Xabi Alonso: The Next Great Real Madrid Manager?

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Xabi Alonso, the next great Real Madrid manager?
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    Real Madrid are excited at the idea of grooming Xabi Alonso as a manager, and perhaps keeping him in their back pocket for a future head-coaching position for the senior side. Usually, there would be caution for such an inexperienced young manager coming up through the ranks, but there is an almost unanimous feeling within the organisation that Xabi will succeed.
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Comments • 239

  • sledger2003
    sledger2003 13 days ago

    Would love you guys to do a video on Robbie Keane .. seriously underrated player.

  • Ben Yamin
    Ben Yamin Month ago

    Both xavi they'll make a very good managers

  • Roberto Iván González Bueno

    All my idols are turning into coaches.

  • Palo olaP
    Palo olaP 3 months ago

    I'm actually going to be meeting with a billionaire later this weekend he just bought an island off the coast of America will not disclose information due to privacy but he has been interested in buying a major club for reasonble price Chelsea Dortmund Villarreal or Crystal palace based on price or potential

  • Benton Biju
    Benton Biju 3 months ago +1

    Real Madrid have an academy of managers.

  • MartianTane
    MartianTane 3 months ago

    My best ever Real Madrid player. He and Pirlo are my Fav footballers ever.

  • Tigre101
    Tigre101 3 months ago +1

    I love this channel so much... especially when I’m high xP

  • sandipan rakshit
    sandipan rakshit 3 months ago +1

    I think real madrids next coach his raul.. not xavi alonso...

  • The fastest milkman in the West

    You can't judge anyone when they've got a club the size of real Madrid under them.
    Even the kids are treated to one of the beat infrastructures in the game, and the resources dedicated to the youth sides, they could effectively manage themselves.
    Great managers are proven when they overachieve with poor squads and lack of funds.
    See David Moyes at Everton, or Alex Ferguson at aberdeen.
    Pep guardiola zinedine zidane, and xabi Alonso cannot be considered great until they've overachieved with much lesser squads and clubs.
    Mourinho worked all over Europe and deserved his greatness because of the obstacles he overcame with language difficulties and changing squads

  • HenSt1985
    HenSt1985 3 months ago

    if mourinho is called the special one, then Xabi would be the gentlemen. XD

  • Luke Good
    Luke Good 3 months ago

    I can see Alonso going to Liverpool if Stevie Gerrard doesn't get the job after Klopp's reign.

  • Parth Mittal
    Parth Mittal 3 months ago +1

    I would like to see xabi be a Real Madrid manager one day

  • It's MUSTAFA
    It's MUSTAFA 3 months ago

    I like him very very much

  • Mohamed Almosawi
    Mohamed Almosawi 3 months ago

    Please make video about his tactics analysis

  • Anish Lamsal
    Anish Lamsal 3 months ago

    Xabi alonson was like captain america. Not glamorous ( cr7= iron man, thor= benzema) but everyone knew Xabi was the real deal and appreciated him.

  • Andi Rishadi
    Andi Rishadi 4 months ago +3

    I love watching how Xabi played his game. He didn't run that much, and he really doesn't have to, because he always have the composure to orchestrate the midfield in such an elegant ways. Great vision in reading the game, and of course, amazing right foot. Not to mention all the prestigious trophy he got his hands on throughout his career.

  • Abdur rahman
    Abdur rahman 4 months ago

    This is a million times better then espn's old farts

  • Morten Bakke
    Morten Bakke 4 months ago

    I see it all so clear now for Liverpool
    2015-2022 - Klopp
    2022-2030 - Gerrard
    2030-2036 - Xabi Alonso

  • Mustafa Larik
    Mustafa Larik 4 months ago +2

    He is by far the best CDM ever.I love him💙

  • TheMrWoody
    TheMrWoody 7 months ago

    Can you imagine being 12 or 13 and having to keep your cool while being coached and judged by such a legend?

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek Mishra 7 months ago

    Wow you working with kiyan

  • D C
    D C 7 months ago

    Are you overlooking Big Sam?

  • SS Dar
    SS Dar 7 months ago

    Phew, thought for a second there that Bielsa wouldn't be mentioned in this one

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 8 months ago

    One day

  • Samuli Salminen
    Samuli Salminen 8 months ago

    Onks tää näin pitkälle päässy jo?

  • Paul Fitz
    Paul Fitz 8 months ago

    He can also do keepy uppies while sitting down and reading a book!

  • Kin Ning Kenny Yeung
    Kin Ning Kenny Yeung 8 months ago

    Go join Klopp!

  • Glifosfato
    Glifosfato 8 months ago

    Karl-Heinz Roomynigga is the best name in the history of German football

  • SGHD
    SGHD 9 months ago

    Is there a breakdown on Chris Wilders 532 tactic?

