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  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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    Doctor Who. 01.01.2020
    Doctor Who | Series 12 | BBC
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Comments • 428

  • MsDaydream3r
    MsDaydream3r 23 days ago +1


  • Doctor What
    Doctor What 24 days ago

    They don't actually show O at all in the trailer.

    • ohmydinosare
      ohmydinosare 23 days ago

      If you look at the really long shot 16 seconds in you can see him with the gang walking up to the house. But they doctored him out of the shots where you can actually see him clearly.

    • Alfie Hunt
      Alfie Hunt 23 days ago

      Doctor What I have a feeling 0:06 might be his tardis

  • Rohan Chatterjee
    Rohan Chatterjee Month ago

    This show is dead. Chibnall has no idea what he is doing. Yes many people are still watching it but, many people also saw The Last Jedi and Captain Marvel

  • darren edwards
    darren edwards Month ago

    you ,,kill me ,,,LOL ,, some one pls tell me when jody/who gets killed off ,, i'll get a poster of that one to put up in my man cave ,,,yep ,,mmm,,, right beside my donald trump dart board ,, trailer sucks ,, mmmm,, reminds me of men in black [DUBBED] fast and furious {LEGO} annnd snake on plane movie ,eeeee '''' aarrrrr we'll these kids don't know any better ,,, shhhhh think they like MISS MARVEL TOO ,,,lol , sorry kids no punt intended

  • Kehinde Akindolani
    Kehinde Akindolani Month ago

    Why does the doctor keep on saying "crisis"

  • Mark Oulaghan
    Mark Oulaghan Month ago

    The crisis is that this programme has been turned into bland pap

  • Shadow
    Shadow Month ago +1

    Someone’s a fan of CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths.

  • MaximilianMus
    MaximilianMus Month ago

    New cyber man design! 0:51 Cant wait for the new series

  • Rene Garza
    Rene Garza Month ago +2

    “Consider us your hope restored” she’s more confident this time around... I like it!!!

  • stu
    stu Month ago

    1st Trailer: Early 2020
    Me: How early ? Don't get my hopes up and then wait until the end of March to drop it
    2nd Trailer: The first day of the year
    Me: Shit, you guys weren't kidding

  • Nathan Hunt
    Nathan Hunt Month ago

    Is that a new sonic! Ahhhhh!

  • Sophdog
    Sophdog Month ago +1

    As long as the comedic Sontaran is there, I'm happy.

  • Em Daily
    Em Daily Month ago +4

    Yes we realize there is a crisis and it starts with J and ends with a W and everything that has been done with this show.

  • Kate Miller
    Kate Miller Month ago

    I really hope they decide to do a special episode at some point in the future, where the thirteenth doctor meets the tenth doctor, eleventh doctor and twelfth doctor. Seeing those four react to each other would be hilarious.

  • Apple Senju
    Apple Senju Month ago

    first time i’m not excited for doctor who

  • Pawsome Pratt
    Pawsome Pratt Month ago

    Who is the band or person singing the song?

  • lenro
    lenro Month ago +1

    Please someone just regenerate her 😥

    • msm007
      msm007 Month ago

      Supposedly that will be happening

  • Abigail Gotta
    Abigail Gotta Month ago

    Anyone know what song is playing in the background?

  • kkrispy2009 P
    kkrispy2009 P Month ago

    Over the moon for this return Shane it's not on Xmas day near the Queen speech

  • strange lee
    strange lee Month ago +1

    Is this a Doctor Who spin off? Looks rubbish.

  • vitor.shephard
    vitor.shephard Month ago

    I hope it isn't naruto filler style like last season was

    METAL CRUSADER Month ago

    New Dr who is great but just not the same without the daleks and the cybermen

  • Mr Woosh
    Mr Woosh Month ago +1

    Looking forward to the new season however this trailer didn’t really hype me up, it felt more like a Doctor Who spin off trailer.

