How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • For more than two months, anti-government protests have gripped Hong Kong, with anger rising over China’s growing influence. Here are the tactics the Chinese government is using to frame the narrative.
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  • Alexander Theo
    Alexander Theo 5 hours ago

    And Mrs.Clinton, you know nothing about Chinese Citizens... Ha love it

  • Jay L
    Jay L 21 hour ago


  • Luke Roetling
    Luke Roetling 2 days ago

    China needs to be dealt with by the world. Hong Kong should ally with US for invasion of China to destroy dynasty and establish democracy.

  • Jan Per Hoeve
    Jan Per Hoeve 2 days ago

    A pro Western propaganda news media talking about pro Beijing propaganda. What is the purpose of these news media?

  • Li Leanne
    Li Leanne 3 days ago

    I don't really pay attention to what the media was talking about, but there are many controversies over this topic. I have several friends who can relate to Hong Kong, they told me stories of how Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong was bullied, how those students were bullying family members of the local police's, doesn't matter young or old. I have even talked to those HongKongers long before these protests went on, and one of the feature that I found commenly from them is the hatred toward the mainlanders, *not just the Chinese government but people in mainland China. Many of those students are not what we thought they were (pro-democracy), but rather hatred mechine that is willing to ruin what generations before them worked hard to build the Hong Kong we knew.
    Of course if it's possible, I would very much like to see a China free of communism, but I don't look forward to see China fall from a tyranny to just another form of tyranny belief.

  • Cassidy S
    Cassidy S 6 days ago

    Has there a single report on the Palestinian protest in Israel?

    151 people killed by police in the last 6 month and it never hit a single channel.

  • 王瑞涵
    王瑞涵 8 days ago

    Did we wrong?

  • bing chen
    bing chen 10 days ago

  • Fox Fiend
    Fox Fiend 11 days ago

    American propaganda to counter Chinese propaganda that tries to counter American propaganda.

  • Lifting Bars
    Lifting Bars 11 days ago +1

    Ironic how y’all treat the New York Times as just US propaganda (which is sorta is) yet blindly believe Chinese state-controlled propaganda which is far worse and more obvious frankly. Do some research on how China is influencing what’s happening on the ground, whether it be in the police, government, or arming various groups. Look at the bigger picture and you’ll see so many cases of cover ups, “suicides” that were really murders, and how the police is being extremely violent and injuring TONS of peaceful protestors yet there are no investigations.
    There is so much brutality and harassment towards peaceful protestors, where the police are literally cursing out protestors and beating them and running them over with vehicles (this isn’t a joke or an over exaggeration). These have been all caught on video with no proper investigations or punishments.
    Yes, there are a few rioters, but there are far more peaceful protestors and we’re talking magnitudes more. You can look at any conflict the US got involved with and point out violence to make it sound like the US is the good guy. Yet many of y’all are just looking through a telescope being extremely ignorant. Do some objective researching on both sides.

    • The best 322
      The best 322 11 days ago +1

      Yea but clearly u haven't done extensive research on the topic as well, ur assumption that most protests are peaceful is not true at all. If you do more extensive research you see the protests movement has evolved into almost a terrorist like group. The extradition bill has already been withdrawn, but they still riot. Many HK who originally supported the movement had withdrawn from it because of what it has become.

  • dietis13
    dietis13 12 days ago +1

    WOW american propaganda at it again,
    like Irak nuclear weapons right?

  • Jiayi Zhao
    Jiayi Zhao 13 days ago

    Vocal support is nothing to the poor students. Please help them, and accept them as refugees in America. Otherwise, these protesters will surrender and go to the jail.

  • Breeze Mi
    Breeze Mi 15 days ago +1

    If u think the Hong Kong riots can move to the mainland, then you have never been china, or talk to any Chinese people at all, end of the discussion

  • Jianhong Xin
    Jianhong Xin 15 days ago

    A textbook example of how Orwellian Neolog works.

  • Bryan MacKenzie
    Bryan MacKenzie 15 days ago +1

    All these people breaking the law to get past the great firewall to defend China ... Or is the article true. You decide

  • Yu Zhang
    Yu Zhang 16 days ago

    The title should read "How New York Times is framing China" .... and thumbs down

  • dessler deslock
    dessler deslock 16 days ago

    Chinese are angy that they have almost the smallest penises in the world

  • Fox Ino
    Fox Ino 16 days ago +6

    Tell ya all a joke: New York Times

  • Jack Yao
    Jack Yao 16 days ago +2

    when the title is named "how china is framing...", it already shows the western bias in which side they support for these protests. Bias, otherwise known as propaganda

  • Yuqin Wang
    Yuqin Wang 16 days ago +2

    Wrong picture provided when u try to prove riots are trying apologies

  • G L
    G L 17 days ago +1

    China “framing” HK protestors? There are plenty of videos to see varying perspectives. You blame rogue actors but have absolutely no proof. Your yellow journalism is a failure to the truth.

