10 Most Expensive And Famous Firearms In The World


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  • Sv Thái Anh
    Sv Thái Anh 14 hours ago

    What is the name of the film about Japanese warriors above guys?

  • Christian news and facts channel

    The world is not billion or millons of years old

  • Reu Karl
    Reu Karl Day ago

    My grandpa has a world war 2 gun how much is it in america because I live in Philippines

  • MississippiRailfan 2004

    What the hells everyone on about with the music? I can barely hear it

    SAOBAN Day ago

    Ottoman gunsmith: how much do you want to spend on this gun
    Ottoman empire: yes

  • Lil’ Budd Light
    Lil’ Budd Light 2 days ago

    I will give u 1$ for #1

  • crazy Nation
    crazy Nation 2 days ago

    I went to my local pawn shop and I found a original World War 2 Nazi dagger that was wanted for $900

  • Slayershot
    Slayershot 2 days ago

    Only 820,000 lol

  • misha bell
    misha bell 2 days ago +1

    just make a gun and decline replicas so it would cost a billion

  • Ivan Salcedo
    Ivan Salcedo 2 days ago

    Pfft Meteorite Guns, They should have forged a Triple Barrel Handcannon and Called it Cerberus. Making use of Said Meteorite to make it's Own Powerful Munition.

  • Jonnie Brim
    Jonnie Brim 2 days ago

    4:00 watch the guy in the middle LMFAO!!

  • Maxwell Vindman
    Maxwell Vindman 2 days ago

    6:42 it doesn’t have sights , it’s a little too much like a bugatti

  • lilkhalim
    lilkhalim 3 days ago

    Keep the music. Its good.

  • rozback
    rozback 3 days ago

    Only $827000.00 ??? Shit, put me down for 4 of them

  • Patrick McCrime Dog
    Patrick McCrime Dog 3 days ago

    Does anyone know if the guy who tripped in line, while on camera way back when, got in trouble? Lol

  • David Hill
    David Hill 3 days ago

    What about Gavrilo Princip's FN Model 1910 .380 pistol ? that would be worth a fair amount I would imagine

  • Raioni
    Raioni 5 days ago

    "Japanese warriors were among the most feared warriors in the world" To who? The Koreans? Other Japanese people?

  • Shaun Holthaus
    Shaun Holthaus 5 days ago

    Meteorite handguns would probably fall apart when fired or not last long as meteorites are not a pure consistant metal and would have fracture lines through it like a ice cube in hot water

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 5 days ago +24

    _Big iron_

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 5 days ago

    10:14 If you ever fired that thing you'd be dropping diamonds left and right.

  • big must
    big must 6 days ago

    my grandma had a nazi youth knife but she lost it and our family is pissed

  • Gabriel Valle
    Gabriel Valle 6 days ago

    Why do I hear sky high by electronomia?

  • Pin
    Pin 6 days ago

    The 9th Horsemen

  • Remington 870
    Remington 870 7 days ago

    0:09 Rifles with capacities over 1 were made closer to (but still before) automatic rifles compared to flintlock guns

  • Matthew Hyde
    Matthew Hyde 7 days ago

    The introduction of guns did not make the samurai obsolete, it made them more effective. Contrary to popular belief, a samurai's primary weapon was not a sword, but a bow. When guns were introduced, the samurai started using them instead.
    Also, records of firearms (specifically cannons) can be found dating back to the late 1400s in Europe, and gunpowder has been around since the 1100s, if not earlier. China used it primarily for fireworks and signaling, but rockets and cannons were also designed for warfare.
    And those are just the examples we know about. Guns are actually pretty simple devices, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that prototypes may have been built even further back than China's gunpowder. Gunpowder is made mostly of sulfur and carbon, both of which are fairly easy to obtain, and accounts of things like "Greek Fire" show that ancient cultures were more skilled chemists than we often give them credit for. Theoretically, firearms technology could date back to the invention of steel, or even bronze. If the required materials exist, so does the possibility of the item's existence.
    I'm not saying that guns have actually been around that long, I'm just saying that there is a possibility, however slim it may be, that they have, and I think that would be awesome.

  • Pantherboss1668
    Pantherboss1668 7 days ago

    semi automatic correction

  • john turner
    john turner 8 days ago

    Napoleon was as bad as hitler but no one seems to care

  • Fluffball Zoink
    Fluffball Zoink 9 days ago +1


  • Big boy 31601
    Big boy 31601 9 days ago

    Ncs music I'm listening?

  • Jack VR
    Jack VR 9 days ago

    Uhh heh heh. Heheheh..heehheh.. 10:19

  • Don Ismyname
    Don Ismyname 9 days ago

    I shoot the cheapest guns I can get my mitts on.They shoot better anyways, and people won't rob you of your gun.

