Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 3

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Here’s another round of fantastical LA Food Trends for you to sink your teeth into. What food items are taking off across the pond? Will chefs James and Ben take to them?
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Comments • 902

  • jinxiejae
    jinxiejae Day ago

    The lemonade is 30 dollars. FUCK THAT!!!

  • Reid Luihn
    Reid Luihn 4 days ago +1

    I know a lot of people have already said this but,

    Be careful if you insist on consuming activated charcoal. Do your research on the product before ingesting it there are a few important points to be had about the substance.
    1) If can reduce the effects of medications, if you are on long term medications check with your Doc about activated charcoal
    2) The substance was banned from use in NY restaurants, and has side effects that can cause digestions distress.
    3) The substances is used for removing Toxins (big T) not "toxins" (marketing term), Toxins are substances that can literally kill you such as poisons, over-dosage of certain drugs, sedatives, etc. it DOES NOT remove "toxins" (the things health fads say are harming your health)

    Please just do your research on a substance from google scholar, etc. or ask your health care professional and be careful with activated charcoal. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo 5 days ago

    Seriously who writes the subs? Lol is English their 2nd language? So many little words missing or completely misheard by the subs writer

    • Supreme Buffalo
      Supreme Buffalo 5 days ago

      4:11 he says Charcuterie and the subs say "churchuri" seriously though I watch this with my deaf friend and he's constantly asking me to explain what the subs are 'supposed to say'.
      They are so consistently wrong, it's made me remember why I stopped watching months ago - I went about an hour binge without seeing good subtitles on this channel. So I stopped bothering.

  • hylke45
    hylke45 6 days ago

    That pasta is an impasta!

  • voidremoved
    voidremoved 9 days ago

    these are all offensive.

    • voidremoved
      voidremoved 9 days ago

      the broth is like 2 cents worth of ingredients. broth which is a lot of water and a few sage leaf and bit of ginger

  • Lawful Gray
    Lawful Gray 11 days ago

    bone broth is delicious. just not 21 dollars delicious.

  • Mark
    Mark 12 days ago

    Bone broth? It's fucking stock renamed to make it sound fancy so fucking morons pay lots of money for it.

  • bilBo
    bilBo 17 days ago

    Joe Rogan :D

  • TonalDesigns
    TonalDesigns 25 days ago

    See the problem with the Lemonade is activated charcoal can absorb medication that someone needs

  • darkkrenify
    darkkrenify 26 days ago

    "mushrooms help you relax" yeh we call those magic mushrooms

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 28 days ago

    Can't leave the bone alone!

  • Wynn Gwynn
    Wynn Gwynn Month ago

    won't the charcoal make it so you don't absorb the nutrients though?

  • unlimited
    unlimited Month ago

    im inserting in red pasta i hope i can have chance to give it try

  • Yohn2King
    Yohn2King Month ago

    Charcoal is poison if ingested too much.. the whole charcoal craze is fucking dumb

  • Garett Crook
    Garett Crook Month ago

    Activated charcoal is not good for the body, it can actually be detrimental to nutrient absorption, it can bind to positions and toxins very easily, and actually fucks with any medication you are on. There are no reputable studies that price activated charcoal actually has the effects it has, but it does have side effects. It won’t kill you, but enough of it will fuck with you pretty well. In very small amounts it’s fine. When ingested after taking certain medications it can actually be very detrimental and, sometimes, possibly fatal.

  • Silver
    Silver Month ago

    Apparently I need to start selling my chicken broth.

  • lowonda wright
    lowonda wright Month ago

    Who else misses the old theme song?

  • TheCasimir94
    TheCasimir94 Month ago

    Can we lobby for james to be shirtless in these vids?

  • John A.
    John A. Month ago

    This could easily be labeled as "stupid shit people will waste their money on"

  • melven wong
    melven wong 2 months ago

    hi sorted .. can you manke a food battle with all the pretentious food you have covered so far...

  • SilverXeno
    SilverXeno 2 months ago

    I kind of hate when they do US-based food stuff like this. Mostly b/c I'm in the US and I would say easily 80% of the crap on shelves is SOME kind of gimmick. Even when it's claiming to do good - it's still for-profit and some kind of gimmick. I feel like they're always a little more willing to trust product claims b/c of American marketing and we don't have the same laws about labeling that exists in the UK and some Euro nations. The point is almost always to make you feel GOOD about buying the product. Not satisfied with the product.

  • KLanD Tine
    KLanD Tine 2 months ago

    No.. just no.. you can't call it "lemonade" if you've put fuckin mushrooms and charcoal in it..
    that's not food. It's pretentious disgusting bullshit.

  • Prasad sharma
    Prasad sharma 2 months ago

    What the fuck is a DETOX
    I am sick of people saying this
    The only detox that the body can process is sweating and nothing activates it or deactivates it
    Only thing that is affected is heat and temperature or humidity
    Google it
    Detox is mostly done by liver you don't have any blah blah products that work like magic and make u feel good
    The green veggie are only thing that can help

  • Garjon
    Garjon 2 months ago

    Could you gentleman consider overlaying converted prices in the future? This made me realize I had a poor handle on the costs from your gadget videos.

