How Russia’s S-400 keeps Israel from striking

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • Russia’s S-400 has become the most sought-after missile defense system in the world. Political strategist and former naval intelligence officer John Jordan joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the capabilities of the S-400. He points out that the S-400’s sophisticated radar and data-gathering abilities compromise US air force stealth technology, a fact with enormous political implications.

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Comments • 2 299

    ABDUL KHAN 8 hours ago

    S400 delayed WW3
    .. thank GOD

    ABDUL KHAN 8 hours ago

    Thank GOD FOR S400 S500
    Or the world would be bombarded ...

  • The Jac0b1te
    The Jac0b1te 15 hours ago

    Nonsense. Israel lobs stuff into Syria with impunity. The s400 hasn't stopped anything. A quick search on google shows pantsirs getting owned by tv guided munitions. Russia - where the truth goes to die. Do they have no respect for their dead airmen or their families? That cargo plane was covered by the s400 in the western mountains - but it didn't help them one iota. Shameful lies.

  • U.S. POWER!
    U.S. POWER! Day ago

    😂 dfaaaaake news...Israel has already danced around the s-400

  • General Zod
    General Zod 2 days ago

    Actually s300 & 400 do not stop f35.

  • jason Brittain
    jason Brittain 4 days ago

    S-400 is for defence !!!!!!! defence from the USA

  • Majid Sasanpour
    Majid Sasanpour 7 days ago

    Russian S400 in Syria never prevented Israel air strikes neither American/British/French cruise strikes.

  • mike
    mike 7 days ago

    American weapons are all lemons as the world saw them sleep like a log when saudi arabia's oil refineries were attacked by a few cheaply made drones.

  • Sonoma Takova
    Sonoma Takova 8 days ago

    S400 is NO fly zone for crocks -NWO globalist
    But better enjoyment is gonna be S700😂😂😂😂 warmongers denial to take off any ware on the world 😂😂😂

  • Ruben Gonzales
    Ruben Gonzales 9 days ago

    Lol when russia takes over your small country with peacekeeping troops your President congress and mayors are executed and its people subjugated by russian hostil take over

    CRAZY HORSE 10 days ago

    People just don't see the long game, once everyone has this watch what happens. This is all talk, in the real world this just isn't facts.

  • Meinhard Esrohr
    Meinhard Esrohr 11 days ago

    5th generation fighter f22 and f35 wtf are u talking about? the one and only 5th gen fighter is Su-57

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 12 days ago

    Russian has taken their rightful position in the world stage!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago

    Most successful weapon since ww2 , f**k off fake news

  • Joss Dionne
    Joss Dionne 13 days ago

    Dumb US missiles vs Brilliant Russian ones!
    Yankees stay home...

  • Ethan Allen
    Ethan Allen 15 days ago

    Israel wasn't "striking" anybody 😂

  • Ethan Allen
    Ethan Allen 15 days ago

    Israel isn't "striking" anybody 😂

  • farhad Razavi
    farhad Razavi 15 days ago

    Iran never requested S-400 they were working on a system based on s-300 and made a system between s-300 and 400 which is tested and confirmed efficient

  • SFB
    SFB 15 days ago

    From striking where? as I understand it Israel has been striking everywhere in the ME unhindered, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria. How many strikes has Israel made within Syria? Including taking out a Russian military plane and killing 15 servicemen. Its disgraceful. Why is this small state allowed to flout international laws, ignore all UN resolutions, undermine its neighbors sovereignty at will. Why is the international community so scared or unwilling to do anything about this? If it was any other country their would already be sanctions and bombs falling on their capital. Im not promoting war or more death and destruction there is already enough of that. But there has to be some international law and order and that can only come from the UN otherwise get rid of the UN and create an institution that actually works for peace and protection of all nations especially the weaker ones. peace.

  • MEN 101
    MEN 101 16 days ago +1

    Russia and United States bow down to Israel. So does China.

  • V Philip
    V Philip 16 days ago

    What S400? Russia has S600 in service for more than a year. The older S400s are sold off with some S500. USA and its axis of evil partners are in for a surprise. TRICK OR TREAT ?😎

  • PinoyToPre Maharlika
    PinoyToPre Maharlika 18 days ago

    My country Philippines would like also to buy submarines and AKs from Russian we heard it's affordable.

  • Marc Rossbridge
    Marc Rossbridge 18 days ago

    The S-500 has anti-ship & SAM capability and the hypersonic missile packages. Russian equipment is by far the superior defence package. Americans won't go near the 400, the 500 has way more range, that's why the 400 learns. U.S is impotent without it's aircraft.

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 18 days ago

    US: No no no no you supposed to buy our missles

  • uphill248 uphill248
    uphill248 uphill248 18 days ago

    Just look at American cars, there junk. Now it’s their weapons.

  • Jaime Arredondo
    Jaime Arredondo 20 days ago

    Yet Israeli F-35i fly with impunity throughout the areas where Russian S300 & S400 are.

  • Joe Morello
    Joe Morello 20 days ago

    Rick Sanchez, perhaps you can enlighten me on a missile called: Kalibr-NK, sea launched cruise missile manufactured by Novator Design Bureau located in Yekaterinburg, Russia! NATO designation: SS-N-30! I asked Yulia Shapovalova, the big Russian weapons expert and all of sudden she left town! Just to bring you up to speed, this cruise missile is designed to fly under radar and has a speed of Mach 0.8! Would be so kind to explain to the world all about this cruise missile that Russia manufacturers! 🇨🇦🙂

  • Walt Davis
    Walt Davis 20 days ago

    Fuck Russia

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 20 days ago

    This clown is stupid as fuck. It could engage a cruise missile lmfao? But at what cost this channel is a bunch of bullshit.

