Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Cardi B - Press
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    Director: Jora Frantzis
    Producer: Jay Tauzin
    Exec Porducer: Kareem Johnson
    Prod Co: OverScene
    SVP of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
    Digital Marketing: Anthony DePadua & Justin Grant
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  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 3 minutes ago

    Press press press ding dong🤪

  • Dj Chris
    Dj Chris 35 minutes ago +1

    The cameraman filmed with one hand

  • Kinjal Amdavadi
    Kinjal Amdavadi 38 minutes ago

    TheXvid be selectively blind.

  • Vinay Maheshwari
    Vinay Maheshwari Hour ago

    Bieng naked on the camera will not make you cool but it simply shows what your culture

  • sweet candy
    sweet candy Hour ago

    La sacaste el día de mi cumple y a pasado un año y aun la sigo escuchando apollando desde España/Rumanía

  • underage underage

    I wonder what goes through her mind when she makes her songs
    Cause they make no sense

  • Carolina Bonfada
    Carolina Bonfada 2 hours ago

    🔥 Match with the music 100%! Cardi is hottest then ever!

  • Martha Valladares
    Martha Valladares 4 hours ago

    Ahh Cardi

  • The Annoyed Atheist
    The Annoyed Atheist 5 hours ago

    Sorry but this is the 3rd Cardi B video that I tried to watch. She is offically not my cup of tea. Thumbs down and don't know what anyone sees in her.

  • ᜋᜒᜊᜁᜈ᜔ ᜊᜁᜈ᜔ᜉᜓ

    Cardi B, destroy the Law of TheXvid. 😂

  • Lulu Dove
    Lulu Dove 7 hours ago +1

    0:38 is me when my sister take one of my chicken nuggets without asking

  • lala813978
    lala813978 7 hours ago

    Dam how I wish I can just walk outside in the street naked 😂🤣

  • Happy Tree
    Happy Tree 7 hours ago

    Sooooo....we can show "ITTIES"💁, and not "TITTIES"?🤷(Just cover the nip and keep the slip @TheXvid?🤦)☺🤤🤗

  • sekedar lewat
    sekedar lewat 8 hours ago

    This is from brazzer?

  • Ryan Tobin
    Ryan Tobin 9 hours ago

    Lil' Kim n Rihanna Vybez !!! ❤

  • mercediez jones
    mercediez jones 9 hours ago

    Cardi u really need ur own merch going oooookkkkkrrrrrr

  • Schklapzy FN
    Schklapzy FN 9 hours ago +1

    It’s hard to type with one hand

  • Hammami Oussama
    Hammami Oussama 10 hours ago

    I love You cardi b

  • Mi Nomber El Guerito
    Mi Nomber El Guerito 10 hours ago

    Que ricas tetas

  • Theresa Ferrell
    Theresa Ferrell 11 hours ago

    I lik I like your song

  • Katherin Valencia
    Katherin Valencia 11 hours ago

    Lo maximo mi reyna 💖💖💖💖💖

  • DADi590
    DADi590 11 hours ago

    *_"Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying (like pornography) is not allowed on TheXvid. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed on TheXvid."_*
    *_"If your content violates this policy, we’ll remove the content and send you an email to let you know. If this is your first time violating our Community Guidelines, you’ll get a warning with no penalty to your channel. If it’s not, we’ll issue a strike against your channel. If you get 3 strikes, your channel will be terminated. You can learn more about our strikes system here."_*
    Hmm.......... Makes sense. Probably they're using the "age-restricted" part. So..... If I put a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) video in a channel I don't even have, it's just age-restricted and I'd have a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) channel on TheXvid. Right? But this can. Perfect sense. tf TheXvid....... Christ..... So much [corruption or whatever the fuck?].......... Normally I don't put a dislike where it's not my style, only when I really hated the thing (almost never). Here I'll put it. She didn't have to post the video, since TheXvid doesn't supposedly allow it. And then they go and allow the video to be posted, so it's double ridiculous. First time I saw TheXvid doing it. I had only heard about it. Stupid corporations and people abusing the rules - just cut those parts ffs or don't post the fucking video!!! Post it on PornHub!!!!!!!!!!!

