The Lumineers - Jimmy Sparks (Part 8 Of 10)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • III - the new album out now; stream/download it here:
    Watch “Donna” (Part 1 of 10 ) [Explicit] here:
    Watch “Life In The City” (Part 2 of 10) here:
    Watch “Gloria” (Part 3 of 10 ) here:
    Watch “It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You” (Part 4 of 10) here:
    Watch “Leader Of The Landslide (Part 5 of 10) here:
    Watch ‘Left For Denver’ (Part 6 of 10) here:
    Watch ‘My Cell’ (Part 7 of 10) [Explicit] here:
    Director: Kevin Phillips
    Produced by: Neighborhood Watch
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  • Robert Cangialosi
    Robert Cangialosi 2 days ago +1

    This sounds almost identical to the song “Nightshade” that the Lumineers made for Game of Thrones 8

  • Ale TC
    Ale TC 5 days ago


  • Natasha Vallerani
    Natasha Vallerani 7 days ago

    This actor is amazimg

  • CronicGamerZ
    CronicGamerZ 16 days ago +1

    Does Jimmy Sparks Remind Any One Else Of Some One In There Family. #Lumineers4President

  • Evelyn França
    Evelyn França 18 days ago

    Fucking masterpiece

  • Mannon
    Mannon 18 days ago

    did they change nightshade to this, or this to fit nightshade

  • Aline
    Aline 21 day ago

    this video and song gives me goosebumps everytime

  • Sarah Wolard
    Sarah Wolard 27 days ago

    I would guess Junior robbed a casino, not a bank, a bank wouldn’t be open before sunrise but a casino would. Also, jimmy supposedly had a gambling habit which would make Junior familiar with the casino.

  • Halyna Horbenko
    Halyna Horbenko 28 days ago

    It's just amazing music! I'm lucky to found this group 👍

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 29 days ago

    This song is all about "Deal with the devil"

  • soumyajyoti mukherjee

    This is so much better than the game of thrones version.. Honest.

  • Orlando
    Orlando Month ago +1

    This is my favorite song, anyone else’s?

  • belly ozil
    belly ozil Month ago

    I can't stop listening to this album . Thank you Lumineers ❤️

  • Sonal bhattacharya
    Sonal bhattacharya Month ago

    I don't why but I cried like anything in this part...thank you 'the lumineers'

  • MR.Antone 747
    MR.Antone 747 Month ago

    Sounds like night shade love it

  • rajishi
    rajishi Month ago +3

    I was so hyped when buddy finally lit his dart

  • Jar Mason
    Jar Mason Month ago

    It’s not quit 3am here, but Oh My Goodness this song and video is Powerful! Punch to the ❤️

  • lindsay pyykonen
    lindsay pyykonen Month ago

    Shit, that first drag, you know he means it.

  • O Mundo de Sofria
    O Mundo de Sofria Month ago

    I'm literally shaking, this is art.

  • Julia Lynch
    Julia Lynch Month ago

    does anyone ever want to just hug his son?

  • Skye Lockhart
    Skye Lockhart Month ago

    This song is literally their song Nighshade with a wig and mustache but I still love it so so much.

  • Alec Niven
    Alec Niven Month ago

    If the Revenant was anything like that It'd be my favorite movie. Watching a guy crawl his way back home. Beautiful

  • sugoto
    sugoto Month ago +1

    They basically converted this same music to Nightshade for the Game of Thrones

    • le Rie
      le Rie Month ago

      @sugoto like it soooo much too!! 😍

    • sugoto
      sugoto Month ago +1

      @le Rie this is now my fav song of theirs

    • le Rie
      le Rie Month ago +1

      I agree, but that doesn't mean it is anyless touching and beautiful.:)

  • ___Its___Jom___
    ___Its___Jom___ Month ago

    Why am I in tears 😭

  • The Alex
    The Alex Month ago

    I had to take breaks through this. It was too much to take it all in in one sitting....
    Because I obviously had to go back and re-watch Gloria😭 and Junior😔

  • Sarah Orozco
    Sarah Orozco Month ago

    So far in this series in my opinion the videos have been the most brilliant aspect but here I think it’s the song.

