Kitchen Nightmares Top 3 Worst Mexican Latin Restaurants

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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Comments • 1 956

  • josue vladimir amores vazquez

    Oye eso es un insulto para mi.

  • David
    David 5 days ago

    8:16 🤣😂😶 cringy

  • Tim siniff
    Tim siniff 7 days ago

    When was the last time this was cleaned out??? 23:25

  • Tim siniff
    Tim siniff 7 days ago

    I don't trust eating in 95% of Mexican restaurants

  • Erik Alvarado
    Erik Alvarado 10 days ago

    "A hungry cat would walk away from that" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Game Master
    Game Master 15 days ago

    Vic is a frikkin liar and a half.

  • Game Master
    Game Master 15 days ago

    Id love the girl in the first clip to call me papi if you know what I mean. But marrying her, damn thats rough. Shed kill your nerves.

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 15 days ago

    I love her she’s Ramsey 2.0

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 15 days ago

    Female Gordon Ramsey lol 🙂

  • Maxwell Lynch
    Maxwell Lynch 15 days ago

    I’m guessing the wife is the eh “oil” in the past marriage.

  • Supervillain725
    Supervillain725 15 days ago

    "Mamma Rita is buried in the cemetery at the top of the hill." Chef Ramsey: "Oh..." Oops. Also, I'd put out Katalina's fire.

  • Fys K
    Fys K 15 days ago

    Did he say let me feed the shit?

  • sexy sue hyper
    sexy sue hyper 15 days ago +1

    I hate when they say Gordon Ramsay is going to love the food lol
    Gordon Ramsay ITS COLD

  • Robert Rodent
    Robert Rodent 15 days ago

    " with histhermometer" well Ramsey isn't there too like the food.

  • James
    James 15 days ago

    29:16 Gordon fucking obliterates the table with the bucket of beans then has to set it down on the chair

  • Tomas Ruiz
    Tomas Ruiz 16 days ago

    I hate it when a restaurant claims to be a Mexican restaurant and they serve you texmex🤬

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch 16 days ago

    I know this is all scripted but like professional wrestling it doesn't matter it's still hilarious!!

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 16 days ago

    Maybe the food would be good if it was just Mexican food but since it's Mexican Latin food I could see why it's crap lol

  • Andy Marshak
    Andy Marshak 16 days ago

    ..que la chingada!!!

  • sid r
    sid r 17 days ago

    Mexican Latin restaurants.... wtf?

  • R Ada
    R Ada 17 days ago

    These places are scary. Would anybody eat there?

  • Baker4life777
    Baker4life777 17 days ago +1

    That customer is playing it up for the cameras

  • Joey Magana
    Joey Magana 17 days ago

    even the Narrator got upset at 29:30

  • superapple4ever
    superapple4ever 17 days ago

    She’s hot.

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee 17 days ago


  • Chimera
    Chimera 18 days ago

    A while back, my kids dumped a ton of salt on the beans while the maid was cooking, and she fixed it by making another batch with no salt and mixing it. It actually worked, kinda a waste to just throw them out.

  • DevInvest
    DevInvest 18 days ago +1

    Hey, but at least he has a bitchen’ RED Chef jacket- GOTTA let EVERYONE know how cool he is.

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell 18 days ago

    Fact is nothing is fresh in a restaurant unless you're on the corner of dip and chips, cook your own food fat fuks

  • chevyboy37
    chevyboy37 18 days ago

    I just don't get how all these restaurants and hotels and grills and more restaurants KNOW that the best Chef in theeee world is coming over to help, and they still have old ass nasty ass food just sitting the fuck around like he won't know it's months old serve it. I mean they dont even clean KNOWING he's on the way smh, how could you have months old food sit in your freezers/fridges knowing he's coming over, how could you have years old bugs and food droppings and cobwebs just sitting KNOWING he's on his way smh, that right there proves/shows that they are not qualified nor do they care smh, you NEVER cut corners when owning a restaurant

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 18 days ago

    Mexican Latin??

  • Alberto Hernández
    Alberto Hernández 18 days ago

    As a mexican I must say, that was disgusting.

  • Nicholas Castillo
    Nicholas Castillo 18 days ago

    He should say man what the fuck y’all looking at stupid broads.

  • Rose Andrews
    Rose Andrews 18 days ago

    At least Mojito had a strong run and ended up being a success before they sold the business. Plus those owners were FIRE.