  • thegoodbadmusic
    thegoodbadmusic 2 months ago

    Do you have any plans to do an episode on black garlic?

  • DAS
    DAS 2 months ago

    Bone broth is stock. There is nothing else it could possibly be.

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters 2 months ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 months ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 months ago +1


  • Cat008101
    Cat008101 2 months ago

    Why is this in dollars when you guys normally do pounds

  • J Paterson
    J Paterson 2 months ago

    Activated charcoal is not a food ingredient.

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn 2 months ago

    I just harvested my pumpkin patch. And now have a bunch of dryed pumpkin seeds to munch on. Now that is delicious.

  • jake williams
    jake williams 2 months ago

    What type of beat is best?

  • stecky87
    stecky87 2 months ago

    "highly saturated (fat)" market XD now even Mike is doing dad jokes!

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 2 months ago

    Why did you decide to film this with the worst audio quality ever? I had to turn it off after 1 minute unfortunately.

  • John Mulhatton
    John Mulhatton 2 months ago

    Guys seriously talking about a "bone broth".... hahaha 🍻🤣

  • Eye Dupppz
    Eye Dupppz 2 months ago +1

    US conversion !!:)

  • Sérgio Dorival
    Sérgio Dorival 2 months ago

    hey, baru ! nice nuts from brasil

  • Justin Hockstead
    Justin Hockstead 2 months ago

    Bone broth is not broth. It's just a fucking stock

  • Mowgli Hajduk
    Mowgli Hajduk 2 months ago

    Will you guys do a fun 'Dad joke' book? You could throw in a few Dad recipes each with a joke. And you could donate all the proceeds to charity like a kids home or something. I don’t know, i am just sick of going back through videos to find jokes I liked. Thanks :)

  • Scott J
    Scott J 2 months ago

    Bone broth is aimed squarely at keto punters. Strange nut from the Amazon? (I guessed pili nut) Keto.

  • Lukas Oitzl
    Lukas Oitzl 2 months ago

    All the stuff reminds me of stuff I saw at whole foods when I was in the US the first time.

  • Ben Nesbitt
    Ben Nesbitt 2 months ago

    That black mushroom drink looks nasty

  • Fey Thurber
    Fey Thurber 2 months ago

    I would love to see a video where you find out who is a supertaster/supersmeller in the group. There are a couple tests that are used to figure it out

  • MrCorvusC
    MrCorvusC 3 months ago

    One day those idiotic trendy food products will kill somebody. What is this fad to make everything with charcoal these days? Somebody have heard once that it might be good for you, and just roll with it. Activated charcoal can be dangerous. People on prescription meds - AVOID this stuff. Just stay away for your own good.

  • Andreya Harford
    Andreya Harford 3 months ago

    A battle between the normals pleaseeeee

  • Sam Holton
    Sam Holton 3 months ago

    What's the music at the end called

  • khuang96
    khuang96 3 months ago

    Interesting... Mike being sassier than James 😄

  • khuang96
    khuang96 3 months ago

    Someone make a gif of Mike going "yawn~" !! 😁

  • Kishibe Rohan
    Kishibe Rohan 3 months ago

    Oh shit Baru nuts, they're kinda common in Brazil

  • Ericson Entigal
    Ericson Entigal 3 months ago

    here for james' biceps

  • Ian Heij
    Ian Heij 3 months ago

    Dont people know activated charcoal absorbs everything and not just toxins? Medicine and other beneficial things. Its like a giant sponge cause of the massive surface area. This shit has got to stop. Its actually bad for you. Imagine taking medication that keeps you alive and then drinking that crap. The meds wont work 🤷‍♂️

  • Craig Ezard
    Craig Ezard 3 months ago

    Almost 2.3 million subs yey

  • Craig Ezard
    Craig Ezard 3 months ago

    Fig salami? I dont eat meat but that looks gross

  • InsMeloTicBaby
    InsMeloTicBaby 3 months ago +1

    Ben : * a whole long healthy food name*
    Mike : that was just a list of words that mean nothing to me.
    LOL just mike being a non-healthy food fan hahahha

  • Nova Verse
    Nova Verse 3 months ago

    Healthiest nut in the world, wink wink ;)

  • William Parsons
    William Parsons 3 months ago

    Please bring the back the pancake song

  • Anders strøm
    Anders strøm 3 months ago

    Sea weed is a really big trend in skandinavian countrys right now boys. I recommend Seamanchips. A chip made out of a 50/50 mix of bladderwrak and potato. The creator is an awsome person btv

  • Cyrus
    Cyrus 3 months ago

    Suggestion: In the future, could you always try and list prices of comparable products?

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 3 months ago

    Crazy how much stuff I see that we have in my house...mushroom snacks, bone broth, super food this-and-that...I love the bone broth tho!