  • CelticNutter93
    CelticNutter93 Month ago +1

    So glad the same companions are back! Especially Graham because he asked the important questions like "when do we eat?" :P Ps. anyone else notice Nikola Tesla? ;)

  • Eh Loko Eh Loko
    Eh Loko Eh Loko Month ago +1


    O TIRINGA Month ago +1


  • Paul Chatteris
    Paul Chatteris Month ago

    Looks cool from what you can see but damn I hope they lay off the pop music this year, that got annoying quick in 11

  • H Miles
    H Miles Month ago +1

    Ah so the doctor is confirmed for crisis on infinite earths then great

  • Edward Kinsey
    Edward Kinsey Month ago

    Not watching. Bad script again clearly

  • Sheriff Of Nothingbutham

    Matt Smith, was the last okay Doctor. Capaldi's version was not that good but its was not his fault the show was bad. Now it's literally terrible and unwatchable. Everything is bad. Let the show end already.

    • kkrispy2009 P
      kkrispy2009 P Month ago

      Dave Tennant was the best . Thanks

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago

      You clearly never liked the show. Shove off.

  • Cpt Smeghammer
    Cpt Smeghammer Month ago +1

    Trash just axe it after this, maybe make a trilogy movie with Gary Oldman as the doctor, then end it all.

  • Susanna M
    Susanna M Month ago

    I hope to god this season has good writing, I love Jodie so much

  • Shadowforge
    Shadowforge Month ago +2

    Sounds more like "cancer" than "crisis"........These 8 episodes for season 12 better go far and beyond what season 11 did or you might as well just cancel the show again for another 10 years

  • lord darkmoon
    lord darkmoon Month ago

    I think mrs brown would of been a far better choice for the doctor to regenerate into

  • Madeline Molder
    Madeline Molder Month ago +1

    Some people have a different opinion, but... I'm super excited for series 12!
    P.S. ~ Could someone please tell me what song is used in this trailer? ❤️

    • Madeline Molder
      Madeline Molder Month ago

      David Randall Same! ❤️

    • David Randall
      David Randall Month ago

      So looking forward to hearing Jodie say bow ties are cool

    • Madeline Molder
      Madeline Molder Month ago

      David Randall Thank you! 😁

    • David Randall
      David Randall Month ago

      Madeline Molder “It’s a good day to save the world” by Danger Twins, on the Danger Us v2 EP

  • Alex Tim
    Alex Tim Month ago +1

    Big serious crisis. The Doctor is dead for me.


    Will it be purchasable on youtube the day it comes out?

  • Monica Joling
    Monica Joling Month ago +2

    I’m so excited for this
    I love this show
    I love this Doctor ❤️

  • Peter Friswell
    Peter Friswell Month ago +3

    Didn’t watch last year, won’t watch this year

  • ulhurusurf club
    ulhurusurf club Month ago


  • Ramon Blackz
    Ramon Blackz Month ago

    Better have a Christmas Special

    • Ramon Blackz
      Ramon Blackz Month ago

      @Jason Mistretta this has upset me deeply smh was looking forward to it

    • Jason Mistretta
      Jason Mistretta Month ago +1

      There is no Christmas Special for 2019. Maybe 2020.

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn Month ago

    I haven't even finished series 11. And I started the day it first aired. It was just so tedious to watch. I think I am still on the episode with the planet that a spaceship landed on who's crew don't know why they are there because they can't remember. And the man behind everything is the one who killed the grandma who I liked. I have tried to finish it multiple times. I have been having trouble since the episode with the blind girl in the wood. That took me a few months to finish.
    They started with the promise of character development but it's just been I have seen more interesting Outerlimits episodes and a lot of there's episodes have reminded me of it's boring cousin. It just did anyone think it out. Or is this the work or a boring fanfic writer. Series 13 might come out before I am catch up. This reminds me of how x-files took a dive. Which was sad because that show gave me a few irrational fears that's how great x-files was at it's peak. I mean I lived near a place I could swear was the house in that one episode with that same pink car in the driveway but of course it wasn't.
    I remember series 1 in 2005 the first time I watched the show I thought that the doctor might turn out to be a bad man. I literally didn't like any of the doctors at first sight. Except for the 12 I mean come on finally an old man grouch. I honestly don't understand why they didn't get an actor a bit more lively for the female doctor they did a great job with the female Master.

