MIGHTY IMPRESSED | Finishing The Walls

  • Published on Jun 1, 2021
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  • Micheal Dave
    Micheal Dave 8 months ago +37

    *It does all the graphics one would need to display an idea to a container home lover. **containar.homes** Easy. Effective. Must have. I especially enjoyed the auto-roofing option. It made a long story short, and did it with amazing lines.*

  • cc ccclark
    cc ccclark 11 months ago +187

    A man literally building and providing a home for his family.
    Rare. Cool. He is giving his family with a wonderful place to live. Roots.
    God bless and protect y'all.

  • Amigatech
    Amigatech 11 months ago +76

    When the naysayers told you to "hire a professional" for the drywall and mudding, I had no doubt that you would "become the professional". You seem to master everything that you do. GREAT JOB, BOTH OF YOU!!!!

  • M4adm4n911
    M4adm4n911 11 months ago +36

    This world NEEDS more Spencer’s. Kudos to you my man. The work you’ve done is absolutely inspiring. I hope the Lord blesses y’all continuously for choosing the path less traveled.

  • Ananthu Revi
    Ananthu Revi 11 months ago +309

    Man this is one of the gems that I picked up during LOCKDOWN and never dropped...Love seeing you guys...❤️

    • Sherry Ridlen
      Sherry Ridlen 11 months ago +1

      I caught the very first showing loved it right off very nice young couple. These two have grown thru out this venture his work ethic and her talent at putting this to together music film it all draws you in like you are a friend look n over the fence. Well done not enuff to say but well done

    • Arab King
      Arab King 11 months ago +1

      Me too!

    • Dck Beau
      Dck Beau 11 months ago +2

      Spenc, Kenz, Beau, (lil’one), Bear and Iou have that effect on you. Yeah it’s a good one.

    • rodrigo lopez
      rodrigo lopez 11 months ago +1


    • Diana Torres
      Diana Torres 11 months ago +1


  • Rana Samone
    Rana Samone 11 months ago +66

    I make my boyfriend watch these and now he’s inclined to build us a home . I love you guys . So inspiring and cool .

    • Sarah Poyck
      Sarah Poyck 8 months ago

      @Marquis Smith What kinda sexist comment is this? Ew

    • Rana Samone
      Rana Samone 11 months ago

      @Marquis Smith never

    • Rana Samone
      Rana Samone 11 months ago

      @jfsoccervids I support but I will help to . I never said I wouldn’t

    • Rana Samone
      Rana Samone 11 months ago

      @Let It Roll I meant I show him the videos .

    • Marquis Smith
      Marquis Smith 11 months ago +3

      Hopefully you help him and not stand there taking selfies the whole time

  • Dean Cottrell
    Dean Cottrell 11 months ago +35

    Anyone else sad that this series is getting close to the end? I've enjoyed this whole process since the start of lockdown, pretty amazing to see how far its come along from just two shipping containers in a feild.
    Best of luck in the future
    From Ireland 🇮🇪 🍀💚

    • Dean Cottrell
      Dean Cottrell 11 months ago +1

      Shed build would be class!!

    • Kemz Foundation
      Kemz Foundation 11 months ago +4

      Don't know about you but I'm hoping after the house is complete Spencer starts on the barn/ workspace...Then the storm shelter😁

    • MBerns
      MBerns 11 months ago +1

      Betting these two get/have HGTV offers to help others do what they did. Not the last we will see of them.

  • Karen GES
    Karen GES 11 months ago +36

    We have had a few homes built and I don't recall our contractors ever going over the entire wall with a skim coat. They just spray primer over the entire wall once the mudding/sanding is done, and then paint on top of primer. I am super impressed by your thoroughness. Great job.

    • maryann mauro
      maryann mauro 11 months ago

      Im Johnnie come lately...where is your plsce?

    • Daniel Giordano
      Daniel Giordano 11 months ago

      I was wondering why he was floating the whole room. Definitely a giant waste of time, it seems to me, unless there’s a reason

    • 1960FL
      1960FL 11 months ago +10

      And for others, Spencer is applying a skim coat in a manner used originally to create a Level 5 finish, today they spray the mud skim and sand, this process may not, to some show a big difference, but in the long run, it will keep its surface finish and flatness. To me, it just shows he has pride in his workmanship, which is character.