    • millerrsd
      millerrsd Day ago

      hi-point cheapest gun, doesn't break, looks and feels terrible. Yeah, people would steal it because of it not breaking

  • little Deviljho
    little Deviljho 9 days ago


  • oblivexx
    oblivexx 9 days ago

    Priceless is Bs, what's the value of each gem, value of melted gold, value of melted steel, add all that shit up; there is your value for #1.

  • Steve Ent
    Steve Ent 9 days ago

    Seen some guys commented on there fav expensive sports cars, I'd say for me, the Pagani Zonda LH (Lewis Hamilton) model 1/1 is the king of the hill ymmv but I doubt it

  • Reds Pubg
    Reds Pubg 9 days ago

    My name is Chester...Im A Winchester then

  • Lawrence Bermudez
    Lawrence Bermudez 9 days ago

    "It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon for twelve seconds"

  • Frank Campbell
    Frank Campbell 10 days ago

    Why not make a more exotic looking gun other than a 1911 clone out of the meteorite?

  • Christopher Sewell
    Christopher Sewell 10 days ago


  • Gansta Evangelical Rap Music

    So what about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington? Ok Mr. Trump.

  • BugleBoy400
    BugleBoy400 10 days ago +1

    Another unfortunate video about guns produced by someone who has no/little knowledge of firearms. 1873 Winchesters were only (originally) ever chambered in 44-40, 38-40, 32-20 and .22 Long Rifle rimfire. Her 1873 that she used was actually a smoothbore in 44-40 that was loaded with 1/2 ounce of number 7 shot. She used a Marlin 22LR for her card shooting tricks. Winchesters` lever action shotgun, the Model 1887 was (at the time ) available in 10 and 12 gauge. Miss Annie Oakley used and is shown with, a side by side/double barrelled shotgun, most probably her custom made Lancaster. Her (supposed) gun that sold for 144 000 dollars was actually a Parker Brothers 12 gauge shotgun. Damascus steel was invented in ........ Damascus (!) a city in Syria. Damascus steel is too soft to use for gun barrels that fire modern smokeless powder cartridges. Gun parts (actions) are not moulded, however they may be investment cast. Pepperpots handguns had a revolving barrel mechanism. Guns coated with Walnut ?!!?(WTF), etc.etc. etc. Please people who make these kind of video clips, do some proper research. At a minimum, try Wikipedia at least. Thank you. Peace and love to all.

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom 11 days ago

    lol, stupid money changers are always full of gimmicks to get every last dime out of your pockets, whilst themselves, never satisfied with what they have! All of this stuff is complete garbage. If it was truly valuable, considering whom some of them belonged to, would be in the millions instead of hundreds of thousands. People in search of such prestige get to die like the rest of us... The Bible says the rich man dies the same as the poor man, and the wise man the same as a fool, and all that you have,, that you've loved, and hated stays behind.

  • darkspire91
    darkspire91 11 days ago

    1:58 the cheek weld on that thing must have been a real pain.

  • The Foundation
    The Foundation 11 days ago

    i like mosin nagant and Winchester 94

  • Stale Baguette
    Stale Baguette 12 days ago

    Love this video, gets straight to the point and what not.

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 12 days ago

    I'll take functionality and efficiency over anything else.

  • EngineerMK2004
    EngineerMK2004 12 days ago

    This just reaffirms that when people consider themselves "in charge" they do dumb stuff like cover all their stuff in gold to show everyone how "in charge" they are.

  • Someone Lol
    Someone Lol 12 days ago

    hmm, i thougth that that the dual pistols were akjagara when i saw this vid...

  • Thomas De Lello
    Thomas De Lello 12 days ago

    Pointless bling on a firearm seems like nonsense to me...

  • michael craig
    michael craig 12 days ago

    No mention of Wyatt Erps gun collection or even Hitlers Walther PPk.32

  • vladoportos
    vladoportos 12 days ago

    She could split a card side ways... with a shotgun !? lol :D I can do that too, just give me a minigun

  • RamenNoodle II
    RamenNoodle II 13 days ago

    I hadnt heard this song in years and it's crazy it's on a random vid i clicked

  • Eric Barkemeyer
    Eric Barkemeyer 13 days ago

    What about the trials luger chambered in .45 the million dollar gun

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 13 days ago

    Price and value are on human material terms. The universe couldn't give a shit.

    • Peter Peter
      Peter Peter 12 days ago

      Thank you.

    • Bladsmith
      Bladsmith 12 days ago

      You're so deep and smart. Everyone adores you.

