Gal Gadot | All Fast and Furious Movies All Scenes [4K]

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Gal Gadot | All Fast and Furious Movies All Scenes [4K]
    Fast & Furious (2009)
    Fast Five (2011)
    Furious 6 (2013)
    Furious Seven (2015)
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  • Wonder Woman Heart
    Wonder Woman Heart 5 days ago


  • santos philip
    santos philip 6 days ago

    she look a lot like the young claire forlani

  • 张洛膑
    张洛膑 8 days ago

    0:25 Tuco's brother

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres 9 days ago


  • Tshepo Mohlakoane
    Tshepo Mohlakoane 9 days ago

    12:00 Felt that

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 12 days ago

    I am here after wonder woman

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith 14 days ago

    Na this look didn't suit her

  • Neil Dohi
    Neil Dohi 22 days ago

    The LFA leggs panning up scene.

  • 田中たけし
    田中たけし Month ago


  • Gabriel Palafox
    Gabriel Palafox Month ago

    Like si crees qué gal gadot es hermosa yo si te amo .

  • SH Wheat
    SH Wheat Month ago +1

    12:36 made me jealous Han is a lucky guy

  • taka 10969
    taka 10969 Month ago


  • Jerome Leon
    Jerome Leon Month ago +1

    They deserved so much more

  • TONE
    TONE Month ago

    I think the voice in Hobbs & shaw is Giselle, no one found her body and why does she hate shaws family so much ? He killed han. Also, it's kind if a betrayal that the entire fast furious family forgave hans killer and she was alive momentarily to remember hobs, at the end of the film the voice said "I remember you". I think Giselle could come back as a villain in the franchise.

    • the feet lover
      the feet lover Month ago

      yeah brixton was ressurected from the dead so which means she could be an enhanced superhuman too or eteon ceo

  • kk
    kk Month ago

    Thanks man...

  • mhd ismail
    mhd ismail Month ago

    This move name

  • Rizal Kiantoro
    Rizal Kiantoro Month ago +1

    God of Beauty, Love it ..... ❤❤❤❤❤

  • B D
    B D Month ago +2

    Wow the asian guy gets the girl awesome

  • Local 0
    Local 0 Month ago +2

    12:29 15:04 19:38 so beautiful.

  • DanFierro 766
    DanFierro 766 Month ago +6

    Oh and also at 6:20, I love how Roman was trying to get at her and also when he said “sexy legs baby girl” and when she pulls out her gun, that was hilarious 😂

  • DanFierro 766
    DanFierro 766 Month ago +3

    Gal Gadot is so beautiful, and I love her name in this movie as Gisele. Gisele is such a beautiful name for a girl I wish I had a girlfriend named that, it would be amazing 🥰😍

  • Estiana Teluma
    Estiana Teluma Month ago +3

    Sung kang ❤

  • Jokers Live Freedom


  • Lubo Mafija
    Lubo Mafija Month ago +2

    U only live once 21:11

  • poallo poallo
    poallo poallo Month ago

    じつは 死んでなかった!
    って事で 復活して欲しいな

  • vidya yaparla
    vidya yaparla Month ago

    Does she die?

  • uyaral uka
    uyaral uka Month ago


  • Pe8 Ki3
    Pe8 Ki3 Month ago


  • 白老鼠
    白老鼠 2 months ago


  • Dom RM
    Dom RM 2 months ago +1

    Fuck this Israeli prostitute

    yM_GIGATOR 2 months ago +8


    yM_GIGATOR 2 months ago

    very hot

  • lx ps
    lx ps 2 months ago

    Gal gadot is love

  • Jefte Villasenor
    Jefte Villasenor 2 months ago

    Forgot she was in this movie

  • green
    green 2 months ago

    thanks uploader for doing this

  • Gabriel Palafox
    Gabriel Palafox 2 months ago +2

    Like si gal gadot es hermosa .

  • Thuần Huệ Hoàng Quý Phi

    I really want to see Gisele back, we have no evidence of her death, We didn't see her body. An interesting and influential character to such a series is why not bring her back?

  • stephen deng
    stephen deng 2 months ago

    I refuse to believe she’s dead

  • emily aponte
    emily aponte 2 months ago +6

    Did han say"look at my love " it's he fell in love with her right is it and i see y'all 😉😉😏😏💕💕💕💕

  • Pdrew
    Pdrew 2 months ago

    Love at first sight

  • yashal Khan
    yashal Khan 3 months ago +1

    Smart lady

  • Djordje Jovic
    Djordje Jovic 3 months ago +1

    That takedown at 17:40 was incredibly exceptional.

  • Piroj Muangthong
    Piroj Muangthong 3 months ago +2

    Gal would be a great Bond Girl.

  • Adira Qalisha
    Adira Qalisha 3 months ago

    Beautiful but israel , sory to say i hate country israel

  • dnoallyn16 98
    dnoallyn16 98 3 months ago

    These movies are terrible. Fun but soooo dumb.

  • dnoallyn16 98
    dnoallyn16 98 3 months ago

    Damn she dissapeared in those movies. As in when she turns to the side she's invisible. Sooo skinny. Like a skeleton. Uhhh. So glad she finally ate somethin..🤦‍♂️🤣 I know that sounds mean. But what I'm saying is.. Hollywood still needs to change its view on women. That they need to be thin to be beautiful. She's still gorgeous but she looks better now 10 years later and with weight on her.

  • universal soldier
    universal soldier 3 months ago

    Si gadot yahudi

  • Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett 3 months ago

    Vin diesel seems pathetic next to her

  • Danny Poetry
    Danny Poetry 3 months ago +1

    Terrible movie and bad acting.....

  • Raheel Irkal
    Raheel Irkal 3 months ago

    Stop at 3.06 and zoom :D

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 3 months ago


  • B-Boy Amaze
    B-Boy Amaze 4 months ago +4

    Anyone else after know this freaking beauty was wonder woman. She is so gorgeous n talented. I love her😘😘👍👌

  • Curly Noodles
    Curly Noodles 4 months ago +10

    she’s so skinny in these movies!!!! it’s incredible how fit she got for WW.

  • Johannes Stach
    Johannes Stach 4 months ago

    Ni in Leben hat die Gala Godot Aprojans in dem Filem mit geschpilt Wer es auch rein gestellt hat ist ein ser ser Falogenes Schwein ich hab keine andere Wörter .Die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov Stach die in dem Filem mit geschpilt hat.

  • Johannes Stach
    Johannes Stach 4 months ago

    Nou Gala Godot Aprojans Oktrisju Pladijatju .It Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov Oreginalju Oktrisju Nou Lügju.

  • Ashley Walton
    Ashley Walton 4 months ago

    Trey songz

  • Ashley Walton
    Ashley Walton 4 months ago

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    • Ashley Walton
      Ashley Walton 4 months ago

      Griwgr ufiwgr jdowbf jejebf jfiehf jeiehr hrueur jriehr ueueue ueueue uriwur uriejr hduejr hrueur

  • Continyoho and neymar forever

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  • m. mache
    m. mache 4 months ago

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