    • Vaccines Kill People
      Vaccines Kill People 11 months ago +2

      i agree, just primer,texture,paint

  • Janet Spell
    Janet Spell 11 months ago +90

    My husband and I had our first home “I think you call it “blacked in” (it was the frame up)” by workers, then we did the rest ourselves. We sold 5 years later and decided to build another home (due to 2more children by then),...and we built it nearly all by ourselves, except for concrete foundation and roof. We also built it as we had the cash money. It took us 4 years to actually say it was complete, but we lived in it as it was being built. We only had a toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink to use for a while. Only our bedrooms had the walls up, and bathroom. The rest of the home only had stud boards until we could get walls up. Looking back,...we are amazed at what we accomplished and now wonder how in the heck we did it,...especially with little ones! It truly was a test of our love for one another and of our family. 30 something years later and still living in this house full of treasured memories. If this home ever gets torn down,...there will be small pieces of wood with coloring from our 3 young boys who wanted to help, so we would help them nail the pieces of wood in between the stud bare walls! Oh, I forgot to mention that the outside of the home was completed first, and then we moved in and built as we had the cash weekly. Best wishes to you two and your family. “Where there is a “will”, there’s a “way”, as the old saying goes! God Bless.❤️

    • LifeBeginswithAseed
      LifeBeginswithAseed 11 months ago +3

      Aww, family is important and the building blocks of society. A wonderful testament to love and perseverance.

    • stephanie smith
      stephanie smith 11 months ago +1

      Beautiful testimony.

    • piloto helitec
      piloto helitec 11 months ago +3

      Excellent testimony of true love, encourage and determination. Congrats to all the people who starts a project such that and finish them with so much sacrifice. All the best for you guys and God bless you!!!!

    • terri mareth
      terri mareth 11 months ago +2

      I believe the words you're looking for is "rough in".

    • roberto rivera
      roberto rivera 11 months ago +4

      Too bad there wasn't you tube back then. I would have love to see it done. God bless you.

  • Scott Danielson
    Scott Danielson 11 months ago +434

    For somebody who has never done drywall before he’s done one hell of a job👍

    • roberto rivera
      roberto rivera 11 months ago +1

      I hate drywall. I would clean toilets before doing drywall.

    • Lucas Terry
      Lucas Terry 11 months ago

      Not to mention everything else..

    • BeautifulYou501
      BeautifulYou501 11 months ago +2

      @poodlegirl55 interesting! Looks good in their video so cant be too mad!! Haha!

    • poodlegirl55
      poodlegirl55 11 months ago +2

      @BeautifulYou501 It is rarely done. Some high end homes maybe but it adds a lot of cost to the job.

    • BeautifulYou501
      BeautifulYou501 11 months ago +3

      @poodlegirl55 I thought I was crazy!! Like am I actually seeing this? I began to question if thats what your actually supposed to do XD like uhhh you dont need to do that.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 11 months ago +59

    I retired from painting 44 years, and not one time did I ever see or do a 100 percent skim coat on sheetrock. Nice work Spence. U da man

    • Pamela Hunter
      Pamela Hunter 11 months ago +1

      Yes he's absolutely amazing he must be a perfectionist man one thing it was a job hundreds of times from different clients but when you live there you wanted to be the absolute best it's hard work. That's amazing just by reading on how to do it he's very talented

    • Kingdome Bleachers
      Kingdome Bleachers 11 months ago +1

      @Matthew Demange Only thing I can think of is durability and maybe he didn't want to see any seams at all. I have seen walls that were not textured, and you can usually still see a faint outline of the taped seams. Only thing I can think of. Will look super nice when done, but I'd never go through that much trouble!

    • Matthew Demange
      Matthew Demange 11 months ago +1

      Why put mud over the whole sheet rock boards.

    • Robert N
      Robert N 11 months ago +1

      Mark , I've been taping for almost 40 years , and i have only done a "level 5" taping job ONCE !!! I think Spencer now knows what i meant by " taping is all in the wrist " . No one can teach you HOW to do it . All they can hope to do is teach you what OUTCOME you need to achieve . The rest , like I said , is all in the wrist . And , every wrist is different .

  • Angela Lassiter
    Angela Lassiter 11 months ago +10

    He is do a damn good job all by himself. I give him a 100% of handling all what he have to, do to get his family home done. Keep up the excellent job. God bless you and your family.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 11 months ago +5

    Unlike other TheXvid videos, I find that I have to stop what I’m doing and watch every second of this cause you might miss something. Love this couple and this work...