  • Jake Antriasian
    Jake Antriasian 13 days ago

    Glad to hear Ann Oakley was a woman. I don’t like that men do all the fighting and yet women still have just as many rights.

  • chales dor
    chales dor 13 days ago +1

    Lying English baastards..... Napoleon was not defeated by the English nor exiled nor captured.... lying English baastards.... the French slaughtered the English at Waterloo... the only thing that saved the English was the Germans at the 11th hour.

    • Sanane Yahu
      Sanane Yahu 11 days ago

      +Eric Minton " who would have thought the French could win battle"
      Anyone and everyone with a decent grasp of European history.

    • Eric Minton
      Eric Minton 12 days ago

      chales dor sounds legit.....😂 who would have thought the French could win battle unless it their own citizens in modern day Paris vs the police

  • Yuaske Akagi
    Yuaske Akagi 13 days ago

    S.S marked fg42s that are fully transferable are much more valuable and well known than a lot of these guns usually go for upwards 150,000 also alot of the Machine guns from the world wars are more valuable than most of these

  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner 13 days ago

    I would just have to take her word on the whole shooting a cig, outta my mouth if i were her husband!

    • BugleBoy400
      BugleBoy400 10 days ago

      @ Jill Conner, she used a 22 LR for that trick and for her card shooting tricks.

  • Hika Reti
    Hika Reti 13 days ago +9

    "A man called Herman Goering" that has got to be the strangest description of Goering I have ever heard.

    • mick taylor
      mick taylor 11 days ago

      americans understand firearm jargon like COLT MAGNUM SHOTGUN DOUBLEBARREL PISTOL 44 45 12 guage FIREARM MACHINE GUN AMMUNITION TRASHCAN CORNHOLE why would they have time to know any nazis unless its in indiana jones

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 13 days ago

    From a historical point of view, the ottoman empires sultan ownership of a gun would already make a gun, especially a musket/rifle worth a solid couple hundred thousand, coupled with the great condition and quality, as well as substance of it being made with a lot of pure gold and jewels, and the custom aspect of the dagger and pen holder inside the breach, lets just say in excess of 10 million is still low balling ^~^

  • hard yakka
    hard yakka 13 days ago

    Pepper boxer handguns had rotating barrels. Stupid prices . Henry VIII had guns or goones as they were first called.

    • millerrsd
      millerrsd Day ago

      I think he had shields with guns built in and a slot so you could see through it as well. Might not be the same king, but still and English king.

  • Daniel Fuchs
    Daniel Fuchs 14 days ago

    Weren’t the ottoman sultan guards called janisaries

  • d. kiovo
    d. kiovo 14 days ago +1

    I'd like to know what the music is.

  • Friendly_Roblox091
    Friendly_Roblox091 14 days ago +2

    i wonder how heavy are they??

    • Unoficial Daxur
      Unoficial Daxur 6 days ago

      gold is pretty damn heavy so those golden guns are a descent weight

  • John Larson
    John Larson 14 days ago

    Me: “I want to shoot multiple people...all without the inconvenience of having to reload in between shooting human prey.”
    Gun Designer: “Hmmm...what about carrying more than one gun?”
    Me: “Did you hear the part about me not wanting to be inconvenienced while hunting humans?”
    Gun Designer: “What about additional barrels?”
    Me: “Can you do...like...10 barrels...on a handgun?”
    Gun Designer: “Yes, but what mad man would think of such a thing.”
    Me: “Yeah...hello...have we met?”
    Gun Designers: “I will make one, but only if you promise to exercise great care and responsibility.”
    Me: “Yeah, sure, no problem. Umm...can I get it tomorrow?”

  • exotic_ goat501
    exotic_ goat501 14 days ago

    I have a Winchester

  • riptorn
    riptorn 14 days ago

    you don't even get warrany

  • rgerber
    rgerber 14 days ago

    why are the never any firelegs?

  • neonyankun
    neonyankun 14 days ago

    500 year old arquebus only 100k?

  • El Hombre Mo
    El Hombre Mo 14 days ago

    3:36 - Lol not hardly. First woman to get famous for shooting, yes. Finest and most accurate sharpshooter of all time, not nearly.

  • Corey Long
    Corey Long 14 days ago +1

    The 1911s have been pack-a-punched

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 14 days ago

    Some of these weapons are so guilded and bejeweled that they are ugly as hell.