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 20 days ago

    Since WW2 the war they got bailed out of lol ? Okay that’s a great comparison HAHAHA

  • michael fraser
    michael fraser 21 day ago

    Ahahah... Israel’s f35s are all over Syria.....? What now?

  • Timbuck Too
    Timbuck Too 22 days ago

    Russia's missile systems DON'T keep the Israhell airforce from attacking! The Russians allowed Israhell to have backdoors in their chips. Don't believe? Ask Syria how the missiles would not target the Israhell fighter jets? It wasn't't until The Iranians came to Syria and reprogrammed the missile defense systems that the Syrians were able to deter attacks from Israhell

  • Willard Snow
    Willard Snow 22 days ago

    Fuck jew controlled war monger america.rot in hell.

    FAST & LOUD 22 days ago

    Israel is the one laughing now! 🤣😂💯

  • Aleem Pasha Shaik
    Aleem Pasha Shaik 24 days ago +1

    Turkey ❤❤❤❤

  • Gio valentti
    Gio valentti 24 days ago

    And what happened with the patriot in Saudí Arabia??? ... Didn't worked out...

  • Jochen Seiler
    Jochen Seiler 24 days ago

    I much enjoy RT, but when I'm in the mood for showy and ineloquent hosts who never quite think as fast as they'd like to talk, I watch CNN

  • shmeily hirsch
    shmeily hirsch 25 days ago

    As far as i know Israel still bombs Iran in Syria every second day, with there f35, and Syria's s300 and Russia's s400 dosen't seem able to do anything about it!
    There was even reports in the Arab media that Israels f35s were flying over Iran and the s300 didn't even detect it!

  • Andrew DeLaPaz
    Andrew DeLaPaz 25 days ago

    Why is rick sanchez such a fucking bum???? money buys everyone and apparently it bought rick sanchez… suck some more dick you trader piece of shit....

  • Mehedihasan Nayem
    Mehedihasan Nayem 26 days ago

    Usa jealous. ...

  • Liam Ross
    Liam Ross 26 days ago

    Really, dumb ass inbred Russians, because Israeli air assests have struck targets across southern and eastern Syria dozens of times since this "article" came out. RT is nothong more than half-retarded Russian state propaganda for equally alcohol soaked idiots.

  • JCO2002
    JCO2002 28 days ago

    I bet the Saudis wish they had them rather than the useless Patriots.

  • The English man The English man

    Turkeys not gonna be the 5th richest I remember you said same about Brazil

  • stoli0001
    stoli0001 Month ago

    I wouldn't pay a dime for any thing that said made in Russia....

  • stoli0001
    stoli0001 Month ago

    My. Man jhon Kerry said it Russia is a third world country with nuclear weapons.....

  • stoli0001
    stoli0001 Month ago

    I don't know where these idiot lives...tell me two things the world needs so bad to buy that are researched and developed in China or Russia that the world is dying to buy...nothing zero....Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons and they are a third world county..
    like China and Russia with nuclear weapons..........

  • Arlo Marlo
    Arlo Marlo Month ago +1

    S300 vs Israel. Israel evades. S400 vs Israel. Israel evades. The s400 is useless against Israel's defenses. Putin is degenerate joke.

  • Ali Sultan
    Ali Sultan Month ago

    S400 is war stopper Russia should give it to every country and get a nobel peace prize.

  • Hassan Mohammed
    Hassan Mohammed Month ago +1

    The same was said for s-300 but Israel still strikes Syria

  • Vital Information
    Vital Information Month ago

    Imagine what the US could build if the Pentagon wasn't missing over 9 trillion dollars

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore Month ago

    Looks like Russian disinformation.

  • Eddie Rabaya
    Eddie Rabaya Month ago

    Today the signs of the times declare that we are standing on the threshold of great and solemn events. Everything in our world is in agitation. Before our eyes is fulfilling the Saviour's prophecy of the events to precede His coming: "Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.... Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the relations that exist among the nations. They observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and they recognize that something great and decisive is about to take place, - that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis. Ev 194.1 - Ev 194.2

  • JEventures
    JEventures Month ago

    Hope Iran and lebanon gets this tech already to counter the US hegemony in the region

  • Roger Yelverton
    Roger Yelverton Month ago

    🇮🇱 is still destroying targets in Syria. Russia forgot to send the batterys

  • Abbas Nguma
    Abbas Nguma Month ago

    Finally paece will prevail.

    WAN CHENG OOI Month ago

    Turkey is SMART.
    The legal systems of UK, GIBRALTAR and NORWAY are JUST...for standing up to America. God bless them for their bravery !!

  • chow tt
    chow tt Month ago

    God bless Mother Russia

  • chow tt
    chow tt Month ago

    Homosexual America waging fake wars

  • Jim Nesta
    Jim Nesta Month ago

    It's sad to see so many bellicose people consumed with a raging hatred of the US using the technology platform of the Internet for spewing Russian militaristic propaganda and hate. It's ironic that Russia has to use a technology that was developed by a country that it has so much hate for. It's very similar to the technology in general that Russia has to either buy on the open market and reverse-engineer or steal through military or commercial espionage. We Americans are not the enemies of the Russian people and have never wished ill of them. All through history the Russian people have allowed themselves to be manipulated and exploited by their leaders, from the Czars through Stalin and now Putin. Russia's continuing paranoia and militaristic bullying will ensure that it will never be trusted and accepted in the world community of peaceful nations. Unfortunately, its people have neither the awareness nor the rational sense to seek another kind of relationship with their neighbors. Russia will succeed in only isolating itself from the rest of the world and will forever be viewed historically as a cancer on mankind. I hope you're happy with that kind of legacy pathetic, envious losers

  • Don Pagani
    Don Pagani Month ago

    The fact that S-400 creates a no fly zone in Syria for whatever the US has