  • piko essoulhi
    piko essoulhi 12 hours ago

    she's forget get that to p0rnhub

  • Rauf Bagirov
    Rauf Bagirov 12 hours ago +1

    O my god l see a one a million woman in the world Cardi B besttttt👑👑👑👑❤️❤️🌹❤️

  • Mini Gacha tubers
    Mini Gacha tubers 13 hours ago +1

    I wanted to meet Cardi B so bad, I'm sorry I live in Brazil and I'm 12 years old

  • Ricky P. Martin
    Ricky P. Martin 15 hours ago

    Dam bitch go back to making porn.

  • Tj Fryer
    Tj Fryer 15 hours ago +1

    No one:
    Cardi B: D i n g D O N G

  • veteran's chemdry puppy

    Cardi need some therapy.

  • akun toped
    akun toped 16 hours ago


  • Phil Up
    Phil Up 16 hours ago

    100% naked girls
    100% explicit language
    100% violence

    Just pure talent

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Awesome video and song , guns should not be allowed in America 💓

  • ark aram
    ark aram 19 hours ago

    Че я здесь делаю?

  • King Ghidra
    King Ghidra 22 hours ago

    This shit was Fire

  • Admin The Rich Hobo
    Admin The Rich Hobo 22 hours ago

    TheXvid child protection admins: *working*
    Cardi B: Ding Doooong! Wazzap gucciii yo mothorfuccker
    TheXvid child protection admins: Wut?
    Cardi B: *shoots*
    TheXvid child protection admins: Wut? How sii get inn?
    Cardi B: *realizes that gun is empty*

  • Bro What
    Bro What Day ago +1

    She's so embarrassing and annoying bruhh that woman has no class cheap at

  • arianna ballard
    arianna ballard Day ago

    I like cardi B but honestly Nicki Minaj is way better

  • Kiley Reeder
    Kiley Reeder Day ago

    My friend likes you likelile

  • David S
    David S Day ago

    Music that inspires ICE

  • Vishal Makvana
    Vishal Makvana Day ago


  • Fish
    Fish Day ago

  • LMG TabaZooka
    LMG TabaZooka Day ago +1

    i have so much respect for u but Nicki minaj is incomparable. if u guys with me just like and comment my post.

  • Stefon Patterson

    Card b I do nit like u j no more because you doumb sorry

  • Joseph Schuhrej
    Joseph Schuhrej Day ago

    Your music is shit..your face is shit...your ghetto ass talk is fucking rice bowl!

  • mrShazam
    mrShazam Day ago

    and they delete my video cuz i have a copyright song from the game who i TheXvid

  • Hassam Ahmed
    Hassam Ahmed Day ago

    TheXvid just bow down
    To heavy tits..

  • zakaria alami
    zakaria alami Day ago

    best app flowers (paradise rose) stickers for whatsapp

  • Baltasar Nói Normann

    thats one way to start off the video.

  • Ronnell Rogers jr


  • TBoNe
    TBoNe Day ago

    This twat needs to hurry up and leave the US. She is an ugly ass, no talented, peice of shit thay does not deserve to be called an American.

  • Lily Partridge
    Lily Partridge Day ago

    When a someone pisses you off at school

  • Tasos Juanito
    Tasos Juanito Day ago

    I like her videoclips ..

  • Yahya Rehan
    Yahya Rehan Day ago +1

    1:38. Those r some NICE Boobs

  • mitch gring
    mitch gring Day ago

    Bitch really got bars

  • Shad0X
    Shad0X Day ago

    Cardi B fans be like:
    Ayo don't touch my trash

  • zeelover official

    Go listen to crazy freestyle by zeelover wanne on TheXvid

  • sindy sunshine
    sindy sunshine Day ago

    Gives me Lady Gaga vibes

  • lovinq _ soph
    lovinq _ soph Day ago

    Why is this on TheXvid...what the fuck.

  • Melissa Williams

    this song is old but this is my first time watching the video and it is absolutely Horrible

  • Noob Gamers
    Noob Gamers Day ago

    Listening this song and i will hate you a lot. This is not sexual site.
    I think youtube committees banned this video as soon as