FBI Finally Solve the Cold Case of DB Cooper

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • Thanks to newly released FBI cold case files, we now have solid evidence which confirms the identity of the mysterious DB Cooper.
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    The unsolved case of DB Cooper hijacking a plane, demanding a $200,000 ransom, jumping out of the emergency door with a parachute and then never appearing in public ever again is one of the most puzzling and mysterious cases that the FBI has ever come across. In fact, it’s the only air piracy event in commercial aviation history that has never been solved… until now, that is. With new evidence that has come to light in the form of secret files, authorities have finally found their man. Who is he, how on earth did he get away with this cunning crime for so many decades, and is there any truth to the claims that it was all just a massive government cover-up? It’s time to answer those questions.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  5 months ago +1210

    Why do YOU think the FBI took so long to release these Files?

    • Kevin Chen
      Kevin Chen 19 days ago

      TheRichest Corruption and coverups

    • Tom
      Tom 22 days ago

      @TheRichest c***

    • Tom
      Tom 22 days ago


    • D.B Cooper
      D.B Cooper 25 days ago


    • flplutschow
      flplutschow 27 days ago

      I think you should stop making videos

  • Jim Q. Regal
    Jim Q. Regal 52 minutes ago

    Putin video on top and bottom. Points to Tim haley

    CNWSTN 7 hours ago

    it’s charles westmoreland

  • Merck Maguddayao

    This case should've been assigned to CC Tinsley.

  • Justice Brannon
    Justice Brannon Day ago

    I'll tell where he's at he either dead of hidding in the deep deep woods or the dude is probably dead

  • SubjectiveCinema

    DB Cooper has always been a personal hero of mine.

  • Boss gamer
    Boss gamer Day ago

    It is not true if it was it would have been on the new that he had been found

  • Joy Anderson
    Joy Anderson 3 days ago +1

    Hide in da hood ?

  • Dante Lucido
    Dante Lucido 4 days ago

    He died in prison break

  • lester mount
    lester mount 4 days ago

    If the security measures started in 1972, how did 9/11 happen?

  • Wilson Pendarvis
    Wilson Pendarvis 4 days ago

    What about Uncle Frank? Why did the FBI visit his sister's house looking for him? Why did he change his name? Why does he live near the Canadian border? He was CIA, and they owed him a debt for his service. So, they know right where he is... They will not admit it, as this pays him back... In peace. He just wanted to see if he could do it. My uncle George's brother, Frank Painter, is db Cooper.

  • Marty W
    Marty W 4 days ago


  • How many subs can I get with out making a video

    Wait if his case went on for so long and spent so much money why didn’t they close the case right then and there?

  • LinksHopping Golfer
    LinksHopping Golfer 5 days ago

    @2:45 unseen by the crew?... They didn't notice the cabin depressurizing when he open the plane door?... Even back then, the pilot would have got a warning on his flight instruments that the cabin has depressuriziled.

  • Paul Johnston
    Paul Johnston 6 days ago

    Wow. 1,491,341 views- not one of them deserved. The case has not been solved- and will not be solved.

  • Mauro Dominguez
    Mauro Dominguez 6 days ago

    I think Ryan from BuzzFeed unsolved explained it better

  • Jessie Blanton
    Jessie Blanton 7 days ago +1


  • Jessie Blanton
    Jessie Blanton 7 days ago +1

    Think hes out there some where ever one guessing

  • tony guerra
    tony guerra 8 days ago +2

    And they've also determined Big Foot's whereabouts.

  • FABIO999able
    FABIO999able 8 days ago +1

    Pos yo nomas digo que fierro x la 300 pariente

  • CashT01
    CashT01 8 days ago


  • Nomad -81-
    Nomad -81- 8 days ago

    The serial numbers were recorded before the theft, not a single bill has ever entered circulation since. He died.

  • Jacqueline Larsen
    Jacqueline Larsen 9 days ago

    He was stationed at the NAS in San Diego at the time

  • Carl Schwamberger
    Carl Schwamberger 9 days ago

    This sucks at one minute. I'm outa here.

  • mcaddicts
    mcaddicts 9 days ago

    So they didn't actually solve the case. Good reporting.