  • lugerCRO
    lugerCRO 14 days ago

    Damn that sultan socketed that musket for all kind of goodiez

  • Leatherface
    Leatherface 14 days ago

    you know out there somewhere there is a 15 barrel shot gun and it probably would break your arm when fired

  • Leatherface
    Leatherface 14 days ago

    Probobly cost $64.8 million dollars

  • Pugz 54
    Pugz 54 14 days ago

    2:10 infinite barrel

  • charleen heath
    charleen heath 14 days ago

    What about the Lugar in .45 acp submitted for testing when the 1911 colt was adopted? Lee not Charleen

  • M Jave
    M Jave 14 days ago +3

    Only we can think of making a damn guunns out of meteorite which was so unique that came out of universe and whole world scientists went WTF and we said heeeehaa🕺🇺🇸💪

    • blackkey1976
      blackkey1976 10 days ago

      Meteorites aren't that rare. That particular one had zero scientific value.

  • Damo
    Damo 14 days ago +1

    Made the samurai obsolete... yes because the samurai TOTALLY don't use them to be even more dangerous...

    • Lord_Terror Beast
      Lord_Terror Beast 12 days ago

      Damo Ikr? Lol. I believe samurai even trained extensively in gun use but don't quote me on that.

  • conwak
    conwak 14 days ago

    lol you would not buy a veyron

  • HudsonGTV
    HudsonGTV 15 days ago +4

    0:59 not even close to most expensive. a pre-ban M16 costs 3 times that despite them being over 100,000 of them in the US.

  • Dale Neish
    Dale Neish 15 days ago

    Wait what, wolfenstein wasn't lying?

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 15 days ago

    I see Russian Ivan memes everywhere

  • Joseph Paulson
    Joseph Paulson 15 days ago

    Who in the hell would even THINK to buy the gun of Hitler's right hand man? That is so goddamn disgusting, that someone would go to an auction to blow money on a gun used by the pinnacle of human filth. Even if it was bought by a damn museum, the person representing that museum went with full willingness to take possession of a damned artifact that most definitely ended the lives of so many people.

    • Ali Baba
      Ali Baba 14 days ago

      i would buy it and execute you with it

  • Jody Russell
    Jody Russell 15 days ago

    1:46 I saw that same type of gun at Bass Pro in Missouri!

  • cornskid
    cornskid 15 days ago

    Priceless and futt bugly.

  • Will Crozier
    Will Crozier 15 days ago

    What is this song called?

  • Samuel Blackburn
    Samuel Blackburn 15 days ago

    I know I am full of crap, but damn this video is somewhat true. You will never have any these gun in your house attic.

  • Skull Kid
    Skull Kid 15 days ago

    1:35 Frickin Garlic Hat

  • Ethiopian Sunz TV
    Ethiopian Sunz TV 15 days ago

    Interesting video.

  • royden blizzard
    royden blizzard 15 days ago

    Sa zc

  • Donna Dotson
    Donna Dotson 15 days ago

    Why are the best things in this world so expensive?

    • Orest Makar
      Orest Makar 15 days ago

      Donna Dotson They are not the best at what they are suppose to do as a weapon. The look cool, and more importantent, they are limited to a small quantity and linked to famous people, significant events or both. You can buy a far more superior firearm for far lewe money, you can even communism a replika with twise as chuch bling on it for a fraction of the price.

    NUCLEAR bossJPN 15 days ago +29

    The sultan's guardian was the first to get the gold skin

  • Houman Dargahi
    Houman Dargahi 16 days ago

    the nicest gum was our iran kings American stools it

  • Fa113n El3ctric
    Fa113n El3ctric 16 days ago


  • Huy Trương
    Huy Trương 16 days ago

    What about hitler's golden gun

  • Douglas Priest
    Douglas Priest 16 days ago


  • charles kidney
    charles kidney 16 days ago

    It's amazing what people will spend a fortune on. I can kinda understand a piece of history. But some of the guns here were just gimmicky.

  • KinToTheWind
    KinToTheWind 16 days ago

    "She could shoot a dime out of the air," I'm thinking cool! Then they show me her shotgun. Oh wow really , she could hit something with a shotgun? Go figure.

  • krull1981
    krull1981 16 days ago

    Sultans of Bling

  • ThroughEagle'sEye
    ThroughEagle'sEye 16 days ago +10

    If I have money for ultimate car I'll get McLaren F1.

    • Dré Sheraton
      Dré Sheraton 10 days ago

      I wouldn't want that, I would be terrified to take it anywhere. Unless in your country you are allowed to murder someone for hitting your car... otherwise no thanks. Too many Mustang, and M4 F1 drivers on the road. Then again if you could afford the 20 million estimate you can afford track rentals.

    • ThroughEagle'sEye
      ThroughEagle'sEye 14 days ago

      I didn't say I want to spend 80 mil. I said I want ultimate car! +Leatherface

    • Leatherface
      Leatherface 14 days ago

      I'll get a 1963 Ferrari 250 gto their worth $80 million dollars