  • Hashwas
    Hashwas 18 days ago

    Gordon: I thought you were Mama Rita?
    Maggie: No, I'm Mama Rita's daughter"
    Gordon: Where is Mama Rita?
    Maggie: She's buried in the cemetery over the hill!
    Did anyone else laugh at that or am I a heartless bastard? LOOLOL

  • Meli Mavoa
    Meli Mavoa 18 days ago

    you're a good master chef.

  • Meli Mavoa
    Meli Mavoa 18 days ago

    no wonder people are sick and die for this discasting food.

  • Travis Miles
    Travis Miles 18 days ago +1

    Marcello looks like he's using coke

  • Jɛռռɨ Raʍɨʀɛʐ
    Jɛռռɨ Raʍɨʀɛʐ 18 days ago +1

    Lol Arthur meme at 17:52 look at her fist

  • Erick Nava
    Erick Nava 18 days ago

    Why does Gordon Ramsey not inspect the restaurant before eatting 🤔🤔🤔🤔dude has a death wish

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts 19 days ago

    "look at the size of it, it's HUUGEE" that's what she said ;)

  • HundredShot TheUnit
    HundredShot TheUnit 19 days ago

    Leh me fik tha chit! Leh me fik tha chit!

  • Steven Shields
    Steven Shields 19 days ago

    Ok, full restaurant hand roll 200 taquitos to order. That's one item. Bullshit! WADDALOADOFCRAP.

  • Kim Jong Uce
    Kim Jong Uce 19 days ago +1

    When were you born?

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 19 days ago

    not real mexican Restaurant...y este puto guero nada le gusta pinche cara de perro alvino.

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 19 days ago

    That's a health hazard

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 19 days ago


  • Richard Chookomolin
    Richard Chookomolin 19 days ago

    Ramsey: “When was that cooked?”
    Vic: “Yesterday”

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares 19 days ago

    SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGH!!! Need I say more??

  • graves74
    graves74 20 days ago

    What are you doing with my customers? The real question, is what the fuck are you doing to your customers?

  • graves74
    graves74 20 days ago

    Everything is from Friday a month ago.

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 20 days ago

    30:41 if the owners communicated instead of waiting for someone else to speak up for them, it's arguable that this restaurant wouldn't have gotten as bad as it did

  • Stefan Klement
    Stefan Klement 20 days ago +1

    That first Latino chick was hot AF!!!👌👍

  • Mr. Diamond
    Mr. Diamond 20 days ago +2


  • robert hamilton
    robert hamilton 20 days ago

    Love the half cocked audio, and the 130p quality.👌

    • robert hamilton
      robert hamilton 7 days ago

      Its almost like u have no idea what ur talking about, cause by the looks of it the "1620" im looking at right now looks like a 8 bit game.

    • nardinit
      nardinit 16 days ago

      It must be your connection, the video is available in 1060p, you pleb

  • Mo Korim
    Mo Korim 20 days ago

    These shows and most other reality shows are fixed. I don't know why people can't understand this.

  • R34D 7H15 4ND Y0UR3 D34D CH13F

    why is eating there (the country that has 3 course stuff like that idk) complex? here we order anything a we’re done. wtf

  • meidarrr
    meidarrr 20 days ago

    Mareelo fired after that haha

  • iNomb
    iNomb 20 days ago

    I'll never go to a restaurant again, holy shit.

  • Jager Meister
    Jager Meister 21 day ago

    Everything is from yesterday to this dumb ass dude

  • Jager Meister
    Jager Meister 21 day ago

    That chick is just a bitch I mean she’s right but she’s handling it entirely wrong

  • Lyndsey Reed
    Lyndsey Reed 21 day ago

    "Now I'm feeling like...stoopid." 😂

  • Colours of Cover
    Colours of Cover 21 day ago

    oohh god i cant stop laughing everytime i hear yesterday

  • Munif A.
    Munif A. 21 day ago

    Holy. Shit. Her voice is... Fucking annoying.

  • Christian Pastores
    Christian Pastores 21 day ago

    Make food as fresh as it was taken fresh from the market, let the customers wait for a few minutes, they want fresh, give them fresh...

