Yair Rodriguez vs Jeremy Stephens (UFC Boston) fight highlights | Fight of the Year contender!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens got the chance to run it back and settle their personal beef at UFC Boston... And what a fight it was!
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Comments • 321

  • M PG
    M PG 5 days ago

    That body kick hurt me.

  • BeastBOSS
    BeastBOSS 19 days ago

    Who da fook is that guy

  • ash squarkz
    ash squarkz 20 days ago

    Great referee ,great fighters ,great fight.

  • Dublife_junk Insta
    Dublife_junk Insta 21 day ago

    That was all heart from both fighters. Credit to the REF!

  • Wilber Nathan
    Wilber Nathan 21 day ago

    wished it was scheduled for 5 rounds again

  • Michal Fornalczyk
    Michal Fornalczyk 22 days ago

    Jeremy is awesome

  • the701squad1
    the701squad1 22 days ago

    pt 3, 5 rounder, same ref please UFC

  • Wunn Sen
    Wunn Sen 22 days ago

    Yair kicks is a thing of beauty

  • Chib Rajput
    Chib Rajput 22 days ago

    Time to retire Jeremy Stephens.

  • XstreamerZ Mcgregor
    XstreamerZ Mcgregor 22 days ago

    Could of been a different result if it was five rounds, wish it was.

  • Killcycle
    Killcycle 22 days ago

    That referee is great. I was worried he would end it early like most fights these days, even herb has been stopping them prematurely and he's supposed to be the best.

  • Ryan Winsor
    Ryan Winsor 22 days ago

    Two more rounds would of ended differently I reckon, Stephens really is a scary individual

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 23 days ago

    Jeremy trying to gas Yair out by letting himself get punched in the face...

  • Dejarn DJel
    Dejarn DJel 23 days ago

    What a fantastic fight, both men are soldiers. Definitely fight of the year. 😎

  • Myles Apps
    Myles Apps 23 days ago

    Top class fight!

    ONAWY 23 days ago

    Both warriors, great show! Stephens so game, hard to finish him

  • Muaadh khan
    Muaadh khan 23 days ago

    Zabit vs Rodriguez

  • Muaadh khan
    Muaadh khan 23 days ago

    Stephen's should have won

  • Akaash Qureshi
    Akaash Qureshi 23 days ago

    come on Jeremey

  • Peter Matthews
    Peter Matthews 23 days ago

    The guy in the crowd at 5:27 is the same guy who was doing weird dancing when ngannou knocked out Alistair overeem I'm sure its him!

  • pridenixon
    pridenixon 23 days ago

    Have a lot of respect for Jeremy but that last round was terrible tactics he just lay on top of yair even though he needed the stoppage

  • mohammed aadil
    mohammed aadil 23 days ago

    Ksi : what a fighht

  • Dios.
    Dios. 23 days ago +1

    What a fight.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 23 days ago +1

    Yair dominated y’all are gonna have to stay mad about it lmao

  • George Yiannakis
    George Yiannakis 23 days ago +1

    Poirier v Rodriguez need to happen

  • Neil Grant
    Neil Grant 23 days ago

    Yair would decimate in the street

  • Neil
    Neil 23 days ago

    Stephens made the adjustment, probably would have won if it was 5 rounds. Funny how that goes.

  • Abu Sel
    Abu Sel 23 days ago

    Yair Rodriguez and zabit would be a great fight.

  • Andy Soter
    Andy Soter 23 days ago

    who da fok is dat guy?

  • KungFuBlob
    KungFuBlob 23 days ago

    GOD DAMN! YAIR is more entertaining than BARBOZA!

  • Bloodandsand 150982
    Bloodandsand 150982 23 days ago

    Book the rematch Dana, main event

  • Mike Younes
    Mike Younes 23 days ago

    Jeremy 'Too Tough' Stephens

  • Bernard •
    Bernard • 23 days ago

    Yair Vs Aldo is next

  • Nelson m
    Nelson m 24 days ago

    Yair 😳 👌👌👌👌

  • Denis Corlotean
    Denis Corlotean 24 days ago

    Yair and Zabit would make an awesome fight!

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 24 days ago

    This should of been main event and if it was 5 round stephens would of won thats a fact but them kicks in round 1&2 savage both warriors i wish i saw 5 rounds of this...yo who the fook is mcgregor?

  • Alex Fitzsimons
    Alex Fitzsimons 24 days ago

    Literally everyone was commenting before the card about how Weidmen was gonna get KO'd.
    This should have been the 5 round main event!

  • blood_upon_the_rose
    blood_upon_the_rose 24 days ago

    What a fight !!!!!

  • Damian Wilkinson
    Damian Wilkinson 24 days ago

    Wish this was 5 rounds, should have been the main event! I feel the outcome could have been different if so. Respect to both fighters. What a fight!!

  • Dannyboy \m/
    Dannyboy \m/ 24 days ago

    Stevens is one bad motha fukA.

  • Blue Nose
    Blue Nose 24 days ago

    Connor wouldn't survive with Jeremy!

  • Wag1 g That’s bait fam

    One of the best fights I’ve seen 🤯

    MMA COMEDY 24 days ago

    Rodriguez vs Zabit anyone?

  • 73tydy
    73tydy 24 days ago

    A round of applause to both fighters👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • jack houghton
    jack houghton 24 days ago

    Who the fook is that guy?

  • TopMmaWear TMW
    TopMmaWear TMW 24 days ago

    What a good ref...

  • TopMmaWear TMW
    TopMmaWear TMW 24 days ago

    Yair the Mexican JJ

  • J F
    J F 24 days ago

    5:24 🤔 5 round main event, eh?

  • Dee HD
    Dee HD 24 days ago

    Didn’t know yair was a problem like that and he’s out put volume is good

  • iRacing Rookie
    iRacing Rookie 24 days ago

    I been waiting for this so I could watch that body kick then a sweep.. Just perfect

  • Raph Walker
    Raph Walker 24 days ago

    Would love to see this as a 5 rounder.

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson 24 days ago +1

    I’d chin both of them.

  • Schlomo Shekelsteeler
    Schlomo Shekelsteeler 24 days ago +71

    Probably one of the best refereeing performances ever.

    • Ross Cockcroft
      Ross Cockcroft 22 days ago +1

      Schlomo Shekelsteeler he deserves a bonus

  • Nick Evans
    Nick Evans 24 days ago

    What a scrap... Hats off...

  • axistec
    axistec 24 days ago

    Yair tried the Fabricio Werdun kick

  • Dancing _Reaper
    Dancing _Reaper 24 days ago

    Man if this had been a 5 round fight ; then round 4 would have been insane !

  • Mobile Freelancer
    Mobile Freelancer 24 days ago

    that was one heck of a fight. The way Stephens took them kicks very well conditioned guy

  • DailyVlogMasterDailyVlogsEveryDayVlogMan

    Didn't settle it at all, fight clearly needed five rounds

  • WASD
    WASD 24 days ago

    Rodriguez punches like a girl

  • Mabsss33
    Mabsss33 24 days ago

    Before the fight Stevens said that "it doesn't count unless i kill him". I saw him cowering like a dog almost the entire fight lol.