Musicals Stripped Back: Waitress The Musical performers sing Bad Idea

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Cast members from Waitress The Musical sing Bad Idea.
    Performers: Katharine McPhee, David Hunter, Nicole Raquel Dennis, Michael Hamway, Chris McGuigan and Sarah O'Connor.
    Piano: Katharine Woolley.
    Percussion: Ed Carlile.
    Composer: Sara Bareilles
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Comments • 65

  • Indra Schrage
    Indra Schrage Month ago

    Am I the only one that got to know Katharine from Scorpion?

  • Ash Tanner
    Ash Tanner Month ago

    My Marilyn.

  • Jess
    Jess 2 months ago +5

    Wow Kat's voice is unreal 😍

  • unrecoverableHIPSTER
    unrecoverableHIPSTER 3 months ago +2

    I've seen them twice at the theatre and every time I hear them singing together I get so emotional! They're just perfect as Jenna and Dr. Pomatter!!!

  • Poppy Stone
    Poppy Stone 3 months ago +1

    It's a bad idea, me and you
    I know, I totally agree
    It's a bad idea, me and you
    I've never known anything so true
    It's a terrible idea, me and you
    You have a wife
    You have a husband
    You're my doctor
    You've got a baby coming
    It's a bad idea, me and you
    Let's just keep kissing 'til we come to
    Heart, stop racing
    Let's face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
    Mind, stop running
    It's time we just let this thing go
    It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn't it though?
    It's a bad idea, me and you
    It's a bad idea, me and you
    Hold me close while I think this through
    Yeah, it's a very poor idea, me and you
    Heart, stop racing
    Let's face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
    Mind, stop running
    It's time we just let this thing go
    It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn't it though?
    I know it's right for me
    It's the only thing I've ever done
    What if I never see myself ever be anything more
    Than what I've already become?
    I need a bad idea
    I need a bad idea
    I need a bad idea
    I need a bad idea
    Just one
    Heart, keep racing
    Let's make mistakes
    Let us say "so what?" and make worse what was already pretty bad
    This secret is safe
    No reason to throw it away when there's love to be had
    Hold me tight as I tell myself that you might make sense
    And make good what has been just so bad
    Let's see this through
    It's a pretty good bad idea
    Me and you

  • Ovaltine Jenkins
    Ovaltine Jenkins 3 months ago +7

    This is so cute! Just the way the both start bouncing at the chorus and look so giddy! I'm just- it's so- ugh- 😍

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B Month ago

      Probably hard to stay still with the usual choreo in the show 😁

  • Emilyn Aguirre
    Emilyn Aguirre 3 months ago +1


  • Cazz Lacman
    Cazz Lacman 3 months ago

    just realized..' me and you ' is actually ' yOu aND i ' LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Victor Loera
    Victor Loera 3 months ago +105

    Get yourself a man who looks at you the way the guy in the background looks at David ❤️

    • Charles Young
      Charles Young 7 days ago

      seriously. Or can we just have HIM?

    • Winmar Dolar Onting
      Winmar Dolar Onting 17 days ago +1

      I noticed that right away too HAHAHA

    • Random84530
      Random84530 18 days ago +1

      So get three men? Hahaha

    • Victor Loera
      Victor Loera Month ago +4

      @Jen W Can you blame them? XD

    • Jen W
      Jen W Month ago +3

      Victor Loera which one? They are all looking at him 🤣

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 4 months ago


  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson 4 months ago

    I love this Pomater so much

  • livvie hebblewhite
    livvie hebblewhite 4 months ago


  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 4 months ago +12

    I think David is my favourite Dr potmatter, especially seeing waitess in London only two ago, epic cast, I got to Lucie Jones though and I think a tad better tbh

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh this is wonderful

  • Amalie Staugaard
    Amalie Staugaard 4 months ago +3

    Kat is amazing!!! Def the best jenna!!

  • Robbie Nichols
    Robbie Nichols 7 months ago +51

    i am obsessed with david hunter's vocals from 2:34 till 2:41

  • Jim Harnetty
    Jim Harnetty 7 months ago +2

    Wow great they can really hit those notes.

  • Amelia Houghton
    Amelia Houghton 7 months ago +3

    Her voice is soooo soothing

  • Robi Hill
    Robi Hill 7 months ago +36

    I need a cast recording!

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B 5 months ago +3

      Yes please! I just adore their voices and loved how they sounded, more than the Broadway recording to be honest🙈 even though that's a pretty unpopular opinion 😅 but maybe that's just because I knew this version first and saw it live with the original Westend cast 🤷🏼‍♀️ but yes please, I want a cast recording SO BAD! especially 'what baking can do' by katharine. I LOVED that song, when she sang it in the show!