  • Kate Chan
    Kate Chan 17 days ago +1

    So many propaganda bots here, have a fake TheXvid names that sounds western doesn't conceal who you truly are- -50 cents army, China communist online propaganda machines . Please don't hide behind your tiny work stations, making 50 cents a comment, come out and we will have a talk.

  • Victor Michael Del Rosario

    one can't argue with US foreign policies, their reputation of meddling with sovereign nation's affairs, how they support local people opposing its government, and their connivance with them to destabilize the state to gain control and influence.

  • Black Bell
    Black Bell 18 days ago

  • Shao Mark
    Shao Mark 19 days ago +1

    anti china propaganda, all i see is how you slandering and telling lies

  • TN1183
    TN1183 21 day ago

    It's a coward way that the communist point finger at others at others as the cause of the issue, not the communist themselves.

  • csaichoke
    csaichoke 22 days ago

    I thought news media is supposed to report rounded facts instead of producing opinion pieces that are obviously biased like this video.
    This is not even successful as an video essay, documentary, or simple journalist piece. It has no representation of other perspectives, no comparatives as supportive evidence, and very minimal research.

  • Sudima
    Sudima 22 days ago

    Anti China propaganda here lol

  • Leon Li
    Leon Li 23 days ago +1

    and the most scary thing is ..China is RIGHT!!

  • chenzhi ye
    chenzhi ye 24 days ago

    What Chinese officials said are so right.

    ZH JIANG 24 days ago

    HK nazism set fire to ppl

  • PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong not China

  • SR Media
    SR Media 25 days ago +9

    How US is spreading separatism and colonism

  • J W
    J W 25 days ago

    Guess what will masked people vandalizing public property look like?

  • Carl Wang
    Carl Wang 26 days ago

    9 December, criminal records are increasing

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra 27 days ago

    Breaking news, joshua wong, the guy who testify to us congress about hk, failed to become legislative candidate. Apparently hes delusional about his popularity.

  • Joey Lyu
    Joey Lyu 27 days ago

    I am strongly support those brave protesters! Keep on your working to destroy the city and try your best to make HongKong the dangerous city in the world. By then,there will be no developing economy there,people will have no job to do and no money to make! So continue your violent protesting for your so-called “freedom”! and in your utopia, police stands for the bad and those who really hit innocent people, cast tear gas, demolish metro station and block the street are marked as heroes + fighters! Just cannot believe what is happening to me it’s like everyone has lost their mind!

  • Calvin Cai
    Calvin Cai 28 days ago

    About everything NYT mentioned in here, I was well informed in mainland China, and I am pretty sure that I know the truth better than NYT since my city just right next to HK.

    • erik
      erik 23 days ago

      Calvin Cai what is more likely, a single media outlet in the western FREE market brainwashing me, or an authoritarian government that has already been proven to significantly censor information and monitors their citizens via facial recognition towers to help calculate their social score?! are u kidding me man LOL

    • Calvin Cai
      Calvin Cai 23 days ago

      erik U do have a interesting point. To determine if I were brain washed or not is not gonna be that easy, otherwise I can say that u were brain washed by NYT too. Agree?

    • erik
      erik 24 days ago

      you’re probably brain washed

    USAGI Month ago

    Honestly, they have so much power over things that the real truth is almost hard to catch a glimpse of. I'm worried tbh, their police/riot(?) force had been reported to be sexually assaulting civilians (disturbing amount of underaged peeps)

  • David Hu
    David Hu Month ago

    Stay away americunts.

  • Arjun Roy
    Arjun Roy Month ago +2

    New York Times please don't Glorify Thugs and Looters.

  • Keane Lee
    Keane Lee Month ago

    What kind of reporter reports based on other reporters video. Is your work that easy?

  • Tree Pot
    Tree Pot Month ago

    Hey guys I've just realized something, If you search China in NYT search engine, 99% of the news you will find are against China. Pretty remarkable if you ask me XD

  • Sololist Yu
    Sololist Yu Month ago

    ??? NEW YORK TIMES do you dare to tell the truth??

  • Joey Lyu
    Joey Lyu Month ago +1

    This is China‘s domestic affair!!America and the White House-World police,stay out of it!