  • Bridgett Collins
    Bridgett Collins 11 months ago +19

    I never ever post negative comments. However I have one complaint.....could I have 30 minutes of a life contained a week. I enjoy you guys so much.😍🥰

  • Alana Shuster
    Alana Shuster 11 months ago +133

    Hi guys! I know this older Canadian lady is really nobody to you, Im just a click on an imaginary thumbs up button. I wanted to let you know how darned EXCITED I am for your growing family. You are an amazing young couple who have been through the grind in sanding and re sanding, and painting and re painting....but you do it with positivity and with supporting each other. It shows ! Congrats on continuing to work hard to achieve your dreams. And THANK YOU for sharing your journey with me. Much appreciated!

    • L ZEE
      L ZEE 11 months ago +2

      From another old Canadian lady, I thank you. You keep me entertained and educated and alive so I can find out what happens next week lol.🍁🇨🇦❤🏒

    • Steve McCrory
      Steve McCrory 11 months ago +3

      Life Uncontained brings the world together in admiration and anticipation.

    • L. M.
      L. M. 11 months ago +3

      Oh, Canada...another one from the west coast.

    • Theresa
      Theresa 11 months ago +3

      Awww...your message was so special...you must be a special lady. Sending you lots of hugs & love. Theresa from Florida :)

    • Heather Clayton-Callaghan
      Heather Clayton-Callaghan 11 months ago +2

      Ditto from this Aussie Nan also 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Nicki Prest
    Nicki Prest 11 months ago +11

    It must be such a relief to get to the end of preparing the walls. We'll done Spencer.

  • jeff crowder
    jeff crowder 11 months ago +12

    Can't wait to see the colors you've picked and the flooring!!

  • Kat McMillan
    Kat McMillan 11 months ago +28

    Am I the only one that shed a few tears while Spencer was holding Beau and feeding the fish? So sweet!! Then I got the giggles when the fish coming up for his bread scared Mackenzie! Now I’m crying again at the end, thinking what will I watch, that will EVER be as good as this, when this fine family is completely done with their house?!? I’m so proud of you guys, yet sad for the finish line too!!

    • Kat McMillan
      Kat McMillan 11 months ago +1

      Bruce Augustine - I certainly hope you are right. Thank you!!

    • Bruce Augustine
      Bruce Augustine 11 months ago +7

      I for 1 do not believe the videos will stop. I have found that as a home owner there is always something to do, be it the inside or the outside. As the family grows then there will be a need for more room. Another or larger bathroom, more kitchen space, maybe an office or quiet space, even if used for a playroom and converted. More power, more water always something, I think the videos will continue even if they change content a little.

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos 9 months ago +2

    Just want to say that you guys are inspiring me and my wife to take to leap in going out of the grip to start building our own container home. Spencer is doing a outstanding job! Love the content :)

  • Daz Ryan
    Daz Ryan 11 months ago +210

    That incredible sense of achievement has to be hitting home. Old shipping containers and you guys are ready to final sand and paint. I can almost see Spencer in his rocker on the porch saying how he did all this in his 80s. Love it guys

    • Daz Ryan
      Daz Ryan 11 months ago +2

      @David P I was referring to him reminiscing to his grandchildren 50 years from now but whatever lol

    • Allen N.
      Allen N. 11 months ago +3

      @David P He will being telling this story when he is in his 80.....not that he is presently!

    • David P
      David P 11 months ago

      Geez....I think Spencer is a lot younger than that.....certainly not in his 80's !

  • derek wilkinson
    derek wilkinson 11 months ago +7

    You have made a super job of that Spencer, I’m quite impressed.

  • Heather H
    Heather H 11 months ago +2

    I am MIND BLOWN by how far you guys have come from two rusty green shipping containers! I can't wait to see the tears of happiness at the celebration party I hope you have. You BOTH, along with Beau, and next squishy, deserve it so much!

    JR BRUMLEY 11 months ago +5

    After all this fantastic work that you have done, I can't wait until you tackle building a new dock! One thing about it with all the new and different jobs that you have taken on and mastered you will never be without employment unless you want to be. Keep up the good work, it's been a fantastic journey so far. Thanks!

  • Sighkler
    Sighkler 11 months ago +22

    So glad you went into the MD and took care of it. And btw we can’t “ ignore” anything on you Spencer! ❤️

  • Pit Snipe
    Pit Snipe 11 months ago +155

    I know everyone, including myself, urged you to hire out the mudding, but, man you did an awesome job. Well done!

    • hrep14
      hrep14 11 months ago +1

      Vince B It’s common practice to skim all the drywall in some countries. Those who have mastered the art also smooth out the plaster during the drying process, no sanding required.