  • Israel Benítez Jiménez

    los dorados hahaha

  • Shantanu Rao
    Shantanu Rao 9 months ago

    Just some Managers Xabi Alonso worked under.. Benitez, Arragones, Del Bosque, Pellegrini, Mourinho, Ancelotti, and Guardiola..

    DEK TRAN 9 months ago

    xavi alonso manages sneijder and ronaldo in miami

  • Ben Pannell
    Ben Pannell 9 months ago

    Imagine one day Liverpool have Gerrard as manager and Alonso as head coach

  • Edson Pacheco
    Edson Pacheco 9 months ago +3

    If real doesn't give him a shot... I would like to see him start with Sociedad.
    Reason number 1... less stress
    Reason number 2... he's Basque

  • Don Elion
    Don Elion 9 months ago +2

    This is why Madrid remain top , faith .

  • Lakshya Parikh
    Lakshya Parikh 9 months ago

    *Kiyan Sobhani

  • Daniel Rajaiah
    Daniel Rajaiah 9 months ago

    Can we have a video on the great Chelsea manager Kepa Arrizabalaga?

  • Mason
    Mason 9 months ago

    I can assure you, as a Liverpool fan, I would absolutely welcome this Legend back into the Club! One of the biggest mistakes we ever made letting him go

  • hi hi
    hi hi 9 months ago

    Maybe assistant coach now then a few years later head coach just like zidane

  • Chris This
    Chris This 9 months ago

    You know that zidane is currently their manager, right?

  • Alec Moreira
    Alec Moreira 9 months ago +1

    Please do Joao Felix tactic explained

  • Matt Palmer
    Matt Palmer 9 months ago

    Hope y’all see this: watching Brighton v spurs and just heard commentator say “auxiliary fullbacks” 😂😂 tifo bleeding through into nbc sports

  • Tabishe Arshad
    Tabishe Arshad 9 months ago

    Future Liverpool manager!

  • Heidi Kleindienst
    Heidi Kleindienst 9 months ago

    His tactical style doesn't suit Madrid. Xabi is more of a Mourinho type.

  • LittleMan
    LittleMan 9 months ago

    Hey Tifo, this may be an odd request but could you possibly do a piece on Isaac Hayden of Newcastle United. We signed him from Arsenal in the championship for next to nothing in today's market, helped us stay in the league when we finished 10th and again helped us this year. This season he wanted to leave for family reasons and started the season with a red card at Cardiff after being denied a move due to a lack of cover. He went to 5th choice midfielder and was unable to move in January for the same reason. However, since then he has been an ever-present in our team, while also being a model professional during this difficult time with his work ethic never letting up. As weird as it sounds I would just like it to be known how much it makes me happy to see a player work as hard as he has in a world where footballers seem to be more interested in promoting sportswear than doing what they are paid extremely well to do. Thank you very much for all the amazing content you produce!

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 9 months ago +40

    You're a 12 or 13 year old and you're managed by Xabi Alonso. Wow.

  • Tuan Hieu Tran
    Tuan Hieu Tran 9 months ago

    Cha Bee not Ja Vee

  • JJCS
    JJCS 9 months ago

    Guti or Xabi shouldnt rush. We've seen many coaches fail by rushing into head manager position. Take your time, there are plenty of teams.

  • Tiago Lageira
    Tiago Lageira 9 months ago

    Nice tune lads

  • Som Limbu
    Som Limbu 9 months ago +1

    Xabi Alonso,one of very intelligent mind in football world......

  • josh sebz
    josh sebz 9 months ago

    Thanks for your incredible and insightful videos!

  • ayeeng Muhammad
    ayeeng Muhammad 9 months ago

    midfilder = best manager tactics

  • Bright Olofinsao
    Bright Olofinsao 9 months ago

    I want to become a football manager. Any ideas?

  • Gabor Csizmadia
    Gabor Csizmadia 9 months ago

    Good video, but guti didn’t leave on bad terms as it was made out to be, he said multiple times he is Madridista 100% and only went to besiktas to learn more about coaching and his dream is to coach real above any other offer

  • Ben Browne
    Ben Browne 9 months ago

    Imagine being a 13 year old coached by Xabi

  • Memphis Atrees EGYPTIC
    Memphis Atrees EGYPTIC 9 months ago

    Carlo Ancelotti’s his favorite manager.

  • mPky1
    mPky1 9 months ago

    Guti was a very intelligent and creative player, and its exactly these qualities a coach needs. There are a zillion coaches that do the same thing as all the other coaches learn at coach school.

  • Mo Hart
    Mo Hart 9 months ago

    Xabi Alonso as a manager and Guti as his assistant and Raul as the Castilla manager

  • Arief Prayuda
    Arief Prayuda 9 months ago +5

    Would love to have him at Melwood as an assistant manager alongside Pep Lijnders

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 9 months ago +10

    A better more truthful story is that Steven Gerrard and Xavi Alonso have made a bet to see who can become Liverpool boss first!!!