  • Aha Yen
    Aha Yen Month ago +1

    It’s so funny that when they arrested daughter of Huawei CEO it was the headline everywhere but with very vague accusation. And the western media made her look like she is kind of a super evil person while she is just an old lady running a tech company with her dad. While on the other hand A former US military guy coming into a country with weapons got arrested with proven evidence and was proposed like he was a innocent. Serious????? An old lady just having a business trip got accused with many evil crime with no evidence and made the news all over the world. And then a man carry weapon and supports to start a war makes no headline? And was titled that he shouldn’t be investigated ? Good job western media!

    • Smo Cloud
      Smo Cloud 27 days ago

      Aha Yen manufacturing consent.

  • Joshua Jung
    Joshua Jung Month ago

    Hong Kong number one! China number four!

  • Northern Norwegian
    Northern Norwegian Month ago +9

    Ah yes whenever something bad happens, blame other people groups.

    • flukeman022
      flukeman022 16 days ago

      @erik people buys them Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Apple and etc.

    • SR Media
      SR Media 25 days ago +3

      Yeah white people blame China when China is taking over technology, economy

    • Paradoxical-GR
      Paradoxical-GR Month ago

      Some refer to this as, "Pulling a Nero".

  • firefrank 007
    firefrank 007 Month ago

    Chinese mainland rapper???
    Mainland locust right!

  • Nova
    Nova Month ago +1

    The chinese government is a cancer not only in china, but in all of asia.

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker Month ago

    Lot of bloody communist shills In this comment section

    • Grace
      Grace Month ago

      Are you mad NEDbot? See what i did there?

  • playstation 6
    playstation 6 Month ago

    yes, but emperor xi and entire mao generation will die in the next 20 years due to old age. China economy will crash by 2030 because they have the largest ageing population in the history of mankind. god bless low birth rate and ultra fast growing pace of ageing population and 300% super high debt and death of emperor xi in the next 20 years.

  • T C
    T C Month ago

    Opium wars without the opium. Chinas economy is getting to big and too strong. Guess time to bring it back down.

  • 井口老大了
    井口老大了 Month ago

    WOW fack news maker ,The New York Times
    has cut off so much shots .

  • Mister Lister
    Mister Lister Month ago

    This video demonstates the problem with China. China being a State Capitalist Totalitarian Regime - it controls the Media and the army and its police force to control its people by its use of media control. So, it is postive that TheXvid exists otherwise such State Controled censorship would ultimate and complete.

  • OhMy Lrrr
    OhMy Lrrr Month ago

    i used to watch NYT to learn English, until I found my brain cells died millions by millions over their stupid only-old-uneducated-people-believeing propaganda. OMG you guys are so pathetic...

  • Alexis
    Alexis Month ago

    I sense a Tienanmen repeat on our hands. But in the information age a coverup will be impossible to contain as they did with what happened in 1989. Even then they didn't do a great job thanks to the BBC.

    • Alexis
      Alexis Month ago

      @A Potato Evidence for the claim:

      Me: Yep just another propagator. -_-

    • A Potato
      A Potato Month ago

      BBC did not get the information properly. They claimed that troops are firing indiscriminately but it was justified because protesters attacked and killed soldiers.

  • Louie Gnahz
    Louie Gnahz Month ago +2

    hey have you NYT released the new episode of "how XX is Framing XX" on Spain yet? I can't wait!

  • Kelly Cheung
    Kelly Cheung Month ago +6

    Chinazi, blame everyone, but themselves.

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago +15

    I used to respect The New York Times as one of the most professional sources of journalism, however after seeing video after video of blatant bias and hypocritical criticism, I've changed my mind. This is not professional journalism, shame on you.

    • Smo Cloud
      Smo Cloud 27 days ago

      Jean-Raymond Boulle I’m on the side of the Hk people as well. But I am also an outsider.

    • Jean-Raymond Boulle
      Jean-Raymond Boulle 27 days ago +1

      Don’t you find it extremely possible that a government that relies heavily on censorship would be misconstruing the facts? The hongkongers have lived their lives without censorship of their thoughts and Ideas, so it makes sense to me that their perspective would be, at least, closer to the truth. But then again I’m looking from the outside in. This is all scary stuff.

    • Smo Cloud
      Smo Cloud 27 days ago

      How you ever respected them at all is a mystery, really. I guess you’ve not read manufacturing consent or, at the least, saw what they tried to do to PewDiePie.

    • Joey Lyu
      Joey Lyu Month ago +2

      Shame on NYT!

    • Caleb Walker
      Caleb Walker Month ago

      Bloody shill