    • Comenow,letusreason
      Comenow,letusreason 11 months ago

      @Vince B Yikes

    • Vince B
      Vince B 11 months ago +1

      Looks great for a first timer! What I don’t understand is why he’s skim coating new drywall? You skim coat a joint or seam or when doing a repair or if the wall was textured at one point (and scrapped off), but this is an added unnecessary step. Not to mention he sanded in between each step which is extremely uncommon and unnecessary.

    • Jeff S
      Jeff S 11 months ago +4

      @Comenow,letusreason I can appreciate him being able to say he did it all himself, but I for one am so ready to see one of their videos that includes nothing to do with this process.. I was ready for the next step after the first Sheetrock video. Ha.

  • Gods Servant
    Gods Servant 11 months ago +20

    Outstanding job! The worst part of these videos is the end. God Bless.

    • EthanS519
      EthanS519 11 months ago +1

      I thought you are referring to the snake and spiders haha

    • DamiSen
      DamiSen 11 months ago +2

      So true

  • Wanda bella
    Wanda bella 11 months ago +4

    By the time you finish being productive with this masterpiece you guys will realize the entire world has been in a pandemic, looking for things to do while you two accomplish your goals as if nothing is happening.

  • Carolina Anthoness
    Carolina Anthoness 11 months ago +1

    You kid’s are amazing. My heart is pounding at the thought of you beinging that much closer to the fun part, moving in!! 😘

  • SahLence
    SahLence 11 months ago +1

    From noob to full out carpenter. This process is amazing to watch. Especially knowing that you both started with novice knowledge. So hype to see the finished and fully furnished home!!!

  • Kydo 1333
    Kydo 1333 11 months ago +170

    Love the progress. Been watching every episode since containers had arrived

  • Mary Wehmeier
    Mary Wehmeier 11 months ago +35

    Spencer-- It looks great. You've seriously kicked some tail.

  • Ben Dunaway
    Ben Dunaway 11 months ago +1

    You tow have me hooked on this series. Find myself anticipating each step of the process. Can't wait for flooring. :)

  • Ellenray Smith
    Ellenray Smith 11 months ago +36

    It’s a thing of beauty: Man sees doctor (a rare occurrence) and Man is an artist skim coater!

    • roberto rivera
      roberto rivera 11 months ago +1

      Hahaha, in my case my wife is the one not wanting to see the doctors or the vaccine. (covid)

  • 444angelnumber
    444angelnumber 11 months ago +12

    Can we all take a sec to appreciate everything Mackenzie does behind the scenes that we don’t get to see so Spencer is able to work so diligently? Behind every successful man is a supportive woman!! Without her taking care of Beau, filming, editing, and everything we’ll never know about!! Shoutout to strong women

  • 8 Cylinders To Life
    8 Cylinders To Life 11 months ago +29

    That is a legit professional job. Better than multiple new homes I’ve seen. Very nice work!!! 💪

  • Matthew Ulrich
    Matthew Ulrich 11 months ago +1

    I’ve seen your place as a kind of work of art. I have so enjoyed watching it evolve. Complement to both of you for your artistry

  • Kekahuna Charmaine
    Kekahuna Charmaine 11 months ago +1

    Good job Spencer its all coming together...keep up the good works that y'all doing together as a 😂 happy and funny 👪 family...

  • Victory Won
    Victory Won 11 months ago +5

    Hey doing a great job on the house, everything is looking like professional work.

  • Lupe Morrell
    Lupe Morrell 11 months ago +1

    Love watching you do this he's great at it just let him alone and stop your silly questions while he's working I like you too but you're always asking him questions while he's trying to work but I watch you every time you're up I love watching you and I'm watching your channel keep watching

  • kl14mx
    kl14mx 11 months ago +80

    It seems all to often people get stuck in their comfort zone. They are stuck because they become paralyzed staring into their fear zone. However, just beyond awaits their learning and growth zone. It has been remarkable to see you both depart your comfort zones and conquer your fears. I have been watching since episode 1 and to see how much you have embraced your learning and growth zones is inspiring. So many times people have suggested that you contract out certain portions of your build, but again and again you have stayed the course and risen to the challenges in front of yourselves. You are both accomplishing something that so many would be afraid to even contemplate, let alone embark on. I have genuinely appreciated watching the process and your determination toward achieving your goals and dreams. Keep up the good work!!

