Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor is a Badass - Series 5 and 6, my selection (SPOILERS!)

  • Published on Aug 23, 2012
  • MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SERIES 5 AND 6 AHEAD. You have been warned.

    I just watched this video: and really liked the idea but my personal selection of best scenes is somewhat different, so I edited this one. Some scenes are best described as _about the Doctor_ instead of _with the Doctor_, but they are cool anyway.
    This clip will be outdated in a few days since there is something epic coming for the first episode of Series 7 (01/september) -- If you watched the trailer, you understood. Good waiting :)

    All clips are copyrighted and owned by BBC; This is a fan-remix and no copyright violation is intended. Fair user rationale: no commercial use, no monetary revenue for the (remix) author, no negative effect on the copyright owner revenue (these are edited scenes only, people still needing to watch the series to understand the video), less than 1,5% of the total series 5 and 6 air time is used here.
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  • gacha bros
    gacha bros 3 hours ago

    The Eleventh Doctor is the sifi madlad

  • Tommaso Chiesa
    Tommaso Chiesa 4 hours ago

    The Doctor is scary. Every time on the verge of loosing controll. Yet this is the reason why is so likeable and somewhat reletable. Maybe not human in specie but really human in his way

  • Zed Ladera
    Zed Ladera 8 hours ago

    Tbh for me, the 11th doctor's introduction episode (the first scene) was one of the best introductions out of all the doctors.

  • emoAnarchist
    emoAnarchist Day ago

    matt smith was one of the best. stepping through that hologram was probably the best doctor introduction moment. it's such a shame they hit him so hard with the flanderization stick

  • Rachael Turner
    Rachael Turner 2 days ago +1

    ‘Demons run’ when a good man goes to war (the doctor)

  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 3 days ago

    Ngl I like Jodie Whittaker the most

  • Jason Crowe
    Jason Crowe 3 days ago

    This should be 'Biggest balls moments'.

  • Adam Afif Jafaris
    Adam Afif Jafaris 4 days ago

    The new doctor ruined the Doctor Who franchise, IT USED TO BE PRAISED NOW LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!

  • I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 11 is still my favourite

  • CockStirredMartini
    CockStirredMartini 4 days ago +1

    tennant is still the best

  • Daniel Stanek
    Daniel Stanek 5 days ago +1

    The wiping angels... He threats them but still they took the ponds from him... And he couldn't do anything... Still the worst thing in the whole story...

  • Andy Thurman
    Andy Thurman 5 days ago

    11:40 - is that voice? Benedict Cumberbatch????

  • RAHUL Padhi
    RAHUL Padhi 5 days ago

    There's one thing you never put in a trap ........ME

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 7 days ago

    My recommendations only show half of the title so it said “The Eleventh Doctor is bad...” and what I got was so much better then I was expecting

  • William Dunhan
    William Dunhan 7 days ago

    Damn i love this guy.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 7 days ago

    I like how he essentially admits that he's a bad guy when he says
    "Good men don't need rules, now is not the day to find out why I have so many"

  • black heart
    black heart 7 days ago

    In D&D terms the main thing 11 had going for him was an apparently MASSIVE Intimidate modifier. Dude's a weird goofball but when he needs to break someone down he can do it fast.

  • The Spanish Inquisition

    2:29 damn that made me miss 9 and 10 so much

  • Jerric Hammack
    Jerric Hammack 9 days ago

    There's something you should never put in your traps .......... The doctor

  • aiden doherty
    aiden doherty 9 days ago

    as soon as i heard the place was called demons run i was like... oh shit

  • Mr Carson
    Mr Carson 9 days ago

    I liked this film, thought it was quite funny

  • ghost
    ghost 10 days ago

    I always love the last clip it sends shivers down my spine

  • Annika
    Annika 10 days ago

    haha "nice thought but it's not christmas" 11ths the best.

  • Annika
    Annika 10 days ago

    11th doctor my favorite. Matt. come back...

  • DarthBear365
    DarthBear365 10 days ago

    "I won't let you go that easy. Like to but it's not Christmas". Love that line. Amazing that smiths doctor acts like a child!

  • Amy Clarke
    Amy Clarke 10 days ago

    Dw d ms 10 🥰gs a k

  • Adrian John Gabijan
    Adrian John Gabijan 11 days ago

    Daleks have the strongest weaponised arsenal of plungers.