  • Eddie Adkid
    Eddie Adkid 9 days ago

    He is in a place called Nepal americans can blend in there.tupac is there as well

  • Hardcore Doom
    Hardcore Doom 10 days ago +1

    Yeahhhh...this is bullshit.
    “He had criminal blood in his veins for the murder of his stepfather...but he was ACQUITTED.”
    Get this piece of shit video off the internet.

  • Ethan Livelsberger
    Ethan Livelsberger 10 days ago


  • Commander Attom
    Commander Attom 11 days ago

    You guys said this was solved this is just assumptions this channel sucks

  • Zachary Dini
    Zachary Dini 11 days ago +1

    I thought Michael scofield already solved D.B Cooper???

  • MASTER discovery
    MASTER discovery 12 days ago +2

    Anyone can see that's PEE WEE HERMAN.

  • johndbee66
    johndbee66 12 days ago


  • David Dorsey
    David Dorsey 13 days ago

    By the way, do you know why this BS ? Keywords: conspiracy with US government.

  • David Dorsey
    David Dorsey 13 days ago

    Poor reporting along with BS.

  • Carlos Nells
    Carlos Nells 13 days ago

    This theory has been debunked except on youtube.

  • hijkl hijkl
    hijkl hijkl 14 days ago

    This case was never solved.

    POWYR T.V 14 days ago

    Don't believe everything you hear this is GS DB Cooper passed away when he jumped it was night time there was no visibility very windy and cold he fell into a body of water that's why they recovered some of the money and never he was heard of again also DB Cooper was the comic book so don't believe everything in this short video

  • just me
    just me 15 days ago

    Imagine db Cooper in a nursing home in Mexico he's all like "haha to b*tches never got me!" And then hes also like "MARIA TRAIGAME UN CAFE!"

  • Alishia Gray
    Alishia Gray 15 days ago

    So in other words it still remains unsolved. We still do not know who Cooper is or what happened to him.

  • Bubba B
    Bubba B 15 days ago +1

    Breaking news: D.B. Cooper seen living with Big Foot. Rumors that they made stew out of him untrue.

  • Bubba B
    Bubba B 15 days ago

    As soon as I heard the valley girl, I knew the case wasn’t solved and I was in for the run around. BTW the first big clue that he had left the plane was when he opened the emergency door, lowered the stairs and jumped out.

  • Vishnupriyan Prabhu
    Vishnupriyan Prabhu 16 days ago +2

    My mom: "Dinner is ready!"
    My dad: "Tell me the truth, i won punish you"
    Some random dude : "I'm DB cooper"

  • Geeked Up tv!
    Geeked Up tv! 17 days ago

    I am Db copper

  • Enigma 830
    Enigma 830 18 days ago

    fuck yall at the richest down to hell....clickb8 cocksuckers

  • æжœ
    æжœ 19 days ago

    Go fuck yourselves

  • Chase
    Chase 20 days ago

    The answer is right in front of you, 1973 they FFA started searching passengers bags. Causing fear to strip away a little bit of your freedoms.

  • Yukta
    Yukta 20 days ago

    He is actually walter white.

  • brandon mcwhorter
    brandon mcwhorter 20 days ago

    At what point during the process of becoming a pilot in the army do you get trained on explosives...? Yeah that’s not a thing

  • Roger Lathbury
    Roger Lathbury 21 day ago

    I'm unconvinced. Long on assertion and not scrupulous with argument, the video misuses the word "pre-empt" and the intro shows money printed long after 1971. More to the point, if Rackstraw was hot to invest the ransom money, why was $8000 recovered on the riverbank in 1980? Wouldn't he have invested that too? "Could have been" is the response of a con artist, not an admission. Although it takes away some of the fun, I'm pretty sure that "Cooper" did not survive his jump at the border of Washington and Oregon. The deteriorated $20's support that idea. Moreover, the hijacker was wearing REGULAR SHOES, was jumping at night into a very heavy forest IN THE RAIN, carrying heavy bags of bills. His parachute was not the maneuverable kind-and if it were, with all the other conditions, it is doubtful that he would be able to steer it. He could not see where to land. Such a leap would be challenging for an experienced parachutist, properly dressed. In "The Last Master Outlaw," Thomas Colbert and Tim Szollosi suggest that Rackstraw was D. B. Cooper. From the book, Rackstraw seems like an awful, slimy fellow, but there is no proof that he committed this crime. -Whoever he was, I'm 99% sure that "Dan Cooper" perished in November 1971.