    • Pakistani GOOGLE
      Pakistani GOOGLE 11 months ago +1

      Hit it hard at heart but this is reality

    • OntarioRedneXXX
      OntarioRedneXXX 11 months ago +3

      I think people refuse to believe these stories are real because that would mean it's possible, giving them no good reason not to do it other than they don't want to. I on the other hand know i could build a house myself if I didn't have a day job, I believe they're doing it alone and doing well, albeit a little slow, but they're happy with the progress so good enough

  • Delores Lowery
    Delores Lowery 11 months ago +5

    When he's finished with the dry wall I want to see a happy dance if he's able to move. He's meticulous on his work so I'd imagine he is on his dance moves. 😊

  • Misorganic1
    Misorganic1 11 months ago +7

    What a blessing God has given you such talent, and has blessed you through this whole process.

  • was wasn't
    was wasn't 11 months ago +1

    Interior painting will appear high-end beautiful because of your meticulous skim finishing. Fine workmanship Spencer.

  • Rebecca Nicoll
    Rebecca Nicoll 9 months ago +1

    If only more young people had such a work ethic! I am so proud of them and happy for their family and future!

  • Supernova71288
    Supernova71288 11 months ago +109

    When all of this is said and done, Spencer is going to literally be that dad that can't sit still and just FINDS things to turn into projects.

    • Elijah Fluw
      Elijah Fluw 11 months ago +1

      Ok, ok...
      I don't know what their YT income is but that could be a factor 😁.

    • Amigatech
      Amigatech 11 months ago

      @Elijah Fluw, there's still plenty he can do here on the channel. TheXvid will continue to pay the bills as their homestead projects expand. I see a playhouse in his future. :)

    • Elijah Fluw
      Elijah Fluw 11 months ago

      Personally I think he's going to search for a job and depending of what that is, things change. Hopefully he prefers quality time with his kids over doing projects all the time. But hé, that's just me...

  • Fatoş
    Fatoş 11 months ago +1

    75% done I think, Spencer is doing an excellent job. I can't wait for you guys to finish everything and sit on your comphy sofa set and say It's all done and time to enjoy our new beautiful home. It's near for that day.

  • imari2305
    imari2305 11 months ago

    Spencer you're doing an excellent job! I can really see how each room is coming together.

  • ronald autry
    ronald autry 11 months ago +1

    It's amazing all you've done. When you decided to tackle the drywall I thought you were crazy. And I understand the personal need and satisfaction in completing it yourselves. On a side not to consider- I installed vinyl plack flooring on my not so perfect floor. Unfortunately it failed in those areas. The resulting flex caused seem buckling and click and lock failure. If the length of the plank is going to cross different elevations it will ultimately failure. I believe glued down vinyl flooring - they are not like the click and lock planks works better for uneven floors, but even the manufactures recommend against it. I decided to use the floor Leveling concrete/substrate in the bedrooms and the result is so noticeable. No flexing nor the resulting kind of squeaking. Just thought I'd mention my experience.

  • Mark/Michele Braley
    Mark/Michele Braley 11 months ago

    Spencer, I have enjoyed watching you go through this process and the amazing job you have done. The house looks amazing. I have done a few drywall jobs, and have never seen it done the way you did with that final mudding. It looks amazing. Can't wait to see the finnished house. Great job!!

  • Helen Ball
    Helen Ball 11 months ago +44

    I think you need to build an underground storm shelter next, using a part buried container 👍
    Absolutely loving your journey

    • Marshall Loring
      Marshall Loring 11 months ago

      Rust never sleeps 💤

      RICH PUBLISHERS 11 months ago +2

      @Stan Simmons smart

    • Stan Simmons
      Stan Simmons 11 months ago +19

      Shipping containers aren't designed to be buried. The walls will not hold back the weight of the dirt. If you must bury a container, you will need to protect the walls and ceiling with some sort of support structure such as cinder block or concrete walls that can hold back the pressure of the dirt.

    • BD CF
      BD CF 11 months ago +12

      That is a serious and excellent comment.

  • Tony A
    Tony A 11 months ago

    The accomplishments from when you guys first started till now, just amazing. I mean even Spencer has hair! Keep it up you two!

  • Iowa guy 43
    Iowa guy 43 11 months ago +1

    5:44 since you are leaving the bowl, just pour a bucket of water into it to flush it. Leave the tank off until sanding and painting is complete.
    5:57 edit: tape off the big water hole before Beau puts a toy down it.