  • Mayang Lita
    Mayang Lita Month ago

    Lyrics here

  • Harleen Phenix
    Harleen Phenix Month ago

    Man this family is messed up

  • That One Dun
    That One Dun Month ago

    This sounds like Nightshade

  • Kelio Hossior
    Kelio Hossior Month ago

    Why I'm cryin'!?

  • Steph
    Steph Month ago

    Makes me realize people don't notice. And all we want is for someone to notice us deeply and truly.

  • Layne Leake
    Layne Leake Month ago

    Sadder than Cat's in the Cradle

  • Pene Lowakow
    Pene Lowakow Month ago +2

    Underrated band as fuck. You are a fucking artist and storyteller who move many souls and hearts. You deserve to be recognized by mainstream media.

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore Month ago

    oh wowwww loved this one!!

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago


  • julianne
    julianne Month ago


  • Becky Clark
    Becky Clark Month ago

    I can't believe how flipping amazing this is!!

  • To Velvet Gloss
    To Velvet Gloss Month ago

    This is just like the Game of Thrones song!?!??

  • MrHightensions
    MrHightensions Month ago

    Fkn loved the song! Didn’t like the video :(
    It’s perfect story telling

  • Thor Fan80
    Thor Fan80 Month ago +3

    This is the second song from the ‘Jimmy Sparks’ section of III. It tells the story of a single father with a troubled past who, desperate for money, turns to gambling which alienates him from his son, Junior.
    This song takes heavily from the Lumineers earlier track “Nightshade” which was released as part of the
    read more »

    What have the artists said about the song?
    ‘Jimmy Sparks’ set us off on a course we hadn’t really intended. I’d written a ton of verses for it, and it just wasn’t working. It was an interesting story, but we wanted there to be a hook; we wanted to find a way to relieve the listener and not just keep pummeling them with verse after verse. The Felice Brothers tell stories really well in their songs, and when Simone heard ‘Jimmy Sparks,’ he said, ‘This is definitely gonna make the record, and here’s how we’re gonna do it.’ At that point it became this interesting puzzle, where we had these clearly defined characters. And when we went backward and looked at the fact that I had some of these themes and characters, I realized we could create a world where they could all live together, that we could create a bigger story-the study of a family.
    - Schultz for the Lumineers' website

  • belly ozil
    belly ozil Month ago

    The best guys ❤️❤️

  • Timoria Weaks
    Timoria Weaks Month ago

    Same melody as nightshade teehee

  • Janae Reyes
    Janae Reyes Month ago

    The melody is the same as “Nightshade”

  • about studies
    about studies Month ago

    listen to this song at speed 1.5x

  • The Bunker
    The Bunker Month ago

    Very dark and atmospheric album. Their best yet!

  • Ieva M.
    Ieva M. Month ago +5

    [Verse 1]
    Jimmy Sparks went into bars and opened up his mouth
    Said some things to wounded men that they could not allow
    When it came to talking, he was always on the run
    Everyone knew what the man had done
    Oh, he'll take you for a ride
    Jimmy believed in the American way
    A prison guard, he worked hard and made the minimum wage
    He found his freedom lockin’ men in a cage, oh
    Jimmy loved Bonnie and he fathered a kid
    A baby boy, but the mother had other reasons to live
    She left the baby with a note on the bed, oh
    It was a struggle just to cover the rent
    His jail cut hours and now his little baby was sick
    He needed money and he needed it quick
    It was 3 AM
    Oh, my love, oh, my love
    Could you spare my blood, spare my blood?
    [Verse 2]
    Jim woke his son and buckled him in the car
    They drove an hour from town and found a gambling hall
    The waitress babysat the boy at the bar, oh no
    After an hour, Jimmy doubled his cash
    He took his kid and his winnings as the dealer just laughed
    He said they leave, but then they always come back, that's a fact
    Out on the road, they caught a stranger in the lights
    His thumb was up and his son asked if the man was alright
    Jim said you never give a hitcher a ride 'cause it’s us or them
    It was 3 AM
    Oh, my love, oh, my love
    Could you spare my blood, spare my blood?
    [Verse 3]
    20 years gone and now the boy is a man
    Broke Jimmy's habits, got in mountains and mountains of debt
    And now the sharks are coming back to collect, oh-oh
    They stripped his jewelry and the boots off Jim's feet
    They kick him out of the car and say we'll give you a week
    Eight miles from home and only 18 degrees
    It was 3 AM
    Oh, my love, oh, my love
    Could you spare my blood, spare my blood?
    [Verse 4]
    Now Jimmy's son is trying to make his way home
    His graveyard shift had ended and it was starting to snow
    He sees an old man walking barefoot alone
    It was 3 AM
    His old man waved his hands with tears in his eyes
    But Jimmy's son just sped up and remembered daddy's advice
    No, you don't ever give a hitcher a ride ’cause it’s us or them
    'Cause it’s me or him
    It was 3 AM, 3 AM

