaaapppppp Polo G type Beat "Pain" Lil Osama

  • elliott fifa 17
    elliott fifa 17 24 days ago

    fuck deno