  • Brooke Huppi
    Brooke Huppi 11 months ago

    Looks amazing! Great job! Can't wait to see the paint!!! Getting closer everyday! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Caroline Pagett
    Caroline Pagett 11 months ago

    Time flies & you have come a long way !!! Almost time to finally make it your home 🏡 love you guys hugs from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 xx

  • JacobsFamily Journey
    JacobsFamily Journey 11 months ago

    So proud of you two and all you have accomplished! I love to see your growing, beautiful family!

  • fikile nako
    fikile nako 11 months ago

    Wow, the whole thing looks amazing already. Spencer you are a pro. You guys got me hooked, I'm impatiently waiting for the final product 🥰

  • Daronda Toole
    Daronda Toole 11 months ago +2

    Radiant flooring would be a lovely thing at least in one room because those floors are gonna get mighty cold in the winter. Dont mind me, I have always longed for radiant flooring after having spent a winter in Seoul S Korea where they have heated floors. Divine.

  • Shutter Bug
    Shutter Bug 11 months ago

    It looks great. Happy to see you're almost at the end of working on the walls. You have way more patience than I do.

  • Bruce Augustine
    Bruce Augustine 11 months ago +22

    In my last house i tore out all the carpeting and installed a floating vinyl floor with the underlayment built in. I will say if there is more than a 1/4 inch difference in the floor in any spot they may not like to click together and stay together. If there are high spots then grind them down even after the floor is installed you will feel the lumps and want to rip it back up. I hopes this helps, just sharing what i learned doing that project for the first time.

  • Ciara Delores
    Ciara Delores 11 months ago

    I love Y'all! Y'all make life looks so harmless and simple😩

  • Anne Willey
    Anne Willey 11 months ago

    You're home is looking awesome!! Looking forward to the next episode when y'all are ready to paint! :D

  • Cindy Slates
    Cindy Slates 11 months ago

    You guys are amazing! You worked so hard and waited so long. The feeling of accomplishment and just being proud of it must be such an overwhelming feeling!

  • DK
    DK 11 months ago

    Well Spencer I must say buds, you’re inspirational and educational. I love Candace’s music and videos and I just love looking forward to next weeks videos. My wife has the bachelor- I have life uncontained. You two have made COVID and quarantine honestly that much more bearable. Love you both, keep it up!!!! Thanks for including the world on your journey

  • Ron Kropf
    Ron Kropf 11 months ago +51

    Your patient, meticulous and methodical workmanship, commends you as a person of devoted perseverance through hours of monotonous repetitious work, and inspires an entire generation to rise up and manfully shoulder responsibilities.

    • JCGoogle
      JCGoogle 11 months ago

      "..... inspires an entire generation to rise up...."????
      No it doesn't. It shows how to drag out a simple build so you can make money on youtube.

    • SoulSisterSam7
      SoulSisterSam7 11 months ago +1

      @roberto rivera here here xx

    • roberto rivera
      roberto rivera 11 months ago +2

      Well said.

  • Scott Hepburn
    Scott Hepburn 11 months ago

    So happy for you guys, it’s been a great trip watching your beautiful home come together, bloody well done.

  • Caroline Nantel
    Caroline Nantel 11 months ago +1

    Way a go guys...such hard workers. It looks beautiful can't wait to see it all decorated.😃😃😃

  • Bobbie Younce
    Bobbie Younce 11 months ago

    Y'all have done such an amazing job! Thankyou for letting us come along in your journey!

  • Marshall's Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido

    I’ve been watching you guys from the beginning. It’s amazing what you can’t pushed you have to be so proud of yourself I am a amateur carpenter and I do a lot of drywall work and rough carpentry work and I have to give you credit you’re doing an amazing job when you’re done I have a project for you I want to build a log cabin in the woods maybe you want to help you make another video

  • Maria Vargas
    Maria Vargas 11 months ago +26

    Y’all have made such an amazing job in your house! Your babies will grow up in a home build with love and hard work. And that’s exactly what we need for a strong marriage . Can’t wait to see your babies grow in there! Blessings

  • Kimi Magnum
    Kimi Magnum 11 months ago

    It's so emotional how far they've come. Beyond inspirational ♡

  • Cindy Brown
    Cindy Brown 11 months ago

    I started watching when you first moved the containers in...........wow, what a ton of work this has been for you. I am totally amazed at your patience. Love your words of affirmation towards your husband! So excited for you two!

  • Nancy Lagoyda
    Nancy Lagoyda 11 months ago

    WOW! Amazing progress! What a special home you two are creating for your family!

  • Spirit Flower
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