  • Shanna Done
    Shanna Done Month ago

    this song is honestly such a work of art, like when i first heard it i had chills the whole time. it's so haunting both in the music and the lyrics, and it tells such a tragic story. the repetition of "it's us or them," to "it's me or him," finally to "it was three a.m.," is just so beautiful GAHH i love this song the most off this whole album, but obviously the entire album and the music videos are unique and unlike anything else out there right now! thank u lumineers, for being so genuine and honest in your art

  • SaiAung ThantZin
    SaiAung ThantZin Month ago

    That melody of Nightshades perfectly fits for Jimmy 💯

  • Tung Son Nguyen
    Tung Son Nguyen Month ago

    Theory for part 10:

    Jimmy Sparks tries to find painkiller in an animal hospital where he is incapacitated by a woman named Katherine Brewster. They are soon attacked by a creepy yet super hot robot, only to be saved by a ripped cybernetic organism with a funny Austrian accent. The android reveals that Jimmy's real name is John Connor and Katherine is his future wife due to the fact that she's a healthy female of breeding age.

  • Tay Aaron
    Tay Aaron Month ago

    I had to apply for leave just to watch part 10

  • Lucho
    Lucho Month ago

    I get older vibes with this song - like eagles esque with the story

  • Manar Ashoor
    Manar Ashoor Month ago

    Who's the women? I thought jimmy was Gloria's husband?

    • lily tatui
      lily tatui Month ago

      That's Bonnie, Jimmy's wife and Junior's mother who left them.

  • Steven D
    Steven D Month ago

    I think Jimmy Sparks path is the same one I'm on. Fuck that's depressing

  • Mmm K
    Mmm K Month ago

    Wow, that was sad as shit!

  • AJ Rio
    AJ Rio Month ago

    Omg Nightshade!

  • Mikaella Mempin
    Mikaella Mempin Month ago

    The lyrics are same/correlated with the song 'Nightshade' that they have sung for Game of Thrones.

  • Caity Beans
    Caity Beans Month ago +10

    Ok hear me out:
    I’m seriously convinced Gloria is actually “singing” leader of the landslide, and talking about her mother. In the lyrics from “Donna”, it says “you told your daughter she was ordinary.” But neither Gloria or Jimmy have daughters, so I think this is referencing Donna calling Gloria ordinary. I think Donna was an alcoholic or abusive mother, if not both, and I think Donna was the leader of the landslide. It’s also the first song on the album, making it the leader of this album, and essentially calling Donna the leader of the landslide. I think this allllll goes back to her, and how she royally fucked this poor family up.

  • Alyssa Weickel
    Alyssa Weickel Month ago

    This is one of the best songs ever 😍 the story is amazing and like it makes you feel things, and it is what music should be

  • Laura Garrigó
    Laura Garrigó Month ago +2

    Both Gloria and Junior left their family bleeding on the road

  • Perla Matias
    Perla Matias Month ago

    Is the car passing by towards the end Junior not picking him up? Like the lyrics in the song says?