  • Katie Sylvester
    Katie Sylvester 7 months ago +3


  • Gab Juanatas
    Gab Juanatas 7 months ago


  • Charley Wright
    Charley Wright 7 months ago +7

    Ive seen these 2 perform this show twice since it opened and I still get goosebumps with every song - they're amazing! Hoping to see it a few more times before Katherine leaves in June

  • Sarah Rutt
    Sarah Rutt 7 months ago +26

    So this show was AMAZING, I saw it with them and was absolutely astounded, truly brilliant. Sadly the show isn't getting enough people and has had to close the balconies and move everyone to the stalls. If I could I would buy every single ticket! Anyone who can should come see these brilliant people!

    • unrecoverableHIPSTER
      unrecoverableHIPSTER 3 months ago

      I saw it twice with the original cast and now I just can't wait to book another ticket! This show is addictive. Just perfect!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B 5 months ago

      Was sold out last week when I went too!

    • Groovy C
      Groovy C 7 months ago

      Sarah Rutt I saw it today, glad to say the place was almost sold out, fantastic atmosphere 👍🏼

  • Music2010Fanatic
    Music2010Fanatic 7 months ago +80

    so many good vocal gymnastics WooH!
    And DAMN whatever David did at @2:39 ... Never heard about him before, but thank goodness waitress his voice to my ears. Angel

    • isabelle c
      isabelle c 7 months ago +4

      how AMAZING is that bit!

  • Emily Faith
    Emily Faith 7 months ago +16

    The guy in the back with the dark blue shirt is MEEEE

    • Alice Fish
      Alice Fish 2 months ago

      i'm pretty sure hes dr pomatter in it now!

  • Lisa Turtle
    Lisa Turtle 7 months ago +1

    Love 💕

  • Kyle Cruz
    Kyle Cruz 7 months ago +52

    That double tuck, jump, and smile at 2:22 is everything.

  • amelia cool
    amelia cool 7 months ago +1

    SO excited to see these two soon !!!!!! 🥰

  • Sara Filipa
    Sara Filipa 7 months ago +8

    I’m so proud of Kat, she’s a star!

  • Jesse Allinson
    Jesse Allinson 7 months ago +72

    I associate with that guy in the background so much haha

  • True North Herbals
    True North Herbals 7 months ago +8

    Love Kat.

  • Olivia Caughey
    Olivia Caughey 7 months ago +3


  • Lucy McKendry
    Lucy McKendry 7 months ago +2

    I love this so so much!!💗

  • Granger Danger
    Granger Danger 7 months ago +10

    Damn I miss being at this show- take me back!!!

  • Claire Grant
    Claire Grant 7 months ago +17

    Can someone take me to London please?

  • DEF
    DEF 7 months ago +188

    🥑 0:40 Is the drummer playing an avocado shaped shaker?

    • Belinda Melissa
      Belinda Melissa 7 months ago +4

      Yes! I wanted to make sure I wasn't going bananas so I looked it up

  • DEF
    DEF 7 months ago +7

    Anyone know where I can get that shirt? Also good performance.

  • Shady180
    Shady180 7 months ago +9

    Why did I think this was gonna be an Ariana Grande cover lol. This was really cool though :)

  • Ryan Faure
    Ryan Faure 7 months ago +254

    I think we can all agree David is a wonderful Dr. Pomatter and, Katharine is definitely one of the best Jenna's!

  • chloe x
    chloe x 7 months ago +17

    i remember seeing kat going live rehearsing for this aah i love them

  • shelbyresz01
    shelbyresz01 7 months ago +350

    ok WOW so a few things: their voices go so well together, i love how the song is stripped down like this, and i wish i could see them but living in a different country makes that a bit hard haha

  • Jeff Garlick
    Jeff Garlick 7 months ago +40

    Nimble vocal gymnastics and talent for days, months and YEARS! SO nice to see Kat thriving! Where is Taylor Hicks these days? ;-)

    • Mikael P.
      Mikael P. 7 months ago +2

      Now now, we can celebrate someone's success without bringing down others

    • Alicia Cordero
      Alicia Cordero 7 months ago

      Performing in Shenandoah at Serenabe Playhouse outside Atlanta actually. Award winning regional theater. Before that? Who knows.

  • Waitress100
    Waitress100 7 months ago +60

    Love love this and Katharine and David are great together 😍

  • CatchTheLoveBug
    CatchTheLoveBug 7 months ago +189

    David Hunter is literally the sweetest person ever. And Kat OMG!! On stage they have a craaaaazy chemistry and it's on fire. Love everything about this production!

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B 5 months ago +1

      They seriously were on fire on stage! They gave amazing chemistry... It was amazing to watch them together and I believed every detail of the story they portrayed! Their beautiful voices definitely help too 😁 but their acting was on point!

  • Chloé Adrian
    Chloé Adrian 7 months ago +3

    So beautiful! I love it!

  • Thelizziecl
    Thelizziecl 7 months ago +1

    Love it 🥰!!