  • tuffgong93 94
    tuffgong93 94 21 day ago

    Why the fuck would I tell you were I would hide if I was on the run! You fuckin idiot nice try

  • Derek Johansen or something

    This is why no one trusts the FBI

  • Derek Johansen or something

    So the FBI and military wasted MILLIONS if not, BILLIONS of dollars over 45 years to catch a guy who stole $200,000? Whyyyy???

  • Derek Johansen or something

    $200,000? That's it?

  • Jason Lieberman
    Jason Lieberman 22 days ago

    "I did not do it. this is bullshit. I did not do it. I did not."
    -Wiseau being indicted

  • Connor Hammond
    Connor Hammond 22 days ago

    If I was on the run I would hide somewhere that you don’t need to know 😂😂🤔🤔

  • Will Molloy
    Will Molloy 22 days ago

    I’m acting in a play about this hijacking as an FBI agent so this is interesting

  • D.B Copper
    D.B Copper 22 days ago

    I actually hide in Atlantis

  • Quackwad 714
    Quackwad 714 23 days ago

    Is nobody wondering how he got that bomb on the plane

  • Capt Zdq
    Capt Zdq 23 days ago

    There seem to be a lot of former military men who commit crimes. The 2 wackos who murdered 2 FBI agents n seriously wounded 5 others in the Florida shoot-out, the guy who murdered teen boys by putting them on train tracks (covered by Unsolved Mysteries, 1 of the early episodes in the 1st year, n they also covered the Cooper robbery), the Belt Way shooter, etc.

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone 23 days ago

    DB Cooper is friends with Zodiac. Both are still mystery.

  • Chocolatetown Forever
    Chocolatetown Forever 24 days ago

    FBI finally solves the cold case of D.B Cooper. Based on the truthfulness of the title of this video, Im going to take a stab at the title of your next video.
    "Malaysian government finds Malaysian Airlines Flight 370"
    "We now know the idendity of Jack the Ripper".
    or lastly
    "Finally solved. We now know the definitive use for Stonehenge".

  • Bobby Brummett
    Bobby Brummett 24 days ago

    DB Cooper will never be caught

  • wilheim wilheim
    wilheim wilheim 24 days ago

    "every new fish who comes in here instantly thinks im db cooper"

  • JJ Supreme
    JJ Supreme 25 days ago

    Case hasn't been solved...

  • Michelle Ricard
    Michelle Ricard 26 days ago

    Doesn't sound like they solved it???

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 26 days ago

    Watching lies wasn’t on my list of things to do today but here we are

  • Flawless TV
    Flawless TV 26 days ago +1

    Now I'm watching this you could just had explained easy on your main video

  • D.B Cooper
    D.B Cooper 27 days ago

    I,m 90 now lol

  • Anita Bonghit
    Anita Bonghit 29 days ago

    could have been .....could have been .........lol

  • MthaX TV
    MthaX TV 29 days ago

    The pilots and the crew did this as a group

  • Orville Hayes
    Orville Hayes 29 days ago

    In plain site

  • TheBeezleDude
    TheBeezleDude Month ago

    You. Fucking. Liar... This video is trash and so are you!

  • X S
    X S Month ago


  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago +1

    The famous sketch of him looks like every middle aged white man from the 60s/early 70s. He look like Bing Crosby or one of them Frank Sinatra dudes

  • Lars Jensen
    Lars Jensen Month ago

    He looks more like the drawing than who they think it is in this. I was waiting in line and this guy was behind me. Then i looked back at him and looked too long and he turned his head as if to tell me to look away and then i looked back again a couple seconds later and he was gone. Looks more like the drawing than who they think it is here, that is all.

  • Mustafa Bohra
    Mustafa Bohra Month ago

    Well you can't find me in India!!!

  • Saul Abrego
    Saul Abrego Month ago

    In plain sight!

  • A Giraffe
    A Giraffe Month ago

    I thought the Roanoke colony was the most mysterious mystery of all

  • Ethan sleeps
    Ethan sleeps Month ago

    What if the fbi just wanted 200,000 dollars and just told one of their workers to do that and covered him up.

  • JaZo
    JaZo Month ago

    Hes long fucking gone by now