  • Neil Simon
    Neil Simon 21 day ago

    How hard is it to have fresh rice I mean ddamn guys. All the frozen stuff. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • O soon
    O soon 21 day ago

    The first 1 is really worst and they deserve the it

  • Youxin Visc
    Youxin Visc 21 day ago

    Disgusting food. This will cause illness to those customers eating this

  • Shade Hasashi
    Shade Hasashi 21 day ago

    Lol if I was a chef and saw him come to my restaurant I'll be nervous af

  • MajorAlpha 101
    MajorAlpha 101 21 day ago

    “When was that cooked?”
    “Yesterday “
    “When was this cooked?”

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    Marcelo is a drunk.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    They should of put that owns round ass on a plate....YUMMY!!!!

  • V C
    V C 21 day ago

    Look at this 🤲 fucking onions.... I should picking gold from the street...

  • Antonio Sanher
    Antonio Sanher 21 day ago

    Cuando no es lo tuyo, no es lo tuyo. Mejor vete a levantar tomates o fresas.

  • Leslie Anthony
    Leslie Anthony 22 days ago

    Can't believe people are not getting sick..... Where is the health dept? I think some of this has to be orchestrated for dramatic effect. But I've had a lot of really bad old cheap inconsistent food from minority establishments that are very lazy and barely making ends meet. They never eat their own food either.

  • Leslie Anthony
    Leslie Anthony 22 days ago

    These restaurants ask for help and get insulted making excuses and getting angry but the influx of poor countries trying to make huge money in a competitive place like NYC.... Have no clue how good some places are and the expectations from their home country places don't measure up. They need to step up and change their cheap cutting corners with old crappy food isn't gonna work.

  • British McKinstry
    British McKinstry 22 days ago

    If his dumb ass say YESTERDAY one more time..ima have to hunt him down n choke him out 🤨

  • flipwarrior
    flipwarrior 22 days ago

    That looks so delicious. A beautiful redhead like me would eat that place out of business. If only it was yesssterday.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 22 days ago

    Why are 75% of the plates not cooked? This is not that common of an occurrence! These restaurants are not new, they have been around for a long time.. I'm feeling these skits are staged😂

  • Raymond Brice
    Raymond Brice 22 days ago

    that first place had to be a Cuban place not Mexican

  • Dora Huezo
    Dora Huezo 22 days ago

    Wow the food looks good if you would see what i eat ... its trash

  • abirdkilledmeh
    abirdkilledmeh 22 days ago

    Head waiter Brad is fine as hell

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 22 days ago


  • Allyson Benson
    Allyson Benson 22 days ago

    I feel like once the customers know chef ramseys there they go hard sending their plates back 😂 js, ive never bin to a food joint where numerous people sent food back.

  • Ralph The Bulldog
    Ralph The Bulldog 22 days ago

    Pretty much all the restaurants he visits are closed, why do it Gordon?

  • Gebbi
    Gebbi 22 days ago

    Serve Rice from Yesterday. WTF

  • Kid Loki
    Kid Loki 22 days ago


  • Z AuM
    Z AuM 22 days ago


  • Danimal 86
    Danimal 86 22 days ago +1

    when he had stringy chicken slime dripping from his fingers at 26:55 I kinda gagged cause I was imagining the smell too.

  • Cernos
    Cernos 23 days ago

    In a restaurant, if food is served too fast or too slow there is something wrong

  • ledzeppelin711
    ledzeppelin711 23 days ago

    I want to see Kata's chichi's

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 23 days ago

    This guys favorite word is “yesterday”

  • Hoon Kang
    Hoon Kang 23 days ago

    It's kinda strange. How is the food that bad but that many people come in to eat? If it's been that bad no one would come. That was a full house.

  • Bill Zussman
    Bill Zussman 23 days ago

    Ms catalina can get the dick.

  • George Stone
    George Stone 23 days ago

    lack of customers = piss poor quality of food being served. The only customers are first timers, never to return again.

  • George Stone
    George Stone 23 days ago +2


  • fanbit
    fanbit 23 days ago

    i don’t care if people say this shows fake, it’s still friggin hilarious.

  • Jamal Saleh
    Jamal Saleh 23 days ago

    This girl giving him the chimichangas you buy in a bag from the grocery store and using the microwave lmao 😂

  • mysweetcheekybaby
    mysweetcheekybaby 23 days ago

    I love him. That's it.

  • Jamal Saleh
    Jamal Saleh 23 days ago

    Es supposed to be nicer!! Lmao

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 23 days ago

    The owner chick is pretty caliente!