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons Month ago

    Oh no.

  • / Danger \
    / Danger \ Month ago

    Oh hell yeah!
    Super Hype!

  • CoolJRT
    CoolJRT Month ago

    Should have been cancelled at the end of series 9

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago +1

    See that’s how you put pop music in a doctor who trailer and make it work.

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen Month ago

    Please don't suck.

    EUPHORIA Month ago

    I'm Exited this looks really good I hope the series lives up to the trailers excitement!

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper Month ago

    This incarnation of Dr. Who is not at its strongest when trying to be humourous. The more serious and more meaningful parts are generally stronger, for example the classic ‘Demons of the Punjab’. One of my favs.

  • themaypole
    themaypole Month ago +1

    Nice looking action but Jodie's line delivery is still off. Weirdly she might've emoted more doing an accent.

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias Month ago

    Feminist SJW woke crisis incoming...
    Our ratings and viewing numbers are in free fall, what should we do doctor?

  • Proud staffy Owner
    Proud staffy Owner Month ago

    I am really glad I don’t watch this crap anymore.

    • dr103
      dr103 Month ago

      Proud staffy Owner good for you

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious Month ago +5

    It just upsets me how forced her acting is... save us all some dignity and leave lol

    • Tsu 800
      Tsu 800 Month ago

      Her attempts at comedy acting you mean! Her serious acting isn't too bad tho.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +5

    We can only hope for improvements from last seasons but this trailer really isn't filling me with much excitement. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!

    • Supreme whovian
      Supreme whovian Month ago +1

      Same here, I’ll admit that it looks better than series 11 but I think it’s really un wise that so many fans are getting their hopes up. We did the same for series 11 and look how that ended. This could very well likely be a repeat of series 11.

  • DanG_1
    DanG_1 Month ago +1

    Can we not have contemporary music for a sci fi show please. Like if we had Murray Gold style music here, the trailer would've been so much better

  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes Month ago

    I wish The Sontarans returns in this series 12.

  • Andrew Tracy
    Andrew Tracy Month ago +1

    Like Jodie Whittaker, liked her first season but far too many companions-welcome to woke BBC.

    • Andrew Tracy
      Andrew Tracy Month ago

      dr103 damn right, this is the UK not the US, most people who live here are white British ( a horrible fact, I know, but it is where we come from). The BBC, however, have decided to over represent every minority group that exists in this country thus giving a completely false demographic take on the UK. As I said:WOKE

    • dr103
      dr103 Month ago

      Andrew Tracy you liked series 11 but because there's to many companions, BBC is woke?

  • William Simkulet
    William Simkulet Month ago +3

    Good luck with this. Lots of missed opportunities last season, lots of bad writing and universe breaking metaphysics (even for Dr. Who); I just hope this is fun and well written this time around.

    • William Simkulet
      William Simkulet Month ago

      @DJ Devyn Last season was... bad. Bad as a stand alone, and worse as Dr. Who. What really stands out is the Doctor stops her friends from saving someone's life because it's the past (and they're in the vicinity of a relative). It's so out of character and antithetical to the premise of the show that it's sickening.

    • DJ Devyn
      DJ Devyn Month ago

      as someone who stopped watching before just before capaldi, is it worth getting back into it?

  • Bethany Alcraft
    Bethany Alcraft Month ago +4

    I love Jodie as an actress. But this trailer doesn't fill me with excitement 😫

  • Sr_NachtBlume
    Sr_NachtBlume Month ago

    Here we go, series 11 again, shit...