  • Vitoria
    Vitoria 11 days ago

    "Hello, I'm the doctor... basically... run"

  • munky8
    munky8 11 days ago

    How cool if the Doctor made the Pandorica speech right at the beginning of his life to hope for a last ditch effort to save his life, and then spent the rest of his life helping others and stopping the monsters because he knows if he doesnt he will die

  • Ben Zielke
    Ben Zielke 11 days ago

    Once this doctor handed it over to that grey/white haired pussy doctor that turned into a woman I just couldn't watch it any more. As far as I am concerned Dr. Who ENDED with Matt Smith.

  • Twistedmist
    Twistedmist 11 days ago

    5:26 he blinks

  • Christian Elgin
    Christian Elgin 11 days ago

    bring back the doctor!!! begone with jodi what's her name #notmydoctor

  • Sir Novan
    Sir Novan 13 days ago

    man its weird to see the first clip again and again, like when it shows the worlds history matt is in a loop going back and fourth

  • Silvesther Lusion
    Silvesther Lusion 14 days ago

    it's these kinds of moments, the delivery and raw power Matt Smith emitts in these moments, that makes him the Best Doctor. I also love Tom Baker and David Tennant, and reckon they're in the top three. But the 11th is the most bad-ass out of them all. This video. Here's why.

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 15 days ago

    This doctor who is one of my favorite actors ever since I saw him in

  • im Archie games
    im Archie games 15 days ago

    Hello im the doctor
    Basicly .. run sums up this 11 badassary to scare people

  • Ariel Fetters
    Ariel Fetters 16 days ago

    "Good men don't need rules. Today isn't the day to find out why I have so many."
    Hello, I'd like an order of ominous, with a side of foreboding please.

  • zedarkwolf
    zedarkwolf 16 days ago

    5:07 make me shivers all the time

  • Renata Cantore- Gross
    Renata Cantore- Gross 17 days ago

    Thank you for showing so many of my favorite scenes. Absolutely Smashing !!!!

  • Sunnewer Toolow
    Sunnewer Toolow 17 days ago

    "Lol Captain, there's this dude talking about how dangerous he is and he's kinda in the way."

    "What-just vaporize him will you?!"

    "I would Sir, I would, it's just that his babbling sorta sounds scary."

    "Oh I guess we retreat for no damn reason then lol"


  • VGEvery
    VGEvery 18 days ago

    That is the Doctor I adore

  • Void Atlas
    Void Atlas 18 days ago

    The doctor speaks and the universe listens

  • Jelly
    Jelly 19 days ago

    I miss you Matt

  • Jim Picket
    Jim Picket 19 days ago

    I love it when he says “don’t slouch it’s bad for you spine” to the colonel

  • The Official Tater Tot :3

    “Hello, I’m the Doctor. Basically... run.”
    My favorite line :D

  • Aixall
    Aixall 21 day ago

    The old doctor was so good

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp 21 day ago +5

    Everyone gangster till the Doctor's theme starts playing.

  • Phoenix Thepug
    Phoenix Thepug 21 day ago

    If anything this world is a threat to itself

  • kakyoin noriaki
    kakyoin noriaki 22 days ago

    Doctor smith

  • Olivia Stewart
    Olivia Stewart 22 days ago

    Here they are. The worst bits.

  • Admiral Kaizer
    Admiral Kaizer 22 days ago

    Was anyone else a bit insulted when the floating eyeball said us humans weren’t a threat?

  • Coyote
    Coyote 22 days ago

    I love how nonchalantly and passive-aggressively he scolds the Atraxi over the phone. "This is a fully developed level 5 planet, and you were gonna burn it? What?" - He says it like, I dunno, if you found out your friend eats spaghetti with a spoon instead of a fork.

  • I'll never Tell
    I'll never Tell 23 days ago

    'Fear me, I've killed hundreds of timelords.' 'Fear ME, I've killed all of them'.

  • Parrotlad
    Parrotlad 23 days ago

    Also, the FEAR his enemies have of him. There is NONE of that with Jodi's Doctor. Not because she is a woman but because CHRIS CHIBNALL CAN'T WRITE DOCTOR WHO. The one intimidating scene was the witch trial episode.

  • Parrotlad
    Parrotlad 23 days ago

    I like how its says spoilers. HA Spoilers.

  • Rawr_Kitten
    Rawr_Kitten 24 days ago

    Basically... you dun f#cked up

  • stormwolf 16
    stormwolf 16 24 days ago

    One of the best doctors in history

  • Forlorn Dream
    Forlorn Dream 24 days ago

    Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.
    Now that is a badass line.

  • Hunterofsoul’s 171
    Hunterofsoul’s 171 26 days ago

    Im here because i need to know is that slendernan

  • IDontKnow
    IDontKnow 26 days ago

    Never make the doctor angry

    In this case 11th